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Datafile 9B. Robinson Births

The first part of this appendix is a listing of some of the Robinson entries in the index of registered births or in various church records as indicated. Also shown are the year with the volume and page number of the registration. An asterisk indicates a case in which the full record has been consulted; details of some of these are included in the second part of the appendix.

First Name(s) Surname Area Year Ref. Ch.
John Robinson   Donaghmore   1756 [d] X/430
Jane Robinson Arboe 1776 [c] *
David Robison Arboe 1778 [c] *
Samuel Robison Arboe 1782 [c] *
Elinor Robison Arboe 1783 [c] *
John Robinson Donaghmore 1790 [d] X/1938
James Robinson Arboe 1791 [c] *
James Robinson Derryloran 1799 [b] *
Mary Robinson Derryloran 1801 [b] *
John Robinson Donaghmore 1803 [d] X/2812
John Robinson Donaghmore 1805 [d] X/2956
Eleanor Robson Arboe 1806 [c] *
Mary Robinson Derryloran 1814 [b] *
Martha Robinson Derryloran 1817 [b] *
William Robinson Derryloran 1819 [b] *
Elizabeth Robinson Derryloran 1822 [b] *
Anne Robinson Derryloran 1822 [b] *
Mary Jane Robinson Derryloran 1823 [b] *
John Robinson Tullywiggan, Derryloran 1825[b]*
James Robinson Drumard, Derryloran 1825[b]*
John Robinson Cookstown 1826[b]*
Mary Robinson Derryloran 1826 [b] *
Elizabeth Robinson/Shaw   Newbuildings, Cookstown   1827[b]*
Letitia Robinson Drumard, Derryloran 1828[b]*
Joseph Robinson Cookstown 1828[b]*
Ellen Robinson Killymoon, Derryloran 1828[b]*
Sarah Robinson Clonoe 1829 [g] *
Mary Robinson/Shaw Newbuildings, Cookstown 1829[b]*
William Robinson Derryloran 1830 [b] *
George Robinson Derryloran 1831 [b] *
Margaret Robinson Derryloran 1831 [b] *
Hugh Robinson Derryloran 1831 [b] *
James Robinson Derryloran 1833 [b] *
Thomas Robinson Donaghenry 1836 [a] *
Sarah Robinson Derryloran 1836 [b] *
James Robinson Donaghenry 1837 [a] *
Mary Anne Robinson Donaghenry 1837 [a] *
Mary Anne Robinson Derryloran 1837 [b] *
Elizabeth Robinson Arboe 1839 [c] *
Thomas Robinson Brackaville 1840 [f] *
George Robinson Brackaville 1840 [f] *
William Henry Robinson Brackaville   1840 [f] *
James Robinson Brackaville 1840 [f] *
Margaret Robinson Brackaville 1840 [f] *
John Robinson Derryloran 1840 [b] *
Anna Maria Robinson Derryloran 1840 [b] *
Charlotte Robinson Donaghenry 1841 [a] *
Rachel Robinson Donaghenry 1841 [a] *
John Boyd Robinson Donaghenry 1842 [a] *
Robert Robinson Derryloran 1842 [b] *
William Robinson Derryloran 1845 [b] *
Jane Robinson Derryloran 1846 [b] *
William John Robinson Brackaville 1848 [f] *
Matthew Robinson Derryloran 1848 [b] *
William Robinson Clonoe 1854 [g] *
Joseph Robinson Derryloran 1855 [b] *
James Clark Robinson Killymuck 1857 [h] *
Samuel John Robinson Tamlaght 1858 [e] *
James Robinson Derryloran 1858 [b] *
Alexander Robinson Ballycoughlin, Ballinderry 1858 [h] *
Eliza Robinson Derryloran 1860 [b] *
Eliza Robinson Derryloran 1860 [b] *
Charles Albert   Robinson Derryloran 1860 [b] *
Thomas James Robinson Urbal, Ballinderry 1860 [h] *
Ellen Mary Robinson Urbal, Ballinderry 1862 [h] *
Mary Jane Robinson Derryloran 1863 [b] *
David Robinson Cookstown 1864 16/460 *
Hugh Robinson Cookstown 1864 16/458 *
John Robinson Cookstown 1864 11/412 *
Joseph Robinson Cookstown 1864 6/512 *
William Robinson Cookstown 1864 1/389 *
(female) Robinson Cookstown 1864 6/499 *
Sarah Jane Robinson Urbal, Ballinderry 1864 [h] *
(female) Robinson Cookstown 1864 1/385 *
Matilda Jane Robinson Derryloran 1864 [b] *
James Robinson Cookstown 1865 11/481 *
Margret Robinson Cookstown 1865 16/484 *
Robert John Robinson Cookstown 1865 6/547 *
Sarah Ann Robinson Cookstown 1865 1/489 *
(male) Robinson Coalisland 1865 16/870 *
