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The surname McCloy is believed to belong to that branch of the Stewart clan known as Stewart of Bute and our McCloy ancestors may well have emigrated from Scotland to the coast of County Antrim in the 17th century. The 1669 Hearth Money Roll for the parish of Carncastle, County Antrim, includes a John McCloye. Knowledge of our own family begins Robert McCloy and his three sons, John, Alexander and William McCloy who lived in South Munie, Glenarm, County Antrim in the late 18th century.

Some of the information on the McCloy family was provided by Rev. George Jackson of the Glenarm Presbyterian Church in 1959. Another substantial fraction was gleaned from the exhaustive work of Felix McKillop and taken from his comphrehensive history of the Glenarm area entitled "Townlands, People and Traditions (2006)".

Map of Glenarm area showing some of the places occuring in the story of the McCloy family.

Robert McCloy was probably the father of the three McCloy brothers listed below. Born about 1720, he was a farmer in Lisnahay, Cairncastle, to whom William, Earl of Antrim, granted a lease on 12 acres, 2 roods and 16 perches of land in Lisnahay (as well as the adjoining hills) on Jan.19, 1779 [PRONI D2977/3A/4/85/5]. Robert married Rebecca Ann Martin born about 1720 and they were probably the parents of:

  1. John McCloy (1743-1806) was born in 1743 and, along with his brother William, was granted a counterpart lease on 9 acres, 3 roods and 11 perches of land in Lisnahay by Randal, Earl of Antrim, on Feb.19, 1784 [PRONI D2977/3A/4/85/8B]. John was a contractor for the repair of roads (in County Antrim, presumably near Glenarm) at Lent 1785, in August 1787, in 1793 (with brother William) and, with brothers Alexander and William, from 1796 until 1800. Along with his brother Alexander, on Jun.1, 1787, he was granted a lease on two acres in South Munie from Francis McNaughton, the local landowner. In the summer of 1789 he was a High Constable in County Antrim and was paid 6 pounds, 7 shillings and nine pence for collecting the public money. John of South Munie, Glenarm, is also listed among the 40 shilling freeholders in a 1790 County Antrim election. He and his brother Alexander voted for Leslie and McNaughten who were said to represent the aristocratic power in the county. John O'Neill and Hercules Rowley were elected. There is an old gravestone which once stood in the old Glenarm graveyard at Glebe but in the 1950s was located in the barn of John Davison's farm at Drumcrow, Carnalbanagh and probably refers to John McCloy: Here lieth the body of John McCloy who depd. this life Febry....1806 (or 1800) aged 63 yrs.

  2. Alexander McCloy was born in 1745. He was a sub-constable under the County Antrim Grand Jury in the summer of 1786 and received 2 pounds as half-a- year's salary. Along with his brother John, on Jun.1, 1787, he was granted a lease on two acres in South Munie from Francis MacNaughton, the local landowner. Alexander also leased a farm in Deerpark West. He was also a contractor for the repair of county roads from 1796 to 1815. Alexander of South Munie, Glenarm, like his brother John is listed among the 40 shilling freeholders in a 1790 County Antrim election (see above). Alexander died about 1813. His wife may have been Mary and they had at least three children:
    1. Samuel McCloy was baptized on Jun.3, 1788.
    2. George McCloy was baptized on May 3, 1789.
    3. Margaret McCloy was baptized on Apr.19, 1791.

  3. William McCloy (1746-1813) was a born in Carncastle, County Antrim, in 1746. Along with his brother John, William was granted a counterpart lease on 9 acres, 3 roods and 11 perches of land in Lisnahay by Randal, Earl of Antrim, on Feb.19, 1784 [PRONI D2977/3A/4/85/8B]. William was High Constable in County Antrim in April 1791 and was paid 6 pounds, 4 shillings and 4 pence for collecting the public money. He was therefore a yeoman stationed at Glenarm Castle in the years leading up to the 1798 Rebellion. Those sympathetic to the rebel cause in the Glenarm area assembled on Bellair Hill and marched down past William's house in Munie towards the village. Fearing for their lives, William's wife Marjery and the children hid under a holly bush in a field near their house. As the rebels passed they found the family in their hiding place but the leader told them to go home and no one would harm them. Then, led by a Mr. McAllister of Mullaghsandal a group of rebels attacked Glenarm Castle but William McCloy and the other yeoman repulsed them after a scuffle. In the aftermath of the rebellion, McAllister and his friends were arrested and sentenced to be lashed. However, when the verdict was announced a petition for a reprieve was circulated and was signed by William McCloy among others. As a result a reprieve was granted and the rebels were forever grateful. In more peaceful times, William was also a contractor for the repair of county roads in 1793 and from 1796 until 1820(?). In 1778 he married Margery McGavock, born in Glenarm in 1757. He was a pastmaster of the Cairncastle Masonic Lodge in 1809. William died on Nov.10, 1813. Margery lived much longer and along with her son Daniel she is included as "Widow McCloy" in the 1832 Tithe Applotment Records for Lower Munie, Parish of Tickmacrevan. Margery died in Glenarm on March 26, 1860, at the age of 103. She and William are remembered on a memorial stone in the Old Church at Glebe, Glenarm, County Antrim (not the present church) which reads: ``Erected to the memory of William McCloy who departed this life on 10th Nov., 1813, aged 67 years. Also his son Robert McCloy who departed this life on 18th Dec., 1820, aged 33. Also his daughter Mary McCloy who departed this life on 5th April, 1822, aged 28(?). Also his son Samuel who departed this life on 14th July, 1835, aged -- and his son John who departed this life 22nd(?) June, 1848, aged 37 years and his wife Margery McCloy who departed this life 26th March, 1860, aged 103 and Jane McCloy who departed this life 19th Dec., 1861, aged 70 years. Also his daughter .....''. [The stone has been fractured, cemented and partly defaced.] William and Margery McCloy had at least ten children who are listed below.


The children of William and Margery McCloy:

  1. Alexander McCloy was born in 1779 in Glenarm and joined the British Navy. He sailed on a British man-of-war for 21 years and fought at the Battle of Trafalgar under Admiral Nelson. While in the Navy he married Margaret Kain (or Kane) who was born in 1792, the daughter of Guy Kain and his wife (maiden name Hunter). Alexander and Margaret had three children, Archibald, Ellen and Jean. Alexander lived in Kanestown, perhaps after he left the Navy. He died on Dec.1, 1831, at the age of 52. His gravestone in Glenarm graveyard is next to an Earls family stone and reads: ``Erected in memory of Alexander McCloy of Kanestown who departed this life 1st December 1831 aged 52 years.'' After Alexander's death Margaret took in fine embroidery to keep the family going until her son Archibald became established in Stanley Township, Huron County, Ontario, Canada. She then travelled with the rest of the family to join Archibald. She died in Fairgrove, Michigan in 1878 at the age of 84.
    1. Archibald McCloy was born on May 15, 1820, in County Antrim. About 1842 at the age of 22 he left for America. Landing at Ottawa he spent a year working on a farm for twelve dollars a month after which he started to travel up the Ottawa river. He finally reached a lumber camp but after one night spent in the company of men who spoke only French, he left and went to Goderich, Ontario on the shores of Lake Huron. Later he settled in nearby Stanley Township, Huron County, Ontario where he was living in 1844. While in Stanley he sent for his mother who came out with his two sisters and their families. Also in 1844 he married Nancy Pollock in Exeter, Ontario. Nancy was born on Jun.12, 1821, in County Derry, the daughter of James Pollock. Archibald and Nancy had twelve children listed below. During the years in Stanley, they endured the hardships of pioneer life, living in a log house and using sheets of bark in the doorway and windows. The maple trees which surrounded them were tapped, the sap being made into sugar which was carried many miles to Goderich where it was sold or bartered. In 1867 all the family except eldest daughter Margaret who had married the previous year moved to Stephen Township, Huron County, where daughter Nancy and son Alexander were married. Then, in 1876, eldest son Alexander was the first to move to Fairgrove, Michigan. The following summer Archibald went to Michigan where he bought 80 acres where Ed Holden now lives and 100 acres owned by the McKinny boys. Only five acres were cleared that summer and he returned to Canada until the next spring. Archibald died on Jul.6, 1891, at the age of 71 and Nancy on Jun.12, 1903. Both are buried in Brookside, Fairgrove, Michigan. According to her death certificate Nancy had 12 children, 9 of whom were living in 1905.
      1. Margaret McCloy was born on Nov.18, 1845, in Huron County and on Christmas Day, 1866, married William McLeod, born 1846. They stayed in Stanley when her mother and father moved to Stephen in 1867. In 1880 they moved to Manitoba. They were true pioneers, travelling to St. Boniface by boat and then by ox-drawn wagon to a homestead about 10 miles north of Birtle. They experienced Indians and prairie fires and lived on the wild game, grain and fruit. An account written by their daughter Sara Fisher McLeod survived and was published in Canadian Genealogist by Velma Beyette. Margaret McLeod died on Jan.26, 1887, in Solsgirth, Manitoba and is buried in Silver Creek Cemetary, Angusville, Manitoba. William died on Jun.4, 1924, in Norgate, Manitoba. They had two children:
        1. James McLeod who died at the age of 23.
        2. Sara Fisher McLeod was born on May 24, 1870, in Grand Bend, Huron County, Ontario, and moved to Manitoba with her parents in 1880. Her story of the pioneering days of her parents has been mentioned above. She was married on Feb.4, 1891, to Frank Angus in Silver Creek, Manitoba. Frank was born on Oct.16, 1860, in Tuckersmith Township, Huron County, Ontario, and left there in 1882 to join his brother John in what later became Angusville, Manitoba. Frank died in 1941 and Sara Fisher on May 31, 1954 in Russell, Manitoba. Their children:
          1. Annie Angus, born in 1894, married William J. Rinn in 1916 and had three children,
            1. Velma Rinn, born in 1917, married Garnet Beyette in 1945 and had a son, James Beyette (who has a son and two daughters), and a daughter Bonnie Beyette (who has a daughter). Velma Rinn Beyette currently lives at 127 Oak Avenue, Dauphin, Manitoba, R7N-2S3.
            2. Angus Rinn, born in 1921, was in the Devil's Brigade in World War II and had two sons, Frank Rinn (who had two sons) and Dr. Richard Rinn (who has one son). Angus died in 1974.
            3. Alice Rinn, born in 1927, married Michael Kukura and they have three daughters, one son, two granddaughters and one grandson.
          2. Margaret Agnes Angus (1897-1982)
          3. Sadie Angus (1902-1936)
          4. Robert Angus (1905-1940)
          5. Albert Angus (1908-1959) who had two sons, one grandson and three granddaughters.
          6. Opal Angus, born in 1910, married Ross McFarlane, lives in Chilliwack, British Columbia, and has two sons, two grandsons and two granddaughters.
          7. Jessie Angus, born in 1912, married James Forshaw, lives in Thunder Bay, Ontario, and has two sons, two daughters, three grandsons and three granddaughters.
          8. James Angus, born in 1913, has lived in Chater, Manitoba, and Weslaco, Texas, and has one daughter, Jane, and three grandsons.
      2. Nancy McCloy was born in Stanley Township, Ontario, on Feb.4, 1847, and married Christian Frederick McPherson after the family moved to Stephen Township. Nancy died in Kamloops, British Columbia in August, 1946. Christian and Nancy had eleven children:
        1. Annie McPherson was a nurse in World War I; her husband Daniel McLeod died at an early age. They had 2 children:
          1. Laughlin McLeod
          2. Mary McLeod died as an infant.
        2. James McPherson
        3. Archibald McPherson died on Oct.15, 1921.
        4. Margaret McPherson married R.G. Machan and they had 6 children, Jack, Earle, Mell, Gawin, Gladys and Robert.
        5. Mary McPherson married Enoch Terrant and they had two sons, Philip and Sidney.
        6. George McPherson, born on Nov.27, 1879, married Mary M. Brown in 1906 and they had 4 children, Edmund, Alexander, Francis and John.
        7. Edmund McPherson
        8. Myrtle McPherson, a twin with Amanda, married a railroader J. Richard Hall and lived in Winnipeg; they had 2 children:
          1. Mac Pherson Hall
          2. Nancy Hall was a nurse in the Second World War and later became a doctor in California.
        9. Amanda McPherson, Myrtle's twin sister, married E. Chapman.
        10. William McPherson
        11. Reuben McPherson

