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Datafile 2B - Earls Births

The first part of this section is a listing of some of the Earls entries in the index of registered births or in various church records as indicated. Also shown are the year with the volume and page number of the registration. An asterisk indicates a case in which the full record has been consulted and details included in the second part of this section.

First Name(s) Surname Area Year Ref. Ch.
Reabecka Earle Londonderry 1674*
Catherine Earls Ballyhay, Cork 1728 LDS
Mary Fowler Inishmacsaint 1802 LDS
James Fowler Inishmacsaint 1803 LDS
Maria Earls Longford 1807 LDS
Robert Earl Clones 1809 LDS
Michael Earls South Dublin 1820 LDS
Susan Earls Downpatrick 1825 LDS
George Earls Belleek 1829 LDS
William Earls Belleek 1830 LDS
Margaret Earls Clones 1830 LDS
Henrietta Earls Tasmania 1835 LDS
James Earls Meath 1862 LDS
Margaret Earls Limerick 1864 LDS
Patt Earls Crusheen, Clare1864 LDS
Robert Earls Wicklow 1864 LDS
Bridget Earls Athenry 1865 LDS
Mary Earls Athenry 1865 LDS
Mary Earls Limerick 1865 LDS
Mary Ellen Earls Limerick 1865 LDS
Thomas Earls Athenry 1865 LDS
Thomas Earls Athenry 1865 LDS
Joseph Earls Lisburn 1865 [c]
Thomas Earls Dromore 1865  LDS C701287/2502 [c]
Christopher Earls Meath 1866 LDS
Henry John Earls Wicklow 1866 LDS
John Earls Athenry1866 LDS
Emily Harriet Earls Dublin South1866 LDS
Michael Earls Crusheen, Clare 1866 LDS
James Earls Enniskillen1867 2/108
John Earls Lisburn 1867 [c]
Catherine Earls Larne 1870 1/702 [c]
William Earls Lisburn 1870 6/731* [c]
Lizzie Earls Meath 1871 LDS
Lilly Earls Dublin South1872 LDS
Clara Alice Earls 1873 LDS
Henry Earls Belfast 1874 1/361 [c?]
Henry Earls Belfast 1874 1/383 [c?]
John Joseph Earls 1874 LDS
Margaret Earls Lisburn 1874 16/583 *
Kate Earls Meath 1875 LDS
Jane Earls Lisburn 1876 16/621 *
Eva Laura Earls Belfast 1877 1/368 *
Eliza Earls Ballyshannon  1877 7/13 *
Laurence Earls Meath 1877 LDS
Patrick Joseph Earls Belfast 1879(2)  1/248 *
Richard Earls Lisburn 1879(3)1/627 *
Frances Elizabeth   Earls Clones 1881(2)3/142
Thomas John Earls Belfast 1881(3)1/224
James Earls Larne 1881(4)1/543
Sarah Earls Lisburn 1882(1)1/617
Thomas Earls Larne 1882(1)1/565
Anne Jane Earls Clones 1882(3)3/113
Garrett Alfred Cadden  Earls Dublin South1883(3)2/587
Mary McCloy Earls Larne 1884(1)1/525
Thomas Earls Larne 1884(3)1/581
Thomas James Earls Clones 1884(3)3/114
James Earls Larne 1885(4)1/509
Arthur Carew Earls Dublin 1885 LDS *
Thomas Cadden Earls Dublin 1890 LDS *
John Earls New South Wales   1841 V18411754 133*
William Earls New South Wales 1846 V1846584 63*
Edward Earls New South Wales 1847 V184760 65
Clarissa Earls New South Wales 1863 2635
Sarah V. Earls New South Wales 1865 4259
Albert E.Earls New South Wales 1867 2933
William C.K.Earls New South Wales 1869 3245
Catherine Earls Larne 1870[c]
Alexander Earls Larne 1871[c]
Mary A. Earls New South Wales 1871 3408
Sarah Earls Larne 1873[c]
Henry Earls Larne 1873[c]
John MichaelEarls New South Wales 1873 4137
Mary JaneEarls New South Wales 1873 780
William JohnEarls Ballyshannon 1874[c]
Edward John Earls New South Wales 1874 2388
Amy Alice Earls New South Wales 1875 18763
Martha E. Earls New South Wales 1877 4616
Robert ShepperdEarls New South Wales 1879 5136
Arthur Herbert B.Earls New South Wales 1881 6292
William K. Earls New South Wales 1891 30616
Mary T. Earls New South Wales 1893 31259
William B. Earls New South Wales 1894 12910
James K. Earls New South Wales 1896 16061
Percival A. Earls New South Wales 1896 3192
Kate P. Earls New South Wales 1898 15376
John F. Earls New South Wales 1899 34188
Edith B. Earls New South Wales 1900 19471
Dorothy K. Earls New South Wales 1903 5788
Una M.R. Earls New South Wales 1904 35330
James Earls New Zealand 1925 LDS
[c] Emerald Ancestors Internet Records.

The register of St. Columb's Cathedral, Londonderry records the baptism of Reabecka, daughter of Mr. James Earle on Jan.30, 1674. [LDS Ref. C700431/3022]

Mary, daughter of Robert Fowler and Frances Earls of Urris, baptized in the Church Hall Division of the Parish of Inishmacsaint on Jun.20, 1802. Her brother, James, was similarly baptized on Oct.2, 1803.

