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Datafile 10B - Mercer Births

The first part of this section is a listing of some of the Mercer entries in the index of registered births or in various church records as indicated. Also shown are the year with the volume and page number of the registration. An asterisk indicates a case in which the full record has been consulted and details included in the second part of this section.

First Name(s) SurnameArea Year Ref. Ch.
Ruth Mercer Hillsborough 1773 [b]
Richard Mercer Hillsborough 1773 [b]
Anne Mercer Hillsborough 1773 [b]
Anne Mercer Hillsborough 1773 [b]
Robert Mercer Hillsborough 1775 [b]
Nicholas Mercer Hillsborough 1782 [b]
Jane Mercer Hillsborough 1784 [b]
Samuel Mercer Dromore, Down  1784 [c]
Jane Mercer Dromore, Down  1784 [c]
John Mercer Magheralin  1785 [a] X/0122
Richard Mercer Magheralin1786 [a] X/0146
Edward Mercer Hillsborough 1786 [b]
Jane Mercer Magheralin1787 [a] X/0224
Joseph Mercer Hillsborough 1787 [b]
James Mercer Magheralin1788 [a] X/0319
Eleanor Mercer Hillsborough 1788 [b]
Ann Mercer Magheralin1789 [a] X/0334
Lenox Mercer Dromore, Down1789 [c]
Mary Mercer Hillsborough 1789 [b]
Hill Mercer Hillsborough 1789 [b]
Samuel Mercer Dromore, Down1790 [c]
Jane Mercer Hillsborough 1790 [b]
Elizabeth Mercer Hillsborough 1790 [b]
Bernard Mercer Hillsborough 1790 [b]
Hugh Mercer Magheralin1791 [a] X/0459
William Mercer Magheralin1791 [a] X/0461
Henry Mercer Hillsborough 1791 [b]
Joshua Mercer Magheralin1793 [a] X/0563
John Mercer Dromore, Down1793 [c]
James Mercer Dromore, Down1793 [c]
Elizabeth Mercer Hillsborough 1794 [b]
Joseph Mercer Dromore, Down1795 [c]
Mary Mercer Dromore, Down1795 [c]
Isabella Mercer Dromore, Down1795 [c]
Mary Mercer Hillsborough 1795 [b]
Stothard Mercer Magheralin1796 [a] X/0697
Jane Mercer Dromore, Down1797 [c]
Catherine Mercer Dromore, Down1797 [c]
John Mercer Dromore, Down1797 [c]
John Mercer Dromore, Down1798 [c]
Jane Mercer Dromore, Down1798 [c]
Thomas Mercer Magheralin1798 [a] X/0793
Isabella Mercer Dromore, Down1799 [c]
Robert Mercer Dromore, Down1799 [c]
Richard Mercer Dromore, Down1800 [c]
Jane Mercer Dromore, Down1801 [c]
Mary Mercer Dromore, Down1802 [c]
Michael Mercer Hillsborough 1802 [b]
Alexander Mercer Hillsborough 1802 [b]
William Mercer Dromore, Down1803 [c]
Henry Mercer Dromore, Down1803 [c]
Anne Jane Mercer Dromore, Down1804 [c]
Sarah Mercer Dromore, Down1804 [c]
John Mercer Dromore, Down1805 [c]
Rose Ann Mercer Magheralin1805 [a] X/1126
Bernard Mercer Hillsborough 1805 [b]
Abigail Mercer Magheralin1806 [a] X/1130
(Mary ?) Mercer Magheralin1807 [a] X/1221
Joseph Mercer Dromore, Down1807 [c]
Elizabeth Mercer Hillsborough 1807 [b]
James Mercer Hillsborough 1808 [b]
Robert Mercer Hillsborough 1809 [b]
Nizz? Mercer Hillsborough 1810 [b]
William Mercer Hillsborough 1811 [b]
