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About the Author

Christopher Earls Brennen was born in Belfast, Northern Ireland, reputedly during a German air-raid of the Second World War. He grew up in the beautiful drumlin-rolling countryside around a Northern Irish country town called Magherafelt where he first acquired the love of nature that stayed with him throughout his life. He was fortunate to receive an outstanding education first at the Rainey Endowed School in Magherafelt and later at Balliol College, Oxford University. In 1969, he and his family, his wife Doreen and daughters Dana and Kathy, emigrated to California where he began his 40-year career in academia at the California Institute of Technology. Living within the shadow of the rugged San Gabriel mountains, he spent many weekends exploring the nooks and crannies of that marvellous wilderness. Many of those experiences are recounted in his guide book, Adventure Hikes and Canyoneering in the San Gabriels. Further afield he describes some of the great adventures in the American Southwest in Adventure Hikes and Canyoneering in the Southwest and recounts a raft of personal adventures around the world in The Far Side of the Sky. The present book adds to those stories, bringing together a collection of travels and adventures spread over 60 years. Some have appeared in earlier collections. Others are resurrected from the author's early years and, in particular feature journals and photographs from explorations with his children.

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Christopher E. Brennen