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Datafile 7B. Neill Births

The first part of this appendix is a listing of some of the Neill entries in the index of registered births or in various church records as indicated. Also shown are the year with the volume and page number of the registration. An asterisk indicates a case in which the full record has been consulted; details on some of these are included in the second part of the appendix. (C'town is Cookstown, S'town is Stewartstown)

First Name(s) Surname Area Year Ref. Ch.
Isabella Neal Arboe 1775   [d] *
Edward Neal Arboe 1781 [d] *
Peter Neill Arboe 1783LDS C700151/0141
Margaret Neal Derryloran 1800 [a] *
Mary Neal Derryloran 1801 [a] *
Margaret Neil Derryloran 1801 [a] *
Robert Neil Derryloran 1802 [a] *
Robert Neal Derryloran 1803 [a] *
Letitia Neal Tamlaght 1803 [b] *
William Niell Derryloran 1804 [a] *
Isabella Neil Derryloran 1806 [a] *
William Neill Derryloran 1808 [a] *
William Neal Derryloran 1808 [a] *
Robert Neill Derryloran 1808 [a] *
George Purvis Arboe 1808 [d] *
William Neil Derryloran 1811 [a] *
Catherine Neill Derryloran 1815 [a] *
William Neil Derryloran 1821 [a] *
John Neil Derryloran 1821 [a] *
Margaret Jane Neil Derryloran 1823 [a] *
Margaret Neil Tullybesy, Ballinderry 1824 [h] *
David Neal Derryloran   1825 [a] *
Robert Neal Derryloran 1826 [a] *
Margaret Neil Derryloran 1828 [a] *
Margaret Neil Derryloran 1828 [a] *
Alexander Neil Derryloran 1829 [a] *
William John Neale Derryloran 1831 [a] *
James Neale Derryloran 1832 [a] *
Eliza Neale Derryloran 1833 [a] *
Mathew Sam? Neale Derryloran 1833 [a] *
Thomas Alexander  Neil Tamlaght 1834 [b] *
Isabella Neill Tamlaght 1834 [b] *
Mary Neale Derryloran 1835 [a] *
Henry Neale Derryloran 1836 [a] *
Mary Neil Tamlaght 1836 [b] *
Sarah Neil Tamlaght 1836 [b] *
Margaret Neil Tamlaght 1837 [b] *
Rachel Art, Neill  Ardtrea 1837 [c] *
Robert Neale Derryloran 1838 [a] *
William John Neale Derryloran 1838 [a] *
Adam Neale Derryloran 1840 [a] *
William Neal Tamlaght 1841 [b],[h] *
Nancy Neill Derryloran 1844 [a] *
Martha Neill Derryloran 1844 [a] *
Arabella Neal Derryloran 1846 [a] *
or Archibald
William Richard Neill Derryloran 1846 [a] *
Mary Jane Neal Derryloran 1848 [a] *
John Neal Derryloran 1849 [a] *
Margaret Jane Neal Derryloran 1850 [a] *
Isabella Neill Derryloran 1851 [a] *
Maria Neill Derryloran 1852 [a] *
William John Neil Derryloran 1853 [a] *
James Neill Derryloran 1854 [a] *
Margaret Neale Derryloran 1854 [a] *
Isaac Neale Derryloran 1855 [a] *
William Neale Derryloran 1855 [a] *
Mary Anne Neale Derryloran 1856 [a] *
Thomas Neil Derryloran 1856 [a] *
Adam Neal Derryloran 1857 [a] *
Sarah Neil Derryloran 1857 [a] *
Eliza Neale Derryloran 1858 [a] *
Mary Neil Derryloran 1858 [a] *
Catherine Neale Derryloran 1858 [a] *
Robert John Neale Derryloran 1859 [a] *
Samuel Neale Derryloran 1862 [a] *
Maria Neale Derryloran 1864 [a] *
Mary Ann Neill Cookstown 1864 11/411 *
(female) Neill Cookstown 1864 16/447 *
James Neill Cookstown 1865 6/539 *
James Neill Cookstown 1865 11/480[dupl.]
