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Datafile 6B. Palmer Births

The first part of this section is a listing of some of the Palmer entries in the index of registered births or in various church records as indicated. Also shown are the year with the volume and page number of the registration. An asterisk indicates a case in which the full record has been consulted and details included in the second part of this appendix. In the following N'ards stands for Newtownards and D'dee for Donaghadee.

First Name(s) SurnameArea Year Ref. Ch.
James Palmer Magheradrool 1706 [c]
Thomas Palmer Magheradrool 1709 [c]
James Palmer Magheradrool 1713 [c]
Mary Palmer Magheradrool 1716 [c]
Lucy Marten Glastry 1772 [d]
John Palmer Glastry 1793 [d]
Rachel Palmer Glastry 1795 [d]
Adam Palmer Glastry 1798 [d]
Mary Palmer Ballyeasborough 1819
Rachel Palmer Ballyeasborough 1819
Alexander Palmer Kircubbin 1823 [a] X/1540   *
James Palmer Kircubbin 1824 [a] X/1589 *
Annie Palmer Portavogie 1838 [b]
Eleanor Palmer Portavogie 1839 [d]
Nancy Palmer Portavogie 1840 [d]
James Palmer Portavogie 1842 [d]
Sarah Palmer Portavogie 1843 [d]
Robert Palmer Portavogie 1844 [d]
Robert Palmer Portavogie 1845 [d]
John Palmer Portavogie 1846 [d]
Ann Palmer Portavogie 1848 [d]
Adam Palmer Portavogie 1850 [d]
William Palmer Portavogie 1851 [d]
Ann Jane Palmer Portavogie 1853 [d]
Nancy Palmer Portavogie 1855 [d]
James Palmer Ballyfrench 1855 [d]
Samuel Palmer Ballyfrench 1857 [d]
James Palmer Cloughey 1858 [b]
John Palmer Portavogie 1861 [d]
Mary Palmer Portavogie 1861 [d]
Elizabeth Palmer Portavogie 1862 [d]
Margaret Palmer Portavogie 1863 [d]
James Palmer Portavogie 1864 [d]
Agnes Palmer Newtownards  1864 16/817*
Agnes Palmer Newtownards1864 6/901 [d] *
Charles Palmer Newtownards1864 16/819*
James Palmer Newtownards1864 16/815*
Eliza Palmer Newtownards1865 6/957 *
James Palmer Newtownards1865 1/881 *
Margaret Palmer Newtownards1865 6/958 *
Samuel Palmer Newtownards1865 16/808*
Thomas Palmer Newtownards1865 16/809*
Ellen Palmer Newtownards1866 6/960 *
Esther Palmer Newtownards1866 16/843*
female Palmer Magheradrool 1866 [c]
Charles Palmer Newtownards1867 1/912 *
Sarah Palmer Newtownards1867 1/909 *
William Palmer Newtownards1867 6/1014[D'dee]
Adam Palmer Newtownards1868 11/883*
Adam Palmer Newtownards1868 16/802*
James Palmer Newtownards1868 16/800[D'dee]
John Alexander   Palmer Newtownards1868 16/804*
Robert Palmer Newtownards1868 1/928 *
Robert Palmer Newtownards1868 6/1017*
Robert John Palmer Newtownards1868 11/885*
Agnes Palmer Newtownards1869 6/977 *
Elizabeth Palmer Newtownards1869 11/883*
Francis Palmer Newtownards1869 11/879[D'dee]
John Palmer Magheradrool 1869 [c]
Mary Isabella Palmer Newtownards1870 11/868*
Thomas Palmer Newtownards1870 16/861*
William John Palmer Newtownards1870 1/967 *
Alice Palmer Magheradrool 1870 [c]
Agnes Palmer Newtownards1871 6/974 *
Alexander Palmer Newtownards1871 1/957 *
Elizabeth Palmer Newtownards1871 6/977 *
Ellen Palmer Newtownards1871 16/837[D'dee]
Jane Skillen Palmer Newtownards1871 11/846[D'dee]
Robert Palmer Newtownards1871 1/954 *
Sarah Jane Palmer Newtownards1872 6/960 *
Adam Palmer Newtownards1873 6/955 *
James Palmer Newtownards1873 1/911 *
James Palmer Newtownards1874 1/863[unreadable]
Nancy Palmer Newtownards1874 1/860 *
Robert John Palmer Newtownards1874 16/780[D'dee]
Samuel Palmer Newtownards1874 11/963*
William Palmer Newtownards1874 1/862 *
Andrew Palmer Newtownards1875 1/880
Jane Palmer Newtownards1875 16/790*
Sarah Palmer Newtownards1875 6/912 *
Mary Palmer Newtownards1876 6/928 *
Robert Palmer Newtownards1876 1/901 *
Ellen Palmer Newtownards1877 1/898 *
Hugh Palmer Newtownards1877 1/896 *
James Palmer Newtownards1877 16/820*
William Palmer Newtownards1877 6/927 *
Mary Palmer Portavogie 1877 [b][d] *
Eliza Ann Palmer Newtownards1878(2)  1/923 *
Hariet Palmer Newtownards1878(2)1/921 *
Elizabeth Palmer Newtownards1878(4)1/779
Rachel Palmer Newtownards1878(4)1/781
David Palmer Newtownards1879(3)1/836 *
Margaret Jane Palmer Newtownards1879(3)1/838 *
Robert Palmer Newtownards1879(3)1/840 *
Samuel Palmer Newtownards1879(3)1/837 *
Sarah Palmer Newtownards1880(1)1/880 *
Sarah Palmer Kirkistown 1880 [b] *
Agnes Palmer Newtownards1880(2)1/889 *
Margaret Palmer Newtownards1880(4)1/691 *
Mary CatherinePalmer Portavogie 1881 [b] *
Mary Keag PalmerBallyeasborough1882 [e]
Ann Palmer Newtownards1883(1)1/798
Robert Stavely Palmer Newtownards1883(1)1/797
James Glover Palmer Newtownards1883(2)1/809
William Palmer Newtownards1883(3)1/740
Isabella Gilmore Palmer Newtownards1883(4)1/681
Annie PalmerBallyhalbert1883
James PalmerBallyeasborough1884 [e]
William John PalmerBallyeasborough1886 [e]
Ann Jane PalmerBallyeasborough1889 [e]
David PalmerBallyeasborough1891 [e]
[a] Records of Kircubbin Presbyterian Church [X = LDS C700361].
[b] LDS IGI Records.
[c] Records of Ballynahinch Presbyterian Church.
[d] Records of Glastry Meetinghouse.
[e] Records of Millisle Presbyterian Church.