Henry Mercer Dromore, Down1811 [c]
Mary Mercer Hillsborough 1812 [b]
Archy Mercer Hillsborough 1812 [b]
Samuel Mercer Hillsborough 1814 [b]
Sarah Mercer Hillsborough 1814 [b]
Elizabeth Mercer Hillsborough 1814 [b]
William Mercer Magheralin1815 [a] X/1822
Trevor Mercer Hillsborough 1815 [b]
Campbell Mercer Hillsborough 1817 [b]
William Mercer Hillsborough 1817 [b]
Richard Mercer Magheralin1817 [a] X/1976
William Mercer Hillsborough 1818 [b]
Moses Mercer Hillsborough 1818 [b]
Eliza Mercer Hillsborough 1818 [b]
Andrew Mercer Hillsborough 1818 [b]
Elizabeth Mercer Magheralin1820 [a] X/2254
William Mercer Magheralin1821 [a] X/2359
John Mercer Hillsborough 1821 [b]
Elizabeth Mercer Hillsborough 1821 [b]
Jane Mercer Magheralin1823 [a] X/2530
William Mercer Magheralin1823 [a] X/2563
Christy Mercer Hillsborough 1824 [b]
John Mercer Magheralin1825 [a] X/2726
John Mercer Hillsborough 1825 [b]
John Mercer Hillsborough 1825 [b]
Robert Mercer Hillsborough 1826 [b]
Stothard Mercer Magheralin1828 [a] X/2973
Elizabeth Mercer Magheralin1828 [a] X/2978
William Mercer Hillsborough 1828 [b]
Joseph Mercer Hillsborough 1828 [b]
Robert Mercer Magheralin1830 [a] X/3154
Mary Mercer Hillsborough 1830 [b]
Robert Mant Mercer Hillsborough 1830 [b]
Samuel Mercer Hillsborough 1830 [b]
Margaret Mercer Magheralin1831 [a] X/3203
Stothard Mercer Magheralin1831 [a] X/3251
Anne Mercer Magheralin1831 [a] X/3252
Charlotte Mercer Magheralin1832 [a] X/3327
Joseph Mercer Hillsborough 1832 [b]
Margaret Mercer Hillsborough 1834 [b]
James Mercer Magheralin1834 [a] X/3486
Margaret Ann Mercer Hillsborough 1835 [b]
Elizabeth Mercer Magheralin1834 [a] X/3554
Joseph Mercer Magheralin1836 [a] X/3677
Robert Mercer Magheralin1836 [a] X/3694
William John Mercer Magheralin1836 [a] X/3701
Sarah Mercer Magheralin1836 [a] X/3780
Isabella Mercer Magheralin1837 [a] X/3803
Henry Mercer Magheralin1837 [a] X/3828
Elizabeth Mercer Hillsborough 1837 [b]
Sarah Harrison Mercer Hillsborough 1837 [b]
Joseph Mercer Hillsborough 1838 [b]
Moses Mercer Hillsborough 1839 [b]
Jane Mercer Magheralin1840 [a] X/4052
James Mercer Hillsborough 1840 [b]
Mary Mercer Magheralin1840 [a] X/4051
Andrew Mercer Hillsborough 1841 [b]
Martha Jane Mercer Hillsborough 1842 [b]
Ellen Mercer Magheralin1843 [a] X/4316
Charlotte Mercer Magheralin1843 [a] X/4317
William John Mercer Hillsborough 1843 [b]
Elizabeth Mercer Hillsborough 1843 [b]
Mary Ann Mercer Magheralin1844 [a] X/4506
James Mercer Hillsborough 1844 [b]
John Mercer Hillsborough 1844 [b]
Ruth Mercer Magheralin1845 [a] X/4633
William Mercer Magheralin1845 [a] X/4645
Richard Mercer Hillsborough 1846 [b]
William Mercer Hillsborough 1846 [b]
Stothard Mercer Magheralin1847 [a] X/4868
Rose Anne Mercer Magheralin1847 [a] X/4883
[maybe Ross James]
Alice Mercer Magheralin1847 [a] X/4844
