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Datafile 6A - Dick Records



In the Islandmagee Church of Ireland graveyard:

McCLELLAND. [Marble and sandstone]. Erected by Catherine Dick in memory of her husband William McClelland who died 2nd April 1887 aged 88 years.

ROSS. [In a low-railed enclosure with a modern Ross stone]. Erected by James Ross in memory of his son Thomas who departed this life 2nd August 1862 aged 22 years. The above named James Ross died 18th May 1891 aged 78 years. Also his wife Catherine DICK, who died 24th Sepr. 1892 aged 71 years. Also their son Alexander aged 31 years, and his wife Maggie JOHNSTON aged 31 years, who were drowned by the foundering of the barque ``Alice M. Craig'', March 9, 1893.

In the Ballypriormore graveyard, Islandmagee:

DICK. Erected by James Dick in memory of his father Robert Dick who died July 4th 1844 aged 74 years. Also his mother Catherine Dick, who died 4th Novr. 1878 aged 88 years. The above named James Dick died 1st March 1892 aged 80 years. Also his wife Margaret Dick who died 28th July 1897 aged 78 years. Sophia Dick, wife of James Dick jun. died 20th Sept. 1896 aged 47 years. Also James Dick jun. died 10th June 1923 aged 73 years.

DICK. Erected by William Dick in memory of his wife, Fanny FLECK, who died 13th Sept. 1857 aged 33 years. Also his infant son Hugh who died 20th Feb. 1874.

DICK. Erected by Wilson Cupples Dick in memory of his son Robert who departed this life 2nd May 1874 aged 5 years. Also his daughter Catherine who died 14th February 1880 aged 17 years. Also his son James who died 11th March 1883 aged 12 years. The above named Wilson Cupples Dick who died 19th April 1900 aged 66 years. Also his wife Mary Dick who died 5th February 1921 aged 83 years. And his daughter Mary Sophia who died 29th September 1944 aged 66 years. And his son Wilson Dick who died 11th April 1946 aged 73 years.

More recent gravestones memorializing Dicks are as follows:

DICK. John Dick, born 1871, died 1922 aged 51.

DICK. Robert Dick, born 1841, died 1925 aged 84. His wife Mary Ellen Dick, born 1838, died 1906 aged 68. His daughter Annie Dick, born 1877, died 1929 aged 52. His son Robert Dick, born 1875, died 1930 aged 55. His daughter Margaret Dick, born 1872, died 1950 aged 78.

DICK. John Dick, born 1838, died 1912 aged 74. His wife Ellen Nelson Colville died 1912 aged 59. His son John.

DICK. Robert Dick died 193- and his wife Elizabeth died 1928. Their only son Robert died 1941 and their youngest daughter Martha Amelia died 1945.

DICK. Capt. John Dick and his wife Agnes, born 1878, died 1931 aged 53. His daughter Eileen, born 1905, died 1970 aged 1 and a half.

DICK. Robert Dick's wife Catherine died 1949. William Dick died 1927 and his wife Mary Elizabeth died 1927. Dennis Magill Dick died 1941.

DICK. John Dick died 1945 and his wife Catherine died 1932.

DICK. Thomas Dick, born 1860, died 1930 aged 70. His wife Sarah, born 1860, died in 1931 aged 71.

In the Glynn graveyard:

DICK. Erected by William Dick in memory of his beloved wife Jane Dick who died 18th Sept. 1891 aged 63 years. Also of their son William who died 4th January 1871 aged 7 years. The above-named William Dick died 27th Oct.1910 aged 84 years.

In the Templecorran graveyard:

DICK. [Low pink stone with the last line partly buried]. Here lieth the body of Camble Dick, who departed this life February the 2 aged 77. Also his wife Isabella Reilley, departed May the 5 each in 1814 aged 75 years.

DICK. Erected to the memory of Edmonstone Dick, who died 17th May 1847 aged 84 years. Also his wife Mary, who died 28th August 1851 aged 84 years. Also their son William Dick, who died 10th Feby. 1873 aged 66 years. And his wife Jennet, who died 15th Decr. 1891 aged 80 years. Also John Dick, son of the above-named William Dick, who died 16th December 1925 aged 74 years and his wife, Susan, who died 2nd January 1937 aged 86 years.

DICK. Erected to the memory of William Edmonston Dick who died 28th January 1874 aged 25 years. Also Susan, only and much loved child of John and Susan Dick, who died 6th Feby. 1903 aged 26 years.