        Alexander & Grace     Welch McCloy     Jessie Ann
        McCloy about 1916.         (Davison) McCloy
        (Courtesy of Bob Watters)

      3. Alexander McCloy was born on Nov.14, 1848, and married Ann Jane Baird in Exeter, Ontario, on Jan.11, 1870. They had four children listed below. Alex was the first of the McCloys to go to Michigan where, in 1876, he settled in Fairgrove, clearing what is now the Wm. Merrill farm. Ann Jane died on Feb.17, 1912, and is buried in Denmark cemetery, Reese. Alexander married for a second time about 1914 to Grace Stoken (born in 1892) with whom he had a son listed below. Grace died shortly thereafter during the flu epidemic of 1918 and is buried in the Fairgrove Cemetery. Alexander died on Mar.31, 1937, and is buried in Denmark cemetery. His offspring:
        1. Ann Jane McCloy, daughter of Alexander and Ann Jane McCloy, was born on Jan.23, 1872, and married John P. Wood on Apr.20, 1892, in Caro, Michigan. They had 5 children:
          1. Eva M. Wood, born on Mar.2, 1893, in Fairgrove, married Whitbeck Scott on Jul.24, 1922. They had a daughter Margaret Jean Scott.
          2. Lorne R. Wood, born Oct.31, 1894, died on Jul.18, 1895.
          3. Bruce A. Wood, born Jul.24, 1896, in Mayville, married Eleanor Weincke. They had 3 children, Bruce A. Wood, Kenneth Alan Wood and Joyce Ann Wood.
          4. Lynn K. Wood, born Dec.11, 1898, married Mary Campbell. They had a daughter Mary Anna Wood.
          5. Jack P. Wood, born Apr.20, 1903, married Madeline Schurr on Oct.17, 1928. They had 2 children, John Palmer Wood and Virginia Megan Wood.
        2. Archibald E. McCloy, son of Alexander and Ann Jane McCloy, was born on Nov.23, 1873, and, on Jun.6, 1901, married Frances Maude Biles, born in 1877. Archie died on Nov.30, 1964, and Maude died on Mar.27, 1958; they are buried in Fairgrove Cemetery. They had 2 children:
          1. Marion Genevieve McCloy was born in 1904. She died on Nov.13, 1922, and is buried in Fairgrove Cemetery.
          2. Frances Louise McCloy was born on Dec.2, 1907, in Akron, Michigan, and married Stanley Desmyter in Detroit on Sep.11, 1926. They had 2 children, Richard E. Desmyter and John Keith Desmyter.
        3. David McCloy, son of Alexander and Ann Jane McCloy, was born on Aug.15, 1876, in Fairgrove, Michigan, and married Anna Greania (born Dec.17, 1876, in Unionville, Michigan) on Apr.20, 1898, in Watrousville, Michigan. David died on Apr.5, 1960, and Anna died on Aug.22, 1945; they are buried in Brookside, Fairgrove. David and Anna had 2 children:
          1. Frank B. McCloy, born Oct.25, 1901, in Fairgrove, married Viola M. Clark (born Sep.10, 1904, in Clare, Michigan) in Vassar on Jun.14, 1924. Much of the history of this part of the McCloy family is taken from a genealogy compiled by Frank McCloy in 1953, and has been updated by his grandson (Frank Robert McCloy) in 2010. Frank died on Aug.7, 1979, and Viola died on Jul.23, 1977; they are buried in Fairgrove Cemetery. Frank and Viola had 3 children:
            1. Robert Bruce McCloy, born Apr.5, 1925, married Jeanette Near on Sep.7, 1946. Robert died on Nov 19, 1995. They had 2 children:
              1. David Bruce McCloy, born Oct.27, 1949, married Sherene Rae Schultz, on Aug 11, 1973.
              2. Susan Lori McCloy, born May 22, 1952 married Raymond E. Turnwald Jr (born Jun.10, 1953), married on Oct.11, 1975. They had 2 children:
                1. Laura Ann Turnwald, born November 2, 1977, married Theodore Charles Underwood (born May 1, 1965) on Dec.7, 2002.
                2. Alaina Marie Turnwald, April 15, 1981, married Jerry Lee Snider (born Dec.10,1975), on March 11, 2006. They have two children, Samantha Lee Snider born Aug.28, 2006, and Wade Russell Snider born Jul.19, 2011.
            2. Donald Clark McCloy, born Mar.18, 1929, married Donna M. Turrel (born Dec. 25, 1926) on Aug.11, 1956. Donald died on Mar.18, 1995. Donna died on Feb. 3, 2006. They had 2 children:
              1. Frank Robert McCloy, born May 8, 1959.
              2. John Clark McCloy, born Jun.25, 1966 (died Feb. 7, 1997).
            3. David Richard McCloy, born Nov.21, 1932, married Joan T. Szalay on Jul.12, 1952, in Indianapolis. David died on Jul.3, 1998. They had 2 children:
              1. Billy Wayne McCloy, born May 27, 1953, married Kathy A Mahoney on May 24, 1980. They had 2 children:
                1. James Michael McCloy, born Jun.2, 1982, married Emily Morrow on May 17, 2008. They have twins, Aubry Lynn McCloy and Mathew James McCloy, born on Jan.5, 2009.
                2. Theresa Jean McCloy, born on Jul.2, 1984.
              2. Patricia Ann McCloy, born on Mar.20, 1958, married James Hufnagel on Apr.5, 1975, and divorced on Mar.7, 2009. They had 2 children:
                1. Mark D. Hufnagel, born on Aug.27, 1977, married Erica Jordan on Apr.29, 2000. They have 3 children, Kelsi Taylor Hufnagel (Erica's child by a previous marriage adopted by Mark), born on Sep.22, 1995, Brittney Ann Hufnagel, born Mar.26, 2001, and Ryan David Hufnagel, born on Jan.26, 2004.
                2. Timothy Hufnagel, born on Nov.22, 1979
          2. Ferna E. McCloy, born Mar.21, 1908, married Charles G. DeCuir on May 16, 1937. They had 2 children, Charles McCloy DeCuir, born Jan.16, 1938, and Alice Fern DeCuir, born Nov.20, 1942.
        4. Alexander L. McCloy, son of Alexander and Ann Jane McCloy, was born on Jun.18, 1878, and married Libbie Pesick on Dec.25, 1905. He died on Dec.22, 1949, and is buried in Denmark cemetery. They had a son
          1. Bernard F. McCloy who died as an infant on Aug.30, 1909.
        5. Bernard Robert McCloy (Watters) was born on Jan.20, 1915, the son of Alexander McCloy and his second wife, Grace. Grace died when Bernard was just 3 years old and, since Alexander was about 60 and unable to raise a child, Bernard was placed in a children's home. From there he was adopted by the Watters family when he was about 6. He went on to attend Michigan State College. Bernard married Eltheda Pearl Howe, born Dec.17, 1915, in Crystal City, Missouri. Bernard became a mechanical and chemical engineer. He died in Globe, Arizona, on Oct.14, 1997, and Eltheda died on May 31, 2004. Bernard and Eltheda had three children:
          1. Robert David Watters became a mechanical engineer who taught at the University of Arizona for a number of years. He married Ellen ? and they now (2002) live in Globe, Arizona. Robert provided much information on this branch of the family. Robert and Ellen had 2 children:
            1. Wendy Watters who has a daughter Meghann Watters.
            2. Erin Watters who has two children, Alexander Watters and Katie Elizabeth Watters.
          2. David Bernard Watters lives in Dallas, Texas, where he works for the Federal Government. He married and divorced Rita ? and they had two children:
            1. Shelly Watters.
            2. Ryan Watters.
          3. Elaine Marie Watters is a network support technician working at Arizona State University. She lives in Tempe. Elaine married and divorced Steven Snyder and they had one child:
            1. Shannon Elaine Snyder graduated from Glendale (Arizona) Community College and works as a Community Support Specialist. She provided much information on this branch of the family.
      4. James McCloy was born on Aug.12, 1850, in Huron County, Ontario, and on Mar.23, 1876, in Parkhill, Ontario, married Elizabeth Underwood, born in 1865. In September of 1876 they moved to Fairgrove, Michigan, and settled on what is now the James Davidson farm. James died on Sep.25, 1928, Elizabeth on Aug.24, 1932; both are buried in Brookside, Fairgrove. They had 8 children:
        1. Nancy McCloy, born Apr.24, 1877, married William Montgomery in 1923. She died on Apr.14, 1956.
