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Datafile 5B. MacDonald Births

The first part of this section is a listing of some of the MacDonald entries in the index of registered births or in various church records as indicated. Also shown are the year with the volume and page number of the registration. An asterisk indicates a case in which the full record has been consulted and details included in the second part of this section. (Note that Pom stands for Pomeroy and Gw for Glasgow.)

First Name(s) Surname Area Year Ref.
SCOTLAND (All 1891):
James McDonald   Camlachie, Gw 239
James McDonald Gorbals, Gw 798
James McDonald Camlachie, Gw 1064
James McDonald Milton , Gw 1365
James McDonald Camlachie, Gw 1428
James McDonald Milton , Gw 686
James Alexander McDonald St. Rollox, Gw 381
James Littlejohn McDonald Blackfriars,Gw 818
James Martin McDonald Blackfriars,Gw 232
James Patrick McDonald St. Rollox, Gw 1601
James Saunders McDonald Milton , Gw 1354
James Walker L.T.McDonald Kelvin , Gw 941
Ann McDonnell  Donaghedy 1764LDS 7511801/67*
William McDonnellDonaghmore1772 [c] Y/1182 *
William McDonald Arboe 1779 [a] X/0039 *
James McDonnellDonaghmore1780 [c] Y/1471 *
Anne McDonnellDonaghmore1781 [c] Y/1522 *
Edward Kinnavan Arboe 1781 [a] *
William McDonnaldArboe 1785 [a] X/0160 *
Charles McDonnellDonaghmore1788 [c] Y/1854 *
Margaret McDonnellDonaghmore1788 [c] Y/1845 *
John McDonnellDonaghmore1789 [c] Y/1912 *
Jane McDonald Arboe 1790 [a] X/0290 *
Mary McDonnel Donaghmore1791 [c] Y/1994 *
John McDonald Donaghmore1792 [c] Y/2071 *
Isabella McDonald Donaghmore1793 [c] Y/2160 *
James McDonnellArboe 1795 [a] X/0328 *
Margery McDonnelP. of Derryloran 1798[e] *
William McDonaldP. of Derryloran 1803[e] *
Elizabeth McDonald Donaghmore1804 [c] Y/2901 *
Jane McDonnellArboe 1805 [a] X/0403 *
Sarah Ann McDonnel Arboe 1806 [a] X/0421 *
Mary McDonnellArboe 1806 [a] *
Eleanor McDonald Donaghmore1807 [c] Y/3037 *
John McDonald Arboe 1807 [a] X/0465
Jane McDonald Donaghmore1807 [c] Y/3073 *
Saragh McDonald Arboe 1808 [a] X/0490
Elinor McDonald Arboe 1808 [a] X/0488
Isabela McDonald Arboe 1809 [a] *
Robert McDonnellDonaghmore1809 [c] Y/3180 *
Mary McDonald Donaghmore1812 [c] Y/3344 *
Robert McDonnellArdtrea 1813 [b] *
James McDonald Donaghmore1815 [c] Y/3490 *
Robert McDonnellDonaghmore1820 [c] Y/3833 *
Mary McDonnellCookstown 1824 [e] *
Mary Jane McDonnellArboe 1825 [a] X/0636 *
John McDonnellCookstown 1826 [e] *
Robert McDonnellCookstown 1827 [e] *
Margaret McDonnellCookstown 1827 [e] *
John McDonald Arboe 1828 [a] X/0708 *
