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Datafile 9B - Arnold Births

The first part of this section is a listing of some of the Arnold entries in the index of registered births or in various church records as indicated. Also shown are the year with the volume and page number of the registration. An asterisk indicates a case in which the full record has been consulted and details included in the second part of this section.

First Name(s)   Surname Area Year Ref. Ch.
Elizabeth Arnold   Donaghmore(Ty)  1748 [e] X/0036
Arthur Arnold Donaghmore(Ty)1752 [e] X/0236
[more LDS in Tyrone]
Elizabeth Arnol Carland 1762 [d] *
Richard Arnold Dromore, Down   1784 [b] *
Jane Arnold Dromore, Down 1786 [b] *
Montgomery Arnold Dromore, Down 1787 [b] *
Elizabeth Arnold Dromore, Down 1791 [b] *
Anne Arnold Dromore, Down 1793 [b] *
Isaac Arnold Donaghmore(Ty)1804 [e] X/2851
Sarah Ann Arnold Dromore, Down 1805 [b] *
Richard Arnold Dromore, Down 1807 [b] *
George Arnold Dromore, Down 1809 [b] *
Henry Arnold Dromore, Down 1809 [b] *
John Arnold Dromore, Down 1810 [b] *
Richard Arnold Dromore, Down 1810 [b] *
Anne Arnold Dromore, Down 1811 [b] *
Thomas Arnold Dromore, Down 1812 [b] *
Thomas Arnold Dromore, Down 1812 [b] *
Ann Arnold Dromore, Down 1813 [b] *
Montgomery Arnold Dromore, Down 1814 [b] *
George Arnold Donaghmore(Ty)1815 [e] X/3478
John Arnold Dromore, Down 1815 [b] *
Jane Arnold Dromore, Down 1815 [b] *
Margaret Arnold Dromore, Down 1816 [b] *
Maria McAuly Dromora, Down 1839 [c] *
Mary Anne Arnold Dromore, Down 1844 [b] *
Patrick Arnold Camus (Ty.) 1848 [a] *
George Arnold Camus (Ty.) 1850 [a] *
Anthony Arnold Tartaraghan 1854 [f] *
Daniel Moore Carland (Ty.) 1855 [d] *
Eliza Arnold Tartaraghan 1856 [f] *
William J. Moore Carland (Ty.) 1858 [d] *
Robert Arnold Moore Carland (Ty.) 1860 [d] *
William Archibald Arnold Carland (Ty.) 1860 [d] *
George Arnold Carland (Ty.) 1862 [d] *
Mary A. Ferguson Moore Carland (Ty.) 1863 [d] *
James Arnold Banbridge 1864 1/173
Thomas J. Arnold Carland (Ty.) 1864 [d] *
Margaret Arnold Dungannon 18656/612+1/560 *
Margaret Arnold Lurgan 1865 1/742 [f]*
Richard Arnold Banbridge 1865 1/238 *
Robert Arnold Lisburn 1865 1/641 *
(female) Arnold Belfast 1865 16/361 *
Robert John Hyde Lurgan 1865 16/682 *
Ellen Arnold Banbridge 1866 6/255 *
Sarah Jane Ferguson  Arnold Dungannon 1866 16/535 [d]*
Eliza Jane Moore Carland (Ty.) 1866 [d] *
Abraham James Arnold Lurgan 1867 6/869 [f]*
Agness Arnold Lurgan 1867 6/869 [f]*
Eleanor Arnold Dungannon 1867 11/572 *
James Arnold Dungannon 1867 1/609 *
Samuel Arnold Dungannon 1868 6/683 *
