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Datafile 3B. Brown Births

The first part of this section is a listing of some of the Brown entries in the index of registered births or in various church records as indicated. Also shown are the year with the volume and page number of the registration. An asterisk indicates a case in which the full record has been consulted; details on some of these are included in the second part of this section.

First Name(s) Surname Area Year Ref. Ch.
Margrett Brown Donaghmore   1766 [b] X0875
James Brown Donaghmore 1768 [b] Y75
Elizabeth Brown Donaghmore 1769 [a] *
Arthur Brown Donaghmore 1769 [a] *
Andrew Brown Donaghmore 1777 [b] Y78
Angelica Brown Donaghmore 1777 [b] X1354
Hannah Brown Donaghmore 1778 [b] Y78
Margaret Brown Donaghmore 1778 [b] Y80
Margaret Brown Donaghmore 1779 [b] X1449
David Brown Donaghmore 1781 [b] Y80
James Brown Donaghmore 1783 [b] X1587
William Brown Donaghmore 1786 [b] X1727
Mary Brown Donaghmore 1788 [b] Y91
Valentine Brown Donaghmore 1788 [a] *
Alexander Brown Donaghmore 1789 [b] Y89
Lewis Ambrose Brown Donaghmore 1789 [b] X1931
Elizabeth Brown Donaghmore 1789 [b] Y77
Sarah Brown Donaghmore 1790 [b] X1970
Ann Brown Donaghmore 1792 [b] Y87
Patrik Brown Donaghmore 1793 [b] X2154
Joseph Brown Donaghmore 1793 [b] Y87
John Brown Donaghmore 1795 [b] Y85
Robert Brown Donaghmore 1795 [b] Y85
Alexander Browne Donaghmore 1796 [b] Y84
Elizabeth Brown Donaghmore 1798 [b] Y83
James Brown Donaghmore 1799 [b] Y82
Martha Brown Donaghmore 1799 [b] Y82
John Brown Donaghmore 1800 [b] Y71
Elizabeth Brown Donaghmore 1801 [b] Y69
Joseph Brown Donaghmore 1802 [b] Y68
Anne Brown Donaghmore 1802 [b] Y68
Agnes Brown Donaghmore 1803 [b] Y68
James Browne Donaghmore 1805 [b] Y67
Sarah Browne Donaghmore 1807 [b] Y65
Anne Browne Donaghmore 1807 [b] Y65
William Brown Donaghmore 1808 [b] Y64
James Browne Donaghmore 1808 [b] X3125
Sarah Browne Donaghmore 1810 [b] Y59
Margaret Browne Donaghmore 1810 [b] X3210
John Brown Donaghmore 1813 [b] Y59
Elizabeth Elliott P. of Derryloran 1814[c]*
Margaret Brown Donaghmore 1815 [b] Y59
Elizabeth Brown Donaghmore 1816 [b] Y59
Thomas Brown Donaghmore 1816 [b] X3582
John Brown Donaghmore 1817 [b] Y57
Jane Brown Donaghmore 1817 [b] Y57
Mary Browne Donaghmore 1819 [b] Y55
Anne Browne Donaghmore 1819 [b] Y55
William Browne Donaghmore 1819 [b] Y54
Anne Browne Donaghmore 1820 [b] Y52
John Brown Donaghmore 1820 [b] Y53
Jane Maria Brown Donaghmore 1821 [b] Y51
Robert Brown Donaghmore 1823 [b] Y49
William Brown Donaghmore 1823 [b] Y49
James Moorhead/Elliot Drumard, Derryloran 1825[c]*
James McKee/Elliot Drumard, Derryloran   1825[c]*
Elizabeth Elliott Drumard, Derryloran 1825[c]*
Sarah Anne Brown Donaghmore 1826 [a] *
Elizabeth Brown Donaghmore 1826 [a] *
Mary Jane Kelly Donaghmore 1826 [a] *
Robert Elliott Tullough, Derryloran 1827[c]*
Anne Browne Donaghmore 1828 [a] *
Robert Brown Donaghmore 1828 [a] *
Isabella Elliott Tullough, Derryloran 1828[c]*