Nancy McDonald Arboe 1828 [a] X/0712 *
Ann Jane McDonald Arboe 1832 [a] X/0865 *
Margaret McDonald Arboe 1833 [a] X/0883 *
Robert McDonald Donaghedy 1833LDS 7511801/67*
Sarah Anne McDonnellArboe 1833 [a] X/0910 *
Eliza McDonald Arboe 1833 [f]*
James McDonald Arboe 1834 [a] X/0968 *
John McDonald Donaghedy 1834LDS 7511801/69*
James McDonnellArboe 1835 [a] X/0983 *
William McDonald Arboe 1835 [a] X/0999 *
John McDonald Arboe 1835 [a] X/1012
Ellen McDonald Arboe 1836 [a] X/1056 *
Ellen Jane McDonnellArboe 1836 [a] X/1074
James McDonnellDerryloran 1837 [e] *
John McDonald Arboe 1839 [a] X/1161 *
Mary Anne McDonnellDonaghedy 1839LDS 7511801/66*
Robert McDonald Arboe 1839 [a] X/1179
Caroline McDonald Arboe 1840 [a] X/1194 *
Anne McDonald Arboe 1840 [f]*
James McDonnellDonaghedy 1842LDS 7511801/69*
Eliza McDonald Derryloran1843 [e] *
James McDonald Arboe 1843 [f]*
Mary McDonald Arboe 1844 [a] X/1283 *
Nancy McDonnellDonaghedy 1844LDS 7511801/69*
Ann McDonald Donaghedy 1845LDS 7511801/68*
Jane McDonald Donaghedy 1845LDS 7511801/66*
Thomas McDonald Arboe 1845 [f]*
Eliza Sarah(?) McDonnellArboe 1846 [a] *
Robert McDonald Donaghedy 1848LDS 7511801/66*
Archibald McDonald Arboe 1849 [a] X/1410 *
Hannah McDonald Arboe 1849 [a] X/1419 *
Sarah Jane McDonnell Derryloran1850 [e] *
William McDonald Arboe 1851 [f]*
Mary Jane Macdonald Ballydawley, Ballinderry 1851 [h]*
Jemima McDonald Arboe 1852 [a] X/1497 *
John McDonald Tamlaght 1852 [d][h] *
Alexander McDonnellArboe 1852 [a] X/1499 *
Eliza Anne Macdonald Derryloran1853 [e] *
Harriet McDonald Arboe 1854 [a] X/1540 *
Catherine McDonnell Arboe 1854 [f]*
John McDonnell Derryloran1855 [e] *
William McDonald Tamlaght, Ballinderry 1857 [d][h] *
John McDonnell Arboe 1857 [f]*
John McDonald Arboe 1858 [a] X/1639
Mary McDonnell Arboe 1858 [f]*
Sarah McDonnell Arboe 1858 [f]*
James McDonnell Arboe 1860 [f]*
Elizabeth McDonald Tamlaght, Ballinderry 1860 [h] *
John McDonald Arboe 1863 [f]*
Anna Jane McDonnellCoalisland1864LDS C700701/1522*
Catherine McDonald Dungannon 1864 11/501 *
Catherine McDonnellDungannon 1864LDS C701221/3905*
James McDonald Dungannon 1864 11/505 *
Eliza McDonaldStewartstown1864LDS C701221/3476*
Elizabeth MacDonaldArdtrea 1864 [b] *
Sarah McDonnellCoalisland1864LDS C701237/4993*
Elizabeth McDonnell Arboe 1860 [f]*
George McDonald Arboe 1865 [a] X/1779
Elizabeth McDonald Dungannon 1865 6/614 *
Joseph McDonald Dungannon 1865 16/861 *
William McDonald Dungannon 1865 1/561 *
Susan McDonnellCookstown 1865LDS C701281/5085*
Thomas James McDonnellArdtrea 1865 [b] *
(unknown) McDonnellCoalisland1865LDS C701251/5588*