Robert Earl, son of Jno. Earl and Cate Kells, is christened on Oct. 22, 1809, in Clones, County Monaghan [LDS Ref. C700681/3754].

Baptism in the parish of Belleek on Aug.12, 1829 of George, son of William and (jno) Earls of Belleek.

Baptism in the parish of Belleek on June 12, 1830 of William, son of William and Elizabeth Earls of the constabulary, Belleek.

Parents: Place: Date: Child's Name:
Tim Earls Ballyhay, Cork Dec. 8,1728Catherine
William Earls Templemichael, Longford     Dec. 1807Maria
Daniel Earls South Dublin 1820Michael
Patrick Madine + Downpatrick Sep. 7,1825Susan Earls
Margaret Earls
William Earls + Clones Aug. 3,1830Margaret
Elizabeth (Roe)
James Earls + Tasmania, AustraliaFeb.25,1835Henrietta
Ellen (?)
James Earls +Agher, Meath 1862James
Anne (Murrin)Summerhill, Meath Oct.31,1866Christopher
Agher, Meath 1871Lizzie
Agher, Meath 1875Kate
Agher, Meath 1877Laurence
Michael Earls + St. John's, Limerick Jun.27,1864Margaret
Johana (Byrne)
Bartholemew EarlsCrusheen, Clare May 6,1864Patt
+ Margaret (Burns)Crusheen, Clare Sep.13,1866Michael
William Earls + Tinahely, Wicklow Mar.20,1864Robert
Jane (Webster)
Martin Earls + Saint Munchin, Limerick Apr.20,1865Mary Ellen
May (Shaughnessy)
Thomas Earls + Marys, Limerick Mar.31,1865Mary
Margaret (Collopy)
William Earls + Athenry, Galway Sep.27,1865Bridget
Honoria (Cannon)
Michael Earls + Galway, Galway Jul. 3,1865Mary
Honor (Forde)
Thomas Earls + Athenry, Galway Dec.13,1865Thomas
Bridget (Kelly)
John Earls + Athenry, Galway Feb.13,1865Thomas
Mary (Dilleen)Athenry, Galway Dec.31,1866John
Henry Earls + South Dublin Apr. 7,1866Emily Harriet
Harriet (Sherlock)South Dublin Feb.19,1872Lilly
Thomas Earls + Dunganstown, Wicklow Dec.20,1866Henry John
Maryanne (?)
James Earls + Dromore, Co.Tyrone Jun. 4,1866Thomas
Bridget (Marshall)[baptized Dromore R.C. Church, Omagh]  
John Earls (farmer) Ballykine, AnnahiltMay 11,1865Joseph
Sarah (Foreman) Ballykine, AnnahiltNov. 5,1867John
Ballykine, AnnahiltApr.20,1870William
Ballykine, AnnahiltSep. 9,1874Margaret
Ballykine, AnnahiltAug. 7,1876Jane
Ballykine, AnnahiltJun.28,1879Richard
James Earls (labourer)  Woodburn, C'fergus Jan. 6,1870Catherine
+ Mary (Dillon)
William Earls + Glenarm, Co.AntrimSep.19,1871Alexander
Mary (McKay)Glenarm, Co.AntrimApr.12,1873Sarah
Thomas Earls + BelfastDec.28,1873Henry
Jane (O'Connor)
John Earls + Belleek, Co.FermanaghMar.5,1874Henry
Elizabeth (Somerville)
John Earls + Oct.15,1873Clara Alice
Mary (Cusack)
Michael Earls + Oct.10,1874John Joseph
Anne (Forde)
Thomas Earls (tailor) 103 Vernon Street, Jan.24,1877Eva Laura
+ Jane (O'Connor)Belfast
John Earls (farmer) Gortnalee, B'shannonMay 15,1877  Eliza
+ Eliza (Somerville)
Thomas Earls (labourer)   8 Falloons Court, Belfast - 1879Patrick Joseph
+ Elizabeth (Mullan)
Thomas James EarlsDublin Nov.26,1885Arthur Carew
+ Emily (Cadden) Dublin Apr. 8,1890Thomas Cadden
William EarlsNew South Wales Oct.27,1841John
+ Anne (Ryan)New South Wales Apr.23,1846William
New South Wales 1847Edward
Michael EarlsNew South Wales 1863Clarissa
+ Mary Ann New South Wales 1865Sarah V.
Agnes (?) New South Wales 1867Albert E.
New South Wales 1869William C.K.
New South Wales 1871Mary E.
New South Wales 1873John Michael
New South Wales 1875Amy Alice
New South Wales 1877Martha E.
New South Wales 1879Robert Shepperd
New South Wales 1881Arthur Herbert B.
Edward Earls New South Wales 1873Mary Jane
+ Mary (?) New South Wales 1874Edward John
William EarlsNew South Wales 1891William K.
+ Maria (?) New South Wales 1893Mary T.
New South Wales 1896James K.
New South Wales 1898Kate P.
New South Wales 1899John F.
John A. Earls New South Wales 1894William B.
+ Edith B. (?)New South Wales 1896Percival A.
New South Wales 1900Edith B.
New South Wales 1903Dorothy K
New South Wales 1904Una M.R.
?? Earls Maketu, Auckland, NZ Mar.17,1925James

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