Alexander Brown Donaghmore 1829 [a] *
Eleanor Jane Elliott Tullybury, Derryloran 1829[c]*
Margaret Brown Donaghmore 1830 [a] *
Eleanor Brown Donaghmore 1830 [a] *
Eliza Elliott Tullybay, Derryloran 1830[c]*
Robert William Browne Donaghmore 1831 [a] *
Margaret Elliott Tullagh, Derryloran 1831[c]*
William McMullin Donaghmore 1832 [a] *
Charles Brown Donaghmore 1832 [a] *
Margaret Elliott Tullyneary, Derryloran 1832[c]*
Mary Jane Brown Donaghmore 1833 [a] *
William McMullin Donaghmore 1833 [a] *
Charles Brown Donaghmore 1833 [a] *
Eliz. Brown Donaghmore 1834 [a] *
James Brown Donaghmore 1834 [a] *
William Brown Donaghmore 1834 [a] *
Sarah Brown Donaghmore 1837 [a] *
Grace Elliott Derryloran 1837[c]*
Mary Anne Brown Donaghmore 1839 [a] *
Mary Anne Elliott Derryloran 1840[c]*
James Brown Donaghmore 1841 [a] *
Theresa Brown Donaghmore 1842 [a] *
Susanna Browne Donaghmore 1848 [a] *
Mary Jane Elliott Derryloran 1848 [c]*
John Legineer Browne Donaghmore 1849 [a] *
William James Elliott Derryloran 1849 [c]*
Margaret Elliott Derryloran 1849 [c]*
John Brown Donaghmore 1851 [a] *
William George Browne Donaghmore 1851 [a] *
Anne Jane Browne Donaghmore 1853 [a] *
Samuel Elliott Derryloran 1854 [c]*
Thompson Browne Donaghmore 1855 [a] *
Thomas Elliott Derryloran 1857 [c]*
Sarah Anne Elliott Derryloran 1857 [c]*
Robert Alex Browne Donaghmore 1858 [a] *
Robert Elliott Derryloran 1859 [c]*
Susanna Browne Donaghmore 1860 [a] *
Edward Brown Dungannon 1864 1/447 *
George Brown Dungannon 1864 6/570 *
Sarah Jane Brown Dungannon 1864 16/530*
Sarah Maria Brown Dungannon 1864 16/533*
Thomas Brown Dungannon 1864 11/494*
Andrew Brown Dungannon 1865 11/548*
Catherine Brown Dungannon 1865 6/630 *
Elizabeth Brown Dungannon 1865 11/542*
Henry Brown Dungannon 1865 6/599 *
John Brown Dungannon 1865 11/557*
Mary Jane Brown Dungannon 1865 6/606 *
William Brown Dungannon 1865 6/627 *
John Brown Dungannon 1866 11/587*
Priscella Brown Dungannon 1866 6/1022*
(female) Brown Dungannon 1866 1/955 *
(female) Browne Dungannon 1866 6/1030*
Charles James Brown Dungannon 1867 6/691
Elizabeth Brown Dungannon 1867 16/566*
Mary Gamell Brown Dungannon 1867 1/578 *
Rachel Brown Dungannon 1867 6/656 *
(male) Brown Dungannon 1867 16/559*
Harriette Elliott Dungannon 1867 1/579 *
Jane Brown Dungannon 1868 1/602 *
John Brown Dungannon 1868 11/602*
Sarah Emily Brown Dungannon 1868 16/512*
Sarah Jane Brown Dungannon 1868 1/597 *
William Henry Brown Dungannon 1868 16/537*
Hannah Maria Brown Dungannon 1868 1/623 *
(male) Brown Dungannon 1868 6/671 *
Anne Jane Brown Donaghmore 1868 [a] *
Eliza Brown Dungannon 1869 11/587*
Ethel Mary Brown Dungannon 1869 16/589*
James Jackson Brown Dungannon 1869 16/583*
Joseph Brown Dungannon 1869 1/595 *
Malinda Brown Dungannon 1869 6/640 *
Thomas Brown Dungannon 1869 11/589*
Ida Elliott Dungannon 1869 6/639 *
Anne Brown Dungannon 1870 16/587*
Elena Brown Dungannon 1870 16/584*
Jenita Stewart Brown Dungannon 1870 16/584*
Robert John Brown Dungannon 1870 6/?