Alexander McDonnellDungannon 1866LDS C701311/5799*
Mary Anne McDonnellCookstown 1866LDS C701297/4277*
Thomas McDonald Dungannon 1866 1/965 *
Thomas McDonnellDungannon 1866LDS C701281/9378*
William McDonald Coagh 1866LDS C701292/4508*
William McDonald Arboe 1863 [f]*
Eliza Martha McDonnellArboe 1867 [a] X/1843
Anne McDonald Dungannon 1867 11/571 *
Edward McDonald Dungannon 1867 1/590 *
Mary McDonald Dungannon 1867 16/569 *
Mary Anne McDonald Dungannon 1867 16/581 *
Michael McDonnellCookstown 1867LDS C701316/5590*
Michael McDonnellCoalisland1867LDS C701322/5342*
Alexander M'Donald Armagh 1868 11/68
Alexander M'DonnellKillala 1868 9/379
James McDonald Cookstown 1868 [j]*
Margaret McDonald Cookstown 1868 [j]*
Thomas McDonald Coalisland 1868 [j]*
Alexander McDonald Arboe 1869 [a] *
John McDonald Dungannon 1869 11/578 *
Sarah McDonald Dungannon 1869 16/567 *
Sarah Anne McDonald Dungannon 1869 16/564 *
Alexander M'DonnellDungannon 1869 6/665 *
Francis John McDonald Pomeroy 1869 [j] *
Isabella McDonald Cookstown 1869 [j] *
Michael McDonald Dungannon 1870 11/573 *
Archibald McDonnellCookstown 1870 16/520 [a] *
Margaret Anne McDonnellDungannon 1870 6/676 *
Sarah McDonnellCookstown 1870 6/591 *
Bernard McDonald Dungannon 1871 6/635 *
Elizabeth McDonald Dungannon 1871 6/660 *
Elizabeth McDonald Arboe 1871 [f]*
Joseph McDonald Arboe 1871 [f]*
Mathew McDonald Cookstown 1871 [j] *
William McDonald Cookstown 1871 [j] *
Archibald McDonald Dungannon 1872 16/585 *
Elizabeth McDonald Dungannon 1872 16/580 *
John McDonald Dungannon 1872 11/547 *
Joseph McDonald Dungannon 1872 6/631 *
Edward McDonald Arboe 1872 [f]*
Michael MacDonald Arboe 1872 [j]*
Annie MacDonald Arboe 1872 [j]*
Edward McDonald Stewartstown 1872 [j]*
John McDonald Cookstown 1872 [j]*
Elizabeth McDonald Dungannon 1873 1/607 *
Mary Ann McDonnell Arboe 1873 [f]*
John McDonald Dungannon 1874 16/481 *
John McDonald Arboe 1874 [f]*
James McDonald Arboe 1874 [f]*
Isabella McDonald Cookstown 1874 [j]*
Thomas McDonald Stewartstown 1874 [j]*
Rose Ann McDonald Pomeroy 1874 [j]*
Bridget McDonald Dungannon 1875 16/526 *
Hugh McDonald Dungannon 1875 16/533 *
James McDonald Dungannon 1875 16/527 *
Martha McDonnellDungannon 1875 11/564 *
Mary McDonnellCookstown 1875 11/486 *
Catherine McDonald Dungannon 1876 16/525 *
Elizabeth McDonald Dungannon 1876 11/553 *
Michael McDonald Dungannon 1876 16/525 *
Mary Ann McDonell Cookstown 1876 16/477 *[Pom]
Michael McDonnellCookstown 1876 11/502 *
Francis McDonald Cookstown 1877 6/548 *[Pom]
John McDonald Dungannon 1877 6/613 *
