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Datafile 7C - Dale Marriages

Here we list some of the Dale entries in the index of registered marriages and in various church records. Also shown are the year with the volume and page number of the registration. An asterisk indicates a case in which the full record has been consulted and details included in the second part of this section.

First Name(s) Surname Area Year Ref. Ch.
Letitia Dale Carncastle   1837 [a] *
William Dale Carncastle 1838 [a] *
Elizabeth Dale Ballymena 1845 2/56 *
Eliza Dale Larne 1849 6/503 *
Margaret Dale Larne 1853 6/454 *
Martha Dale Larne 1853 6/469 *
Mary Dale Larne 1853 6/539 *
Alexander Dale Castlerea 1855 3/491
Jane Dale Belfast 1855 2/739 *
Joseph Dale Larne 1856 6/443 [a]*
Susan Dale Larne 1859 6/465 [a]*
Elizabeth Dale Larne 1860 6/453 *
Martha Dale Larne 1861 6/482 [a]*
William John Dale Larne 1864 1/761
Joseph Dale Larne 1870 16/775*
Samuel Dale Larne 1873 6/711
Daniel Dale Larne 1880(2)  1/669
[1882(1) index missing]
Bella Dale Larne 1884(2)1/715
Annie Dale Larne 1889(2)1/711
John Dale Larne 1890(4)1/743
Joseph Dale Belfast 1894(3)1/311

[a] Records of Carncastle Presbyterian Church, County Antrim.

Letitia Dale and Robert Dick, both of Carncastle, were married on Jan.7, 1837, in Carncastle Presbyterian Church. John Greer and Sarah Omelvena were witnesses

William Dale and Isabella Ferris, both of Carncastle, were married on Mar.17, 1838, in Carncastle Presbyterian Church. John Smyth and Sam Ferris were present.

Robert (or Norbert) Semple, 21, bachelor, labourer, of Kenbilly(?) (father: William Semple, weaver) to Elizabeth Dale, 21, spinster, of Kenbilly(?) (father: David Dale, farmer) on Nov.29, 1845, in Presbyterian Church, parish of Nocavan(?), district of Ballymena. Both made their marks. Joseph Dale was witness.

Robert Workman, full age, bachelor, farmer, of Ballycraigy (father: George Workman, farmer) married to Eliza Dale, full age, spinster, of Tobergall (father: John Dale, carpenter) on Sept.14, 1849 in the Orthodox Pres. Meetinghouse, Carncastle. Both made their marks.

Robert Crawford, full age, bachelor, farmer, of Skerry (father: Robert Crawford, farmer) to Margaret Dale, full age, spinster, of Carncastle (father: John(?, possibly Sam) Dale, farmer) in Ballycarry Presbyterian Church, Templecorran, on Oct.5, 1853. William Dale was a witness.

Patrick Butler, 28, bachelor, labourer, of Sizehill(?), parish of Ballyhinney (father: James Butler, labourer) to Martha Dale, 25, spinster, of Henry-field, parish of Ballynure (father: John Dale, farmer) in Ballynure Presbyterian Church on Dec.8, 1853.

James McConnell, bachelor, servant (father: John McConnell, labourer) to Mary Dale, spinster, servant of same place (father: John Dale, farmer) in Carncastle Presbyterian Church on Dec.16, 1853. Jane(?) Dale was a witness. (certificate very faint)

James Young, 30, bachelor, soldier of Second Dragoon Guards and Dublin (father: Thomas Young, farmer) to Jane Dale, 22, spinster, of Belfast (father: John Dale, farmer) on Nov.6, 1855, in St. Anne's Parish Church, Belfast.

Joseph Dale, full-aged, bachelor, farmer, resident of Carncastle since infancy (father: John Dale, farmer) to Jane Crawford, full-aged, spinster, resident of Carncastle since infancy (father: James Crawford, farmer) on Nov.29, 1856, in Carncastle Presbyterian Church, and on Dec.9, 1856, in Ballycarry Presbyterian Church, Templecorran. Witnesses were William Dale and Elizabeth Dale.

Susan Dale, spinster, resident of Carncastle for years (father: John Dale, farmer) to James McCann, bachelor, servant, of Killyglen, resident of Carncastle for 1 year (father: John McCann, labourer) in Carncastle Presbyterian Church on Mar.17, 1859. William Dale was a witness.

Robert McCurdy, full age, widower, farmer, of Rocavan (father: James McCurdy, farmer) to Elizabeth Dale, full age, spinster, of Carncastle (father: John Dale, farmer) in Glenarm Presbyterian Church on Jan.20, 1860. Joe Dale and Robert Crawford were witnesses.

Martha Dale, full age, spinster, of Carncastle (father: John Dale, carpenter) to Andrew Millar, full age, bachelor, stonemason, of Ballyenad(?) (father: Charles Millar, farmer) on Aug.21, 1861, in Carncastle Presbyterian Church.

Joseph Dale, full age, bachelor, farmer, of townland of Ballytober, parish of Carncastle (father: John Dale, deceased carpenter) to Isabella Workman, full age, spinster, of townland of Ballycraigy(?), parish of Larne, (father: George Workman, deceased farmer) on Dec.2, 1870, in First Presbyterian Meetinghouse, Larne.

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