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In the United States lists of arrivals have always been kept and are frequently consulted by those with genealogical interests. The following are some records of the arrival in the United States of individuals with the surname EARLS. Data in the following table is taken from ``Passenger and Immigration Lists Index'', first edition, edited by P. William Filby with Mary K. Meyer, Gale Research Company, Detroit Michigan plus the Supplements issued later.

Name: Year of Place of Source:
Arrival:  Arrival:  
Earles, William   1654   Virginia   6220, p.281 + 2772
Earls, Roberts 1835 Texas 4079, p.89
Earls, Mary 1835 Texas 4079, p.89
Earls, George 1851-57 Indiana 3434, p.39
Earls, Patrick 1813 Philadelphia   9294, p.3
Earls, Patrick 1860 Philadelphia 9294, p.2
Earls, William 1847 Philadelphia 9294, p.3
Earls, William 1850 Philadelphia 9294, p.3

Note that Roberts and Mary Earls, like many others of Ulster extraction, emigrated to Texas while that state was still part of Mexico. Nagodoches was the point of arrival for all overland immigrants. Indeed the Battle of the Alamo which marked the beginning of the struggle for independence in Texas was fought a year after their arrival in 1836. More Ulstermen died at the Alamo than natives of any other country or state including Texans.


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A number of Earls are listed in the 1790 U.S.Census. In the following the last column contains the (number of adult males in the household, the number of males under 16, the number of females).

One group of Earls occurs along the Hudson river in New York State:

Name: Town or District and County:   State:  
Benjamin Earls Hillsdale Town, Columbia NY (2,2,5)
Robert Earls Canaan Town, Columbia NY (2,5,3)
Robert Earls Northeast Town, Dutchess NY (1,1,1)
Gardner Earls New Cornwall T., Orange NY (2,1,5)
John Earls Halfmoon Town, Albany NY (1,1,3)
Nathaniel Earls   Hoosick Town, Albany NY (1,0,0)

A second group occurs along the wilderness frontier in the Carolinas:

Name: Town or District and County:   State:
Balis Earls 9th District, Spartanburgh SC (1,4,6)  
John Earls 9th District, Spartanburgh SC (1,0,2)
Frjd Earls 6th Co.,Morgan D., Rutherford  NC (1,2,2)
Jesse Earls Fishing Creek D.,
Hillsborough D., Granville NC
John Earls Ragland District,
Hillsborough D., Granville NC
John Earl(e)s, Sr.  Ragland District,
Hillsborough D., Granville NC

And one more Earl(e)s in more prosperous, settled country in the Carolinas:

Name: Town or District and County:   State:
William Earl(e)s   Salisbury D., Montgomery NC (4,3,5) +
one slave

The only others occuring in the 1790 Census are:

Name: Town or District and County:     State:
Thomas Earls   Militia, Fairfield Town NJ
Jacob Earles   Boylston Town, Worcester   MA (1,2,2)

Note that there are many others listed with the surnames Earl and Earle.

In ``Chronicles of the Scotch-Irish settlement in Virginia'' by Lyman Chalkley (Baltimore Gen. Publ. Co., 1965), volume III on page 72 we find the following reference to an Earls:
Nov. 16, 1762. Samuel Young presented his accounts as administrator of Patrick Ingles. Recorded. Sale bill, viz: To John Jamison, Samuel Cloyd, Alice English, George Francisco, Robert Reed, William Earls, Andrew Greer, Samuel More. Paid Henry Murray, Edward Thompson, Robert Scott. Page 191 of Will Book No.3, Abstract of Willis of Augusta County, Virginia, Augusta County Court.

In February 1836, John Earls of Muncy Creek Township, Lycoming County, Pennsylvania, was tried and convicted at Williamsport of the murder of his wife Catherine Earls. Earls confessed to poisoning his wife the day after she gave birth. His reason was the usual other woman. He gave his reason for purchasing the poison as ``to kill minks and muskrats''. The story was written up in a book by reporters William F. Packer and A. Cummings.

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