John McDonald Dungannon 1877 6/594 *
Sarah McDonald Cookstown 1877 16/472 *
Susan McDonald Dungannon 1877 6/616 *
William McDonald Dungannon 1877 1/607 *
James McDonell Cookstown 1877 16/474 *[Pom]
Elizabeth McDonnellCookstown 1877 1/525 *
Isabella McDonnellCookstown 1877 1/525 *
Thomas McDonnellCookstown 1877 1/516 *
(blank) McDonald Arboe 1877 [f]*
Joseph McDonald Dungannon 1878(2)  1/594 *
Sarah Ann McDonald Dungannon 1878(2)1/593 *
Daniel McDonnellCookstown 1878(2)1/536 *[Pom]
Catherine McDonald Dungannon 1878(4)1/511
Patrick McDonald Dungannon 1878(4)1/516
William John McDonald Cookstown 1878(4)1/467
(male) McDonald Dungannon 1878(4)1/517
William John McDonald Arboe 1878 [f]*
Agnes McDonald Dungannon 1879(1)1/563 *
Margaret McDonnellCookstown 1879(1)1/499 *
Patrick McDonnellCookstown 1879(1)1/505 *
John McDonald Cookstown 1879(2)1/557 *
Peter McDonnellCookstown 1879(2)1/539 *
Andrew McDonald Cookstown 1879(3)1/487 *[Chap]
Francis McDonald Dungannon 1879(4)1/561 *
Mary Jane McDonald Ballydawley, Ballinderry 1879[h]*
Edward McDonald Dungannon 1880(1)1/582 *
John McDonald Dungannon 1880(1)1/581 *
John McDonald Dungannon 1880(1)1/582 *
Rosey Ann McDonald Dungannon 1880(1)1/579 *
Mary Ann McDonald Cookstown 1880(2)1/524 *
Elizabeth McDonnellCookstown 1880(3)1/462 *
Helena McDonnellDungannon 1880(3)1/517 *
Francis McDonald Dungannon 1880(4)1/473 *
Patrick Joseph McDonald Cookstown 1880(4)1/422 *
Patrick Joseph McDonnell Arboe 1880 [f]*
Adam McDonald Ballydawley, Ballinderry 1881[h]*
Thomas McDonald Derryloran 1882[e]*
Elizabeth McDonald Dungannon 1883(3)1/484
Mary Anne McDonnellCookstown 1883(3)1/434
Thomas McDonnellCookstown 1883(3)1/441
Mary McDonald Dungannon 1883(4)1/446
Thomas McDonald Arboe 1883 [f]*
Sarah McDonald Crosspatrick, Ballinderry 1884[h]*
Eliza Anne McDonald Crosspatrick, Ballinderry 1886[h]*
Thomas John McDonald Crosspatrick, Ballinderry 1890[h]*
Joseph McDonald Arboe 1903 [f]*
[a] Records of the Parish of Arboe, County Tyrone (X = LDS C700151).
[b] Records of the Parish of Ardtrea, County Tyrone.
[c] Records of the Parish of Donaghmore, County Tyrone (Y = LDS C700701).
[d] Records of the Parish of Tamlaght, Counties Tyrone and Derry.
[e] Records of the Parish of Derryloran, County Tyrone.
[f] Roman Catholic baptisms in the Parish of Arboe, County Tyrone.
[h] Records of the Parish of Ballinderry, County Londonderry.
[j] Emerald Ancestors website.

In the following Dgn stands for Dungannon, S'twn for Stewartstown, C'lnd for Coalisland, C'vdy for Clonvaddy, C'twn for Cookstown, D'mre for Donaghmore, K'hil for Killeeshil.