Elizabeth Mercer Hillsborough 1847 [b]
John Mercer Hillsborough 1848 [b]
William John Mercer Hillsborough 1848 [b]
Christy Mercer Hillsborough 1849 [b]
Joshua Mercer Magheralin1849 [a] X/5060
Martha Alice Mercer Hillsborough 1850 [b]
Elizabeth Mercer Hillsborough 1850 [b]
Robert John Mercer Magheralin1851 [a] X/5264
Robert John Mercer Magheralin1851 [a] X/5295
William John Mercer Magheralin1851 [a] X/5298
Elizabeth Mercer Magheralin1851 [a] X/5311
Mary Dixon Mercer Hillsborough 1851 [b]
Mary Anne Mercer Hillsborough 1852 [b]
William Mercer Magheralin1853 [a] X/5476
Jane Mercer Magheralin1853 [a] X/5514
Robert Mercer Magheralin1854 [a] X/5672
Ellen Mercer Magheralin1854 [a] X/5759
Mary Jane Mercer Magheralin1854 [a] X/5704
Eleanor Mercer Magheralin1854 [a] X/5725
Agnes Mercer Hillsborough 1854 [b]
Thomas David Mercer Hillsborough 1854 [b]
Jane Mercer Magheralin1856 [a] X/5920
James Stewart Mercer Hillsborough 1856 [b]
Margaret Mercer Magheralin1857 [a] X/6021
William Mercer Magheralin1857 [a] X/6066
Ellen Mercer Magheralin1858 [a] X/6201
James Mercer Magheralin1858 [a] X/6229
Joseph Mercer Hillsborough 1858 [b]
Amelia Mercer Lurgan 1864 1/595 *
Ellinor Mercer Lurgan 1864 1/578 *
Harriett Mercer Lurgan 1864 16/643*
John Mercer Lurgan 1864 1/580 *
John Mercer Lurgan 1864 6/725 *
John Mercer Banbridge 1864 11/189
Watson Mercer Lisburn 1864 11/576
Elizabeth Jane Mercer Hillsborough 1864 [b]
Eliza Jane Mercer Lurgan 1865 1/742 *
Ellinor Mercer Lurgan 1865 16/680*
Henry Mercer Lurgan 1865 1/703 *
William Pickering Mercer Belfast 1865 16/303*
(female) Mercer Lurgan 1865 1/715 *
Ann Eliza Mercer Lurgan 1866 6/792 *
Arthur Mercer Belfast 1866 16/320*
Edith Mercer Lurgan 1866 11/702*
Henry Mercer Lurgan 1866 1/753 *
James Mercer Banbridge 1866 6/253
James Henry Mercer Lurgan 1866 1/755 *
John Mercer Banbridge 1866 6/224
Mary Ann Mercer Lurgan 1866 11/692*
Richard Mercer Lurgan 1866 11/697*
Sarah Emma Mercer Lurgan 1866 1/752 *
Susan Gertrude Mercer Lurgan 1866 16/683*
Thomas William Mercer Lisburn 1866 11/655
William Andrew Mercer Lisburn 1866 11/658
William Andrew Mercer Hillsborough 1866 [b]
Elizabeth Mercer Lurgan 1867 1/748 *
Samuel George Mercer Lurgan 1867 16/736*
Thomas Mercer Banbridge 1867 1/223
Thomas Armstrong Mercer Lurgan 1867 11/722*
Emma? Mercer Hillsborough 1867 [b]
Dorothy Mercer Lurgan 1868 11/745*
John Mercer Lurgan 1868 6/866 *
Samuel Mercer Lurgan 1868 6/839 *
Mary Isabella Mercer Hillsborough 1868 [b]
Isabella Mercer Hillsborough 1868 [b]
David Mercer Lurgan 1869 11/755*
Ellen Mercer Lurgan 1869 6/810 *
Henry Mercer Lurgan 1869 16/743*
Hugh Mercer Banbridge 1869 6/213
James Mercer Banbridge 1869 16/343
James Stothard Mercer Belfast 1869 6/282
Sarah Mercer Lurgan 1869 16/740*
John Andrew Mercer Hillsborough 1869 [b]
Margaret Maria Mercer Hillsborough 1869 [b]
