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Datafile 9A - Arnold Records


Tyrone and Melbourne Family:

    William Arnold married Mary Adams in County Tyrone before 1790. They emigrated to Melbourne Australia, probably with their son Robert in 1852. Their son:
    1. Robert Arnold was born in Cappegh, County Tyrone, about 1790. In 1818 in Ardstraw he married Harriet Long, born about 1800, the daughter of Edward Long and Sarah Beatty. They and all their children except James emigrated to Australia in 1852, probably to Melbourne. Their children:
      1. Sarah Arnold was born in County Tyrone in 1821.
      2. William Arnold was born in County Tyrone in 1822. He married Eliza Morton (born in Belturbet, County Cavan in 1830) in St. Andrew's Church of England in Brighton, Melbourne, Australia in 1856. William died on Feb.6, 1888, in Brighton. Their daughter:
        1. Mary Jane Arnold was born in Castlemaine, Australia, in 1860. She married William James Abbott (born in 1852 in Hampstead, England). William died in Brighton, Victoria, in 1922 and Mary Jane died there on May 17, 1943. Their daughter:
          1. Ellen Mary Abbott was born in Brighton on Apr.2, 1888, and married John Mustard Patterson (born Apr.15, 1882, in Scotland). She died Sep.1969 in Hollywood, Florida, USA; John died in Hollywood in Sep. 1971. Their son:
            1. Ian Thomson Patterson, Snr., was born on Jan.27, 1913, and married Grace Ann Miller, born Mar.3, 1907, died Mar.1977. Their son Ian Thomson Patterson, Jnr., was born on Jan.22, 1944, and married Glynis McHargue, born Apr.29, 1944. Their daughter Kristin Lee Patterson, bron Feb.23, 1969, married John William Jones, Jnr., born Apr.6, 1958.
      3. James Arnold was born in County Tyrone sometime after 1821. About 1850 he emigrated to Canada. His son:
        1. George Arnold was a conductor on the Grand Trunk Railway and was based in Point St. Charles, Montreal. In 1893 George wrote to the Melbourne, Australia, police seeking information on his relatives since his father was very ill.
      4. Edward Arnold was born in County Tyrone in 1828.
      5. Isabella Arnold was born in County Tyrone in 1828.
      6. John Arnold was born in Streagh Bridge (could be Breagh Bridge), County Tyrone, in 1829.
      7. Jane Arnold was born in County Tyrone in 1835.
      8. Robert Arnold was born in County Tyrone in 1836.
    2. William Arnold, born in 1800 in County Tyrone, was probably Robert's brother. He married Isabella Starke, the daughter of James Starke and Margaret Adams, and is buried with Robert Arnold's family. William and Isabella had two children:
      1. Rebecca Arnold was born in 1844 in County Tyrone. She stayed with William and Eliza Arnold in Brighton, Victoria, Australia. Rebecca married Benjamin Ponsonby Tennant and they had three children:
        1. A child who died at William and Eliza Arnold's home while Rebecca was expecting her third child.
        2. A second child who died young.
        3. Percy Ponsonby Tennant served with the Australian forces in the Boer War. He died unmarried during WW1.
      2. William Arnold was born in 1845 in County Tyrone.


  1. The 1664 Hearth Money Roll or list of freeholders for Armagh includes John Arnell in Dromnagh, parish of Drumcree.
  2. The list of freeholders and voters at the 1753 election in County Armagh includes the following individuals along with the value of their freehold and their townland: Anthony Arnold (two pounds, Foymore), Edward Arnold (two pounds, Foymore), William Hyde (two pounds, Castleraw) and Thomas Hyde (two pounds, Ballymagerney). The townland of Foymore is just to the northwest of the townland of Derrycaw in the parish of Drumcree, County Armagh.
  3. A 1766 religious census includes a John Arnold as a freeholder and protestant in the town of Dungannon, County Tyrone.
  4. On Jan.2, 1882, a Patrick Arnold of Gormanstown, Co.Meath, was a resident of Armagh Jail. He was removed to Kilmainham Jail on Mar.27, 1882.
  5. A list of British Maritime surgeons involved in the slave trade (compiled by Steve Behrendt of the Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand) includes the name of Andrew Arnold. Andrew was born in Tonaghmore/Donomore (Donaghmore?) about 1771. In 1792, with zero years of experience, he joined the slave ship "Fame" which departed Bristol on Apr.15, 1792, and sailed for Old Calabar in Africa and Grenada in the Caribbean. The voyage ended in Bristol on Nov.15, 1792. In 1793, after one year of experience, he joined the slave ship "Isabella" which departed Bristol on Jan.21, 1793, and sailed for Melimba, Congo, and Kingston, Jamaica. The voyage ended in Bristol on Nov.2, 1795. In 1797, he joined the slave ship "Hannah" which departed Liverpool on Jun.15, 1797, and sailed for Alecuba, Angola, and Kingston, Jamaica. He was discharged in London on Apr.9, 1798.