Parents: Place: Date: Child's Name:
Denis + Mary Donaghhedy (bapt.) Nov.11,1764  Ann
James + Mary Donaghmore (bapt.) Jul.10,1772William
McDonnell Donaghmore (bapt.) Jan.21,1780James
Donaghmore (bapt.) Dec.20,1781Anne
Donaghmore (bapt.) Sep.12,1788Charles
John + Mary Donaghmore (bapt.) Apr.23,1788Margaret
McDonnell Donaghmore (bapt.) Jun.16,1789John
[now McDonald] Donaghmore (bapt.) Aug.16,1792John
Robert + Jane Donaghmore (bapt.) Apr.24,1791Mary
John+Jane McDonaldDonaghmore (bapt.) Dec. -,1793Isabella
William + Margaret McDonnelP. of Derryloran (bapt.) Aug.12,1798Margery
John + Catherine McDonaldP. of Derryloran (bapt.) Oct.?,1803William
James Boyle + Donaghmore (bapt.) Dec.20,1804Elizabeth
Jane McDonald
Alexander + Anne Donaghmore (bapt.) Feb. -,1807Eleanor
James + Mary Donaghmore (bapt.) Dec.16,1807Jane
McDonald or Donaghmore (bapt.) Dec.10,1809Robert
McDonnell Donaghmore (bapt.) Jun. -,1815James
James + Sarah Donaghmore (bapt.) Mar.27,1812Mary
Robert Paisley + Donaghmore (bapt.) May. 7,1820Robert
Sarah McDonnell
John + Sarah Killycolpy (bapt.) Nov.21,1779William
Michael Kinnavan Killycolpy (bapt.) Mar. 8,1781Edward
+ Elinor (McDonald)
James + Margaret Killycolpy (bapt.) Jan.23,1785William
Alexander + SarahKillycolpy (bapt.) Oct.12,1790Jane
McDonald - (bapt.) Apr.22,1792James
[now McDonnel]
Carnan (bapt.) Jun. 7,1806Sarah Ann
A foundling Killycolpy (bapt.) Jan. 3,1795James
John + Elizabeth P. of Arboe (bapt.) Sep.16,1805Jane
James McDonnell Killycolpy (bapt.) Apr.17,1806Mary
+ Nel McCardo (ill.)
William + Jane Killycolpy (bapt.) Sep. 1,1807John
McDonald P. of Arboe (bapt.) Dec.25,1809Isabela
James + Elenor P. of Arboe (bapt.) Apr.24,1808Saragh
McDonald P. of Arboe (bapt.) Apr.24,1808Elinor
Daniel + Sarah Tullyvea, Ardtrea Mar. 5,1813Robert
Daniel (shoemaker) Cookstown Nov.28,1824Mary
+ Elizabeth McDonnellCookstown Feb.25,1826John
Cookstown Nov.18,1827twins Robert
and Margaret
unknown Carnan (bapt.) Nov.13,1825Mary Jane
John + Matty P. of Arboe May. 8,1828John
Archibald + Martha P. of Arboe Jun.15,1828Nancy
McDonald [Archy and Matty]
P. of Arboe Mar. 8,1833Margaret
[mother Matilda]
P. of Arboe Feb. 7,1835James
[Archy and Martha McDonnell]
Carnan Aug.29,1840Caroline
Archibald + Eliza- Jul. 3,1832Anne Jane
John (farmer) + P. of Arboe Sep. 9,1832Sarah Anne
Mary McDonnell P. of Arboe Oct.13,1835John
P. of Arboe Oct.11,1836Ellen Jane
Killycolpy Mar.30,1845Mary
Daniel McDonald +Donaghhedy (bapt.) Nov.10,1833Robert
Nancy (Craig)
John McDonald Carnon Aug.21,1833Elisa
+ Margaret Devlin
+ Margaret (Martin) Carnon May 6,1840Anne
+ Margaret (Martin) Carnon Mar.14,1843James
+ Margaret (Martin) Carnon Feb.23,1845Thomas
William + Fanny Donaghhedy (bapt.) Jun.22,1834John
McDonald Donaghhedy (bapt.) Mar.26,1839Mary Anne
Donaghhedy (bapt.) Nov.30,1842James
Donaghhedy (bapt.) Dec. 5,1844Nancy
John + Mary Donaghhedy (bapt.) Jun.23,1845Jane
James + Mary JaneDonaghhedy (bapt.) Jan.22,1845Ann
(Dunn) Donaghhedy (bapt.) Sep.30,1848Robert
Alexander (lab.) + P. of Arboe Sep.27,1834James
Eliza McDonald P. of Arboe May 27,1835William
[Archy and Elizabeth McDonnell]
Killycolpy Nov.26,1839Robert
Killycolpy Jun.15,1846Eliza Sarah?