Joseph Samuel Mercer Lurgan 1870 6/815 *
Anne Elizabeth JaneMercer Portadown 1870 1/817 *
James Mercer Belfast 1870 11/412*
William Mercer Lisburn 1870 1/747
William Mercer Hillsborough 1870 [b]
Arthur Mercer Lurgan 1871 1/808 *
David Mercer Lurgan 1871 16/722*
Debora Mercer Lurgan 1871 1/788 *
Margaret Mercer Lurgan 1871 16/701*
Mary Mercer Lurgan 1871 11/731*
Margaret Stanfield Mercer Hillsborough 1871 [b]
Joseph Edward Mercer Hillsborough 1871 [b]
Mary Anne Mercer Lurgan 1872 16/695*
Rachel Mercer Lurgan 1872 6/822 *
Thomas William Mercer Lurgan 1872 16/724*
Mary Letitia Mercer Hillsborough 1872 [b]
Albert Irvine Mercer Hillsborough 1872 [b]
Margaret Mercer Lurgan 1873 11/704*
Alexander Mercer Lurgan 1874 11/846*
Sarah Mercer Lurgan 1874 6/764 *
Thomas Henry Mercer Lurgan 1874 6/768 *
Sarah Jane Mercer Lurgan 1875 16/676*
John Mercer Lurgan 1876 1/776 *
Robert Harkness Mercer Lurgan 1876 11/725*
Thomas Henry Mercer Lurgan 1876 1/776 *
Elizabeth Mercer Lurgan 1877 6/791 *
Isabella Mercer Lurgan 1877 16/687*
John Mercer Lurgan 1877 1/779 *
Robert Millar Mercer Banbridge 1877 1/212
Margaret Isabella Mercer Hillsborough 1877 [b]
Thomas Mercer Lurgan 1878(1)  1/712 *
Ruth Mercer Lurgan 1878(3)1/681 *
Margaret Mercer Lurgan 1878(4)1/675
Robert Henry Mercer Lurgan 1879(1)1/732 *
Sarah Ann Mercer Lurgan 1879(3)1/713 *
William Henry Mercer Lurgan 1879(3)1/709 *
Ellen Jane Mercer Hillsborough 1879 [b]
Elizabeth Mercer Lurgan 1880(1)1/775 *
Sarah Jane Mercer Lurgan 1880(1)1/740 *
Arthur Noel MercierLurgan 1880(1)1/758 *
William Robert Mercer Lurgan 1880(2)1/731 *
Ellen Mercer Lurgan 1880(4)1/571 *
Letitia Elizabeth Mercer Lurgan 1881(2)1/783
Mary Anne Mercer Lurgan 1881(2)1/764
William Mercer Lurgan 1881(2)1/789
Margaret Jane Mercer Hillsborough 1882 [b]
Elizabeth Mercer Hillsborough 1882 [b]
Ellen Jane Mercer Lurgan 1883(2)1/690
Mary Mercer Lurgan 1883(2)1/701
Mary Ann Mercer Lurgan 1883(2)1/690
Stothard Mercer Lurgan 1883(3)1/611
William Mercer Hillsborough 1885 [b]
Mary Florence Mercer Hillsborough 1886 [b]
Richard Mercer Hillsborough 1888 [b]
Robert John Mercer Hillsborough 1890 [b]
Emma Mercer Hillsborough 1890 [b]
Thomas William Mercer Hillsborough 1891 [b]
James Alexander Mercer Hillsborough 1893 [b]

[a] Records of Parish of Magheralin, County Down [X = LDS C700101].
[b] Records of Parish of Hillsborough, County Down.
[c] Records of Parish of Dromore, County Down.

Parents: Place: Date: Child's Name:
Stothard Mercer Magheralin (bapt.) Oct.11,1785   John
of Ballymagin Magheralin (bapt.) Feb.18,1787 Jane
Magheralin (bapt.) Dec.26,1788 James
Magheralin (bapt.) May 29,1791 William
Magheralin (bapt.) Jun.16,1793 Joshua
Magheralin (bapt.) Apr.17,1796 Stothard
Magheralin (bapt.) Sep.27,1798 Thomas
Magheralin (bapt.) Jul.12,1807 [probably Mary]
John Mercer Magheralin (bapt.) Mar. 4,1786 Richard