        2. John McCloy, born Feb.28, 1879, married Bessie Winter (born Oct.18, 1890, in Grindstone City, Michigan) on Dec.27, 1916, in Port Austin, Michigan. John died on Aug.5, 1964, and Bessie on Aug.8, 1959; they are buried in Fairgrove Cemetery. They had 7 children:
          1. Jean E. McCloy, born July 1918, married Frank Nagy on Jul.18, 1937. Frank died in April, 2006, at the age of 91. They had 6 children, Marion, Ruth Ann, Frances, Robert, William and James Nagy.
          2. Doris A. McCloy, born Mar.24, 1920, married Paul Nagy on Apr.20, 1940. They had 5 children, Janice, Judy, Sarah Jane, Michael and Barbara Helen Nagy.
          3. Nancy McCloy, born Aug. 1921, married Malcolm Ruppert on Aug.7, 1942, and they had 4 children, Richard Allen, Fred, John and Phyllis Ruppert. Nancy also had a grandson, Dennis Rupert who died as a result of a car accident.
          4. Marie McCloy
          5. Charles E. McCloy, born Nov.27, 1923, married Charlet Meady in Jan. 1942. They had 3 children:
            1. David Allen McCloy was born in Sep. 1943. His daughter is Traci A. McCloy (waltrip2315@yahoo.com) and her daughter is Katlyn Morgan McCloy.
            2. Charles McCloy, Jnr., was born in Dec. 1946.
            3. Wanda Jean McCloy was born in Apr. 1948.
          6. Gernith McCloy, born Jun.3, 1926, married and then divorced Rob Van Geisen. She married Ray E. Ackley in Sep. 1950.
          7. John Clifford McCloy was born Apr.17, 1932, and married Nancy Lou Humphrey. They had two children:
            1. Maureen McCloy (sherdm@hotmail.com) was married twice, first to a man named Winter and second to a man named Sherd. She has three children:
              1. Sarah Winter married Dennis Ryan Pierce twice. They have a son, Tristan Clay Pierce, born on Jul.2, 2008, and a stepson, Logan Ryan Pierce.
              2. Kristoffer Sherd has three older children, Asleigh Rose (born about 2000), Seth Michael (born about 2002) and Landyn Cole (born about 2006) and married Tiffany Faith Freeman in May, 2008. He also adopted her daughter Khloe Nicole Hampton (born about 2005).
              3. Bryan Thomas Sherd was born on Jul.17, 1981. He has three children, Antonio Lucas Michael (born about 1996), Gabriel Logan Earl (born about 2000) and Bryan Allen (born about 2003).
            2. Darryl Lee McCloy was born on May 22, 1961.
        3. Mary McCloy, born Apr.13, 1882, died May 29, 1882. She is buried in Fairgrove Cemetery.
        4. Archibald McCloy, born Jun.6, 1883, married Andis Stilson (born in 1888) in 1911. Archie died on Dec.24, 1968, and Andis on Jul.22, 1943; they are buried in Fairgrove Cemetery. They had 2 daughters:
          1. Hazel McCloy, born Sep.22, 1914, married Merton Luther on Mar.25, 1937. They had 4 children, Betty Joy, Richard, Sharon and David Luther.
          2. Mary Ruth McCloy, born Aug.7, 1918, married Clifton Bender on Jun.15, 1938. They had 2 sons, Larry and Robert Bender.
        5. Mary Margaret McCloy, born on Jun.6, 1887, in Fairgrove, married James C. Kirk on Mar.30, 1910, in Fairgrove. They had 6 children:
          1. Frederick Kirk, born Mar.30, 1911, married Grace Parker on Aug.2, 1942. They had a daughter Janeth Kirk who married a man named Bovee.
          2. Wilson Kirk, born Jun.5, 1913, married Elsie Palmer on Jul.5, 1941. They had 3 children, Carole Jean, Kenneth and Richard Kirk.
          3. Margaret Kirk, born Jan.5, 1915, married Otto Schark on Nov.5, 1936. They had 3 children, Barbara, Bobby and Betty Schark.
          4. John Kirk, born May 4, 1917, married Genevieve Reid in June, 1937. They had a daughter Shirley Lea Kirk
          5. Robert Kirk, born Sep.16, 1920, married Marion Close on Oct.23, 1948. They had a son, James A. Kirk.
          6. Francis Kirk, born May 21, 1924, married Shirley Chevlier on Dec.28, 1948. They had 2 children, Peggy Ann and Gerald Kirk.
        6. Flossie McCloy, born Jul.9, 1889, married Rinehold Mantey in 1918. He died the same year on Nov.22, 1918. They had a daughter Elizabeth Mantey. born on Nov.18, 1918, who married Charles Sanders in 1948.
        7. Robert McCloy, born Nov.9, 1892, married Clare C. Arnesen in 1920. Robert died on Dec.5, 1954, and Clare on Nov.9, 1968; they are buried in Fairgrove Cemetery. They had a daughter, Dorothy McCloy.
        8. Frederick McCloy, born Oct.21, 1894, married Myrtle Daily on Jan.20, 1915, in Saginaw, Michigan. Fred died on Sep.9, 1955. They had 7 children:
          1. Vernon McCloy, born Feb.28, 1916, married Gertrude Newcomb on Dec.30, 1939. They had 2 children, Leigh Ann and Carol Sue McCloy.
          2. Louise McCloy, born May 22, 1918, married Stewart Rouffer on Jul.23, 1936. They had 2 children, Stewart and Barbara Rouffer.
          3. J.C. McCloy, born Jul.5, 1919, married Madelyn Kinds on Jul.23, 1936. They had 3 children, James, Richard and Jean McCloy.
          4. Beatrice McCloy, born Oct.5, 1920, married Ruben Johnson on Dec.12, 1939. They had a daughter Ann Marie Johnson.
          5. Neva McCloy
          6. Wanda McCloy
          7. Eugene McCloy
      5. William Kane McCloy was born on Sep.20, 1853, and also farmed in Michigan. He died on Aug.30, 1931, in Caro, Michigan.
      6. Archibald McCloy was born on Aug.31, 1855, in Huron County. On Jan.6, 1886, in Fairgrove, Michigan, he married Janet Forrest Hunter, born Jul.2, 1857, daughter of John Hunter and Sarah Allan of Hay Township. In the 1920s and until the depression Archie spent many summers with Sara Angus in Angusville and with his sister Nancy in Kamploops. Everyone loved him. Janet died on Oct.31, 1910, in Saginaw and Archibald on Sep.8, 1937, in Bay City, Michigan; both are buried in Brookside. They had four children:
        1. Sarah Edith McCloy, born Jan.27, 1887, married Reid John Kirk in 1907. Sarah died on Sep.20, 1967, in Fairgrove Township.
        2. James Allan McCloy, born Jul.16, 1889, in Gilford Township and married Grace Marie Western in 1913. James died on Jul.24, 1974, in Flint and Grace on Mar.24, 1987, in Oakland. They had a daughter:
          1. Maxine Margaret McCloy married Stuart Phelps Hall and had two children:
            1. Philip McCloy Hall married Judy Lyn Medlar.
            2. Allan Glenn Hall
        3. Amy Hunter McCloy, born Sep.11, 1882, in Blake, Ontario, married Robert Caldwell Davis on Nov.14, 1906. Amy died on Mar.10, 1964, in Caro and Robert on Jun.26, 1965. They had 2 daughters:
          1. Bernice Janet Davis, born Sep.28, 1908, married Richard Lockwood on Jun.24, 1954. Bernice died in Oct. 1985 and Richard on Mar.28, 1990 in Ypsilanti.
          2. Gladys Edith Davis, born Jul.20, 1910, died on Nov.17, 1993, in Royal Oak.
        4. Hilda Belle McCloy was born Apr.9, 1899, and died on Aug.31, 1969, in Fairgrove Township.
      7. Robert McCloy was born on Jan.6, 1858, and died on Jan.23, 1890.
      8. John McCloy, born on Sep.15, 1860 in Huron County, married Phebe R. Peters, born in 1865. on Feb.20, 1889, in Caro, Michigan. John died on Jan.17, 1913, and Phoebe on Oct.15, 1939; they are buried in Fairgrove Cemetery. They had two children:
        1. Robert Earl McCloy, born Dec.16, 1890, married Mabel Bell on Jun.12, 1911. They had 2 children:
          1. Kenneth McCloy, born Mar.23, 1912, married Vivian Allen in 1937. Kenneth died in June, 1954. They had 2 children, Patricia and John McCloy.
          2. Lorraine McCloy married Burt Sothard.
        2. Milton McCloy
      9. Jane McCloy, born on Mar.23, 1862, in Huron County, married George Misner on Nov.28, 1887, in Fairgrove. Jane died on Mar.29, 1953, and is buried in Brookside. They had four children:
        1. Mary Ellen (Nellie) Misner, born on Nov.5, 1888, married A.W. Davis.
        2. Eva Ann Misner, born on May 21, 1890, in Fairgrove, married George Aldrich on Dec.23, 1910. They had 6 children:
          1. George Ellis Aldrich married Elizabeth Kun and had a child Alen. After Elizabeth died, George was married Eunice Black in 1937.
          2. Ward Evon Aldrich married Gertrude Rockerfeller in 1936. They had 4 children, Norine Mae, Ronald Lee, Larry and Sandra Aldrich.
          3. Samuel Roy Aldrich, born on Jun.12, 1917, married Ruth Brown in 1940. They had a son Eric McCloy.
          4. Mabel Norine Aldrich, born Feb.5, 1919, married Eugene W. Rollofs in 1941 and they had 2 sons, Terry and Gary Rollofs.
          5. Richard J. Aldrich, born Apr.16, 1926, married June Ellison in 1942 and they had 3 children, Judith Ann, Sharon and Jeffrey Aldrich.
          6. C. Lyle Aldrich, born Apr.11, 1928, married Betty Meyer in 1949.
        3. Samuel Ellis Misner, born Apr.15, 1895, in Fairgrove, married Mabel Tucker. They had a son Howard Misner. Samuel died on Dec.25, 1953.
        4. Ethel May Misner, born on Aug.25, 1898, died as an infant on Nov.1, 1900.
      10. Welch McCloy, born on Mar.17, 1864, in Huron County, married Jessie Ann Davison (born Nov.20, 1867) on Apr.3, 1889, in Caro, Michigan. Welch died on Jun.7, 1957, in Tuscola County, Michigan, and Jessie on Dec.9, 1961. They are buried in Fairgrove Cemetery. They had six children:
        1. Bryson McCloy, born on Aug.1, 1891, married Hazel Clark and had a daughter Bonnie Jean McCloy, born Aug.26, 1921.
        2. Tressa McCloy, born Jul.11, 1894, married Floyd Patterson on Jun.9, 1916. They had 4 children:
          1. Harold L. Patterson, born Dec.23, 1916, married Jennie Warren on Jul.24, 1943. They had 3 children, Sharron Lee, Linda Lou and Patti Jo Patterson.
          2. Hazel Patterson, born Jul.9, 1918, married L.T. Stewart and they had 2 children, Karolwyn and Ralph Wayne Stewart.
          3. Ralph L. Patterson, born Dec.29, 1921, married Helen Simonson on Oct.18, 1947. They had a daughter Gloria Jean Patterson.
          4. Vera May Patterson, born Jul.28, 1925, married Owen Jarvis on Nov.23, 1946. They had 2 children, Judith Ann Jarvis and Gary Eugene Jarvis.
        3. J. Grant McCloy was born in 1897 and died on Dec.24, 1965. He is buried in Fairgrove Cemetery.
        4. R. Clare McCloy married Margaret Campbell and they had 2 children, Peggy and Robert McCloy.
        5. Olive McCloy, born Aug.29, 1906, married Harold Sams on Nov.23, 1926. They had 3 children:
          1. Eugene C. Sams was born Sep.3, 1930.
          2. Phyllis Ann Sams was born Sep.17, 1932.
          3. Harold Dale Sams was born May 2, 1935, and died Mar.19, 1936.
        6. Wilson McCloy was born in Fairgrove, Michigan, on Jul.27, 1917. He served in the US Army in the Pacific Theater in World War II and later worked as a researcher for Dow Chemical for 27 years. On Aug.2, 1951, in Mount Pleasant he married Jean Shaver. Wilson died on Mar.2, 2005, and is buried in Chippewa Township Cemetery. Wilson and Jean had three children:
          1. Roger L. McCloy who predeceased his father.
          2. Robert McCloy who married a woman named Margie. They live in Mason, Michigan.
          3. Mark McCloy who married a woman named Natalie. They live in Clarkston, Michigan.
      11. Ellen McCloy was born on May 17, 1867, in Huron County, and on Oct.29, 1890 in Caro, Michigan, married Robert Hunter, born Oct.28, 1865, in Huron County, the son of John Hunter and Sarah Allan. Ellen died on Oct.18, 1918, in Tuscola County, Michigan, and Robert on Jun.30, 1932; they are both buried in Brookside. They had six children:
        1. Sarah Maggie Hunter, born Jun.30, 1892, married Firman Wolverton on Mar.18, 1914. Sarah died on Nov. 11, 1972, and Firman on May 16, 1967, in Reese. They had 5 children:
          1. Charles Robert Wolverton, born Jun.6, 1916, married Grace V. Heidebrink in 1951. Charles died on May 27, 1997, in Saginaw. They had two sons, Joel Lee Wolverton and Timothy Charles Wolverton.
          2. Frances Eleanor Wolverton married Roland Morris and they had three children, Diane Ruth Morris who married Randall Raymond, David Charles Morris and Paul Alan Morris.
          3. Mary Jean Wolverton, born May 13, 1926, married Karl Knudsen on Jan.3, 1941. Mary died on Sep.23, 1998, in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. They had five children, Michael Robin Knudsen, William Karl Knudsen, Robert Arnold Knudsen, Edgar James Knudsen and Frances Mary Knudsen.
          4. Harold Firman Wolverton, born Nov.24, 1933, married twice, first to Marilyn Iseler, and then to Kathleen Maupen Damm. Harold died on Feb.23, 2000, in Fairgrove. He and Kathleen had a son, Brian Firman Wolverton.
          5. Donald Hunter Wolverton married Dolores Ramsden and had a son Donal Michael Wolverton.
        2. Nina Olive Hunter, born Aug.15, 1894, died Mar.25, 1895.
        3. John Allan Hunter, born Apr.1, 1896, first married Louisa Brown in 1920. His second marriage was to Iva Louella Jaynes on Dec.11, 1930, and they had 2 children:
          1. Donna Joyce Hunter married twice, first to James Becker and second to Clifford Cramer. Donna and James had five children, Dennis Raymond Becker, Lary Keith Becker, Kim Julie Becker, Kirk James Becker and Kristin Jo-el Becker.
          2. Nina Kay Hunter married Donald Lenarz and had two children, John Clel Lenarz and Steven Lowell Lenarz.
        4. Archibald McCloy Hunter, born Jan.23, 1900, married Vera Carrington on Aug.26, 1939. Archibald died on Jun.10, 1965, in Otter Lake, Michigan, and Vera in Mar.1986. They had a son:
          1. Ian Robert Hunter married Patti Holly and they have a child Holly Pyler.
        5. George Robert Hunter, born Dec.8, 1901, married Clara Miller in 1920. Late in life George was married for a second time to Irene Graham Cassady on Dec.31, 1944. George and Clara had a son, Robert Daniel Hunter who married Elaine Smith and had two children, Michelle Louise Hunter and Robert Daniel Hunter.
        6. Mary Ethel Hunter, born Dec.27, 1906, married Hunter Cassady on Feb.10, 1945.
    2. Ellen McCloy.
    3. Jean (Jane) McCloy was born about 1826 and was married on Jul.10, 1843 to Thomas McKibbin in Glenarm, County Antrim, who was born about 1823. The marriage was solemnized by the Presbyterian minister, Thomas Smith and witnessed by William Allen and Andrew Cain. Thomas McKibbin is reputed to have been the illegitimate son of the bailiff on the Adair estate near Ballymena who, as a young man, had helped his father with the accounts relating to the estate. About a year after their marriage Thomas and Jane accompanied Jane's mother and other family members to Stanley Township, Huron County, Ontario, Canada. The trip took three months, half of which was spent crossing the Atlantic. Since this was at the height of the famine emigration it must have been a great ordeal. Their little girl, Margaret Ellen, died and was buried at sea. Thomas died in the village of Walton, Ontario, on July 20, 1898, at the age of 75. Jane died on May 10, 1901, at the age of 75. Their children:
      1. Margaret Ellen McKibbin died and was buried at sea on July 3, 1846.
      2. Alexander McKibbin was born on Jan.1, 1850, in Stanley Township, Huron County, Ontario, Canada. He married Mary Louise Leeper of Idaho who was born on Dec.27, 1858. Alex founded the masons in Haley, Idaho, where he died on Sep.1, 1933. Mary died on Jan.28, 1940, and is buried in Salt Lake City. Alexander and Mary had children:
        1. Laura J. McKibbin was born about 1877.
        2. Lester James McKibbin was born on Dec.4, 1879, and died on Apr.16, 1963.
        3. Albert Thomas McKibbin was born on Mar.19, 1882, and died on Mar.25, 1930.
        4. Samuel Alexander McKibbin was born on Mar.14, 1886, in Idaho. He had at least two children, Jack and Bill and died on Jun.7, 1932, in Boise, Idaho.
        5. Alice Isabelle McKibbin was born on Mar.19, 1889, and died on Jun.19, 1974.