On Dec.18, 1840, Joseph Arnold witnessed the marriage of Robert Fleming to Mary Fleming in the Parish of Donaghmore, County Tyrone [PRONI T786].


From the index of Pre-1858 Dromore wills:

Andrew Arnold Tonnaghmore, Co.Down 1776 PRONI T808/644

From the index of Pre-1858 Down wills:

Arabella Arnold Ballysallagh, Co.Down 1793 PRONI T808/617
David Arnold Ballysallagh, Co.Down 1798 PRONI T808/618
(more here)


The tithe applotment book for the parish of Dromore, County Down, dated 1834, lists Richard Arnold with land of 10 acres, 3 roods and 38 perches in the townland of Quilly. In the townland of Greenan, John Arnold is listed with 17 acres and 18 perches and Thomas Arnold with 17 acres and 15 perches.

The tithe applotments for the parish of Hillsborough, County Down, dated 1834 include a John Arnold with land in the townland of Ballykeel/Artifinny.


This survey of land holdings made about 1860 includes the following references to Arnold families in County Armagh and County Tyrone (a/r/p stands for acres/roods/perches and values are given in pounds.shillings.pence).

Name: Property (No.): Area: Land House
(a/r/p)value: value:
Parish of Drumcree, Townland of Derrycaw, from Lord Lurgan:
James Arnold Hs.,off.+land (2) 9/3/30 8.10.0 1.5.0
Anthony Arnold Hs.,off.+land (10a) 19/1/259.5.0 1.5.0
Mark Arnold Hs.,off.+land (10b) (both) 9.5.0 1.5.0
Parish of Dromore, Townland of Greenan, from Earl Clanwilliam:
Richard Arnold Hs.,off.+land 18/2/5 16.0.0
(John) 2/0/20 2.5.0 2.5.0
Thomas Arnold Hs.,off.+land 17/1/0 15.10.0
9/3/5 9.10.0 3.0.0
John Arnold Hs.,off.+land 14/3/5
Richard Arnold Hs.,off.+land 8/2/35 8.15.0 1.5.0
From John Arnold:
George Arnold House - - 0.10.0
Parish of Pomeroy, Townland of Aghafad, from Robert W. Lowry:
Robert Arnold House+land (9) 10/2/0 6.5.0 1.0.0
Parish of Tamlaght, Townland of Aghaveagh, from Trustees of John Mackey:
John Arnold Hs.,off.+land (10a) 36/3/0
Parish of Clonfeacle, Townland of Drumgormal, from Earl of Ranfurly:
Robert Arnold Land (14) 3/1/15 2.10.0


In Dromore Cathedral Graveyard, County Down:

ARNOLD. Erected in memory of Richard Arnold of Greenan who died on the 13th day of April 1838 aged 52 years. Also his nephew Richard Arnold who died May 27th 1889 aged 15 years.

In Magheralin Old Graveyard, County Down:

ARNOLD. [Cast iron tablet of about 1900 in a low-railed enclosure]. Family burying ground of Robert Arnold.

Carland Presbyterian Graveyard, County Tyrone:

MOORE. Erected in memory of Joseph Moore died Jan.24, 1873, aged 59 also his wife Elizabeth Moore died May 16, 1883 aged 63. William Reid died 188?, wife Mary died 1914 and their children Mary died 1920, Isabella died 1938, Lizzie J. died 1939.

