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Datafile 7B - Dale Births

The first part of this section is a listing of some of the Dale entries in the index of registered births or in various church records as indicated. Also shown are the year with the volume and page number of the registration. An asterisk indicates a case in which the full record has been consulted and details included in the second part of this section.

First Name(s) Surname   Area Year Ref. Ch.
Jenny Dale Carncastle   1832 [a] *
John Dale Carncastle 1833 [a] *
Robert Dale Carncastle 1834 [a] *
Jane(?) Dale Carncastle 1836 [a] *
Eliza Dale Carncastle 1837 [a] *
John Shaw Carncastle 1837 [a] *
Joseph Dale Carncastle 1840 [a] *
James Dale Carncastle 1840 [a] *
William John Dale Carncastle 1840 [a] *
Agnes Dale Carncastle 1840 [a] *
Isabella Dale Larne 1864 16/588*
Margaret McCann Larne 1864 16/581*
Annie Dale Larne 1865 16/584*
Joseph Dale Larne 1866 6/667 *
Elizabeth Dale Larne 1867 11/633*
William Dale Larne 1868 6/745 *
Samuel Dale Larne 1869 11/636*
Isabella Dale Larne 1871 16/618*
Margaret Dale Larne 1871 16/619*
David Dale Larne 1873 1/674 *
Dorah Dale Larne 1873 16/577*
Mary Dale Larne 1873 1/673 *
Thomas Dale Larne 1875 11/607*
Robert Dale Larne 1876 16/587*
Robert Dale Larne 1876 16/592*
Louisa Dale Larne   1878(3)  1/604 *
John Dale Larne 1879(1)1/623 *
Martha Crawford   Dale Larne 1879(2)1/683 *
Joseph Dale Larne 1880(3)1/570 *
Samuel Dale Larne 1881(4)1/543
Sarah Dale Larne 1881(4)1/540
James Dale Larne 1884(1)1/547
Annie Dale Larne 1884(3)1/577
Thomas Stewart Dale Larne 1884(4)1/533
Jane Dale Carncastle 1895 [a] *

[a] Records of Carncastle Presbyterian Church, County Antrim.

Parents: Place: Date: Child's Name:
John Dale + Carncastle (bapt.) Dec.22,1832Jenny
Peggy (Crooks) Tobergall (bapt.) Jul. 9,1836Jane(?)
John Dale + Carncastle (bapt.) Oct. 7,1833John
Peggy (Shaw) Carncastle (bapt.) Mar. 9,1837Eliza
Carncastle (bapt.) Jan.17,1840Joseph
Carncastle (bapt.) Jan.17,1840James
John Dale + Killyglen (bapt.) Mar.26,1834Robert
Jean (Magill) Carncastle (bapt.) May. 9,1840Agnes
John Shaw + Carncastle (bapt.) Mar.17,1837John
Jean (Dale)
William Dale + Carncastle (bapt.) Apr.17,1840William John
Isabella (Ferris)
William John Dale Wellington St., Larne Oct.30,1864Isabella
(grocer) Wellington St. Dec. 6,1865Annie
+ Anne (Carson) Wellington St. May 29,1868William
Ballyrudder, CarncastleDec.22,1871Margaret
Ballyruther, CarncastleJul.21,1878Louisa
[William John now listed as farmer]
James McCann Tobergall, Carncastle Aug. 4,1864Margaret
(lab.) + Susan (Dale)
Joseph Dale Green St., CarrickfergusMar.14,1866Joseph
(millworker) Green St. Aug. 9,1869Samuel
+ Sarah Jane (Spears)
Rose Mary Dale Oldmill, Carncastle Jul. 5,1867Elizabeth
Joseph Dale(farmer)Ballycraigy, CarncastleNov.29,1871Isabella
+ Isabella (Workman)
Jane Dale Larne workhouse Jan. 6,1873Mary
(millworker) Larne workhouse Jan.19,1873(?)David
Jane Dale Glenarm Nov. 9,1876Robert
Jane Dale Larne workhouse Dec.28,1879John
Samuel Dale (farmerKillyglen Oct. 6,1873Dorah
of Ballytober) Ballytober, Carncastle Aug.10,1875Thomas
+ Margaret Ballytober Nov. 3,1876Robert
(Crawford) Ballytober May 29,1879Martha Crawford
[Dorah Crawford of Grange of Killyglen present]
Ballytober Aug.28,1880Joseph
John Dale + Carncastle (bapt.) Jun. 9,1895Jane
Elizabeth (McClure)

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