William Brown Dungannon 1870 6/657 *
William Smyth Brown Dungannon 1870 6/659 *
(male) Brown Dungannon 1870 11/579*
Thomas Rowan Banbridge 1870 6/241 *
Catherine Brown Dungannon 1871 16/568*
Matthew Brown Dungannon 1871 16/549*
Samuel Brown Dungannon 1871 6/631 *
John Browne Dungannon 1871 6/640 *
Margaret Jane Browne Dungannon 1871 11/559*
Samuel Browne Dungannon 1871 1/637 *
Anna Bella Brown Dungannon 1872 1/655 *
Lilian Annie Brown Dungannon 1872 1/655 *
Martha Brown Dungannon 1872 1/636 *
Mary Brown Dungannon 1872 11/563*
Sarah Brown Dungannon 1872 6/630 *
Anne Jane Browne Dungannon 1872 16/589*
(female) Browne Dungannon 1872 1/651 *
(male) Elliott Dungannon 1872 6/637 *
Anne Brown Dungannon 1873 1/623 *
George Brown Dungannon 1873 11/544*
Herbert Lawson Brown Dungannon 1873 1/627 *
James Brown Dungannon 1873 16/523*
Patrick Brown Dungannon 1873 1/623 *
Thomas Brown Dungannon 1873 6/638 *
Thomas Henry Brown Dungannon 1873 16/536*
Mary Browne Dungannon 1873 16/518*
William Browne Dungannon 1873 7/660 [j]*
(male) Browne Dungannon 1873 1/618 *
Mary Agnes Rowan Dungannon 1873 6/653 *
Charlotte Brown Dungannon 1874 1/585 *
Helen Stewart Brown Dungannon 1874 16/538*
Mary Jane Brown Dungannon 1874 1/588 *
William Brown Dungannon 1874 6/637 *
(male) Brown Dungannon 1874 11/688*
Julia Brown Dungannon 1875 1/577 *
David Brown Dungannon 1876 6/604 *
Elizabeth Brown Dungannon 1876 6/601 *
Henry George Brown Cookstown 1876 1/559 *
James Brown Dungannon 1876 6/596 *
James Brown Dungannon 1876 1/625 *
Margaret Brown Dungannon 1876 6/625 *
Sydney (male) Brown Dungannon 1876 6/624 *
William Brown Dungannon 1876 1/621 *
John Brown Dungannon 1877 16/545*
Margaret Brown Dungannon 1877 16/523*
Rachel Eleanor Brown Dungannon 1877 6/598 *
Mary Browne Dungannon 1877 6/609 *
(female) Brown Dungannon 1878(1)  1/558 *
Margaret Brown Dungannon 1878(2)1/586 *
Norman Charles Brown Dungannon 1878(2)1/613 *
Robert Brown Dungannon 1878(2)1/608 *
Thomas Brown Dungannon 1878(2)1/608 *
(female) Brown Dungannon 1878(3)1/552 *
James ClendinningBrowne Dungannon 1878(3)1/556 *
Joseph Brown Dungannon 1878(4)1/521
Eliza Brown Dungannon 1879(1)1/579 *
Matilda Brown Dungannon 1879(1)1/575 *
Eleanor Ida SinclairBrowne Dungannon 1879(1)1/579 *
Margaret Brown Dungannon 1879(3)1/525 *
William Brown Dungannon 1879(3)1/554 *
(female) Brown Dungannon 1879(3)1/540 *
Moore Brown Dungannon 1879(4)1/542 *
Priscilla Brown Dungannon 1880(1)1/580 *
(female) Brown Dungannon 1880(1)1/586 *
Mary Jane Brown Dungannon 1880(3)1/511 *
Sarah Jane Brown Dungannon 1880(3)1/521 *
Amelia Ruth Brown Dungannon 1880(3)1/511 *
Mary Matilda Brown Dungannon 1881(1)1/531 *
Maria Brown Dungannon 1883(2)1/519
Mary Browne Dungannon 1883(2)1/546
William Sydney Browne Dungannon 1883(2)1/541
Anne Jane Brown Dungannon 1883(3)1/497
John Brown Dungannon 1883(3)1/479
Rachel Brown Dungannon 1883(3)1/483
Alfred Rowan Dungannon 1883(3)1/497
[a] Records of the Parish of Donaghmore, County Tyrone.
[b] LDS records of P. of Donaghmore (X = LDS C700701, Y = LDS 7017316).