CARDWELL. In loving memory of Jane Cardwell died Jul.11, 1963, her husband Whiteside died Mar.17, 1965, their son John died Oct.17, 1972, Whiteside died Mar.21, 1979.

Old Clifton Street Graveyard, Belfast:

ARNOLD. Robert Arnold was the captain of a ship. He was born in Belfast in 1814, lived at 61 Nelson Street, Belfast, and died on Mar.9, 1846.


The first part of this section is a listing of some Arnold deaths. In the case of registered deaths, also shown are the year with the volume and page number of the registration. An asterisk indicates a case in which the full record has been consulted and details included in the second part of this section.

1st Name [Age]   Surname Area Year Ref. Ch.
Robert Arnold Donaghmore1753 [a] *
Thomas Arnold Dromore, Down   1789[b] *
Richard Arnold Dromore, Down1796[b] *
Sarah [60] Arnold Banbridge 1864 16/133
Thomas [1] Arnold Lurgan 1864 1/565
Thomas [18] Arnold Lurgan 1864 6/489 *
Jane [60] Arnold Armagh 1865 16/25
George [45] Arnold Dungannon   1866 11/340
Samuel [73] Arnold Dungannon 1866 6/470
James [0] Arnold Dungannon 1867 1/478
John [0] Arnold Omagh 1867 7/185
Sarah [74] Arnold Lurgan 1867 16/439 *
Edward [86] Arnold Lurgan 1869 6/541 *
James [27] Arnold Banbridge 1869 6/172
Margaret [40] Arnold Lurgan 1869 1/630 *
Jane [76] Arnold   Cookstown 1871 1/406 *
Sarah [83] Arnold Lisburn 1871 1/540
[Arnold section of 1871 index unreadable]
Robert [64] Arnold Cookstown 1872 11/313 *
Sarah [4] Arnold Dungannon 1872 16/391
Mary [84] Arnold Lisburn 1872 16/461
Thomas [64] Arnold Banbridge 1873 1/166
Sarah [94] Arnold Omagh 1874 17/195
George Stewart[22]  Hyde Lurgan 1874 16/553
William [22] Hyde Lurgan 1874 16/562
John [5] Arnold Dungannon 1875 1/558
Margaret [9] Arnold Dungannon 1875 1/558
Martha Jane [5] Arnold Lurgan 1875 6/587
James [75] Hyde Lurgan 1875 1/711
Martha [1] Hyde Lurgan 1875 6/611
Ann [68] Arnold Lurgan 1876 11/463   *
John [28] Arnold Cookstown 1877 6/407 *
Charles [29] Arnold Banbridge 1878(4)  1/36
Mary [21] Arnold Banbridge 1879 1/163
David [25] Arnold Banbridge 1880(3)1/109
Margaret [84] Arnold Banbridge 1880 1/175
Ann [47] Arnold Lurgan 1881(2)1/567 *
John [81] Arnold Omagh 1881(3)2/176
Anne [72] Arnold Omagh 1881(4)2/187
Elizabeth [74] Arnold Cookstown 1882(3)1/323
John [78] Arnold Lisburn 1882(3)1/423
John [84] Arnold Omagh 1885(1)2/211
Ann Jane [70] Arnold Dungannon 1885(2)1/493
Anthony [74] Arnold Lurgan 1885(2)1/619
Andrew [85] Arnold Banbridge 1885(4)1/112
John [23] Arnold Banbridge 1887(1)1/152
Eliza [70] Arnold Lurgan 1889(1)1/599 *
Richard [71] Arnold Banbridge 1889(2)1/135
Montgomery [49] Arnold Banbridge 1890(2)1/121
Elizabeth [40] Arnold Banbridge 1890(4)1/119
Sarah [68] Arnold Banbridge 1891(1)1/145
Jane [86] Arnold Banbridge 1891(4)1/120
James [83] Arnold Lurgan 1892(1)1/711 *
Thomas [76] Arnold Lurgan 1892(1)1/687 *
Mark [78] Arnold Lurgan 1892(2)1/583 *
Richard [87] Arnold Banbridge 1894(2)1/125
Elizabeth [83] Arnold Banbridge 1896(3)1/103
Isabella [75] Arnold Lurgan 1897(1)1/659 *
Mary Jane [29] Arnold Lurgan 1898(1)1/633
Margaret [90] Arnold Lurgan 1898(4)1/527 *
Margaret [67] Arnold Lurgan 1899(2)1/551 *
William H. [22] Arnold Omagh 1901(3)2/171
Elizabeth [17] Arnold Cookstown 1901(3)1/370
Margaret [67] Arnold Banbridge 1901(4)1/111
Jane [70] Arnold Banbridge 1902(4)1/104
James [22] Arnold Cookstown 1903(3)1/335
Robert [81] Arnold Banbridge 1903(4)1/113
James [84] Arnold Dungannon 1904(2)1/440
John [84] Arnold Banbridge 1906(2)1/130
Robert [27] Arnold Cookstown 1906(2)1/421
James [78] Arnold Lisburn 1906(3)1/454
Joseph [80] Arnold Omagh 1907 2/183
Anne Jane [79] Arnold Banbridge 1908(1)1/136
Margaret [72] Arnold Dungannon 1908(4)1/377
Robert [72] Arnold Lurgan 1911(1)1/508 *
Joseph [69] Arnold Lurgan 1912(1)1/595 *
William [77] Arnold Lisburn 1912(1)1/487
Ellen [58] Arnold Banbridge 1913(4)1/94