Joseph Neal Arboe 1865LDS C700151/1871
Margaret Neill Cookstown 1865 1/481 *
Eliza Neale Derryloran 1866 [a] *
James Neill Cookstown 1866 1/540 *
David Neill Cookstown 1867 16/497 *
Charles Neill Tamlaght, Ballinderry 1867 [h] *
William Neill Derryloran 1868 [a] *
William Neill Cookstown 1869 16/498 *
Sarah Anne Neill Cookstown 1870 1/581 *
Sarah Elizabeth Neill Cookstown 1870 16/508 *
Anne Jane Neill Cookstown 1871 16/491 *
James Neill Cookstown 1871 11/504 *
Matilda Neill Cookstown 1871 6/555 *
Sarah Neill Cookstown 1871 11/518 *
Margaret Neill Cookstown 1872 16/505 *
Joseph Neill Cookstown 1872 1/563 *
Joseph Neill Cookstown 1873 16/474 *
William Neill Cookstown 1873 11/483 *
Mary Neale Derryloran 1873 [a] *
Mary Anne Neill Cookstown 1874 11/625 *
James Neill Ballydawley, Ballinderry 1874 [h]*
Margaret Jane Neill Cookstown 1875 16/469 *
Margaret Neill Derryloran 1875 [a] *
Sarah Neill Cookstown 1875 16/469 *
James Neill Cookstown 1876 11/506 *
Thomas John Neill Cookstown 1876 6/550 *
Elizabeth Neill Cookstown 1877 1/516 *
Rachel Neill Cookstown 1878(4)  [a]* & 1/461
William Neill Cookstown 1878(4)1/468
Maggie Neal Cookstown 1879(1)1/493 *
Agnes Neill Cookstown 1880(3)1/458 *
Joseph Neill Cookstown 1880(4)1/415 *
Robert John Neill Cookstown 1881(2)[a]* & 1/523
Susan Neill Cookstown 1883(3)[a]* & 1/431
Susan Edith Neill Derryloran 1883 [a] *
Joseph Neill Derryloran 1884 [a] *
William Neill Derryloran 1894 [a] *
Margaret Neill Derryloran 1895 [a] *
[a] Records of the Parish of Derryloran, County Tyrone.
[b] Records of the Parish of Tamlaght, County Tyrone and County Derry.
[c] Records of the Parish of Ardtrea, County Tyrone.
[d] Records of the Parish of Arboe, County Tyrone.
[h] Records of the Parish of Ballinderry, County Derry.

Parents: Place: Date: Child's Name:
Bryan Neal + P. of Arboe (bapt.) Aug. -,1775  Isabella
Elizabeth Hide
Edward Neal + Sarah P. of Arboe (bapt.) Mar.12,1781Edward
Crainy of Ballinmargin
Neill Arboe (bapt.) Jul. 6,1783Peter
William Neal + Mary(?) P. of Derryloran Mar.2,1800Margaret
+ Margaret(?) P. of Derryloran Apr.1,1801Mary
+ Margaret P. of Derryloran Oct.11,1803Robert
P. of Derryloran Jun.2,1806Isabella
P. of Derryloran Dec.20,1808Robert
P. of Derryloran Jul.21,1811William
P. of Derryloran Jul.30,1815Catherine
Robert Neil + P. of Derryloran Jun.25,1801Margaret
Rosannah P. of Derryloran Dec.21,1802Robert
P. of Derryloran Jan.24,1808William
Mathew + Mary Neill P. of Derryloran Jul.20,1804William
(Neal) P. of Derryloran Jun.4,1808William
James Neal Aghavey, Tamlaght Aug.24,1803Letitia
John Purvis + Elinor Neal (ill.)   P. of Arboe (bapt.) Mar.14,1808George Purvis
William + Sarah Gortalowry, Derryloran Nov.15,1821twins William
Neill + John
Gortalowry, Derryloran Dec.21,1823Margaret Jane
David Harril (of Dunman) Derryloran (bapt.) Aug.14,1825David
+ Margaret Neal (of Tullygare?)
Robert (farmer) + Mary Drumard Jan.15,1826Robert
Neal, Neil, Neale or Neill Drumard (bapt.) Oct.19,1828Margaret
Drumard Apr.30,1831William John
Drumard Dec.15,1833Mathew Sam?