DICK. Erected by James Dick in memory of his beloved wife Bessie Jane who died 6th Feby. 1887 aged 41 years. Also his sister Agnes Blair, wife of William Blair, who died 20th Feb. 1922 aged 76 years.

In the Templecorran Church of Ireland graveyard:

DICK. [Cross]. Thy will be done. In loving memory of Robert Dick who died 20th June 1895 aged 21 years. Also Lissie Dick who died on the 11th December 1898 aged 22 years. William Dick died 6th Feby. 1912 aged 69 years.

In the Glenarm (Tickmacrevan) Churchyard:

DICK. In memory of Mary Ann Dick who died Apr.13, 1861, aged 16 years. Also Samuel Dick who died Aug.24, 1864, aged 12 years. James Henry born Sep.19, 1855, died Aug.28, 1859. Also four infant children. ``Blessed are the dead which lie in the lord''.

In the Carncastle Presbyterian Church Graveyard:

DICK. Agnes Drummond Dick (died Oct.8, 1966, aged 96) wife of Frederic Thomas, minister of the Cairncastle Old Meetinghouse (born Mar.31, 1855, died Nov.13, 1907).


Dixon Donaldson's ``History of Islandmagee'' contains two references to members of the Dick family which I am not able to associate with specific individuals:


The 1834 tithe applotment books for the parish of Islandmagee include the following records of Dicks:

The Islandmagee tithe applotment books also include Robert Templeton with a little more than 3 acres in the townland of Mullaghboy.

In the 1834 tithe applotments for Larne town, Campbell Dick is listed for 5 perches of land, a small allocation in Larne Gardens.


From the fragments of the 1851 census which survived the 1922 Dublin fire, the following information has been extracted. Locations are identified by county, barony, parish and townland or street. Included are all those present in the house on the night of the census; also listed after A: are those who were absent and after D: those who had died during the preceding ten years.

Name: Age:  Position:  Status, Trade:   Birth   Liter
-place: -acy:
Pound Street, Larne:
Campbell Dick 46Head Writing clerk Co.Ant RW
Susan Dick 47Wife Married 1826 Co.Ant RW
Townland of Curran and Drumalis, parish of Larne:
Patrick O'Brine 27  Head   Gardener Co.Antrim   RW
Margaret O'Brine   29Wife Marr. 1846 Co.Antrim RW
Robert O'Brine 4Son Not at school   Co.Antrim RO
Hugh O'Brine 2Son Not at school Co.Ant NR
Susan O'Brine 1mDaughterNot at school Co.Ant NR
Margaret Dick 70M-in-lawWidow, m.1817 Co.Ant NR
Toberwine Street, Glenarm, Parish of Tickmacrevan:
Samuel Dick 32Head Draper, grocer  Co.Antrim RW
Mary Ann Dick 32Wife Married 1841 Brookboro'RW
Catherine Dick 9 DaughterSchool C'fergus RW
George Burrows Dick8 Son School C'fergus RW
Mary Ann Dick 6 DaughterSchool C'fergus RW
Margaret Eliz. Dick4 DaughterSchool C'fergus RO
Amelia Frances Dick  2 Daughter Glenarm
John Joseph Dick 6mSon Glenarm
plus two servants
Townland of Craigs, parish of Ahoghill:
James Dick 42 HD Laborer, m.1827 Co.Ant R
Anne Dick 44 WI Married 1827 Co.Ant R
Mary Dick 16 DA Unmarried linen weaver    Co.Ant R
Jane Dick 13 DA UnmarriedCo.Ant R
Peggy Dick 11 DA UnmarriedCo.Ant R
Ellen Dick 9 DA Unmarried, at schoolCo.Ant R
Alex Dick 7 SO Unmarried, at schoolCo.Ant R
Edward Dick 2 SO Co.Ant
A: James Dick 21 SOEngine man in Callybacky, Antrim
A: John Dick 19 SOEngine man in Antrim


The Griffith Valuation (circa 1860) contains the following references to Dicks with holdings on the Antrim coast (a/r/p stands for acres/roods/perches and the values are given in pounds.shillings.pence):