David Robinson Cookstown 1866 1/535 *
James Robinson Cookstown 1866 16/468 *
Margaret Anne   Robinson Cookstown 1866 6/555 *
Rose Anne Robinson Cookstown 1866[b]* + 16/465*
Elizabeth Robinson Cookstown 1867 11/503 *
Helen Ann Robinson Cookstown 1867 1/536 *
(female) Robinson Cookstown 1867 11/494 *
Emma Virginia Bell Robinson Urbal, Ballinderry 1867 [h] *
Margret Robinson Cookstown 1868 16/458 *
William James Robinson Cookstown 1868 16/451 *
Margaret Robinson Cookstown 1869 6/587 *
William Henry Robinson Cookstown 1869 11/513 *
William Robert Robinson Cookstown 1869 16/490 *
Abraham Robinson Cookstown 1870 6/597 *
Eliza Robinson Cookstown 1870[b]* + 11/504*
Elizabeth Robinson Cookstown 1870 1/579 *
Emma Jane Robinson Cookstown 1870 1/586 *
Rachel Robinson Cookstown 1870 6/581 *
Thomas Robinson Cookstown 1870 1/579 *
Arabella Robinson Cookstown 1871 6/577 *
Samuel Robinson Cookstown 1871 1/546 *
(male) Robinson Cookstown 1871 11/516 *
Eliza Anne Robinson Cookstown 1872 11/475 *
Martha Robinson Cookstown 1872 1/563 *
Robert Robinson Cookstown 1872 1/573 *
Thomas Robinson Cookstown 1872 1/585 *
(male) Robinson Cookstown 1873 1/556 *
(female) Robinson Cookstown 1873 11/496 *
John Robinson Cookstown 1874 16/483 ?
(male) Robinson Cookstown 1874 16/482 *
Barbara Robinson Cookstown 1875 11/492 *
Matthew Robinson Cookstown 1875 1/512 *
(male) Robinson Cookstown 1875 11/496 *
Margaret Robinson Cookstown 1876 1/544 *
Rachael Robinson Cookstown 1876 6/535 *
William Robinson Cookstown 1876 11/491 *
(female) Robinson Cookstown 1876 11/504 *
Maria Robinson Cookstown 1877 1/535 *
Robert Henry Robinson Cookstown 1878(3)  1/493 *
Benjamin Robinson Cookstown 1879(1)1/505 *
(female) Robinson Cookstown 1879(1)1/514 *
Susan Luisa Robinson Cookstown 1879(2)1/532 *
Adam Robinson Cookstown 1881(1)1/475 *
(female) Robinson Cookstown 1881(2)1/529
Margaret Robinson Derryloran 1881(3)[b]* + 1/478
Robert Robinson Cookstown 1881(3)1/489
Sarah Jane Robinson Cookstown 1881(4)1/443
Bridget Robinson Cookstown 1882(4)1/424
James Robinson Cookstown 1883(2)1/467
Alfred Robinson Cookstown 1883(4)1/405
Susan Robinson Tamlaght, Ballinderry 18851/405 [h]
Margaret Robinson Tamlaght, Ballinderry 1889[h]
Mary Robinson Tamlaght, Ballinderry 1891[h]
Margaret Robinson Derryloran 1896[b]*

[a] Records of the Parish of Donaghenry, County Tyrone.
[b] Records of the Parish of Derryloran, County Tyrone.
[c] Records of the Parish of Arboe, County Tyrone.
[d] Records of the Parish of Donaghmore, County Tyrone [X = LDS C700701].
[e] Records of the Parish of Tamlaght, Counties Derry and Tyrone.
[f] Records of the Parish of Brackaville, County Tyrone.
[g] Records of the Parish of Clonoe, County Tyrone.
[h] Records of the Parish of Ballinderry, County Derry.

In the following C'twn stands for Cookstown, S'twn for Stewartstown, Pmry for Pomeroy.

Parents: Place: Date: Child's Name:
Isaac + Mary Donaghmore (bapt.)   Sep. 8,1756  John
Robert + Martha P. of Arboe (bapt.) Apr.26,1776Jane
Robinson Back, Arboe (bapt.)May 15,1783Elinor
Samuel + Margret Brookend, Arboe Jan.17,1778David
Robison Carnan, Arboe Jan.11,1782Samuel
John + Sarah Donaghmore (bapt.) Jan.27,1790John
Robinson Ballymaguire, Arboe 1791James
Thomas + Mary P. of Derryloran Apr.15,1799James
Robinson P. of Derryloran Jan.11,1801Mary
William + Eleanor Ballymaguire, ArboeJun.12,1806Eleanor
Adam + Sarah Donaghmore (bapt.) Nov. 3,1803John
Charles + Jane Donaghmore (bapt.) Sep. 9,1805John
? + Mary Robinson P. of Derryloran (bapt.) Aug.1,1814Mary
[Strange tale of woman who gave birth along the road and then walked 5 miles]
[to the church to have her child baptized. Made up some story of her husband]
[being in the army.]
