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Chapter 1.   Ancient Traces
Chapter 2. First Known Brennen Ancestors
Appendix 2A.   The Family of Samuel and Eliza Jane Miller
Appendix 2B.   Brennans in the Dromore Area
Appendix 2C.   Brennans of Islandmagee
Appendix 2D.   Brennans of Carrickfergus
Appendix 2E.   Brennans of Ballynary, Armagh
Appendix 2F.   Brennans of Magherafelt
Appendix 2G.   Brennen Families
Chapter 3. The Quin and Eames Families
Chapter 4. The Children of Bernard and Susan Brennen
Appendix 4A.   Memories of Margaret Mary Devlin
Chapter 5. The Gibson Family
Appendix 5A.   Gibson Families
Chapter 6. The Palmer Family
Appendix 6A.   Palmer Families
Appendix 6B.   Family of Mary Jane McWatters
Chapter 7. The Children of Cecil and Anne Brennen
Chapter 8. The Children of Wilfred Brennen and Muriel Earls
Appendix 8A.   Story of Cranagh Dhu
Appendix 8B.   The Vesey Family
Chapter 9. The Children of Christopher Brennen and Doreen Kerr

Datafile 1A. Brennan Records Datafile 1B. Brennan Census Records
Datafile 1C. Griffith Valuation Datafile 1D. Births in County Antrim
Datafile 1E. Births in County Down Datafile 1F. Births outside Antrim and Down
Datafile 1G. Marriages in County Antrim   Datafile 1H. Marriages in County Down
Datafile 1I. Marriages outside Antrim and Down Datafile 1J. Brennan Deaths
Datafile 1K. Gravestone Inscriptions Datafile 1L. Registered Deeds
Datafile 1M. American Traces Datafile 2A. More Brennen records
Datafile 2B. McAuley Records Datafile 2C. Murray Records
Datafile 3A. Quin and Eames Records
Datafile 5A. Gibson Records Datafile 5B. Gibson Births
Datafile 5C. Gibson Marriages Datafile 5D. Gibson Deaths
Datafile 6A. Palmer Records Datafile 6B. Palmer Births
Datafile 6C. Palmer Marriages Datafile 6D. Palmer Deaths

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