[now McDonnell]
Killycolpy Sep.10,1849Hannah
[Alexander now farmer]
Killycolpy Dec. 2,1852Alexander
[now McDonnell]
Killycolpy Aug.13,1858John
Thomas (lab.) + P. of Arboe Jul. 5,1836Ellen
MaryJane McDonaldUpper Killycolpy Apr.28,1839John
[farmer of Mullaghglass]
Daniel McDonnell + Cookstown Jan. 1,1837James
Betty McCooey (ill.)
Samuel McDonald + Gortalowry, Derryloran May 18,1843Eliza
Margaret (McCord)
Robert (weaver) +Cookstown Jan.16,1848Robert
Margaret McDonnellCookstown Nov.13,1850Sarah Jane
[now Macdonald] Tamlaghtmore Sep.28,1853Eliza Anne
Derryloran Oct.24,1855John
[now a laborer]
Archibald (lab.) +Killycolpy Apr.5,1849Archibald
Eliza McDonald Killycolpy Feb.23,1852Jemima
Killycolpy Aug. 7,1854Harriet
[Archibald now farmer]
James (lab.) +Ballydawley, Ballinderry Aug.24,1851Mary Jane
Eliza Anne Macdonald Tamlaght, Ballinderry Nov.23,1852John
Tamlaght, Ballinderry Oct.18,1857William
[McDonald] Trailey, Ballinderry Oct.11,1860Elizabeth
William McDonald
+ Helen (Caffle) Kiltagh, Arboe Feb.8,1851William
+ Ellen (Caulfield) Arboe Jul.18,1854Catherine
+ Ellen (Campbell?) Arboe Jun.25,1857John
+ Ellen (Gorman?) Arboe Dec.16,1858Sarah
+ Ellen (Dorman) Arboe Sep.3,1863John
+ Ellen (Dorman) Arboe May 8,1866William
+ Ellen (Dorman) Cookstown Apr.13,1868James
Cookstown Apr.13,1868+ Margaret (twins)
+ Ellen (Dorman) Arboe Apr.29,1871Elizabeth
Arboe Apr.29,1871+ Joseph (twins)
+ Ellen (Dorman) Stewartstown Jul.30,1874Thomas
James McDonnell + Arboe Oct.2,1858Mary
Sarah (Judge) Arboe Jun.3,1860James
Arboe Jan.22,1864Elizabeth
John McDonald Arboe Sep.15,1872Edward
+ Margaret (Rogers) Arboe Sep.27,1874John
Thomas McDonnell Arboe Nov.5,1873Mary Ann
+ Isabella (Quinn) Arboe Dec.20,1874James
(now McDonald) Arboe Apr.29,1877(blank)
(now McDonald) Arboe Aug.9,1878William John
(now McDonnell) Arboe Apr.12,1880Patrick Joseph
(now McDonald) Carnan, Arboe Jul.1,1883Thomas
James (lab.) + Tamlaght Nov.23,1852John
Eliza Anne McDonald Tamlaght Oct.18,1857William
[now McDonnel.]