[c] Records of the Parish of Derryloran, County Tyrone.
[j] Emerald Ancestors website.

In the following Dgn stands for Dungannon, C'twn for Cookstown, C'lnd for Coalisland, C'vdy for Clonvaddy, C'fcle for Clonfeacle, S'twn for Stewartstown.

Parents: Place: Date: Child's Name:
Andrew + Isabel Brown     Donaghmore (bapt.) Jun.23,1766  Margrett
James + Sarah Brown Donaghmore (bapt.) Feb.15,1768James
Thomas + Agnes Brown Donaghmore (bapt.) Jul. 9,1769Elizabeth
James Brown + Donaghmore (bapt.) Oct.31,1769Arthur
Sarah Irwin
John + Jane Brown Donaghmore (bapt.) Jun. 7,1777Andrew
Donaghmore (bapt.) Apr.16,1786William
Donaghmore (bapt.) Oct.15,1788Valentine
Donaghmore (bapt.) Nov. 1,1789Lewis Ambrose
Donaghmore (bapt.) Sep.15,1792Ann
Donaghmore (bapt.) Jun.30,1795John
Hugh + Margaret Brown Donaghmore (bapt.) Oct.21,1777Angelica
David + Mary BrownDonaghmore (bapt.) Jan. 7,1778Hannah
Joseph + Sarah Brown Donaghmore (bapt.) Jun.10,1778Margaret
Donaghmore (bapt.) Apr. 1,1789Alexander
Donaghmore (bapt.) Dec. 8,1793Joseph
Donaghmore (bapt.) Apr. 9,1803Agnes
Andrew + Elizabeth Brown  Donaghmore (bapt.) Jun.17,1779Margaret
Andrew + Isabella BrownDonaghmore (bapt.) May. 8,1781David
John + Elizabeth Brown Donaghmore (bapt.) Dec.30,1783James
James + Hester BrownDonaghmore (bapt.) Mar.11,1788Mary
Thomas + Agnes BrownDonaghmore (bapt.) Jul. 9,1789Elizabeth
William + ? Brown Donaghmore (bapt.) Nov.14,1790Sarah
Patrik + Alice BrownDonaghmore (bapt.) Nov.24,1793Patrik
Peter + Alice Brown Donaghmore (bapt.) Dec.29,1795Robert
Joseph + Mary BrowneDonaghmore (bapt.) Apr.10,1796Alexander
John + Sarah Brown Donaghmore (bapt.) Sep. -,1798Elizabeth
Donaghmore (bapt.) May 27,1802Joseph
James + Mary Brown Donaghmore (bapt.) Jan. -,1799James
Donaghmore (bapt.) Sep.16,1801Elizabeth
John + Mary Brown Donaghmore (bapt.) Mar. -,1799Martha
John + Alice BrownDonaghmore (bapt.) Apr. -,1800John
William + Judith Brown Donaghmore (bapt.) Dec. 6,1802Anne
William + Mary Browne Donaghmore (bapt.) Nov. 7,1805James
Donaghmore (bapt.) Jul.20,1807Anne
Donaghmore (bapt.) Mar.10,1816Elizabeth
Donaghmore (bapt.) Jun.19,1819Mary
[Brown of Dralski]
David + Martha Brown Donaghmore (bapt.) Dec. 2,1808James
Donaghmore (bapt.) Apr. 1,1810Margaret
William + Martha Browne Donaghmore (bapt.) Jan.14,1807Sarah
Donaghmore (bapt.) Mar.16,1808William
Donaghmore (bapt.) Mar.21,1810Sarah
Donaghmore (bapt.) Jan. 3,1813John
[now Brown]
William + Rachel ElliottP. of Derryloran Jan.7,1814Elizabeth
William + Margaret BrownDonaghmore (bapt.) Oct.29,1819William
[of Aghareany, Presbyterian]
Donaghmore (bapt.) Jun. 1,1823Robert
[now Brown of Relough]
Robert + Margaret Brown Donaghmore (bapt.) Jan.22,1815Margaret
Robert + Mable Browne Donaghmore (bapt.) May 18,1817John
Robert + Sarah Brown Donaghmore (bapt.) May 28,1817Jane
John Brown + Donaghmore (bapt.) Nov.17,1816Thomas
Jane Traynor
William + Jane Browne Donaghmore (bapt.) Jul.11,1819Anne
Donaghmore (bapt.) Jul.15,1821Jane Maria