William Thomas Arnold Lurgan 1868 16/673 [f]*
Mary Jane Arnold Tartaraghan 1868 [f] *
John Arnold Dungannon 1869 1/601 *
Matilda Catherine   Arnold Camus (Ty.) 1869 [a] *
Eliza Arnold Lurgan 1870 16/728 [f]*
James Arnold Lurgan 1870 11/723 *
James Wilson Arnold Omagh 1870 7/328 *
Jane Quail Arnold Banbridge 1870 16/204 *
Emily Wallace Arnold Dungannon 1870 11/589 *
William Thomas Arnold Omagh 1870 12/289 *
Patrick Arnott Camus (Ty.) 1870 [a] *
Robert Arnold Dungannon 1871 6/639 *
Thomas Arnold Lurgan 1871 6/821 [f]*
William Arnott Camus (Ty.) 1871 [a] *
Eliza Arnold Lurgan 1872 1/810 *
Thomas Arnold Clogher 1872 3/155 *
Isaac Arnold Tartaraghan 1872 [f] *
Edward Arnold Camus (Ty.) 1873 [a] *
John Seaford Arnold Banbridge 1873 6/265
James Arnold Larne 1874 1/635 *
Mary Ann Arnold Lurgan 1874 1/722 *
Sarah Arnold Banbridge 1876 11/185 *
William Arnold Lurgan 1878(2)  1/750 *
(male) Arnold Cookstown 1878(4)1/466
Eliza Workman Arnold Lisburn 1879(1)1/663 *
Robert Arnold Lurgan 1880(1)1/720 *
Thomas Hugh Arnold Banbridge 1880(1)1/191 *
Anna Margaret Hyde Lurgan 1880(1)1/767 *
(male) Arnold Cookstown 1880(2)1/524 *
Mary Arnold Belfast 1880(3)1/258Chap.8
Sarah Minnie Arnold Banbridge 1880(3)1/162 *
Eliza Arnold Banbridge 1880(4)1/152 *
Elizabeth Arnold Banbridge 1881(2)1/203
Robert James Arnold Lurgan 1881(2)1/779Chap.8
Eliza Arnold Omagh 1881(3)2/279
Sarah Isabella Arnold Larne 1881(4)1/547
Mary Gresham Arnold Lurgan 1882(1)1/659
Thomas Hugh Arnold Banbridge 1882(1)1/173
John Arnold Dungannon 1882(2)1/5?5
(male) Arnold Cookstown 1882(2)1/496
David Arnold Banbridge 1882(4)1/161
Eliza J. ArbuthnotCarland (Ty.) 1882 [d] *
Elizabeth Jane Arnold Lurgan 1883(3)1/642 [f]
Jackson Hyde Lurgan 1883(3)1/631
Elizabeth Arnold Lurgan 1884(1)1/621
(female) Arnold Cookstown 1884(1)1/445
William ArbuthnotCarland (Ty.) 1884 [d] *
Mark Arnold Lurgan 1885(1)1/663 [f]
William Arnold Dungannon 1885(2)1/551
Sarah CardwellCarland (Ty.) 1916 [d] *
William CardwellCarland (Ty.) 1917 [d] *
Mary Jane CardwellCarland (Ty.) 1920 [d] *
Lily CardwellCarland (Ty.) 1921 [d] *
Gertrude CardwellCarland (Ty.) 1928 [d] *
John CardwellCarland (Ty.) 1930 [d] *
Nelson Alexander CardwellCarland (Ty.) 1933 [d] *

[a] Records of the Parish of Camus, County Tyrone.
[b] Records of the Parish of Dromore, County Down.
[c] Records of the Presbyterian Church of Dromara, County Down.
[d] Records of Carland Presbyterian Church, County Tyrone.
[e] Records of the Parish of Donaghmore, County Tyrone (X = LDS C700701).
[f] Records of Tartaraghan Presbyterian Church, County Armagh.