Alexander + MarthaKillycolpy Jan.27,1865George
McDonald (farmer)Killycolpy Jun. 3,1867Eliza Martha
Thomas McDonnell +Dungannon (bapt.) Feb. 1,1864Catherine
Roseanne (Keenan) Dungannon (bapt.) Dec. 4,1866Alexander
James McDonald + Stewartstown Jan.20,1864Eliza
Sarah (Judge)
Edward McDonald Gallbally, Pomeroy Jun.19,1864Catherine
(lab.) + Ann (Douglas)
Francis McDonald (farmer) Drummond, Pomeroy Aug.12,1864James
+ Elizabeth (Loughran) [Francis now lab.] Feb.10,1867Edward
Drummond Sep.24,1869Sarah Anne
Drummond May. 6,1872Joseph
[Francis now farmer] Jun.10,1876Elizabeth
William Thomas Ferguson Tullyraw (bapt.) Nov. 6,1864Elizabeth
+ Jane MacDonald
John McDonald (lab.) Coalisland Nov.22,1864Sarah
+ Bridget (O'Neill) Roughan, C'lnd Jun.20,1872John
Alexander McDonnell (lab.) Coalisland Nov.24,1864Anna Jane
+ Eliza (Blair) Coalisland Dec.15,1868Thomas
[now McDonald]
Cavan, Dgn Jul.18,1875Martha
[now McDonald] Cavan May 16,1877Susan
James McDonald (farmer) + Gortlenaghan, D'mre Sep.17,1865Joseph
Margaret (O'Neal or O'Neill) Gortlenaghan Jul. 9,1867Ann
John McDonald (farmer) Fasglashagh, K'hil Feb.20,1865William
+ Anne (Morris) Fasglashagh Dec. 7,1867Mary
Fasglashagh Jul.16,1870Michael
Fasglashagh Dec.25,1872Elizabeth
Fasglashagh Nov.31,1875Bridget
Fasglashagh Feb.15,1879Agnes
John McDonald (farmer) Coolmaghry, Pomeroy Jun.15,1865Elizabeth
+ Sarah (Conway?)
James McDonald (spademaker)Coalisland Feb. 9,1865(unknown)
of Coalisland + Creeve, Pomeroy Aug.22,1869John
Mary (or Margaret) McCourt [Mary McDonald present]
John McDonnell or McDonaldDerrygonigan, Coagh Feb. 1,1865Thomas James
+ Elizabeth (Irwin)
James McDonnell +Cookstown Nov.30,1865Susan
Mary Ann (Loughnan)
Alexander McDonnellDungannon (bapt.) Feb. 1,1866Thomas
+ Catherine (Daley)
John McDonnell + Cookstown Sep.30,1866Mary Anne
Catherin (Timmony)
Michael McDonnellCookstown May 19,1867Michael
+ Elizabeth (Quinn)
James McDonald (lab.) + Coolmaghry Sep. 5,1876Catherine
Sarah (Farley or Fanelly) Coolmaghry Apr. 1,1878Sarah Anne
[Mary McDonald present]
Coolmaghry Jan.16,1880John
James McDonald (lab.) Kilnaslee, D'mre Feb.17,1866Thomas
+ Mary Ann (Fanney?)
William McDonald Coagh Jul. 2,1866William
+ Rachel (McCamick)
Francis McDonald (nailor?) Edenacrannon, Dgn Sep.22,1867Mary Anne
+ Eliza (Martin)
Susan McDonnell Coalisland Jul.26,1867Michael
Susan McDonald Coalisland Nov.21,1875Hugh
Andrew Thomas + Mullaghglass, Arboe May 22,1869Alexander
Martha McDonald (labourer)
Joseph M'Donnell (lab.) Rosmore, Dgn May 18,1869Alexander
+ Sarah (Walsh)
James McDonald (lab.) Creeve, Pomeroy Nov. 6,1869Sarah
+ Mary Jane (Backhouse)
John McDonald Pomeroy Apr.16,1869Francis John
+ Bridget (Loughran) Cookstown Jan.15,1871Mathew
James McDonald Cookstown Apr.27,1869Isabella
+ Catherine (Mulholland) Cookstown Mar.31,1871William
Robert McDonnell (weaver, farmer) Killycolpy, S'twn Nov. 1,1870Archibald
+ Laetitia (Marshall)
John McDonald (tinsmith) Altaglushan, D'mre Mar.23,1871Bernard
+ Mary (Gallagher)
Randall McDonald (lab.) Ballyward, Dgn May 22,1871Elizabeth
+ Mary (Muldoon)
John McDonnell (lab.) Church St., Dgn Apr.10,1870Margaret Anne
+ Eliza Jane (Conroy) Railway View, Dgn Oct.12,1872Archibald
[now McDonald]
Barr's Lane, Dgn May. 3,1877John
Ranfurly Terr., Dgn Dec. 6,1879Francis
[Betty Conroy present]
Francis McDonald (lab.) Coalisland Nov.28,1872Elizabeth
+ Mary Ann (Devlin?)
