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JAPAN 1996

Aug 17 Sat
UA 817, LAX - Osaka, 11.15am.

Aug 18 Sun
Arrive Osaka Kansai, 3.20pm.
Met by Prof. Y. Tsujimoto
Prof. Y. Tsujimoto Tel.: 81-06-850-6165, FAX: 81-06-850-6212.
Prof. Y. Tsujimoto, Home Tel.: 81-727-24-5534
Stay at Machikaneyama Kaikan, Osaka Univ.

Aug 19 Mon
Visit Osaka U.
Lecture on Pump Rotordynamics
Stay at Machikaneyama Kaikan, Osaka Univ.

Aug 20 Tue
Tsujimoto and I drove from Osaka to Akashi.
Took the cheaper car ferry (rather than Akashi bridge) from Akashi
to Awaji island and on to the Naruta narrows bridge to see the vortex
shedding as the sea flow through the narrow Naruto straits. Also visited
the museum and took a boat tour out to see the vortices.
Stayed at hotel (Komatsushima?) near Naruto.

Akashi-Awaji bridge.    Naruto narrows bridge.

Vortex in Naruto narrows.    Vortex in Naruto museum.

Aug 21 Wed
Drove back to Osaka.
Visit Osaka U.
Fly Osaka to Nagasaki, ANA 169, 6.40pm-7.50pm.
Stay in Hotel New Tanda, Nagasaki (Tel: 81-958-276121)

Aug 22 Thu
9.20: Mr. Oshima will pick me up at hotel and drive to Mitsubishi, Nagasaki.
10.00-11.50: Tour of Nagasaki Res. and Devel. Ctr 12.00-13.00: Lunch
13.15-14.30: Cloud Cavitation Lecture. 14.30: Move to Nagasaki Expt. Tank
15.30-16.00: Tour of Nagasaki Experimental Tank.
16.00-17.00: Discussion of cavitation.
18.30-21.00: Dinner
Tetsuji Hoshino, Dr.Sasazume
Hoshino: Tel: 81-958-46-4661, FAX: 81-958-45-7701
Hoshino: email:
Stay in Hotel New Tanda, Nagasaki (Tel: 81-958-276121)

Aug 23 Fri
Train from Nagasaki to Fukuoka: 9.00am-10.58am L-Express (Kamome 10).
9.00am-10.58am L-Express (Kamome 10) (Hoshino will have ticket.)
Inoue will pick up. Check in hotel. 11.30-12.30 Lunch.
13.00 Visit Kyushu Univ.
13.30-14.30 Cloud Cavitation Lecture.
15.00-17.00 Laboratory Tours.
18.00-20.00 Dinner.
Prof.Inoue, Furukawa, Hayami (ME)
Inoue: Tel: 81-92-641-1101 X5538 FAX: 81-92-641-9744
Inoue: email:
Prof.Nakatake, Ando in Naval Architecture
(Prof. Tsukamoto, Kyushu Inst. of Tech.).
Stay in Sun Life Hotel near Hakata St. (81-92-473-7112)

Aug 24 Sat
Drive to Aso with Inoue, wife and daughter. 10.30am: Arrive Aso.

Visit crater of Aso with its concrete shelters.
My hike to summit of Nakadake.
Descended along trail to top of ropeway.
16.00: Pick-up at ropeway stop of Sensuikyo where I met Inoue again.
Drive to hotel outside Aso area.

With Inoues at Mount Aso    Mount Aso crater

Concrete shelters on Mount Aso    Mount Aso crater (Nakadake).

Mount Aso crater (Nakadake).    Hiking trail to summit of Nakadake.

Summit of Nakadake.