[a] Records of the Parish of Donaghmore, County Tyrone.
[b] Records of the Parish of Dromore, County Down.

Robert Arnold was buried in the Parish of Donaghmore, County Tyrone, on Feb.6, 1753.

Thomas Arnold of Greenan was buried in the Parish of Dromore, County Down, on Oct.19, 1789.

Richard Arnold of Dromore was buried in the Parish of Dromore, County Down, on Jul.12, 1796.

Thomas Arnold aged 18, a bachelor car driver, died of pneumonia on May 3, 1864, in Hill Street, Lurgan. His mother, Margaret Ann Arnold of Hill Street was present at the death.

Sarah Arnold aged 74, married, died of bronchitis on Dec.2, 1867, in Castle Lane, Lurgan. Edward Arnold, occupier, Castle Lane certified the death.

Edward Arnold aged 86, a widowed pensioner, died of bronchitis on Apr.23, 1869, in Union Street, Lurgan. Martha Arnold of Union Street present at death.

Margaret Arnold aged 40, the widow of a coachman, died of peritonitis on Feb.14, 1869, at Edinderry, Portadown. John Arnold of Edinderry was present at the death.

Jane Arnold aged 76, a farmer's widow, died of dropsy at Aughavey, Coagh, district of Cookstown, on Nov.26, 1870. John Arnold of Aughavey present at the death.

Robert Arnold aged 64, a married farmer of Aughafad, district of Cookstown, died of a disease of the stomach on Sep.17, 1872. William Arnold of Aughafad was present at the death.

Ann Arnold aged 68, a widowed labourer, died of peritonitis on Aug.17, 1876, in Derrymullen(?), district of Lurgan. Ann(?) Arnold of Derrycaw present at death.

John Arnold aged 28, an unmarried farmer, died of phthisis at Aughavey, Coagh, district of Cookstown, on Apr.11, 1877. Robert Berryman was present at the death.

Ann Arnold aged 47, the wife of a farmer, died of rheumatism at Derrycaw, district of Lurgan, on Jun.1, 1881. Anthony Arnold of Derrycaw present at death.

Anthony Arnold aged 74, a married farmer, died of natural decay at Derrycaw, district of Lurgan, on Apr.4, 1885. Mark Arnold of Derrycaw, his nephew, was present at the death.

Eliza Arnold aged 70, the wife of a farmer of Derrycaw, died of bronchitis on Mar.3, 1889. Her son, Mark Arnold of Derrycaw, was present at the death.

James Arnold aged 83, a widowed farmer of Derrycaw, died of influenza on Jan.2, 1892. His son, Mark Arnold of Derrycaw, was present at the death.

Mark Arnold aged 78, a married farmer of Derrycaw, died of bronchitis on Apr.17, 1892. Thomas Arnold of Derrycaw, his nephew, was present at the death.

Thomas Arnold aged 76, a widowed labourer from Lurgan, died of senile decay and heart failure on Feb.23, 1892, in the Lurgan Workhouse.