Michael MacDonald (lab.) Cookstown Jul.29,1872Ellen
+ Mary (Lennon)
John McDonald (farmer) Stewartstown Sep.14,1872Edward
+ Margaret (Rodgers) Carnan, S'twn Sep.24,1874John
[Mary Gribben of Drumard present]
Patrick McDonald Cookstown Jun. 6,1872John
+ Ellen (McNamee) Stewartstown Jun.13,1874Isabella
William McDonald (tailor) Tulnagall, Pomeroy Nov.15,1875James
+ Rosey (McGeough) Mulnagore, Pomeroy Jan.18,1877John
Mulnagore Mar. 8,1878Joseph
Mulnagore Dec. 1,1879Rosey Ann
John MacDonald Cookstown Jul.16,1872Annie
+ Ceda (McAnally)
John McDonnell (farmer) Gortreagh, C'twn Jul. 7,1875Mary
+ Sarah (McAnalley) Gortreagh Dec.15,1877Sarah
John McDonald (lab.) Coolmaghry, Pomeroy Sep.26,1876Michael
+ Catherine (Farley)
Bernard McDonald Pomeroy Feb.16,1874Rose Ann
+ Margaret (McGurk)
John McDonnell (farmer) Montobber(?) Jan.10,1877Thomas
+ Anne (Black)
Tome(?) McDonnell (farmer)Magheraglass, C'twn Mar.24,1877Elizabeth
+ Mary (McElherney) + Isabella
Magheraglass May. 4,1879Peter
William McDonald Dungannon workhouse Feb.26,1877William
(tinsmith of Omagh)
+ Bridget (Gallagher)
Thomas McDonald (farmer) Carnan, S'twn May. 3,1877Francis
+ Isabella (Quin) Carnan, S'twn Dec. 8,1880Patrick Joseph
John James (lab.) +Ballydawley, BallinderryDec.7,1879Mary Jane
Ellen McDonald Ballydawley, BallinderryNov.2,1881Adam
Crosspatrick, BallinderryNov.28,1884Sarah
Crosspatrick, BallinderryNov.10,1886Eliza Anne
Crosspatrick, BallinderryJan.2,1890Thomas John
Sarah McDonald Carnan, S'twn 1879John
Charles McDonnell Gortalowry, C'twn Jan.21,1879Margaret
(tailor) + Anne (Burke)
John McDonnell (farmer) Gortreagh, C'twn Mar. 8,1879Patrick
+ Susan (Malon)
James McDonald (farmer) Gortreagh, C'twn Apr.25,1880Mary Ann
+ Ann (Mullan)
George McDonald Clonavaddy Feb. 6,1880Edward
(tinsmith) of no fixed residence
+ Catherine (Gallagher)
James McDonald (farmer) Gortlenaghan, D'mre Feb.14,1880John
+ Catherine (Corrigan)
John McDonnell (linen tenter) Oldtown, Cookstown Jul.15,1880Elizabeth
+ Mary Jane (Robinson) [Thomas Robinson, owner + occupier, present]
(now Margaret) Cookstown Aug.21,1882Thomas
[now McDonald]
John McDonnell (spademaker) Keenaghan, C'lndJul.27,1880Helena
+ Lizzie (Slevin?)
Joseph McDonald (farmer) Edencrannon, DgnOct.29,1880Francis
+ Jane (Hacket)
John McDonald Arboe Jan.7,1903Joseph
+ Elizabeth (Brady)

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