Parents: Place: Date: Child's Name:
Robert + Donaghmore, Tyronec.Aug.21, 1748  Elizabeth
Elizabeth Arnold [St. Michael's Church]
Robert + Margaret Donaghmore, Tyronec.Jul.31, 1752Arthur
Arnold [St. Michael's Church]
Jas. Arnol of Carland, Tyrone c.Jul. 4, 1762Elizabeth
Richard Arnold + Greenan, Dromore c.Aug.13, 1784Richard
Mary Ann (Montgomery)Greenan, Dromore c.Apr.20, 1787Montgomery
Greenan, Dromore c.Apr.19, 1793Anne
Henry Arnold +Greenan, Dromore c.Jul. 5, 1786Jane
Elizabeth (Chambers)
James Arnold +Dromore c.Jan.23, 1791Elizabeth
Mary (Armstrong)
George + Donaghmore, Tyronec.Jun.11, 1804Isaac
Mary Arnold [St. Michael's Church]
George + Margaret Donaghmore, Tyronec.May 13, 1815George
Arnold [St. Michael's Church]
Thomas Arnold +Greenan, Dromore b.Mar.16,1805Sarah Ann
Theodosia (Crawford)Greenan, Dromore b.Jul.15,1807Richard
Greenan, Dromore b.Apr. 9,1810John
Greenan, Dromore b.Jul.28,1812Thomas
Greenan, Dromore b.Mar.30,1815Jane
Richard Arnold + Greenan, Dromore b.May 27,1809George
Anne (Vaughan)Greenan, Dromore b.Dec.22,1810Richard
Greenan, Dromore b.May 21,1813Ann
Quily?, Dromore b.Aug.28,1814Montgomery
John Arnold +Balleny?, Dromore b.Nov.26,1809Henry
Elizabeth (Musson?) Greenan, Dromore b.Mar.12,1812Thomas
Greenan, Dromore b.Jan. 4,1815John
John Arnold + ? (Vaughan?)Greenan, Dromore1816Margaret
John Arnold + Dromore, Down b.Feb. 9,1811Anne
Catherine (Vaughan)
Bernard McAuly + Dromara, Down b.Aug.20,1839Maria
S. Arnold
Richard Arnold Greenan, Dromore b.May 19,1844Mary Anne
+ Eliza (Flack)
John Arnold Camus, Tyrone c.Aug.24,1848Patrick
+ Fanny (?) Camus, Tyrone b.Dec. 9,1850George
James Arnold + Derrycaw, Armagh b.Mar.18,1854Anthony
Eliza (Farmer) Derrycaw, Armagh b.Oct.24,1856Eliza
George Arnold (farmer) Bapt. in Carland b.Feb. 8,1860William Archibald
+ Mary Anne (Ferguson)Bapt. in Carland b.Mar. 8,1862George
Bapt. in Carland b.May 16,1864Thomas J.
Lisnagleer, Tyrone b.Sep.23,1866Sarah Jane Ferguson
Joseph Moore + Bapt. in Carland b.Aug.14,1855Daniel
Elizabeth (Arnold)Bapt. in Carland b.Jun.20,1858William J.
Bapt. in Carlandb.Oct. 1,1860Robert Arnold
Bapt. in Carlandb.Jul.20,1863Mary A. Ferguson
Bapt. in Carland b.Feb.12,1866Eliza Jane
William Arbuthnot Bapt. in Carland b.Jul.13,1882Eliza J.
+ Mary A. (Moore) Bapt. in Carland b.Jul.30,1884William
Anthony Arnold (farmer) Derrycaw, Armagh b.Feb.13,1865Margaret
+ Anne (Alister) Derrycaw May 14,1867Agness
[the number 19 appears after Anne's name]
Derrycaw May. 3,1868Mary Anne
Derrycaw Mar.19,1871Thomas
James Arnold (farmer) Lisnagleer, Tyrone b.Feb.13 1865Margaret
+ Margaret (Faulkner) Lisnagleer Jun.11,1867Eleanor
Lisnagleer Jan.30,1869John
Lisnagleer May 16,1871Robert
James Arnold (cartwright) Church St, Dromore b.Nov.19,1865Richard
+ Sarah (Preston)
William Arnold (porter) Edenderry, b.Mar.25,1865Robert
+ Isabella (Rea) Ballylesson, Lisburn
Wilberforce Arnold (surgeon)44 Richmond Terrace, 1865(female)
+ Jane (Steven)Belfast.