Aug 25 Sun
Drive on outer rim of Aso (Gairinzan) incl. Daikanbo and Kuji.
Drive to Kumamoto airport.
Fly Kumamoto to Osaka Itami, JAC 696, 6.05pm-7.10pm.
Tsujimoto will meet me, have dinner and take me to Kyoto hotel.
Stay: Holiday Inn, Kyoto (Tel: 81-75-721-3131)

Aug 26 Mon
IUTAM, Kyoto
Tel: 81-75-753-5079, FAX: 81-75-752-5296
Reception in KICH, 19.00-21.00 (Buffet dinner)
Stay: Holiday Inn, Kyoto (Tel: 81-75-721-3131)

Aug 27 Tue
IUTAM, Kyoto
Stay: Holiday Inn, Kyoto

Aug 28 Wed
IUTAM, Kyoto
Afternoon excursion to rapids, 13.30-18.30
Stay: Holiday Inn, Kyoto

Aug 29 Thu
IUTAM, Kyoto
Banquet, 19.00-21.00
Stay: Holiday Inn, Kyoto

Kiyomisaderu, Kyoto.

Aug 30 Fri
IUTAM, Kyoto
Travel to Fuji.
Stay at Fuji.

Aug 31 Sat
Climb Fuji.
Stay at Fuji.

Mount Fuji trailhead.    Mount Fuji slope.

Mount Fuji Lodge.

Sunrise from summit.    Mount Fuji summit.

Mount Fuji crater.    Looking down.

Mount Fuji Lodge.    Shadow on cloud tops.

Mount Fuji slopes near side crater.

Sep 1 Sun
Travel Ueno to Hitachi City, Joban Line:
Super-Hitachi: Ueno 17.00-Mito 18.05
Off train at Mito Station. Only one exit.
Met by and dinner with Dr.Mitsuya, Hitachi
Mitsuya: Tel: 81-29-276-7334, FAX: 81-29-276-7450
Mitsuya: email:
Stay Hotel Sun-Garden, Hitachi City (81-294-22-5531).

Sep 2 Mon
Visit Hitachi.
Dinner with Hitachi
Train to Ueno, Super-Hitachi, Omika 19.00- Ueno 20.23
Late: Travel to Ebara
Stay Shinagawa Prince Hotel

Sep 3 Tue
Visit Ebara. Stay Ebara (near Haneda)
Ebara Haneda Works: Mr. Hiroyuki Kato, Dr. Saito
Ebara Kamakura Research: Dr.Yamamoto, Dr.Akira Goto, Dr.Sumio Saito
Saito: email:
Goto: Tel: 81-466-83-7606, FAX: 81-466-82-9371
Goto: email:
Stay Shinagawa Prince Hotel

Sep 4 Wed
Travel to IHI (Yokohama).
13.00 - Nakanisi will meet me at Isogo Station (Negishi Line).
13.00 - Travel to IHI Yokohama Institute
13.20-13.30 Introduction to IHI
13.30-15.00 Tour of cavitation tunnel, etc.
15.00-17.00 Cavitation lecture and Rotordynamics Lecture
17.30-19.00 Reception at IHI Yokohama Guest House
Mr.Nakanishi (inducers), Dr.Okamura (ship))
Nakanishi: Tel: 81-45-759-2057, FAX: 81-45-759-2185
Nakanishi: email:
Stay at IHI Yokohama Guest House

Sep 5 Thu
Visit Yokohama Nat.Univ.
(Prof.Kamemoto, Prof. Kurokawa)
Dinner with Kurokawa
Kurokawa: email:
Kurokawa arranging hotel in Yokohama

Sep 6 Fri
Travel to Tokyo.
Visit Tokyo University. Cloud Cavitation Lecture.
16.00-17.30, NAOE Meeting room: Cloud Cavitation Lecture.
Beer party after lecture.
Prof.Kato and Prof.Matsumoto.
Matsumoto: Tel: 81-3-3812-2111 X6286, FAX: 81-3-3818-0835
Matsumoto: email:
Stay in U.Tokyo guest house, Sanyo Kaikan.

Sep 7 Sat
Fly Tokyo, Narita - LAX, UA 890, 4.00pm-9.55am.

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