[Brown of Lisnamonaghan, bapt. by Rev. Mr. Mee]
Donaghmore (bapt.) Nov.16,1823William
James + Rachel Donaghmore (bapt.) Feb.19,1820Anne
Browne [of Drakski, Presbyterian]
John + Margaret Donaghmore (bapt.) Sep.10,1820John
Brown [of Kilnaslea]
William (pensioner) + P. of Derryloran May 22,1825Elizabeth
Rose-Anne Elliott of DrumardTullough, Derryloran Jan.25,1827Robert
P. of Derryloran Dec.14,1828Isabella
Tullough, Derryloran Jan.3,1831Margaret
Henry Moorhead + P. of Derryloran Dec.11,1825James
Mary Elliot of Drumard
James McKee of Tullybay + P. of Derryloran Dec.25,1825James
Margaret Elliot of Ballyforlea
Joseph + Margaret Donaghmore (bapt.) Oct.29,1826Sarah Anne
Brown Donaghmore (bapt.) Nov. 1,1829Alexander
Donaghmore (bapt.) Jan. 6,1833Mary Jane
Donaghmore (bapt.) Jun.15,1834James
George + Susanna Donaghmore (bapt.) May 28,1826Mary Jane
Charles + Mary Donaghmore (bapt.) Nov.12,1826Elizabeth
Brown Donaghmore (bapt.) Dec.14,1828Robert
Donaghmore (bapt.) Dec.12,1830Eleanor
Donaghmore (bapt.) Dec.23,1832Charles
Donaghmore (bapt.) Dec. 9,1833Charles
Donaghmore (bapt.) Oct.26,1834William
Donaghmore (bapt.) Jan.15,1837Sarah
Donaghmore Jun.20,1841James
John + Eleanor Donaghmore (bapt.) Aug.10,1828Anne
Brown Donaghmore (bapt.) May 2 ,1830Margaret
William (farmer) + Mary Elliott Tullybury, Derryloran Jun.18,1829Eleanor Jane
William (lab.) + Jane Elliott Tullyneary, Derryloran Oct.23,1832Margaret
John Elliott + Tullybay, Derryloran May 13,1830Eliza
Jane Loughran (ill.)
John + Ann Brown Donaghmore (bapt.) Feb.13,1831Robert William
William McMullin Donaghmore (bapt.) Nov.25,1832William
+ Jane Brown Donaghmore (bapt.) Nov.10,1833William
A foundling Donaghmore (bapt.) Apr.11,1834Eliz. Brown
William (pensioner) + Tullough, Derryloran May 13,1837Grace
Rosa Elliott  
Robert + Mary Brown Donaghmore (bapt.) Sep. 8,1839Mary Ann
Donaghmore Jan. 6,1842Theresa
Robert (lab.) + Oughless, Derryloran Mar.19,1840Mary Anne
Nancy Elliott
John + Susanna Donaghmore Sep. 3,1848Susanna
Brown Donaghmore Feb.12,1851John
Thomas Loan + Gortalowry, Derryloran May 6,1848Mary Jane
Mary Anne Elliott
John Corr + Drumard, Derryloran (ill.)May 12,1857Sarah Anne
Mary Anne Elliott
James (lab.) + Loy, Derryloran Mar.25,1849William James
Margaret or Peggy Elliott Loy, Derryloran Jul.10,1854Samuel
Loy, Derryloran Mar.8,1857Thomas
Loy, Derryloran Jul.9,1859Robert
John (farmer) + Tullybeary?, Derryloran Nov.8,1849Margaret
Rachel Elliott
William + Mary Donaghmore Oct.20,1849John Legineer
Jane Browne Donaghmore Mar.23,1851William George
Donaghmore Aug.19,1853Anne Jane
Donaghmore Aug.29,1855Thompson
Donaghmore Jan.19,1858Robert Alex
Donaghmore May 20,1860Susanna
James Brown (lab.) Drumreagh, C'lnd Jul. 9,1864Thomas
+ Maria (McKeown) Drumreagh May 12,1866(female)
Drumreagh Apr.30,1868(male)
[James now a farmer]
Drumreagh Jul. 8,1870(male)
William Brown (spademaker) Roughan, C'lnd Dec. 8,1864Sarah Jane
+ Mary Ann (Nichol)
David Brown (farmer) Legilly, Clonfeacle Oct. 4,1864Sarah Maria
+ Irene(?) (Irigill?)
