Major Holidays in my Youth

The following is a list of the major holidays with my family in my youth, at least as far as I can reconstruct them.

Year Location
1942     Aug/Sept in Portballintrae
1949Portballintrae for July
  Dad, Chris to London for a week at Easter in April
1950Dad went skiing in Engelberg, Austria, in January
  Fort Royal, Rathmullen, Donegal for July
1951Dad and Mum went skiing in Murren, Switzerland, in February
  Mum, Chris and Mike went to Festival of Britain and to
  Irene's flat in Hampstead
  Dad went to Boy Scout Jamboree in Bad Ischl, Austria
1952Family went skiing in Arosa, Switzerland, in February
  Fort Royal, Rathmullen, Donegal for July
  Dad and boys went to Dublin in August
1953Dad, Chris and Mike went skiing in Igls, Austria, in January
  Family stayed in Causeway Sreet, Portrush, for August
  Dad, Chris and Mike went to London for the Motor Show
  in December and collected the Hillman Minx upon return
1954Dad went on motorbike tour of Devon in March
  Mum and Dad went to French Riviera in May
1956Mum and kids in caravan at White Rocks in August
1957Family at house near Links Hotel, Portstewart
  and at house on Strand Crescent, Portstewart
  Chris on school holiday in Montreaux, Switzerland
1958Family at house in Port-na-blagh, Donegal, in August
  and in caravan on Coleraine Road, Portstewart
  Scout camp at Marble Hill, Port-na-blagh, in June/July
1959Family in caravan on Portrush Road, Portstewart,
  and in house on Royal Avenue (off Strand Road), Portstewart
1960Silverbay, house on Portrush Road, Porstewart