Magheralin (bapt.) Feb. 9,1789 Ann
Henry Mercer Magheralin (bapt.) May 23,1791 Hugh
William Mercer Magheralin (bapt.) Dec.31,1805 Rose Ann
Magheralin (bapt.) Jun. 4,1815 William
William + Ann Mercer Magheralin (bapt.) Mar.16,1817 Richard
Elizabeth Mercer Magheralin (bapt.) Jan.19,1806 Abigail
Stothard + Ellen Magheralin (bapt.) Apr. 1,1820 Elizabeth
Mercer Magheralin (bapt.) Jul. 8,1821 William
Magheralin (bapt.) Jun.23,1823 Jane
Magheralin (bapt.) Oct.16,1825 John
[father listed as Robert but probably should be Stothard]
Magheralin (bapt.) Oct.19,1828 Stothard
[Eleanor] Magheralin (bapt.) Aug.15,1830 Robert
Magheralin (bapt.) Feb. 9,1831 Margaret
Magheralin (bapt.) Jun.24,1832 Charlotte
Magheralin (bapt.) Jan.24,1836 Joseph
Joshua + Anne Mercer Magheralin (bapt.) Nov.16,1828 Elizabeth
Joseph + Ann Mercer Magheralin (bapt.) Jul.31,1831 Stothard
Joshua + Ann Mercer Magheralin (bapt.) Jan.19,1834 James
Joshua + Nancy Mercer Magheralin (bapt.) Dec.25,1836 Sarah
Jos. + Mary Mercer Magheralin (bapt.) Jul.31,1831 Anne
Joshua + Mary Mercer Magheralin (bapt.) Apr. 6,1840 Jane
Magheralin (bapt.) Apr. 6,1840 Mary
Thomas + Magheralin (bapt.) Aug.24,1834 Elizabeth
Charlotte Mercer Magheralin (bapt.) Mar.20,1836William John
Magheralin (bapt.) Jul. 2,1837 Henry
Magheralin (bapt.) Mar.19,1843 Ellen
Magheralin (bapt.) Mar.20,1843 Charlotte
Magheralin (bapt.) Sep.25,1844 Mary Ann
Magheralin (bapt.) Nov.28,1847 Alice
John + Ruth Magheralin (bapt.) Mar.11,1836 Robert
Mercer Magheralin (bapt.) Apr.11,1837 Isabella
Magheralin (bapt.) Sep. 8,1845 Ruth
Magheralin (bapt.) Apr.30,1847 Rose Anne
or Ross James
Magheralin (bapt.) Sep. 8,1851 Robert John
Magheralin Jul.15,1854 Mary Jane
[mother Ruth (Bradford)]
William + Mary Magheralin (bapt.) Oct.22,1845 William
Mercer [mother listed as Margaret but maybe Mary]
Magheralin (bapt.) Mar.15,1847 Stothard
Magheralin (bapt.) Dec.18,1849 Joshua
Magheralin (bapt.) Nov. 2,1851 Elizabeth
William Mercer + Magheralin Apr.16,1854 Robert
Mary (Bell) Magheralin May 15,1856 Jane
Magheralin May. 5,1858 Ellen
Stothard Mercer Magheralin (bapt.) Jun.20,1851 Robert John
(weaver) + Magheralin (bapt.) Jan. 9,1853 William
Elizabeth (McCoy)Magheralin Jul. 2,1854 Ellen
Magheralin Sep.14,1858 James
Edenballycoggil, MoiraJan.28,1864 Ellinor
Edenballycoggil Mar.10,1867 Elizabeth
[Stothard now a grocer]
Joshua Mercer + Magheralin (bapt.) May. 1,1853 Jane
Adams (Graham) Magheralin Aug.22,1854 Eleanor
Magheralin Jan.10,1857 Margaret
[mother Adams (Wilson)]
Abraham Mercer + Magheralin Apr. 3,1857 William
Ellen (Lawther)
Richard Mercer (weaver) Ballynock, Moira Feb.27,1864 John
+ Sarah (Lavery)
[See marriage and County Down Gravestones, Vol.18, p.99]
William John Mercer Ballymagin Apr. 9,1864 John
(lab.) + Mary (Mount) [Mary Mount, Ballymakeonan - illeg?]