Drumard (bapt.) Feb.28,1836Henry
Drumard Feb.6,1844Nancy
Drumard Aug.18,1846Arabella
or Archibald
Drumard Sep. 6,1848Mary Jane
Drumard Apr.26,1854James
Robert (farmer) + NancyDrumard Apr.29,1851Elizabeth
Robert (farmer) + IsabellaDrumard Jan.13,1850Margaret Jane
Neal, Neill or NeilDrumard Apr.21,1852Maria
Drumard Apr. 6,1853William John
Drumard Feb.14,1855Isaac
Drumard Apr.6,1858Catherine
Robert Neale (farmer) +Drumard Dec. 5,1859Robert John
Isabella (Davidson) Drumard Feb.5, 1862Samuel
Drumard Oct.20,1864 Maria
[now Neill+Davison]Sep.10,1867 David
John (farmer) + Oughless(?) Dec.20,1829Alexander
Anne Neil
John (lab.) + Tullywiggan Jun.22,1838William John
Mary Ann Neale
William (weaver) Tullybesy, Ballinderry Oct.5,1824Margaret
+ Jane Neil
William + Isabella Gortalowry Jan. 6,1828Margaret
Neil, Neale or Neal Gortalowry May 20,1832James
[William a labourer]
Bally..rd (bapt.) Oct.31,1833Adam
Ballyreagh (bapt.) Jul.25,1835Mary
Ballyreagh (bapt.) Jan. 2,1838Robert
Drumard Apr.30,1840Adam
[William a farmer]
Drumard Oct.17,1844Martha
Drumard Dec.9,1846William Richard
[William a weaver]
Drumard May 2, 1849John
Drumard Apr.21,1851Isabella
Drumard Jul.7,1854Margaret
Drumard Mar.25,1857Adam
William (lab.) + Drumard Nov. 4,1856Mary Anne
Letitia Neale Drumard Oct.10,1858Eliza
George (lab.) + Ballydawley, Mar.30,1834Thomas
Mary Neil Parish of Tamlaght Alexander
Ballygonny(?), Tam.Dec.16,1836Mary + Sarah
William (weaver) + Tullybuoy, Jul.17,1834Isabella
Jane Neill P. of Derryloran Oct. 5,1837Margaret
[listed in Parish of Tamlaght records]
James (lab.) + Ruskey, Ballinderry Sep.19,1841William
Margaret Neal
Robert Art (lab.) of Dufflin, Aug. -,1837 Rachel
Ardtrea + Catharine Neill
Sally Mallon Orritor St., C'town Jun.28,1864 Mary Ann
[father: John Neile, lab.]
William Neale (lab.) Temple, Killymoon Aug. 8,1855 William
+ Jane (Toner) Loy, Cookstown Jun. 8,1865 James
[now Neill. William now a carter]
Loy Oct.31,1871 Anne Jane
Charles Neil (lab.) +Teressan Jan.11,1856 Thomas
Catherine (McAlister)Teressan Jan. 2,1858 Mary
Arboe (bapt.?) Apr.23,1865 Joseph
Mullickteragh(?), Dec.31,1865 Margaret
Parish of Arboe [now Neill]
Charles (farm servant) +Tamlaght, Ballinderry Mat 6,1867 Charles
Catherine Neill
Robert Neile (millworker) Drumard, C'town Mar.17,1866 James
+ Mary (McAvoy)
William + Jane Neil Gortalowry Dec. 5,1857 Sarah
William Neill (japper) ofGortalowry Oct.31,1869 William
Drumard + Jane Burnett
Thomas + Sally Neale Killybearn Jan.27,1866 Eliza
Thomas Neill (lab.) Teressan Feb.24,1868 William
+ Sarah (Art) Clare, Cookstown Feb.13,1870 Sarah Anne
Clare Oct.16,1872 Margaret
[now spelt Neil]
Clare Feb.10,1873 Mary
[now spelt Neale]
Clare Jan.28,1875 Margaret
[now spelt Neill]
William Neill (sergeant, pensioner)Oaklands, C'town Oct.28,1870 Sarah Elizabeth
+ Mary (?Triad?)
Thomas Neill (weaver)Derrickross(?), Mar.12,1871 Matilda
+ Matilda (Huchison?)Coagh
John Neile (lab.) Gortalowry, C'town May 31,1871 James
+ Mary (Quinn) Grange Sep.16,1875 Sarah
William Neill (lab.) Drumgormal, S'town Aug. 9,1871 Sarah
+ Jane (Neill) Drumgormal Aug. 1,1876 James
Henry Neill + Mary (Coill?) Coagh Feb. 1,1872 Joseph
Henry Neill (lab.) Finola, Cookstown Dec.15,1880 Joseph
+ Mary (Cassidy) [Ann Devlin present]
Philip Neill (servantCoagh Jul.17,1873 William
boy) of Ballygawley +[Mary Kempin(?) present]
Nancy Anne Hamilton
Patrick Neill (lab.) Tullylig, S'town Nov. 5,1873 Joseph
+ Margaret (Milligan) Mar.25,1876Thomas John
Archibald Neill (farmer)Drumard, C'town Sep.15,1874 Mary Ann
+ Margaret (Stewart) Drumard Sep.29,1875 Margaret Jane
Drumard Dec.12,1877 Elizabeth
Dromard Nov.24,1878 Rachel
Dromard Apr.1,1881 Robert John
Dromard Jul.3,1883 Susan
Dromard Sep.20,1886 Susan Edith
Dromard Sep.20,1886 Susan Edith
Joseph (lab.) Ballydawley, Ballinderry Feb.24,1874 James
+ Sarah Neill
Joseph Neal (lab.) Mullwhitra, Coagh Feb.14,1879 Maggie
+ Sarah Ann (McGee) [Lizzie Neal present]
Oldtown, Cookstown May 1,1884Joseph
[now Neill]
Peter Mullan Clare, Cookstown Jun.26,1880 Agnes
(farmer) + Sarah Neill
William (lab.) +Lisnamonaghan Jan.20,1894William
Jane Neil Tullygare May 10,1895Margaret

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