        Samuel Alexander     James and Jessie     Painting of Anne
        McKibbin and sons     McKibbin     (White) McCloy
        (Courtesy of Carolyn Liechti)
        (Courtesy of Felix McKillop)

      3. James McKibbin was born in Stanley Township, Huron County, Ontario, Canada, on Jan.12, 1851. He married Jessie Brodie on Jun.25, 1876, in Brussels, Huron County, and they had 6 children listed below. They moved to Michigan and Jessie died on Oct.23, 1891, near Vanderbilt, Michigan; she is buried in Fairview Cemetery, Gaylord, Michigan. James then married for a second time to Mary McCloy of Walton, McKillop Township, Ontario. Mary was the daughter of John McCloy and Mary Turk, both of Ireland. She was born on Sep.20, 1853, in Walton. Mary and James moved to Buffalo, Johnson County, Wyoming. Mary died there on Apr.12, 1919, and James on Apr.22, 1932; they are buried in Fairview Cemetery, Gaylord, Michigan. James and Jessie had 6 children:
        1. Ethel Jane McKibbin was born on Mar.29, 1880, in Seaforth, Ontario. On Jul.2, 1907, she married Kenneth Carson Connor, son of Michael and Marie Connor who had emigrated from County Down, Ireland, to Madoc, Canada, and then to Michigan. In 1881, the family migrated to Gaylord, Michigan. Ethel became a teacher and with her husband and parents moved to Buffalo, Wyoming in 1913 where they homesteaded. She retired as Superintendent of public schools. She and Kenneth adopted four children listed below. Kenneth died in 1950 and Ethel on Nov.30, 1970; they are buried in Willow Grove Cemetery. Their children:
          1. James Carson Connor was born on Aug.8, 1913, in Hanna Carbon, Wyoming. On Dec.26, 1946, in Buffalo, Wyoming, he married Patricia Marie Davis, born Nov.4, 1925, in Manhattan, New York. They had two children listed below. James died on Jun.20, 1951, in Circle, Montana, and Patricia on Jan.27, 1989, in Buffalo. They are buried in Willow Grove Cemetery, Buffalo. Their children:
            1. Carolyn Marie Connor was born on Feb.18, 1948. On Dec.26, 1966, she married Gary Fred Bybee and they had two children, Cameron Michael Bybee born Jun.17, 1969, and Kyrsten Connor Bybee, born Aug.18, 1972. Gary and Carolyn were divorced in 1976 and Carolyn remarried in 1985 to Jerry Wayne Liechti.
            2. James Stephen Connor was born on Aug.22, 1949. On Jul.2, 1981, in Las Vegas, Nevada, he married Donna Dee Napoli. They had a son, Justin James Connor, born Jun.19, 1983.
          2. Ruth Connor was born on Jan.13, 1920, in Detroit, Michigan. She married Alvin Ayers and they had two daughters. Ruth died in Citrus Heights, California, in 1996.
          3. Betty Jane Marie Connor was born on Nov.3, 1922, in Detroit, Michigan. On Jul.20, 1946, in Evanston, Wyoming, she married Robert Terry and they had seven children, Michael, Robert, Linda Jo, Betty Jean, Kenneth Carson, Lee James, Steven Harold and William Alan Terry. Betty died on Jul.1, 1996, in Ogden, Utah.
          4. Kathleen Connor was born on Jun.30, 1942, in Denver, Colorado, and lives in Lincoln, Nebraska.
        2. John A. McKibbin was born in Michigan in 1882. While playing football in high school he received an injury that became cancerous and caused his death in 1905. He is buried in Gaylord, Michigan.
        3. Florence Kathryn McKibbin was born on Feb.14, 1885, in Gaylord, Michigan. On Aug.23, 1905, she married Arthur Green in Gaylord and they moved first to New Castle, Wyoming, and then to Buffalo, Wyoming, in 1906. Arthut must have died, for in 1911 Florence was married for the second time to Earl O. Henderson. Florence and Earl homesteaded near Buffalo (her sister Ethel homesteaded next to them) and had one child. Earl died in 1975 and Florence on Feb.7, 1978; they are buried in Willow Grove Cemetery. Their daughter:
          1. Ethel Henderson married a man named Pheasant and lives in Riverton, Wyoming.
        4. James R. McKibbin was born in Hudson Township, Charlevoix, Michigan, on Dec.2, 1886. On Sep.22, 1908, he married Mabel Connell in Bay City, Michigan, and they lived in Gaylord. James died on Jun.25, 1963, and he and his wife are buried in Fairview Cemetery, Gaylord.
        5. Caroline A. McKibbin married Ross Jackson and lived in Tisdale, Saskatchewan, Canada.
        6. Thomas McKibbin died as an infant.
      4. Andrew McKibbin married and lived in Wallaceburg, Ontario. He had six children, but his wife died of consumption while quite young and the children were brought up by other members of the family. The children of Andrew's first marriage are listed below. He remarried and is believed to have had another large family but there is no further information.
        1. Albert McKibbin became a barber and married a woman named Rose. Their daughter Lillian married and had a daughter named Pamela who married, had a son and a daughter and was later divorced.
        2. Blanche McKibbin was brought up by her aunts, Eliza and Isabel McKibbin. She was married in Toronto and moved first to Vancouver and later to California. She had two daughters.
        3. Jean McKibbin married Charles Walker.
        4. Edna McKibbin who was adopted by her uncle Archibald McKibbin.
        5. ``Kibbie'' McKibbin.
        6. A third son.
      5. Mary McKibbin married William Armstrong of Brussels, Ontario, and had seven children, Florence, Jean, Glen, James, Thomas, Harold and Wilbur Armstrong. Florence married and had a son and a daughter.
      6. Margaret Ellen McKibbin married a man named McEwen and they had two daughters, Mayme who never married and Jennie who died at about four years of age.
      7. Eliza Jane McKibbin was unmarried.
      8. Samuel McKibbin became an M.D. and is believed to have worked with miners in the neighbourhood of Denver, Colorado. He married Bertha and had children Margaret and John Alexander McKibbin.
      9. Archibald McKibbin became a Presbyterian minister in the London, Ontario area. He authored several books including ``The Old Orchard''. He married Elizabeth Mellis(?) and adopted his niece, Edna McKibbin, when her mother died.
      10. Sarah McKibbin was born on Oct.10, 1860, in Turnberry Township, Huron County. On Aug.4, 1887, she married Hugh Campbell of Hullett Township, Huron County, and they lived in Kinistino, Manitoba, Turnberry Township, Hullett Township Brussels, Ontario, and Walton, Ontario. They had three daughters and a son listed below. Sarah died on Apr.1, 1942, Hugh on Jul.28, 1962. They are both buried in Brussels cemetery.
        1. Gertrude Jean Campbell married John MacDonald of Brussels and they and had a son Alvin Campbell MacDonald and a daughter Jean MacDonald. Alvin married Vera Mole and had a daughter Lynn. She married John Davies and had a son Christopher born about 1978 and a daughter Shannon born about 1981.
        2. Edith Garnet Campbell married George Carter of Londesboro on Apr.20, 1918. They had two children, Glen and Beryl Carter. Glen Carter married Doreen Armstrong and they had three children, Cathy, Larry and Colleen Carter. Beryl Carter married Watson Reid and now lives (1994) at 38 Main, Seaforth, Ontario. They have children David (born 1957), Donna (born 1959) and Danny (born 1965) Reid. Donna married Harry Arts on Jun.5, 1982, and they live in Seaforth, Ontario.
        3. Archibald McKibbin Campbell married Jean McNeilage Robertson. They have no children.
        4. Hazel Sara Campbell was born on Jan.31, 1895, and married Gordon Maxwell Kerr. They had three children, Gordon Bruce Kerr, Margaret Aileen Kerr and Ian McKibbin Kerr. Bruce married Susan Reece and had a daughter, Debra Diane Kerr who was married to and divorced from a man named Wolfgang. Bruce and Susan were divorced and he was married to Norma Law; they had two children Holly Margaret and Michael Charles Kerr. In 1994, Hazel Kerr's address is 1631 Earlstone Av., Victoria, B.C. V8P 2Z6.
      11. Kate McKibbin married William Smith, lived at Markham and had a daughter Alice Smith. Alice married Karl Heisey and they lived at 160 Winnick Crescent, Toronto 12, Canada. Alice Heisey recorded part of this story of the Canadian McCloy and McKibbin families and had a bible in which the marriage of Jean McCloy and Thomas McKibbin was recorded. Alice and Karl Heisey had three boys, Allan, Lawrence and Karl. All married and had children.
      12. Anna Bella McKibbin married Fred Thompson. She had four children Bert, Roy, Bessie and Annabel but died during the birth of the last.
      13. Isobel Reid McKibbin became a regular reporter for a Toronto newspaper. She never married and helped raise Blanche and Annabel.

  2. William McCloy, our ancestor, was born in Carnlough, County Antrim in 1784 and married Marjorie Beaumont. A lease dated Apr.30, 1823, indicates that William had secured the holding of more than 37 acres in Deerpark West where his uncle Alexander McCloy had farmed. In the Griffith Valuation of about 1860 William is listed as holding about 75 acres of land worth 22 pounds in the townland of Munie South, parish of Tickmacrevan, from the Earl of Antrim. On that property is a house worth 3 pounds. William also subleased a house and garden worth 30 shillings to John Burnim and an ``office'' (shed) worth 5 shillings to William McKellip. Between Feb.28, 1828, and Aug.18, 1830, William was granted a lease in North Munie and he is included in the 1832 Tithe Applotment Records for Upper Munie, Parish of Tickmacrevan. William died on Dec.27, 1862, aged 78. The children of William and Marjorie McCloy are listed separately below.