In the following N'ds stands for Newtownards, G'by for Greyabbey and K'md for Kilmood.

Parents: Place: Date: Child's Name:
Adam Palmer, Snr. Magheradrool c.Mar.28, 1706  James
Magheradrool c.Dec.22, 1709Thomas
Magheradrool c.Feb.8, 1713James
[baptized by Mr.Dickson]
Magheradrool c.Feb.20, 1716Mary
William MartenKirkiston Jul.26, 1772Lucy
Robert Palmer BallyeasboroughJun.8, 1793John
John Palmer BallyeasboroughJan.11, 1819Mary
BallyeasboroughJan.11,1819Rachel (twin)
James Palmer Kircubbin c.Dec. 7,1823  Alexander
James Palmer Kircubbin c.Apr.14,1824James
of Portavogie
Adam Palmer + Portavogie Dec.23, 1839  Eleanor
Lucy (Martin) Portavogie Feb.24, 1842  James
Portavogie Aug.19, 1844  Robert
[Robert died at birth]
Portavogie Sep.1, 1845Robert
Portavogie Jan.26, 1848Ann
Portavogie Oct.7, 1850Adam
John Palmer + Portavogie Nov.4, 1840Nancy
Nancy (McKibbin) Portavogie Mar.26, 1843Sarah
Portavogie Jan.4, 1846John
Adam Palmer, Portavogie Jan.8, 1861John
farmer, + Portavogie Oct.11, 1862Elizabeth
Agnes or Nancy Portavogie Sep.29, 1864James
(Gordon) Portavogie Jan.14, 1868Robert
Portavogie Jan.16, 1874Nancy
Alexander Palmer Portavogie Jan.14,1851William
(fisherman) + Ballyfrench May 9,1855James
Agnes (Mahood) Ballyfrench Dec.24, 1857Samuel
Ballyfrench Mar.8,1864Agnes
Robert Palmer Portavogie Oct.26,1864Agnes
(fisherman) + [reg. by her aunt, Eliza Anne Palmer]
Sophia (Bell) Portavogie Oct.10,1866Esther
Portavogie Oct.22,1868John Alexander
[Eliza Anne Palmer present]
Portavogie Jan. 6,1871Robert
[Robert now a farmer]
Portavogie Dec.19,1872James
Portavogie Dec.14,1875Jane
Portavogie May. 4,1878Ann Eliza
Portavogie Oct.16,1880Margaret
[Robert now a fisherman. Eliza Coffey present]
Robert Palmer Portavogie Jun.10,1853Ann Jane
(fisherman) + Portavogie Apr.3,1856Nancy
Mary (Mahood) Portavogie Jan.30,1861Mary
Portavogie Feb.1,1863Margaret
Portavogie Nov.19,1864Charles
Portavogie Oct.25,1865Samuel
Portavogie Apr.27,1871Agnes
Portavogie May 1,1877Mary
John Palmer Portavogie Dec. 8,1865Thomas
(fisherman) + Portavogie Mar.17,1868Robert
Esther (Coffey) Portavogie Feb. 1,1871Alexander
Portavogie Mar.20,1873Adam
[Sarah Coffey present]
Portavogie Feb.16,1877Hugh
John Palmer (farmer) Ballyesborough Feb.19,1865James
+ Jane (Martin) Ballyesborough Mar.29,1866Ellen
David Palmer Portavogie Apr. 2,1865Eliza
(fisherman) + Portavogie Feb.16,1867Charles
Agnes (Lernon) [Mary Palmer present]