Name: Property (No.): Area: Land House
(a/r/p)value: value:
Parish of Tickmacrevan, Townland of Parishagh, from Earl of Antrim:
Samuel Dick Land (3) 10/3/164.10.0
Town of Glenarm, Toberwine St., from Alexander Galbraith:
Samuel Dick Hs.,off.+sm.gar.(26)- - 9.10.0
Town of Glenarm, Castle St., from Earl of Antrim:
Samuel Dick House (in rere) (3) - - 2.0.0
Town of Larne, Pound Road, from Elizabeth Carley:
Campbell Dick Hs.,off.+sm.gar.(28)- - 3.5.0
Parish of Islandmagee, Townland of Ballymoney, from James Milliken:
Robert Dick Hs.+ sm.gar.(4b) - - 0.15.0
(close to Methodist Chapel)
Parish of Islandmagee, Townland of Drumgurland, from Charles P. Leslie:
James Dick Hs.,off.+ land (13) 15/3/1016.
Parish of Islandmagee, Townland of Mullaghboy, from John Milliken:
Thomas Dick House (13c) - - 0.10.0
(next to Presbyterian Meetinghouse)
From Samuel Arthur:
Margaret Dick Hs.+ sm.gar.(19b) - - 0.5.0
James Dick Hs.+ sm.gar.(19c) - - 0.5.0
Parish of Glynn, Townland of Drumnadreagh, from Charles M'Garel:
Mary Dick Hs.,off.+ land (3) 6/0/0 6.15.0 0.15.0
Parish of Glynn, Townland of Glynn, from George B. Johnstone:
William Dick Land (31) 0/1/38 0.15.0
(labourer) (32) 0/1/25 0.15.0
William Dick Land (33Aa) 0/0/10 0.5.0
(shoemaker) (34) 0/1/30 0.15.0
William Dick Hs.,off.+ gar.(4) 0/0/16 0.5.0 1.5.0
William Dick Hs.+ gar.(43c) 0/1/0 0.10.0 1.5.0
Parish of Templecorran, Townland of N.W.Ballycarry, from David S. Ker:
William Dick Hs.,off.+ land (16A)15/5/1014.15.0
(16B) 8/2/25 9.10.0
(16Ca) 4/2/20 5.0.0 2.10.0
From William Dick:
Robert M'Master, Jr.Hs.off.+ gar. (16d) - - 0.15.0
Thomas Baird Hs.off.+ gar. (16e) - - 0.15.0
James Donnell Hs.+ sm.gar. (16f) - - 0.15.0
Robert M'Master, Sr.Hs.+ sm.gar. (16g) - - 2.0.0
Natl. Schoolhouse With yard (exemption) (16) - 5.0.0
Parish of Kilroot, Townland of Ballyhill, from Timothy Hevey:
William Dick House (26h) - - 0.10.0


  1. The 1856 Slater's Directory lists Samuel Dick, grocer and draper, in Glenarm.
  2. The 1863-64 Belfast and Ulster Directory lists S. Dick, Postmaster, in Glenarm.


  1. Thomas Dick, 32, a farmer from Down, left Newry for America in the ``Patty'' on May 5, 1803.
  2. Isabella Dick, 16, left Belfast for New York in the ``Wilmington'' on Jul.9, 1803.
  3. Wm. Dick, 30, a labourer from Kilane Ceepeyt near Ballymena left Londonderry for New York in the ``Live Oak'' on Jun.23, 1804.


The 1901 Census contains the following references to Dick families in Islandmagee and vicinity. Abbreviations: Pres = Presbyterian, Meth = Methodist, CofE = Church of Ireland, RW = read and write, RO = read, NR = neither read nor write, UM = unmarried, MA = married, WI = widower or widow, HD = husband or head, WI = wife, SO = son, DA = daughter, NE = nephew or neice, AU = aunt, UN = uncle, SI = sister, BR = brother, SL = son-in-law, DL = daughter-in-law, GS = grandson, GD = granddaughter, SE = servant, BO = boarder, Co.A = County Antrim, I'gee = Islandmagee.