William (lab.) + Drumard, Derryloran May 24,1817Martha
Mary Robinson Drumard, Derryloran Dec.12,1819William
Drumard, Derryloran Sep.15,1822Elizabeth
Drumard, Derryloran Sep.18,1825James
Drumard, Derryloran Jan.13,1828Letitia
Drumard, Derryloran Aug.11,1831Hugh
[now a farmer]
James Robinson + P. of Derryloran Apr.20,1823Mary Jane
Mary Karr? of Tullycook
James (lab.) + Tullywiggan Oct.20,1822Anne
Jane Robinson Tullywiggan Sep.4,1825James
[now a weaver]
Tullywiggan Sep. 3,1826Mary
+ Mary Robinson Killymoon Feb.10,1828Ellen
[now a weaver]
Tullywiggan Apr.30,1830William
Tullywiggan Apr.8,1833James
[now a carman]
George (lab.) + Cookstown Nov.19,1826John
Rose Robinson [helper at the inn]
Cookstown Dec.7,1828Joseph
Gortalowry May 17,1831George
[now a servant]
William Robinson + Newbuildings, Cookstown   Dec.9,1827Elizabeth
Martha Shaw (or Greer) (ill.)   Newbuildings, Cookstown May 21,1829Mary
John + Phoebe Robinson Ballybeg, Clonoe (bapt.)May 24,1829Sarah
John (servant) + Martha Kilkeighan, Derryloran Aug.23,1831Margaret
(Matty) Robinson Kilkeighan, Derryloran Jan.21,1836Sarah
Kilkeighan, Derryloran Oct.8,1837Mary Anne
Derryloran Jan.28,1840John
Gortalowry, Derryloran May 21,1845William
[now a labourer]
Ballyforlea, Derryloran Mar.21,1846Jane
Chapel Hill, Cookstown Nov.6,1848Matthew
John + Mary Robinson Drumey, Donaghenry Jan.31,1836Thomas
Drumey, Donaghenry Aug.28,1837Mary Anne
[mother now Mary Anne]
Drumey, Donaghenry Oct. -,1841Rachel
John + Mary Robinson Cloghog, Derryloran May 11,1840Anna Maria
(flax spinner)
James + Grace Stewartstown Jun.27,1837James
Robinson Stewartstown Apr. 4,1841Charlotte
Henry + Charlotte P. of Arboe Jul. 7,1839Elizabeth
James + Eliza Brackaville (bapt.)Feb. 7,1840Thomas
Robinson Brackaville (bapt.)Nov. 2,1840James
Brackaville (bapt.)Dec. 1,1840Margaret
[family from parish of Tullynisken]
Thomas Robinson Brackaville (bapt.)Feb. 2,1840George
William Robinson Brackaville (bapt.)May. 5,1840William Henry
Thomas + Eliza Robinson Stewartstown Feb. -,1842John Boyd
Robert Robinson (pauper) Derryloran Apr.5,1842Robert
+ Anne Bradley
Joseph Robinson Brackaville (bapt.)Oct. 2,1848William John
James + Sarah Ann Lisaclare, Mar. 1,1854William
Robinson Clonoe (bapt.)
Joseph (lab.) +Orritor Lane, Cookstown May 19,1855Joseph
Mary Ann RobinsonGortalowry Aug.12,1858James
[now a flax draper]
Gortalowry Oct.12,1860Eliza
John (Parish Clerk) Killymuck, Ballinderry May 21,1857James Clerk
+ Esther Robinson
John (lab.) + Anne Ballydawley, Ballinderry Apr.18,1858Samuel John
Robinson or Parish of Tamlaght
George (police const.) Ballycoughlin, Ballinderry Nov.1,1858Alexander
+ Isabella Robinson
Thomas Robinson Cookstown Jul.23,1860Eliza
(fireman) + Gortalowry Nov.16,1863Mary Jane
Rose Ann (Steenson)Weaving fact., CookstownNov. 1,1865Margaret
Weaving factory Sep.27,1866Rose Ann
Oldtown, Cookstown Jun.5,1870Eliza
[Thomas now an engine ?]