Joseph Brown (tailor) Moy, Clonfeacle Apr.10,1864George
+ Anne (Cardwell) Moy Dec.20,1866female
Moy Nov.19,1867male
[Joseph's dwelling place not known. Eliz. Meenagh present]
Edward Brown (farmer) Aughagranna, C'lnd Feb. 6,1864Edward
+ Elizabeth (Abernethy) Aughagranna Jun. 3,1865Andrew
Aughagranna Sep. 4,1869Eliza
Aughagranna Dec. 5,1871(female)
Samuel Brown (farmer) Mullycar, ClonfeacleJun. 3,1865Merry Jane
+ Merry or Mary (Reid) Mullycar Mar.21,1869Joseph
Mullycar May 10,1871Samuel
James Brown (merchant) Donaghmore Apr. 8,1865William
+ Jane Ellen (Nicholson) Donaghmore Aug. 6,1869James Jackson
William Brown (lab.) Tullyleek, DonaghmoreApr.23,1865Catherine
+ Mary (Mulgrew) Aghareany, DonaghmoreAug.27,1868John
Aghareany Sep. 7,1871Catherine
[Margaret Steenson present]
Aghareany Oct.27,1872Anne
Aghareany Dec.16,1876William
[William is ganger on railway. Catherine Brown present]
Robert Brown (farmer) Kilmore, Pomeroy Sep.10,1865Elizabeth
+ Elizabeth (Gaddes) Kilmore Jan.25,1868Jane
Kilmore May 26,1871John
Kilmore Dec.12,1873James
Kilmore May. 6,1876David
Thomas Brown (baker) Perry St., Dgn Sep. 8,1865John
+ Sarah (Melia) Perry St. Sep. 4,1866John
Perry St. Jun.27,1869Thomas
[Mary Melia present for first John and Thomas]
Perry St. Nov.19,1871Anna Bella
Perry St. May. 8,1874William
Anne Jane Brown Bohard(?), Aghaloo, May. 5,1865Henry
William Browne (farmer) Kilnaslee, May 21,1866Priscilla
+ Priscilla (Smyth) Donaghmore Nov.13,1867Elizabeth
Kilnaslee May 11,1870William Smyth
Kilnaslee May. 6,1872Sarah
Kilnaslee Jan.20,1875Julia
Kilnaslee May 23,1877Rachel Eleanor
Kilnaslee Aug.11,1880Amelia Ruth
+ Mary Jane
David Brown (farmer) Cadian, Clonfeacle Mar. 4,1867Rachel
+ Jane (Frizell?) Cadian May 21,1869Malinda
Cadian Feb.17,1872Martha
Robert Brown (farmer) Cumber, Aghaloo, Dgn 1867Mary Gamell
+ Agnes (?Richmond)
Robert Brown (farmer) + Cadian, Clonfeacle Dec. 6,1868Sarah Emily
Eliza Jane (Newall or Neville) Cadian Jun.12,1871Margaret Jane
Cadian Aug.26,1873George
Thomas Brown (lab.) Tobermesson, C'fcle Dec.31,1868Sarah Jane
+ Jane (Chambers) [Eliz. Fulton present]
David Brown (farmer) Kilmore, Pomeroy Apr.13,1870William
+ Sarah (Smyth) Kilmore Oct.26,1871Matthew
Kilmore Apr.12,1873Thomas
Kilmore Mar.15,1876Elizabeth
Kilmore Feb. 9,1878(female)
Kilmore Jan.20,1880Priscilla
Henry Brown (gamekeeper) Parkenaur, Dgn Nov. 8,1870Elena
+ Elena or Lina (Brown) Edenacrannon, D'moreDec.10,1872Anne Jane
Henry Brown (merchant) Donaghmore Nov.23,1868William Henry
+ Mary Mercer (Stewart) Donaghmore Nov.28,1869Ethel Mary
Donaghmore Nov. 5,1870Jenita Stewart
Donaghmore Dec. 9,1871Lilian Annie
Donaghmore Feb.23,1873Herbert Lawson
Donaghmore Nov.13,1874Helen Stewart
Donaghmore May 26,1876Sydney (male)
Donaghmore Apr.29,1878Norman Charles
[p.s. In the registration of William Henry Brown in 1868, his mother is listed as Anne Stewart Brown formerly Owen. In the margin is an annotation dated May 16, 1890 (when William would have been 21) in which his father attests that William's mother was in fact Mary Mercer Brown formerly Stewart.]