Hugh Mercer High St., Lurgan Mar. 6,1865 Henry
(linen merchant)Beech Pk., BallymacateerJul. 6,1866 Susan Gertrude
+ Anna Elizabeth [Hugh now linen manufacturer]
(Armstrong) Beech Park Aug.13,1867 Thomas Armstrong Mervyn
[Rachel Hart of Portadown present]
Robert Mercer Dollingstown, M'lin Jan.18,1865 female
(weaver) + Dollingstown May 26,1869 Ellen
Mary Anne (LackeyBallymakeonan, Moira Mar.26,1871 Debora
or Lecky) Gortnamoney(?), Moira Jun.13,1874 Thomas Henry
[Mary Neil present]
Samuel Mercer (weaver) Ballygunaghan, Aug. 7,1866 Mary Ann
+ Mary Ann (Hale) Waringstown
James Mercer (weaver) Ballygowan, Moira Mar.24,1868 Samuel
+ Margaret (Armstrong)
Stephenson Mercer Ballygowan, Moira Apr.14,1870 Joseph Samuel
(farmer of Lisnacurren, Ballygowan Nov.30,1871 Margaret
Hillsborough) + [Margaret Halliday present at both]
Sarah Ann or Ballygowan Apr.28,1874 Sarah
Sarah Jane Ballygowan Dec.24,1878 Thomas
(Halliday) [Stephenson of Listullycurran]
Ballygowan Feb. 1,1880Sarah Jane
Catherine Mercer William St., Lurgan Dec. 8,1872 Mary Ann
Alexander Mercer (lab.) Ballygunaghan, Aug. 2,1874 Alexander
+ Ellen (Cummins) Waringstown Oct.28,1875Sarah Jane
[Alexander a farmer]
Ballygunaghan Jan. 1,1877 John
Ballygunaghan Feb.12,1880 Elizabeth
Leonard Mercer (lab.) Ballyknock, Moira Nov.16,1877 Isabella
+ Rebecca Nicholson
William Mercer (weaver) Haskins Ct., Lurgan Jun.25,1878 Ruth
+ Mary (Harland)
Robert Mercer (clerk) Ulster St., Lurgan Apr. 5,1880 William Robert
+ Mary Ann (Jelly?)
James Mercer (carter) Shankill, Lurgan Oct.19,1880 Ellen
+ Fanny (Brassfield) [Eliza Brassfield present]
Arthur Mercer Ballinary, TartaraghanJan. 7,1864 Amelia
(lab.) + [Arthur now farmer] Feb.16,1866James Henry
Martha (Brennan) Ballynary May 28,1868 John
or (Brannon) Ballynary Nov. 9,1871 David
John Mercer (farmer) Unshena, Tartaraghan Aug.7 1864Harriett Emma
+ Letitia (Atkinson) Unshena Jul.15,1866 Edith
Arthur Mercer (farmer) Drumheriff, TartaraghanNov. 4,1865 Ellinor
+ Ann Eliza (Love) Drumheriff Jul.30,1869 David
Drumheriff Jul.29,1871 Mary(?)
Drumheriff Jun.10,1876 Robert Harkness
James Mercer (farmer) Breagh, Tartaraghan Mar.14,1865 Eliza Jane
+ Eliza (Boyce) Breagh Sep.22,1867 Samuel George
Breagh Nov.16,1869 Sarah
Breagh May 8,1872 Rachel
Breagh Feb.22,1876 Thomas Henry
Thomas Mercer Drumlellum, TartaraghanDec.19,1866Sarah Emma
(farmer) + Woodhouse St., PortadownDec.17,1869 Anne Elizabeth Jane
Selena Ann (Todd)[Thomas a grocer]
Canoniel, Tartaraghan Nov.11,1872 Thomas William
[Thomas a farmer]
Robert Mercer Clonmartin, TartaraghanJan.18,1866 Henry
(farmer) + Clonmartin Jun.26,1868 Dorothy
Margaret Anne Clonmartin Mar.11,1871 Arthur
(Kingsborough) Clonmartin Sep.17,1873 Margaret
Clonmartin Feb.12,1876 John
Clonmartin Mar.29,1877 Elizabeth
Clonmartin Jun.20,1879 Sarah Ann
Isaac Mercer (weaver) Lilo, Portadown May 12,1866 Ann Eliza
+ Mary (Stothers)
William Mercer (farmer) Derrycaw, Tartaraghan Sep.19,1866 Richard
+ Sarah (Proctor) Derrycaw Dec.17,1869 Henry
Ellen Mercer Kernan, Portadown Mar.13,1879 Robert Henry
[Elizabeth Bell present]
Henry Mercer (weaver) Kernan, Portadown Aug.13,1879 William Henry