Orritor St., Cookstown Mar.8,1876Margaret
[Thomas now a general dealer]
William (Methodist preacher)Loy, Derryloran Dec.15,1860Charles Albert
+ Melinda Robinson
John Robinson (farmer)Strife Hill, Cookstown Jul. 5,1864John
+ Rachael (Weir) Strife Hill Dec. 9,1866James
Strife Hill Apr.14,1870Rachael
Strife Hill Sep. 5,1875Barbara
James Robinson Urbal, Coagh Apr.23,1860Thomas James
(lab.) + Nancy
John Robinson Urbal, Coagh Mar.15,1862Ellen Mary
(lab.) + Nancy
John Robinson (lab.) Urbal, Coagh Jan.14,1864Sarah Jane
+ Nancy (Dallas) Urbal May 11,1866Margaret Anne
Urbal Aug.21,1867Emma Virginia Bell
(+ Ann) Urbal, Coagh Nov. 3,1869William Robert
Urbal Jul. 9,1872Eliza Ann(?)
or Sarah Ann(?)
Coagh Feb. 8,1875Matthew
Coagh May. 7,1879Susan Luisa
[Betty McClarnon present]
William Robinson Ballymagowan, S'twnJul. 7,1864William
(weaver) +
Mgt. (McGuckian?)
James (or John) Robinson Ballymagowan, S'twnOct.25,1864David
(stonemason) + Ballymagowan Jan.28,1867Helen Ann
Mary (McGuckian) Ballymagowan Apr.10,1869Margaret
[Now John Robinson]
Ballymagowan Nov.30,1871Thomas
[John now a farmer]
Ballymagowan Feb.20,1877Maria
[John now a stonemason]
Ballymagowan Nov.28,1881Adam
[mother now Mariah]
James Robinson (miller) Kiltyclay, Pmry May. 3,1864(female)
+ Mary Eliza (Eccles) Kiltyclay Jan. 5,1870Emma Jane
of Waterard [James now farmer. Robert Eccles, occupier, present]
Robert Robinson Cavanakeeran, Pmry Dec.16,1864Hugh
(coachman) + Cavanacaw, Pmry Jun.15,1867Elizabeth
Eliza Jane Cavanakeeran Sep.28,1871(male)
(Donaghey) Cavanacaw Sep.21,1873(female)
Pomeroy House, PmryJun.26,1875(male)
Cavanakeeran Sep. 7,1876(female)
Cavanakeeran Aug.15,1878Robert Henry
Abraham Robinson (weaver) Stewartstown Jun. 9,1864Joseph
+ Mary (Elder) Stewartstown Jun.13,1870Abraham
William Bell + Tullygare, DerryloranNov.8,1864Matilda Jane
Jane Robinson (ill.)
David Robinson (farmer) Annahavil Sep.13,1865James
+ Margaret (Davidson) Annahavil Jan.14,1871Samuel
Adam Robinson (servant) Ofhile(?), Stewartstown May. 6,1865Robert John
+ Eliz. (McManus)
James Robinson Coalisland Nov. 6,1865(male)
(publican + grocer)
+ Eliza (Eccles)
Joseph Robinson Loy, Cookstown Mar. 3,1865Sarah Anne
(flax draper) +
Mary Anne (Walker)
David Robinson (?)inlea, Cookstown Jan.17,1866David
(blacksmith) + (?)inlea, Cookstown Dec.12,1868Margret
Margaret (Bell)
William Robinson Gortagowan, Cookstown Sep.19,1868William James
(farmer of Glasgow)
+ Bridget McVey
Robert Robinson Stewartstown Jul. 2,1869William Henry
(grocer) + Stewartstown May 27,1871Arabella
Mary Jane (Ingram)Stewartstown Mar.28,1873(male)
Stewartstown Oct.14,1874(male)
Stewartstown Feb.15,1879(female)
[Robert a merchant]
William Robinson Cookstown workhouse Feb.15,1870Thomas +
(servant) of Elizabeth
Stewartstown +
Martha (Nobey?)
William Robinson Coagh Jan. 6,1871Martha
(mechanic) +
Fanny(?) (Hamilton)
Margaret Robinson Cookstown workhouse Feb.14,1871Robert
James Robinson Orritor St., Cookstown Apr. 8,1876Rachael
(lab.) +
Maria (Bratten?)
William Robinson (carpenter) Gortalowry Jun.19,1876William
+ Mary (Burton) Gortalowry Mar.11,1879Benjamin
Hugh (carpenter) + Cookstown Jun.24,1881Margaret
Kesia? Robinson
Samuel (lab.) + Tamlaght, Ballinderry Nov.23,1885Susan
Rachel Robinson Tamlaght, Ballinderry Jul.1,1889Margaret
Samuel (servant) + Tamlaght, Ballinderry Nov.23,1891Mary
Rachel Robinson
John (dealer) + Loy, Derryloran Jan.9,1896Margaret
Eliza Jane Robinson

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