Townland of Balloo, Islandmagee:
John DickHD   Pres   RW   63   NoneMA    Co.A
Ellen Dick WIPresRW47 MACo.A
Wilson Dick SOPresRW12Scholar UMCo.A
Townland of Ballyharry, Islandmagee:
David Steen HDPresRW49Pres. Minister MADerry
Matilda Steen WIPresRW36 MADenmark
Fanny Sophia DickSEPresRW15Nurse, domesticUMCo.A
Townland of Ballykeel, Islandmagee:
Margaret Fleck HDPresRW65Housekeeper WII'gee.
Abbie Dick DAMethRW30Housekeeper MAI'gee.
Robert Dick SLMethRW27Bricklayer MAI'gee.
Elizabeth Dick GDMethNR6m UMI'gee.
Townland of Ballylumford, Islandmagee:
Isabella Yeates HDPresRW79Housekeeper WICo.A
William Dick NEPresRW31Boatbuilder UMCo.A
Townland of Ballylumford, Islandmagee:
Mary Dick HDPresRW47Housekeeper WICo.A
Thomas Dick SOPresRW10Scholar UMCo.A
Mary E. Dick DAPresRW 7Scholar UMCo.A
William J.Dick SOPresRO 5Scholar UMCo.A
Townland of Ballylumford, Islandmagee:
Alexander EnglishHDPresRW36Carpenter MACo.A
and his family and
Robert Dick BOMethRW21Ferryman UMCo.A
Townland of Ballymoney, Islandmagee:
Hugh Dick HDPresRW47Farmer MACo.A
Priscilla A. DickWIPresRW43 MAEngland
Priscilla Dick DAPresRW21 UMCo.A
Francis C. Dick SOPresRW19Sailor UMCo.A
Florence Dick DAPresRW16 UMCo.A
Elizabeth Dick DAPresRW14 UMCo.A
and children Hugh T. (12), Thomas A. (10), Minnie (6) and Charles (4).
Townland of Ballymoney, Islandmagee:
James Dick HDMethRW60Carpenter MACo.A
Mary Dick WIMethRW54 MACo.A
William D. Dick SOMethRW12Scholar UMCo.A
Townland of Ballymuldrough, Islandmagee:
Mary E. Hawthorne HDPresRW48 WICo.A
and her family and
Jane Ross Dick AUPresRO77 WICo.A
Townland of Ballymuldrough, Islandmagee:
Andrew McCalmont HDPresRW34Merchant Seaman    MACo.A
Alice McCalmont WICofERW29 MAEngland
James Wallace McCSOPresRW 4 UMCo.A
Elizabeth Dick BOMethRW16Scholar UMCo.A
Margaret I. Dick BOMethRW13Scholar UMCo.A
Townland of Ballytober, Islandmagee:
Hugh Hill HDPresRW72Farmer MACo.A
Catherine Hill WIPresRW57 MACo.A
Margaret Maria HillDAPresRW23 UMCo.A
Mary Hill DAPresRW22 UMCo.A
Catherine Hill DAPresRW20 UMCo.A
Esther Hill DAPresRW19 UMCo.A
William Hugh HillSOPresRW18 UMCo.A
Sarah Jane Hill DAPresRW15 UMCo.A
and their grandson Robert Hamilton Hill (1).
Townland of Ballypriormore, Islandmagee:
Catherine Dick HDMethRW33 MACo.A
Elizabeth Dick DAMethRO 4Scholar UMCo.A
William Dick SOMethNR 1 UMCo.A
Walter Dick NEMethRW 8Scholar UMCo.A
Townland of Carnspindle, Islandmagee:
Mary Eliza Dick WIPresRW35 MACo.A
Agnes Dick DAPresRW11Scholar UMCo.A
John Magill Dick SOPresRW 7Scholar UMCo.A
William Dick SOPresNR 2 UMCo.A
Townland of Drumgurland, Islandmagee:
Martha Alexander HDPresRW87Housekeeper WICo.A
Townland of Drumgurland, Islandmagee:
James Dick HDPresRW52Farmer MACo.A
Townland of Gransha, Islandmagee:
James Earls HDMethRW63Ret. teacher MACo.A
Isabella Earls WIMethRW44 MACo.A
James Earls SOMethRO 5Scholar UMCo.A
Isabella Earls DAMethNR 1Scholar UMCo.A
William Dick NEMethRW15Scholar UMCo.A
Townland of Kilcoanbeg, Islandmagee:
Hill McKeen, J.P. HDPresRW63Farmer MACo.A
Jane McKeen WIPresRW55 MACo.A
Samuel Dick SEPresRW16Farm servant UMCo.A
plus two other servants, Jane Blair and James Johnston.
Townland of Kilcoanbeg, Islandmagee:
Mary Dick HDPresRW63Farmer WICo.A
Margaret Dick DAPresRW34 UMCo.A
Mary Sophia Dick DAPresRW28 UMCo.A
Samuel Dick SOPresRW18Appr.joiner UMCo.A
Townland of Kilcoanbeg, Islandmagee:
Robert Dick HDMethRW59Farmer MAI'gee
Mary Ellen Dick WIMethRW62Ret. teacher MALarne
James Dick SOMethRW30Mariner UMI'gee
Maggie Dick DAMethRW28Farmer's dau. UMI'gee
Annie Dick DAMethRW24SubpostmistressUMI'gee
John Dick SOMethRW23Mariner UMI'gee
Townland of Mullaghboy, Islandmagee:
Robert Earls HDMethRW25Nat. Sch. teacherUMCo.A
Jane Earls SIMethRW23Keeps grocery UMCo.A
Letitia Earls SIMethRW22 UMCo.A
Maggie Earls SIMethRW14Scholar UMCo.A
Townland of Mullaghboy, Islandmagee:
Robert Dick HDPresRW43Mariner MACo.A
Elizabeth Dick WIPresRW36 MACo.A
Maggie J. Dick DAPresRW13 UMCo.A
Catherine E. DickDAPresRW10 UMCo.A
Robert Dick SOPresRW 8 UMCo.A
and their other children Mary E. (5), Annie E. (4) and Francis A.S. (2).
Townland of Mullaghboy, Islandmagee:
Joseph Jones HDPresRW60Farmer MACo.A
Margaret Jones WIPresRW55 MACo.A
Mary H. Jones DAPresRW26Farmer's dau. UMCo.A
Maggie E. Jones DAPresRW22Seamstress UMCo.A
Willie Jones SOPresRW15Scholar UMCo.A
Townland of Mullaghboy, Islandmagee:
Mary Jane ArthursHDMethRW76Housekeeper WICo.A
Mary A. Ross GDMethRW17Seamstress UMCo.A
Townland of Mullaghboy, Islandmagee:
John Dick HDPresRW39Farmer MACo.A
Catherine Dick WIPresRW50 MACo.A
Frances Sophia Long NEPresRW16Scholar UMCo.A
Townland of Mullaghboy, Islandmagee:
John Dick HDMethRW32Carpenter MACo.A
Letitia Dick WIMethRW27 MACo.A
William Charles
Earwood NEMethRW16Appr. carp. UMCo.A
Townland of Mullaghboy, Islandmagee:
Thomas Dick HDMethRW41Farmer MACo.A
Sarah Dick WIMethRW41 MACo.A
and their children Catherine E. (9), Margaret A. (7) and Martha (6).
Townland of Portmuck, Islandmagee:
Samuel McClellandHDPresRW47Farmer MACo.A
Jinny McClelland WIPresRW43 MACo.A
John Dick SEPresRW22Farm servant UMCo.A
Townland of Portmuck, Islandmagee:
William Hill HDPresRW53Farmer MACo.A
Mary Hill WIPresRW53 MACo.A
Jane Hill DAPresRW25Dressmaker UMCo.A
Elizabeth Hill DAPresRW20 UMCo.A
and their other children Mary A. (17) and John (16, carpenter).
Townland of Dobbsland, Templecorran:
William Dick HDCofERW66Gardener MAScotland
Charlotte Dick WICofERW60 MAEngland
Ann Jane Dick DACofERW33Seamstress UMCo.Meath
John Dick SOCofERW22Clerk UMCo.Meath
Annie Dick SICofERW68 UMScotland
Mary Dick (20 and Pres), a servant with Adams family.
Townland of Ballylegg, Glynn:
John Dick HDPresRW50Clerk MACo.A
Susan Dick WIPresRW50 MACo.A
Susan Dick DAPresRW24 UMCo.A
Elizabeth McAllisterNEPresRW31 WICo.A
Henrietta McAllisterGNPresRO 4 UMCo.A
Sidney McAllisterGNPresRO 2 UMDonegal
Susan E. McAllisterGNPresRO6m UMDonegal
Village of Glynn:
William Dick HDPresRW72Agri. labourer WICo.A
Sarah Todd SEPresRW32Domestic UMCo.A


The first part of this section is a listing of some of the Dick entries in the index of the registered deaths. Also shown are the year with the volume and page number of the registration. An asterisk indicates a case in which the full record has been consulted and details included in the second part of this section.

1st Name [Age] Surname Area Year Ref. Ch.
Samuel [11] Dick Larne 1864 11/354
Margaret [83]   Dick    Larne    1865    6/452
Campbell [64] Dick Larne 1868 6/452
William [8] Dick Larne 1871 1/513
William [66] Dick Larne 1873 1/498
Hugh [0] Dick Larne 1874 1/490
Mary [39] Dick Larne 1874 6/457
Robert [5] Dick Larne 1874 6/457
William E. [25] Dick Larne 1874 1/490

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