Thompson + Ellen Donaghmore Feb.18,1868  Anne Jane
Jane Browne
Thompson Brown (farmer) Lisnamonaghan Feb. 6,1868Hannah Maria
+ Ellen Jane (White) Lisnamonaghan Nov.15,1870Anne
Lisnamonaghan May 6,1873William
Thomas Rowan (farmer) Drumadonnell, Jun. 4,1870Thomas
+ Nancy Jane (Rowan) Drumgooland, Banbridge
James Browne (farmer) Derrycreevy Jan.20,1871Samuel
+ Ellen (McConnell)
William Brown Derrycreevy Aug.31,1872Mary
+ Catherine (Grimes) [William is lab. of Cumberland, England.]
[Catherine's residence is in Cumberland.]
James Brown (lab.) Derrycreevy Dec.28,1872Patrick
+ Eliza (Mallon) Derrycreevy Mar.30,1877Mary
Derrycreevy Mar. 7,1879Eliza
Robert Browne (farmer) Roughan, C'lnd Jan. 2,1873(male)
+ Margaret (Browne) Roughan Aug.24,1874(male)
Roughan Jul.30,1878(female)
Robert Browne (cattledealer Mullaghdoly(?), Oct. 9,1873Mary
of Sixmilecross) Benburb
+ Margaret (Wood)
Henry Brown (hackler) Railway View, Dgn Sep.28,1873Thomas Henry
+ Elizabeth (Rice) Railway View Jan.13,1876James
Railway View Nov.14,1877John
Railway View Aug.26,1879William
[Henry now a flax dresser]
James Brown (gardener) Stangmore, Dgn Dec.21,1873Charlotte
+ Margaret (Green)
John Brown (farmer) Stakernagh, Dgn Feb.18,1874Mary Jane
+ Martha (McCann)
Charles Brown (farmer) Stakernagh, Dgn May 28,1876Margaret
+ Martha (McKance?) Stakernagh Mar.20,1878Robert
[Mary Brown present] + Thomas
Thomas Brown (farmer) Tamlaghtmore, C'twn Mar.20,1876Henry George
+ Mary (Hamilton)
Moore Brown (farmer) Rehaghy, BallymagranMay 19,1876James
+ Maria (Martin) Rehaghy Dec.11,1879Moore
William Brown (lab.) Drumgrannon, BenburbOct. 1,1877Margaret
+ Jane (Mallon) Altavany, Dungannon Jun. 8,1880Sarah Jane
[Rose Ann Brown present]
James Brown (farmer) Glendavagh, B'magranMay 25,1878Margaret
+ Mary Jane (Bell) Glassdrummond Jul.30,1879Margaret
James Browne Killymaddy, Dgn Jul.30,1878James
(Lt.11th Regiment of Foot) Clendinning
+ Mary (Dwyer)
Thomas John BrowneThomas St., Dgn Jan.11,1879Eleanor Ida
(medical practioner) Sinclair
+ Sara Henderson (Sinclair)
Mary Ann Brown Roughan, C'lnd Jul.26,1879(female)
William George Brown (farmer) Lisnamonaghan Jan.10,1879Matilda
+ Elizabeth (Elliott) Lisnamonaghan Feb.24,1881Mary Matilda
Joseph Brown (farmer) Roughan, C'lnd Jan.11,1880(female)
+ Mary (Brown)

Alexander Elliott (minister) Moy Jan.17,1867Harriette
+ Mary Jane (Dunbar)
John W. Elliott (M.D.Ret.) + Grange, Clonfeacle May 10,1869Ida
(?)Mehetebel J. Carpendale(?)
formerly Elliott
William Elliott (lab. of America) Coalisland May 2,1872(male)
+ Ann (Brumage)

Thomas Rowan (tenter in a factory) Sloan St., Dgn Mar.11,1873Mary Agnes
+ Elizabeth (Clegg) [Sally Greer present]

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