John Arnold (shoemaker) Mount St, Dromore b.Apr.10,1866Ellen
Jane (?Hobson?)
Thomas Arnold (weaver) Drumlellum, Tartaraghan b.Jun.14,1867Abraham James
+ Ruth (Black) Drumlellum b.Oct. 4,1868William Thomas
Drumlellum b.Oct. 5,1870Eliza
Cofuney(?) Bridge b.Aug. 5,1872Isaac
Alex. Arnold (mechanic) Beech Valley, b.Feb.17,1867James
+ Mary (Caulwell) Dungannon b.May. 8,1868Samuel
Edward + Mary Ann Camus, Tyrone b.Nov.20,1869Matilda Catherine
Arnold Camus, Tyrone b.Aug. 3,1873Edward
Now Arnott:
Camus, Tyrone b.Oct.18,1870Patrick
Camus, Tyrone b.Jul. 3,1871William
Montgomery James Ballyroney, Banbridge Dec. 8,1870Jane Quail
Arnold (weaver) +Mullafernaghan, B'dge Jul.19,1876Sarah
Agnes (Kerr) [Montgomery a farmer]
Mullafernaghan Jan. 6,1880Thomas Hugh
[mother given as Nancy (Ker)]
John Arnold Northland Row, Dungannon 1870Emily Wallace
(gentleman farmer)[Emily Hamilton present]
of Coolesker, Beragh
+ Maria Emily (Hamilton)
Samuel Arnold Corcrain, Portadown Jul.14,1870James
(dealer in potatoes)Mary St., Portadown Feb.14,1872Eliza
+ Mary Ann (Hampton)[Samuel now a railway porter]
Mary St., Portadown Feb. 2,1874Mary Ann
Joseph Arnold Mullaghmena, Omagh Jun.17,1870William Thomas
(railway lab.) +
Eliza (Moore)
James Arnold Goland, Omagh Apr. 2,1870James Wilson
(farmer, pensioner)
+ Mary (McFarland)
Robert Arnold Annagarvey(?), ClogherMar.15,1872Thomas
(lab.) + Margaret (Orr)
John Arnold Browndodd(?), Larne Jan.15,1874James
(farmer) + Sarah (Palmer)
Robert Arnold (farmer) Ballinderry, Aghalee May 26,1878William
+ Sarah Jane (Gresham) (Lurgan) Jan.26,1880Robert
Robert James Arnold Dunmurry, Lisburn Jan.12,1879Eliza Workman
(minister) + Eliza (Wilson)
William Arnold (farmer) Aghafad, Cookstown Apr.30,1880(male)
+ Jane (Reid) [Parish of Pomeroy]
John Arnold (bleacher) Ballydown, Banbridge Jul.14,1880Sarah Minnie
+ Jane (Parker)
Andrew Arnold (yarnman) Pound St., Banbridge Nov. 7,1880Eliza
+ Maggie (Dale) [Sarah E. Dale present]
James Arnold, Jnr.Derryall, Armagh c.Jul.19,1884Eliza Jane
+ Martha (Burl) Derryall, Armagh c.Dec.21,1884Mark
Whiteside CardwellBapt. in Carland b.Apr.27,1916Sarah
+ Jane (Arnold) Bapt. in Carland b.Dec. -,1917William
Bapt. in Carland b.Oct.28,1920Mary Jane
Bapt. in Carland b.Feb.18,1921Lily
Bapt. in Carland b.Apr.17,1928Gertrude
Bapt. in Carland b.Jan.10,1930John
Bapt. in Carland b.Jan.30,1933Nelson A.

Mary Ann Hyde Cloncore, TartaraghanDec. 2,1865Robert John
Thomas Hyde (farmer)Derrycaw, TartaraghanFeb.13,1880Anna Margaret
+ Margaret (Jackson)

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