Portavogie Mar.27,1869Agnes
[David now farmer]
Portavogie Nov.27,1870Thomas
[Jane Palmer present]
William Palmer Ballyesborough Apr. 6,1865Margaret
(farmer) + Ballyesborough Jul.14,1869Elizabeth
Rachel (Palmer) [Mary Carson present]
Ballyeasborough Feb.24,1874William
Ballyeasborough May. 1,1876Mary
Ballyeasborough Mar.24,1878Hariet
James Palmer (fisherman) Greyabbey or Jan.22,1867Sarah
+ Sarah (Palmer) Portavogie
James Palmer Portavogie Aug.12,1868Adam
(grocer) + Portavogie Dec.14,1869William John
Lucy (Martin) Portavogie Jun. 8,1871Elizabeth
[Ann Palmer present]
Portavogie Dec.13,1872James
Portavogie Sep. 9,1874Samuel
[Ellen Mahood present]
Portavogie Mar.11,1876Robert
Robert Palmer Kircubbin Aug.29,1868Robert John
(shoemaker) + [Sarah Jane Harper present]
Margaret (Harper) Ballyesborough Jun.22,1870Mary Isabella
[Robert now a fisherman]
Ballyesborough Jun.25,1872Sarah Jane
[Agnes Flynn present. Robert a shoemaker again]
Ballyesborough Mar.30,1877William
[Robert now a fisherman]
Ballyesborough Jul.12,1879David
Andrew Palmer Ballyesborough Oct.11,1868Adam
(lab.) + Esther [Eliza Palmer present]
(McClermont Ballyesborough May. 1,1875Sarah
or McClement)
John Palmer + Magheradrool Apr.14, 1866female
Sarah Dobbin Magheradrool Jun.24, 1870Alice
Adam Palmer + Magheradrool c.Mar.21, 1869John
Mary (Shields)
William Palmer + Donaghadee 1869Francis
Mary Ann (Skillen) DonaghadeeJul.22,1871Jane Skillen
Ann Palmer Portavogie Mar. 2,1877Ellen
Portavogie Sep. 1,1879Robert
[Jane Palmer present at both births]
Anne Palmer Greyabbey Feb.28,1874James
John Palmer (farmer) Ballygraingey, G'byOct.20,1877James
+ (Piper or Pyper) Portavogie Aug.11,1879Samuel
Robert Palmer Portavogie May 21,1877Mary
+ Mary (Mahood)
Eliza Ann Palmer Portavogie Aug.13,1879Margaret Jane
[Oscilla Kirk of Kircubbin present]
Robert Palmer (farmer) Ballyeasborough Mar. 3,1880Sarah
+ Nancy (Coffey)
James Palmer Kirkistown Jun.5,1880Sarah
+ Eliza Jane (Robinson)
John Palmer (carpenter) Portavogie Apr.11,1880Agnes
+ Mary (Piper) [Eliza Piper present]
John Palmer Portavogie Jan.17,1881Mary Catherine
+ Margaret (Martin)
David Palmer BallyeasboroughSep.25,1882Mary Keag
+ Jane (Palmer) BallyeasboroughMay 16,1884James
BallyeasboroughJul.13,1886William John
BallyeasboroughJan.4,1889Ann Jane
BallyeasboroughMay 4,1891David
James Palmer BallyhalbertJan.15,1883Annie
+ Eliza (Coffee)

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