  3. Robert McCloy was born about 1787 and died on Dec.18, 1820, aged 33.

  4. Jane McCloy was born about 1791 and died unmarried at the age of 70 in 1861.

  5. Mary McCloy was born about 1794, was baptized on Jan.9, 1794, and died unmarried on Apr.5, 1822.

  6. Samuel McCloy was born about 1796 and died on July 14, 1835, aged 36.

  7. Daniel McCloy was born in 1798 and inherited the Munie farm and ``Parkview'' house when his father died. He is included along with "Widow McCloy" (presumably his mother) in the 1832 Tithe Applotment Records for Lower Munie, Parish of Tickmacrevan. In the Griffith Valuation of about 1860 Daniel is listed as holding 79 acres of land valued at 21 pounds in the townland of Munie North, parish of Tickmacrevan, from the Earl of Antrim. The house on this property is valued at 2 pounds and 5 shillings and is probably the ancestral home known as ``Parkview''. The front of this house and the roof were probably built around 1825. Also from the Griffith Valuation we learn that Daniel subleased small houses worth 5 shillings to Alexander Buntin, John McGavock, Charles Hamill and Hyndman McGuickan. In 1863, he also acquired the 14 acre farm in North Munie previously held by John McCloy. He may also have had other, smaller holdings in the area. Daniel McCloy married Anne White from Whitehall, Broughshane, a primitive painting of whom was found among the works of Lady I. Kerr. Anne insisted on ``Parkview'' being extended. Today it retains more or less the same style as she gave it in the early 1800s. The view from the house is breath-taking. Daniel farmed the lands around Parkview and Munie as well as ``Longfield'' which probably refers to his holding in the Deerpark. The land was partly arable and partly hilly where sheep were grazed. Daniel died on Apr.4, 1878, aged 79, and he and his family are remembered in the following gravestone inscription from the Old Glenarm Churchyard at Glebe: ``Erected by Daniel McCloy in memory of his beloved children. Marjorie McCloy who died August 1852 aged 14 years. Also Joseph McCloy who died March 1853 aged 2 years. Also William McCloy, M.D. who died in India August 1862 aged 32 years. Also Daniel John McCloy who died Oct. 1870 aged 25 years. (Also the a)bove (Daniel McC)loy who died 6th April 1877 aged 79 years, Ann his wife who died 20th Dec. 1883 aged 76 years.'' Daniel also left a will in which, after making provisions for his wife, he left five pounds to each of his daughters, Mary, Ann Eliza and one other. He also left five pounds to his son Alexander and he left the farm which had previously been intended for his deceased son Daniel John to his son Samuel. The children of Daniel and Ann McCloy:
    1. Ellen McCloy was born about 1827 and died on Mar.9, 1906, at the age of 79.
    2. William McCloy was born in 1830 and became a doctor in India. He died there unmarried in August, 1862.
    3. Margaret McCloy was born in 1838 and was married in the Glenarm Presbyterian Meetinghouse on May 1, 1858, to William John Miller, a full-age bachelor and farmer from Craigs whose father, James Miller, was a farmer. The witnesses were Thomas White and Edmund Morrow. William and Margaret had three children before emigrating to New Zealand. They left their eldest son, James Miller, behind in Ireland in the care of Margaret's parents but took the other two with them. In New Zealand they had another 5 children. Margaret died in 1904. The children of William and Margaret Miller:
      1. James Miller, the eldest son, was left behind in the care of his grandparents when his parents emigrated to New Zealand. He used to write to his siblings signing his letters, ``Your unwanted brother''. James changed his last name to McCloy. He had a family including a granddaughter, Irene Bourton.
      2. seven other Miller children who grew up in New Zealand.
    4. Marjorie McCloy was born about 1838 and died in August 1852 aged 14.
    5. Samuel McCloy was born about 1841 and was married in the Glenarm Presbyterian Meetinghouse on Dec.19, 1866, to Rosetta Craig, a full age spinster (born 1848) from Gortnacory, Carnlough, whose father was Samuel Craig, a farmer. Samuel is listed as of full age, a bachelor farmer from Munie whose father was Daniel McCloy, a farmer. Daniel McCloy witnessed the marriage. Samuel was living in Munie North at the time of his marriage. In 1878 Samuel inherited his father's two farms in North Munie as well as "Parkview" and the 16 acres in Deerpark West. By 1880 he had also obtained a lease on an adjacent 13 acre farm in Deerpark West. Samuel was for many years a Poor-Law Guardian, an elected position equivalent today to a town councillor. In an 1890 list of tenants he is listed as holding more than 93 acres in North Munie. Rosetta McCloy died on Feb.27, 1894, at the age of 46 and is buried in the old Glenarm graveyard at Glebe where her gravestone reads: ``Erected by Samuel McCloy in memory of his beloved wife Rosetta Craig who died 27th Feb. 1894 aged 46 years.'' On Sep.9, 1897, Samuel married again, to Elizabeth (Lizzie) Morrow, born on Nov.2, 1866, the daughter of Edmund Morrow and Elizabeth (McCarroll) of Longfield. In the 1901 Census, Samuel McCloy, a 59-year-old farmer, is listed as residing in the townland of Munie North with his wife, Lizzie, aged 34, and their 2-year-old daughter Annie. Two servants, Joseph Morrow and Lucy McLaughlin, are also included in the household. The family is listed as Presbyterian. Samuel died on Oct.5, 1908 and is buried in the old Glenarm graveyard at Glebe where his gravestone reads: ``Erected by Elizabeth McCloy in loving memory of her husband Samuel McCloy who died 5th October 1908 at the age of 67 years.'' Elizabeth continued to fram there until her son came of age. She died on Jan.1, 1945, aged 78. Samuel and Elizabeth McCloy had three children:
      1. Annie White McCloy was born in 1899 and is listed as residing with her parents in Munie North in the 1901 Census.
      2. Elizabeth McCarroll McCloy was born in 1902.
      3. Daniel William McCloy was born on Mar.10, 1904. He inherited the family home ``Parkview'' about 150 yards from the previous family home in Munie. We speculate that this may have been the ancestral home previously occupied by his grandfather's brother, William McCloy. Daniel William McCloy married Rachel Moore who was born on Oct.17, 1901. He died in 1940 at the young age of 35. After his death his wife and children sold ``Parkview'' and moved to Gracehill near Ballymena. There Rachel worked as a schoolteacher. Daniel William and Rachel McCloy had four children.
    6. Mary McCloy was born about 1843 and, on Jun.9, 1864, married David Davison in the old church. David, born about 1834, was the son of James Davison and administered the will of his father-in-law, Daniel McCloy. Mary received five pounds from her father's will.
    7. Daniel John McCloy was born about 1845 and died unmarried in Oct. 1870 at the age of 25.
    8. Ann Eliza McCloy married a man named Johnston and emigrated to New Zealand. Ann Eliza received five pounds from her father's will.
    9. Alexander McCloy received five pounds from his father's will.
    10. Jane McCloy was born about 1851 and was married on Jan.11, 1872, to James Kell of Belfast, a teacher. In 1876 James was appointed the teacher in the Longfield School near Glenarm.
    11. Joseph McCloy was born in 1851 and died at the age of two in March, 1853.