Isabella Arnold aged 76, widow of William Arnold, a farmer, died on Feb.2, 1897, of senile debility in Gortrary(?), district of Lurgan. Robert Arnold of Ballinderry, her stepson, was in attendance.

Margaret Arnold aged 90, the widow of a farmer, died of paraplegia, on Oct.12, 1898, at Derrycaw. Thomas Arnold of Derrycaw, her nephew, was present at the death.

Margaret Arnold aged 67, the wife of a warper, died of hepatitis on Jun.12, 1899, at Waringstown Road, Lurgan. Her husband, John Arnold, was present at the death.

Robert Arnold aged 72, a married farmer, was found dead in bed at Ballinderry, district of Lurgan, on Mar.22, 1911. He died of heart disease. His son, John Arnold of Ballinderry found the body.

Joseph Arnold aged 69, a widowed labourer, was found dead of heart failure and exposure to the cold at Lisnashank(?), district of Lurgan, on Jan.30, 1912.


The 1901 Census contains the following references to Arnold and Hyde families in Counties Armagh, Tyrone and Down. Abbreviations: Pres = Presbyterian, Meth = Methodist, CofE = Church of Ireland, Bapt = Baptist, RW = read and write, RE = read only, NR = neither read nor write, UM = unmarried, MA = married, WI = widow or widower, H = husband or head, W = wife, S = son, D = daughter, N = nephew or neice, A = aunt, U = uncle, SI = sister, B = brother, SL = son=in-law, DL = daughter-in-law, GS = grandson, GD = granddaughter, SE = servant, BO = boarder, VI = visitor, Co.A = County Armagh, Co.T = County Tyrone.

