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Arizona:   Havasu Canyon   Grand Canyon   West Fork Oak Creek  
James Cyn/Pumphouse Wash   Courthouse Rock   Flatiron Plus  
Fish Creek Canyon   Weavers Needle   Salome Jug  
Devil's Canyon   Cibecue Creek   Crystal Canyon  
S.E.Utah:   Maidenwater Canyon    Blarney Canyon    Leprechaun Canyon   
Black Hole    Gravel Canyon    Cheesebox Canyon   
Fry Canyon    Grand Gulch  
Escalante:   Egypt Slots 2 & 3    Neon Canyon   
Zion N.P.:   Zion Narrows    Angels Landing   Orderville Canyon  
Mystery Canyon   Behunin Canyon   Pine Creek  
Keyhole Canyon   The Subway   S.Fork Taylor Creek  
Englestead Hollow   Spry Canyon   Misery Canyon  
Birch Hollow  
Zion area and Arizona Strip:   Buckskin Gulch   Coyote Buttes/The Wave   Toroweap/Lava Falls  
Water Canyon   Yankee Doodle Canyon  
Nevada:   Wheeler Peak    Bridge Mountain    Hidden Falls Canyon   
Icebox Canyon    Icecube Canyon, The Maze  
Death Valley N.P.:   Willow Creek    Coffin Canyon    Charon Canyon   
Styx Canyon    Cerberus Canyon    Hades Canyon   
Bad Canyon    Natural Bridge Canyon    Keane Canyon   
Monarch Canyon    Grotto/Mosaic Canyons   Telescope Peak   
Darwin Falls    Rainbow Canyon  
Yosemite N.P.:   Half Dome   Indian Canyon    Tenaya Creek   
Cathedral Peak    Eichorn Pinnacle   
Sierra Nevada:   Mount Whitney    North Fork of Kings River    The Needles   
Seven Teacups   
S. California:   Rose Valley Falls    Tar Creek    Sespe Gorge   
Piru Gorge    Malibu Canyon    Zuma Canyon   
Alger Creek    Big Falls    Vivian Creek   
Tahquitz Rock   Kelso Dunes    Afton Canyon Slot   
Wonderland of Rocks    Deep Canyon    Cougar Canyon   
Carrizo Gorge    Picacho Peak   
Channel Islands:   Pelican Bay, Santa Cruz    Point Bennett, San Miguel    Harris Point, San Miguel   
Cardwell Point, San Miguel   
Northwest:   The Grand Teton  
Northeast:   Katahdin, Maine  
Mexico:   Chipitin    Matacanes    El Laberinto   
Mountain of the Devil  
Costa Rica:  Piedra Canyon, La Fortuna    Piedrita Canyon, La Fortuna    Puente Vigas Canyon, Turrialba   
Nonequito Canyon, Turrialba   
Western Australia: 
Karijini NP: Knox, Red and Hancock Gorges    Weano and Joffre Gorges   

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