+ Susanna (Bell)
Samuel Mercer (miller) Moyallon(?), PortadownJan. 5,1880 Arthur Noel
+ Anne (Cochran)
Richard Mercer P. of Hillsborough c.Mar.24,1773Ruth
P. of Hillsborough c.Mar.26,1773Richard
P. of Hillsborough c.Mar.26,1773Anne
Michael Mercer P. of Hillsborough c.May 15,1773Anne
Hill Mercer P. of Hillsborough c.Jan.12,1775Robert
Hill Mercer + Sarah (Graham)P. of Hillsborough Dec.29,1782Nicholas
Samuel Mercer + Jane (?) Listullycurran May 12,1784Thomas + John (twins)
Samuel Mercer + Mary (Buchanan) Lisnacurren Nov.20,1801Jane
Bernard Mercer + Mary (Christie) Taughblane Aug.19,1787Joseph
Taughblane Sep.5,1790Bernard
Taughblane Mar.3,1794Elizabeth
John Mercer + Anne (Nixon) Taughblane Aug.17,1788Eleanor
Taughblane Dec.6,1789Hill
Robert Mercer + Anne (Rogers) Hillsborough Jan.13,1784Jane
Robert Mercer Hillsborough Jun.11,1786Edward
Robert Mercer + Anne (Rogers) Hillsborough Jan.14,1790Elizabeth
Moses Mercer + Margaret (Wilson) Hillsborough Jan.24,1790Jane
Richard Mercer + Eleanor (Trevor) Hillsborough Jun.14,1789Lenox
Stephenson Mercer Lisnacurren Aug.1, 1790Samuel
+ Agnes (Halliday) Lisnacurren Feb.11,1793John
Lisnacurren Jan.11,1795Joseph
Lisnacurren Jan.7,1797Jane
Mark Mercer + Sarah (Johnston) Dromore Nov.13,1793James
Listullycurran Nov.22,1795Isabella
Dromore Jan.7, 1798John
Ballymacormick Apr.24, 1800Richard
Ballymacormick Oct.14, 1802Mary
Ballymacormick Aug.29, 1804Anne Jane + Sarah
Richard Mercer + Jane (Lowe) Ballymacormick Mar.1,1795Mary
Ballymacormick Jul.16,1797John
Ballymacormick Nov.17,1799Robert
Ballymacormick Mar.6,1803William
Ballymacormick Sep.6,1807Joseph
Michael Mercer + Martha (Campbell) Ballykeel Artifinny Oct.10,1791Henry
Ballykeel Artifinny Jun.20,1795Mary
Ballykeel Artifinny Jul.25,1802Michael
Ballykeel Artifinny Jul.14,1805Bernard
Ballykeel Artifinny Aug.20,1808James
Ballykeel Artifinny Jul.28,1811William
Ballykeel Artifinny Dec.11,1814Elizabeth
Ballykeel Artifinny Jun.17,1817Campbell
George Mercer + Margaret (Morgan) Dromore Jun.11,1797Catherine
Dromore Apr.28,1799Isabella
Dromore Dec.14, 1803Henry
Dromore Jan.24, 1805John
Tullidoney? Nov.9, 1811Henry
Joseph Mercer + Jane (Mahood) Lisnacurran Sep.19,1798Jane
Henry Mercer + Mary (Smyth) Taughblane Dec.19,1802Alex.
Taughblane Jan.25,1807?Elizabeth
Taughblane Feb.25,1810Nizz.?
Taughblane Mar.8,1812Mary
Taughblane Sep.14,1814Sarah
Taughblane Jan.4,1818William
Robert Mercer + Nancy (Fulton) Taughblane Jan.22,1809Robert
Robert Mercer + Anne (Futon) Taughblane Nov.25,1812Archy
Robert Mercer + Agnes (Futon) Taughblane Sep.3,1815Trevor
John Mercer + Elizabeth (Johnston) Carnreagh, Blaris Apr.3,1814Samuel
Blaris Jul.17,1825John
Bernard Mercer + Elizabeth (Stanfield) Taughblane Oct.26,1817William
Taughblane Jun.2,1819Andrew
Taughblane May 20,1821John
Taughblane Jan.18,1824Christy
Taughblane Apr.16,1830Robert Mant
[farmer] Taughblane Oct.7,1832Joseph
Moses Mercer + Elizabeth (Davis)P. of Hillsborough Apr.12,1818Moses
Thomas Mercer + Sarah (Thompson)Ballykeel Artifinny Jun.21,1818Eliza
Michael Mercer + Mary (Garman) Taughblane Jun.24,1821Elizabeth