  8. Agnes McCloy, also known as Nancy, was born about 1799. About 1828, she married farmer William Davison of Shillanavogy, parish of Racavan, County Antrim, born about 1799. The Davisons had lived in the parish of Racavan for some time; Andrew Davison of Ballygelly townland and James Davison of Broughshane Upper townland are both included in the 1669 Hearth Money Rolls. William and Nancy Davison lived out their lives on their farm in Shilnavogy. Their grandson Samuel used to visit James Earls and his sisters in Islandmagee, County Antrim. William died in Shilnavogy on Oct.27, 1874, at the age of 75; his son John was present at his death. Agnes died in Shilnavogy on Oct.7, 1877, aged 78. Her son William Davison of Shilnavogy was present at her death. William and Nancy Davison's children:
    1. Eliza Davison was born in 1824. About 1842 she married William Muirhead or Moorhead, born in County Antrim about 1820. William was the son of John Muirhead and his wife, Jennie Mills, and inherited their farm called ``Hillhead'' in the townland of Ballynacaird, parish of Racavan, where he and Eliza lived out their lives. William died in Ballynacaird on Nov.11, 1886, at the age of 66; his son Andrew was present at his death. Eliza died in Ballynacaird on Feb.6, 1892; Andrew was also present at her death. An obituary which appearred in a local paper described her as ``quiet, amiable and unassuming''. Both William and Eliza are buried at Buckna Presbyterian Church, parish of Racavan. The children of William and Eliza Muirhead:
      1. Jane Moorhead, known as Jennie, was born at ``Hillhead'' in 1843. About 1863 she married Samuel Moorhead, a farmer and travelling butcher. Samuel's parents were James Moorhead and his wife, Esther Jane McNeill. Samuel and Jane lived in Cravery near Kells for many years. Much later they moved back to the farm of their son, Thomas, at "Causeyend" in the townland of Kilnacolpagh, parish of Racavan. The present address for ``Causeyend'' is 21 Kilnacolpagh Road, Aughafatten, Ballymena. Jane died at ``Causeyend'' on May 31, 1913, and Samuel died there on Jan.2, 1934. They are buried in a family plot in Racavan cemetery. Jane and Samuel's children:
        1. James Moorhead was born in 1864 and died in 1889 at the age of 24.
        2. Sarah Jane Moorhead was born at ``Causeyend'', Kilnacolpagh, on Feb.12, 1866. On Jul.28, 1884, she married shoemaker William Millar Muirhead (or Moorhead) of Ballynacaird in the Second Presbyterian Church, Racavan. William had been born on Mar.1, 1861, in Teenis, County Antrim, the son of William Muirhead and his wife, Mary Ann Millar; he had a twin sister, Martha. William and Sarah Jane emigrated to Canada about 1890 and lived in Saskatchewan, Manitoba and British Columbia. William died in New Westminster, British Columbia, on Jul.30, 1921. Sarah Jane died in Vancouver, British Columbia, on Jul.23, 1939, and was buried in Ocean View Burial Park. William and Sarah Jane Muirhead had at least 12 children:
          1. Mary Anne Muirhead was born in County Antrim on Mar.7, 1885. She married Wes Roseberr and died in Saskatoon, Manitoba, on Oct.13, 1964.
          2. Sarah Muirhead was born in County Antrim on Feb.14, 1887. She married John Boyle and was killed in a grass fire in Saskatoon on Apr.30, 1912.
          3. James Muirhead was born in County Antrim on Mar.9, 1889. He married Mattie Irene Trask on Mar.14, 1922, in N. Battleford and died on Apr.9, 1961, in Spruce Lake, Saskatchewan.
          4. William John Muirhead was born in Manitoba in March, 1890. He died unmarried in Vancouver, B.C., on Mar.8, 1954.
          5. Jennie Muirhead was born in Manitoba on Apr.5, 1894. She married William Passenger and died in Vancouver, B.C., on Dec.12, 1951.
          6. Currell R. Muirhead was born in Roleau, Manitoba, on Apr.20, 1898. He married Alice Dixon in N. Battleford on Apr.7, 1921, and died in Tacoma, Wash., on Jun.21, 1963.
          7. Cecil Davidson Muirhead was born in Davidson, Manitoba, on May 10, 1900. He married Mary Huffman and died on Apr.3, 1976; he is buried in Fort St. James, B.C.
          8. Samuel Muirhead was born in Manitoba and died from scalding at the age of two.
          9. Graham Muirhead was born in Manitoba in 1904. He married a woman named Mary and died in Saskatchewan on May 22, 1955.
          10. Earl Victor Muirhead was born in Arizona, Manitoba, on Aug.23, 1905. He married Cora Ellen Miller in the Knox United Church, Prince George, British Columbia, on Dec.8, 1926. Their daughter, Alverna A. Muirhead Mallery of 2382 Trillium Terrace, Duncan, B.C. V9L 3Z4, provided this information on the Muirhead and Davison families. Earl Muirhead died in Quesnel, B.C., on Oct.14, 1983.
          11. Stanley Thomas Muirhead was born in Estevan, Saskatchewan, on Nov.13, 1907. He married Hilda Spooner Gould in Vancouver, B.C., on Jul.18, 1961 and died on May 17, 1986.
          12. Wilson McClure Muirhead was born in Turtleford, Saskatchewan, on Jul.12, 1910. He married Marie Assman and died in Prince George, B.C., on May 18, 1984.
        3. William Davidson Moorhead was born on Jan.17, 1867, and emigrated to Canada. On Feb.3, 1898, he was married to Isabel Nancy McDonald in Estevan, Saskatchewan. William died in Estevan on Feb.19, 1929.
        4. Elizabeth Anne Moorhead, known as Lizzie, was born on Mar.22, 1871, and emigrated to Canada. On Jan.6, 1892, she married James Routly in Carberry, Manitoba. She died in July 1955 in Calgary, Alberta.
        5. Thomas Moorhead was born at ``Causeyend'' on Apr.16, 1875, and inherited the farm from his Aunt Sally. He lived and farmed there for the rest of his life. He married Margaret McAuley whose father James was a blacksmith and whose mother was Eliza Rea, born Dec.3, 1854. Thomas died at ``Causeyend'' on Apr.10, 1942. Thomas and Margaret had nine children all born at ``Causeyend'' as follows:
          1. Jinnie Moorhead, born on Mar.22, 1914, married Harry Clarke and had one daughter, Margaret Clarke who died Jan.29, 2003.
          2. Samuel Moorhead, born on Jun.15, 1915, married Maggie McCullough and had one daughter and three sons.
          3. Elizabeth Moorhead, born Oct.9, 1916, married Jim Kelly on Nov.11, 1942, and had four daughters.
          4. James Moorhead was born on Mar.10, 1918, and died in 1920.
          5. William Moorhead, born May 6, 1919, did not marry.
          6. James Moorhead, born Nov.2, 1920, married Isabel Morrow on Aug.15, 1958, and had three daughters and two sons.
          7. Sarah Moorhead, born May 9, 1922, married Samuel Moore on Apr.14, 1949, and had children:
            1. son
            2. Lorna Moore married Tom Morrow (t.morrow@qub.ac.uk), currently (2003) Reader in Physics at Queens University, Belfast.
          8. Andrew Moorhead, born Oct.4, 1925, married Jean Clarke on Oct.8, 1955, and had a son and two daughters.
          9. David Moorhead, born Dec.20, 1931, married Nance Alexander in June, 1957, and had a son and a daughter. David now farms ``Causeyend'' with his son Tom and brother William. David's daughter Rae married Brian Kirk and lives in Ballymena.
          10. John Moorhead, born in Nov. 1932 married Margaret Rose Millar in 1956 and had a daughter and two sons.
        6. Mary Moorhead, born on Mar.9, 1872, married a man named Departy and died of Ptomain poisoning when she was quite young.
        7. Andrew Moorhead was born on Jun.6, 1879, and emigrated to Canada. He married Elizabeth Mary Martin and died in Vancouver, British Columbia, on Nov.23, 1950.
        8. Esther Moorhead, born on Jan.21, 1877, married William McCleary.
        9. Margaret Moorhead emigrated to Canada and, on Sep.5, 1904, was married in Fernie, British Columbia, to William John Sanderson.
        10. Jack Moorhead emigrated to Canada. He married a woman named Betsy and died in Montana, USA, at the age of 94.
        11. Martha Moorhead was born on Apr.9, 1885, and emigrated to Canada. She was married twice, her first husband being Jack Allison. She emigrated to USA with her second husband George F. Logan and died in Toppenish, Washington, in 1987 at the age of 102.
        12. Samuel Moorhead was born in 1883 and emigrated to Canada where he took part in the Yukon gold rush of 1898 and then emigrated to USA. He died unmarried in Washington in 1958 at the age of 75.
        13. Jennie Moorhead emigrated to America. She married George Rhodes and died in the U.S.A.
      2. Mary Moorhead married William John Moore on Jun.25, 1873. She emigrated to Canada where she died in 1928.
      3. William Moorhead, born on Apr.17, 1846, married Margaret Russel and they emigrated to Canada. William died on Aug.5, 1920.
      4. Nancy Moorhead, born on Mar.25, 1848, died at ``Causeyend'' in 1855 at the age of 7.
      5. Elizabeth Moorhead, born on Feb.6, 1850, married George Mills. She died in 1930.
      6. Andrew Moorhead was born on Feb.13, 1852, and died unmarried on Nov.20, 1940. He is buried at Buckna Presbyterian Church, parish of Racavan.
      7. Sarah Moorhead, born on Feb.11, 1854, married Charles Boyle. They had 11 children. Sarah died on Feb.7, 1926.
      8. Thomas Moorhead, born on Feb.25, 1855, died unmarried on Feb.7, 1927. He is buried at Buckna Presbyterian Church, parish of Racavan.
      9. Nancy Moorhead, born on Jul.14, 1860, died in 1878 at the age of 17.
      10. Margaret Anne Moorhead, born on May 11, 1858, married John Muirhead. She emigrated to Canada and died on Dec.19, 1939, in Douglas, Manitoba.
      11. Charlotte Moorhead, born on Nov.7, 1865, married Samuel McFetridge and died on Jun.21, 1917, in Manitoba, Canada.
      12. John Moorhead was born on Oct.29, 1863, and emigrated to Canada. He married Jennie Lobb and died on Dec.31, 1938.
      13. Martha Moorhead, born on Mar.12, 1866, died in Ireland on Jan.25, 1894, at the age of 22.
      14. Hannah Moorhead was born on Feb.28, 1872, and emigrated to Canada. She married John Blair and died on May 27, 1968, in Douglas, Manitoba.
    2. William Davison was born on Oct.1, 1829. He was married twice. He first married Susan McMullan of Carnalbanagh on Jun.20, 1853, in Glenarm non-subscribing Presbyterian Church. They had two children, Susan and Alexander, listed below. William's first wife, Susan, died fairly young and William was married for the second time on Aug.1, 1870, to Mary Robinson of Racavan, born about 1839. Mary and William had three children listed below. William was interred on Nov.12, 1913, at the age of 84. Mary died on May 4, 1920, at the age of 81. William's children:
      1. Susan Davison, the daughter of William and Susan, was born on Mar.18, 1854. On Oct.5, 1871, in Glenarm non-subscribing Presbyterian Church, she married Dr. Alexander Turk of Carnalbanagh, born in 1839 the son of John Turk and Elizabeth (Alexander). Dr. Turk was a highly respected local physician who had studied medicine at Glasgow University and who served the local community for many decades. Susan died on Feb.15, 1899. Alex remarried and died on Oct.27, 1929, at the age of 90. Susan and Alex had six children including:
        1. Barbara Turk emigrated to the USA.
        2. William Turk emigrated to the USA.
        3. Nathaniel Turk was born in 1880, emigrated to the USA and died in 1975.
        4. Mary Turk was born in 1888 and married William Thompson of Carnalbanagh. They raised 12 children including John, Andrew, William, Nathaniel, James and Guy Thompson.
      2. Alexander Davison, the son of William and Susan, was born on Oct.22, 1856.
      3. Samuel Davison of Shillanavogy, the son of William and Mary, was born about 1871 and died unmarried in 1959; he used to visit James Earls and his sisters in Islandmagee.
      4. James Arthur Davison died unmarried in 1959.
      5. Martha Davison was unmarried.
    3. Alexander Davison was born in 1837 and, on Dec.4, 1856, married Helena McMullin, a widow from Magheramully. Helena's maiden name was McMullan and her first husband was probably William McMullin. She had 3 children by that first marriage, one Ellen McMullin who married John Morrow of Drumcrow. Helena died shortly after marrying Alexander Davison. On Mar.4, 1864, in Glenarm non-subscribing Presbyterian Church. Alexander then married Sarah Morrow of the Mill, Deerpark, born about 1838. Alexander died and was interred on Jan.26, 1901, aged 64; Sarah died in 1921. Children of Alexander and Sarah Davison:
      1. David Davison was born in 1870 and, in 1908, purchased the McCarroll farm straddling the townlands of Drumcrow and Deerpark. In the early years of the century David ran a grocery store out of his house; he would transport farm products to Belfast and bring back groceries to sell, the trip usually taking three days by horse and cart. In 1913, David married Mary Conly of Bogtown. Around 1931 David bought another farm in Drumcrow that had belonged to David Morrow. Mary had three children but died at the age of 36. David married again in 1938, to Agnes Mills of Drumcrow with whom he had a son. David died in 1951. His children:
        1. James Davison, son of David and Mary, was born in 1917 and married Ciss Mills. He inherited the Drumcrow farm and passed it on to his son, James Davison, his wife Pauline and family. James and Pauline sold the farm in 2006 and moved to Broughshane. The elder James died in 1988.
        2. Mary Davison, daughter of David and Mary,
        3. Alex Davison, son of David and Mary, inherited the second farm that his father had purchased.
        4. David Davison, known as Deates, was the son of David and Agnes. He married Betty ? and they lived in the Killen house in Drumcrow.
    4. Sarah Davison was born about 1838 and interred on Dec.6, 1921, aged 83.
    5. Mary Davison was born about 1839 and interred on May 4, 1920, at the age of 81.
    6. John Davison was born about 1843 and interred on Mar.7, 1922, aged 79.
    7. Nancy Davison was born about 1844 and interred on Jun.10, 1917, at the age of 73.