Townland of Lisnagleer, parish of Donaghmore, County Tyrone:
James Arnold 80   HD  Bapt   Co.Tyrone  Farmer RW  MA  
Margaret Arnold 70 WIBapt Co.TyroneFarmer's wife RWMA
Archibald Arnold49 SOBapt Co.TyroneFarmer RWMA
Mary Arnold 46 DLBapt Co.TyroneFarmer's wife RWMA
John Arnold 17 GSBapt Co.TyroneFarmer's son RWUM
William Arnold15 GSBapt Co.TyroneFarmer's son RWUM
Minnie Arnold 12 GDBapt Co.TyroneScholar RWUM
Margaret Arnold 9 GDBapt Co.TyroneScholar RWUM
James Arnold 6 GSBapt Co.TyroneScholar RWUM
Elizabeth Arnold 3GDBapt Co.Tyrone- NR UM
Townland of Aghafad, parish of Pomeroy, County Tyrone:
William Arnold49 HDPres Co.TyroneFarmer RWMA
Jane Arnold 48 WIPres Co.Tyrone RWMA
Robert Arnold 23 SOPres Co.TyroneFarmer's son RWUM
William Arnold18 SOPres Co.TyroneFarmer's son RWUM
Alexander Arnold 14SOPres Co.TyroneScholar RWUM
Elizabeth Arnold 16DAPres Co.TyroneFarmer's dau. RWUM
Jane Arnold 11DAPres Co.TyroneScholar RWUM
Rachel Arnold 7DAPres Co.TyroneScholar RWUM
Residents of a house 27 in Mullaghmore (Omagh, Tyrone):
Edward Arnold 56 HD Pres Co.Tyrone Merchant Miller RW MA
Caroline Stanley Arnold 35 WI Pres London RW MA
Charles Scott Arnold 13 SO Pres Co.Tyrone Scholar RW UM
Kathleen Nora Arnold 5 DA Pres Co.Tyrone Scholar NR UM
Madaline Charlotte Arnold 3 DA Pres Co.Tyrone Scholar NR UM
Ruth Stanley Edward Arnold 1 DA Pres Co.Tyrone Scholar NR UM
Mary Gray 15 SE Pres Co.Tyrone Nurse Domestic Servant RW UM
Residents of a house 5 in Drumcree (Drumcree, Armagh):
James Arnold 50 HD CofE Co.Armagh Caretaker RW MA
Martha Arnold 47 WI CofE Co.Armagh House Keeper RO MA
Maggie Arnold 21 DA CofE Co.Armagh Smoother RW UM
Mark Arnold 16 SO CofE Co.Armagh Labourer RW UM
Thomas Arnold 12 SO CofE Co.Armagh Scholar RW UM
Samuel Arnold 7 SO CofE Co.Armagh Scholar RW UM
Martha Arnold 5 SO CofE Co.Armagh Scholar RW UM
John Wesley Arnold 3 SO CofE Co.Armagh Scholar RW UM
Residents of a house 14 in Derrycaw (Drumcree, Armagh):
Thomas Arnold 27 HD Pres Co.Armagh Farmer RW UM
Margaret Arnold 29 SI Pres Co.Armagh Farmer's Sister RW UM
Agnes Arnold 28 SI Pres Co.Armagh Farmer's Sister RW UM
Townland of Magarity, parish of Tartaraghan, County Armagh:
William Arnold46 HDBapt Co.TyroneTeacher RWMA
Emily Arnold42 WIBapt Co.ArmaghWife RWMA
Rita Arnold12 DABapt Co.ArmaghScholar RWUM
John Browne20 VIPresCo.AntrimArtist RWUM
Minnie Williamson4VICofECo.ArmaghScholar NR UM
Townland of Tonaghmore, parish of Saintfield, County Down:
Wendsley Arnold 70 HDCofE Co.DownFarmer RWMA
Jane Arnold 70WICofE Co.DownFarmer's wife RWMA
Hertford Arnold 36 SOCofE Co.DownFarmer's son RWMA
Martha Arnold 38 DLCofE Co.DownFarmer's wife RWMA
Emily J. Arnold 17 GDCofE Co.DownScholar NM
Mary E. Arnold 15GDCofE Co.DownScholar NM
Maria H. Arnold 13 GDCofE Co.DownScholar NM
Eliza S. Arnold 11 GDCofE Co.DownScholar NM
Lucy Arnold 9GDCofE Co.DownScholar NM
Tyrel Arnold 6 GSCofE Co.DownScholar NM
Martha Arnold 3 GDCofE Co.Down- NM
Townland of Copney, parish of Clonfeacle, Killyman Electoral Division:
Francis Hyde52 HDCofECo.ArmaghFarmer RWUM
Mary Jane Hyde72 MOCofECo.ArmaghMother RWWI
Susan Woods 35 SICofECo.ArmaghNat.Sch.teacherRWMA
plus a servant
Townland of Grange Lower, parish of Newry:
Elizabeth Hyde46 HDCofECo.ArmaghWeaver RWUM
Margaret Hyde42 SICofECo.ArmaghWeaver RWUM
John George Hyde2 SSCofECo.ArmaghSister's son NR UM


The 1911 Census contains the following references to Arnold and Hyde families:

Residents of a house 18 in Lisnagleer (Crossdernot, Tyrone):
Archd Arnold 62   HD   Bapt   Co.Tyrone   Farmer RW   MA
Mary Arnold 53 WI Bapt Co.Tyrone RW MA 32yrs
John Arnold 28 SO Bapts Co.Tyrone Farmers Son RW UM
Minnie Arnold 22 DA Bapt Co.Tyrone N S Teacher RW UM
Maggie Arnold 19 DA Bapt Co.Tyrone Farmers Daughter RW UM
Lizzie Arnold 12 DA Bapt Co.Tyrone Scholar RW UM
Residents of a house 19 in Donaghmore Road (Dungannon, Tyrone):
John Irwin Arnold 39 HD CofE Co.Tyrone Bank Teller RW MA
Jane Grey Arnold 39 WI CofE Derry City RW MA 9yrs
Ellen Eccles 23 SE RoCa Co.Tyrone General Servant Domestic   RW UM
Residents of a house 3 in Aghafad (Pomeroy, Tyrone):
William Arnold 59 HD Pres Co.Tyrone Farmer RW MA
Jane Arnold 63 WI Pres Co.Tyrone RW MA 33yrs
Jane Arnold 21 DA Pres Co.Tyrone RW UM
Rachel Arnold 18 DA Pres Co.Tyrone RW UM


The following Arnolds are recorded in the records of the Commonwealth War Graves Commission:

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