Michael Mercer + Mary (Murphy) ? Aug.31,1828Joseph
William Mercer + Elizabeth (Grant) Corcreeny Aug.14,1825John
Corcreeny 1828William
Corcreeny Dec.12,1830Samuel
[weaver] Corcreeny Feb.2,1834Margaret
Hill Mercer + E.A. (Briggs) Taughblane Jun.11,1826Robert
Robert Mercer + Alice (?) Taughblane Feb.7,1830Mary
[weaver] Lisadian Aug.30,1835Margaret Ann
Samuel Mercer (weaver) + Eliza (?) Carnreagh, Blaris Mar.19,1837Elizabeth
Samuel Mercer (farmer) + Mary (?) Cabragh May 7,1837Sarah Harrison
William Mercer (farmer) + Margaret (?) Aghadrennan Jul.29,1838Joseph
Aghadrennan Mar.1,1840James
Aghadrennan Mar.1,1842Martha Jane
[farmer] ? Nov.29,1846William
[may belong in next family]
[farmer] Aghadrennan Jan.7,1849Christy
[farmer] Aghadrennan Sep.1,1854Thomas David
William Mercer (farmer) + Margaret (?) Ballykeel Artifinny Jul.28,1839Moses
Ballykeel Artifinny Sep.28,1841Andrew
[weaver] Ballykeel Artifinny Sep.10,1843William John
[farmer] Ballykeel Artifinny Jul.18,1844John
John Mercer (farmer) + Mary (?) Hillsborough Mar.16,1843Elizabeth
? Feb.?,1848John
Lisadian Mar.24,1850Martha Alice
Robert Mercer (stonemason) + Mary (?)P. of Hillsborough May 19,1844James
[weaver] Drum...? Jul.16,1848William John
John Mercer (grocer) + Anna (?) Hillsborough May 9,1846Richard
Hillsborough May 6,1847Elizabeth
[shopkeeper] Hillsborough Feb.16,1851Mary Dixon
James Mercer (pensioner) + Lisadian Apr.12,1850Elizabeth
+ Marg. Jane Lockhart (single woman) Lisadian Jun.23,1852Mary Anne
James + Mary Jane Mercer Lisadian Jun.30,1854Agnes
Lisadian Aug.21,1856James Stewart
James + Marg. Jane Mercer Lisadian May 29,1858Joseph
Robert Mant Mercer (farmer) + Dromatihugh Sep.22,1864Elizabeth Jane
Jane (?) Dromatihugh Jun.13,1866William Andrew
Dromatihugh Jan.3,1868Mary Isabella
Nov.10,1869Margaret Maria
Dromatihugh Dec.12,1871Joseph Edward
Christopher Mercer (farmer) + Ballykeel Artifinny Feb.11,1867Emma?
+ Elizabeth (?) [Christy] Ballykeel Artifinny Jul.8,1868Isabella
[Christie] Ballykeel Artifinny Sep.21,1869John Andrew
Taughblane Oct.10,1872Albert Irvine
Andrew Mercer (farmer) + Anna (?) Ballykeel Artifinny Feb.8,1870William
Ballykeel Artifinny Jan.16,1872Mary Letitia
Andrew Mercer (farmer) + Elizabeth (?) Taughblane Oct.10,1871Margaret Stanfield
William John Mercer (farmer) + Ballykeel Artifinny May 1,1877Margaret Isabella
Ellen Anne (?) Ballykeel Artifinny Oct.1,1882Ellen Jane
Ballykeel Artifinny Sep.8,1882Elizabeth
Aghandunvarren Jan.10,1885William
Aghandunvarren Dec.19,1886Mary Florence
Aghandunvarren Dec.23,1888Richard
Aghandunvarren Sep.26,1890Emma
John Mercer (farmer) + Mary (?) Ballykeel Artifinny Oct.23,1882Margaret Jane
William Mercer (farmer) + Lucinda (?) Taughblane Mar.23,1890Robert John
Taughblane Dec.14,1891Thomas William
Taughblane Dec.12,1893James Alexander
Robert Mercer (lab.) 22 Richmond, Belfast Dec. 5,1865 William Pickering
+ Susan (Clarke)
William Mercer (lab.) 9 Renwick Ct., Belfast Nov.12,1866 Arthur
+ Mary Ann (Marshall)
William Mercer (clerk) 21 Belvoir St., BelfastMay. 5,1870 James
+ Agnes (Shaw)

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Christopher E. Brennen