  9. Joseph F. McCloy was born on May 12, 1804. Joseph emigrated to Ottawa, Canada. On Feb.18, 1828, in Walpole, New Hampshire, Joseph married Pheobe Strong Bellows, born in Walpole on Jun.7, 1802, when Joseph was resident in Nepean, Canada. In 1833 Joseph was in mercantile business in Riverhead, Long Island, and, after 1839, was a miller in Maquoketa, Iowa, where he was living in 1897 at the age of 93. Joseph died in 1898. The children of Joseph and Pheobe McCloy:
    1. Joseph Bellows McCloy was born in Byetown on Apr.4, 1829. He died in Ypsilanti, Michigan, on Sep.7, 1830.
    2. Mary Caroline McCloy was born in Ipswich, New Hampshire, on Jan.21, 1831. She married Pierre Mitchell.
    3. Julia Maria McCloy was born in Riverhead, Long Island on Jul.7, 1833. She died in Maquoketa, Iowa, on Apr.5, 1846.
    4. Pheobe Ann McCloy was born on Jan.18, 1837, near Dubuque, Iowa.
    5. John Cochrane McCloy was born on Feb.28, 1839, in Maquoketa, Iowa. He died in Maquoketa, Iowa, on Feb.28, 1842.


  1. Mary McCloy, our ancestor, was baptized by John Hodges on Jun.3, 1803, in the Church of Ireland, Glenarm, County Antrim. It is possible that Mary was the daughter of William and Marjorie McCloy rather than the granddaughter as we have assumed. On Feb.22, 1826, she married John Earls in St.Patrick's Church (Church of Ireland), Glenarm. Mary died on May 5, 1884, aged 75.

  2. John McCloy was born about 1811. It is possible that John was the son of William and Marjorie McCloy rather than the grandson as we have assumed. He died unmarried on June 22, 1848, at the age of 37.

  3. Esther McCloy, born in 1819, married David Morrow, born in 1809, the son of Miller John Morrow and his wife Catherine McVicker. Following in his father's footsteps (John had helped run a corn mill at a place called the Duck Pond near Glenarm Castle) in the 1830s David acquired a lease on land in Deerpark Farms near the Mill Bridge over the Owencloughy River. There, near the Mill Bridge over the Owencloughy River he built a mill and kilns for the grinding and manufacture of corn. The lease on the land was renewed several times during the 1800s and the mill became quite successful. Later, in 1864, he and Esther inherited the farm in Deerpark West from Esther's father William McCloy. David died on May 22, 1890, aged 81, whereupon the farms passed to his wife Esther who died on Oct.11, 1894, aged 75. Thereafter, the mill and farms were shared by three of their ten children. The children of David and Esther Morrow:
    1. John Morrow was born in 1843 and inherited a share of the farms from his father. John died in 1927.
    2. David Morrow was born in 1853 and inherited a share of the farms from his father. David died in 1923.
    3. James Morrow was born in 1855 and married a woman named Catherine. They had a farm in the townland of Old Church near to Glenarm village and had seven children. James died in 1937. The children of James and Catherine Morrow:
      1. Margaret Morrow was born in 1886 and married Robert Alexander of Deerpark West, born in 1875. Margaret and Robert took over the Deerpark West farm in 1938 when her aunt Eliza Jane died. Margaret died in 1952 and Robert in 1966. Their son:
        1. James Alexander was born in 1929 and married Elizabeth Wharry of Aughagash. They took over the Deerpark West farm from his father. James died in 1978 and the farm is now (2006) run by his son, Hamilton Alexander.
      2. David Morrow was born in 1889 and married Laura Lusk of Killyglen, born in 1890. David purchased the Mill Farm from the estate of his aunt, Eliza Jane, after she died in 1938. David died in 1964 and Laura in 1982. Their children:
        1. Ernest Morrow was born in 1918 and, with his brother Stewart, inherited the Old Church farm from his father. He died unmarried in 2004.
        2. James Morrow was born in 1919 and died in 1987.
        3. Jane Morrow was born in 1921.
        4. Stewart Morrow was born in 1922 and, with his brother Ernest, inherited the Old Church farm from his father. He died unmarried in 1998.
        5. Robert Morrow was born in 1927 and went to work as a chaffeur to Lord Antrim on his Glenarm estate. He married a woman named Doris. When his brothers had died, Robert took over the Old Church farm. His son, Adrian Morrow now operates the farm.
        6. David Morrow, known as Deates, was born in 1921 and married Rachel (McDowell) from Kilwaughter, born in 1920. He inherited the Mill Farm from his father and lived there with his family. Rachel died in 1998. The children of David and Rachel Morrow:
          1. Robin Morrow sold most of the Mill Farm to his second cousin Gordan Morrow and built a house for his wife Sarah (Wright) nearby. Robin runs a tyre retailing business (2006).
        7. Fred Morrow was born in 1935.
      3. John Morrow was born in 1893 and married Elizabeth Wharry of Aughagash, born in 1894. John died in 1966 and Elizabeth in 1961.
      4. Eliza Jane Morrow was born in 1901 and married James Wharry of Aughagash. Eliza Jane died in 1961.
    4. Eliza Jane Morrow was born in 1861 and inherited a share of the farms from her father. Eliza Jane died on Mar.30, 1938, and the Mill farm was then sold to her nephew, David Morrow.

  4. Rose McCloy was born about 1823. On Dec.28, 1846, she married James McKillen (this is the surname recorded by the registrar; the family remembers the name as Mcvicker rather than McKillen; the reason for the discrepancy is not known), 23, a farmer from Straidkilly, parish of Tickmacrevan, County Antrim, the son of John McKillen (McVicker), farmer, in the Parish Church of Glenarm. Rose is listed as 23, a spinster of Munie, Tickmacrevan, the daughter of William McCloy, farmer. Rose McKillen died on Apr.12, 1891, aged 68; James died on Feb.6, 1886, aged 61. Rose and James had one son and 5 daughters:
    1. Esther McVicker was born in 1847 and married Robert Logan.
    2. Marianne McVicker was born in 1848 in Tickmacrevan and died in Belfast.
    3. Rosetta McVicker was born about 1850 and married Joseph McCullough. They had daughters Elizabeth and Rosetta McCullough bornin 1870.
    4. John McVicker was born about 1850 in Tickmacrevan.
    5. Margaret McVicker was born about 1855 in Tickmacrevan.
    6. Elizabeth McVicker, their youngest daughter, was born in 1858 in Tickmacrevan. She married Thomas McCambridge born on Nov.13, 1840, in Tully (above Glenarm Castle) and they had 2 sons and 3 daughters:
      1. James McCambridge was born in 1887 and died in 1888.
      2. Jean McCambridge was born on Jul.31, 1888, in Tully and died on May 21, 1970 in Teddington, Middlesex, England.
      3. Rosetta McCambridge was born on Jan.29, 1890, in Tully and died in Teddington, Middlesex, England.
      4. Mary McCambridge, their youngest daughter, was born on Mar.26, 1892, in Tully. She married Sam Wharry from Aughagash (the son of Esther Morrow and descendant of miller John Morrow) and they lived on a 600 acre farm at the top of the White Hill above Carnlough. Mary died on Sep.28, 1935, at Harphall, Carnlough, and Sam died 1970. Mary and Sam had 2 sons and 4 daughters:
        1. Betsy Wharry was born in 1916 and died in 1919.
        2. Esther Wharry was born on Oct.19, 1917, and married John Keenan of Neath, Wales, in London. Esther died in July, 1988, in Cheltenham, England. John and Esther Keenan's children:
          1. Roger Keenan was born in on Jul.5, 1949, in Derby and married Francoise Fribault.
          2. Mary Keenan was born in 1951.
          3. Elizabeth Keenan was born in 1955.
        3. Jean Elizabeth Wharry was born on Feb.25, 1920, in Harphall, Carnlough, and married Ernest Alan George. Jean died in 1966 and Ernest in 2005. They had three children:
          1. Mary Elizabeth George was born in 1954.
          2. Ernest David George was born in 1957.
          3. Edith Patricia George was born in 1959.
        4. William Wharry was born on Feb.12, 1922, in Harphall, Carnlough and married Anna May Hamilton, born in Carnlough on Sep.29, 1927. William died in Carnlough in 1997. William and Anna had five children:
          1. Mary Wharry was born in 1950.
          2. Nance Wharry was born in 1952.
          3. Esther Wharry was born in 1959.
          4. Samuel Wharry was born in 1961.
          5. Elizabeth Wharry was born in 1968.
        5. Thomas Wharry was born on Mar.26, 1925, in Harphall, Carnlough and married Agnes Stewart, born in 1930. Thomas died in Carnlough in 2000. Thomas and Agnes had children:
          1. Jean Wharry was born in 1961.
          2. Rosemary Wharry was born in 1962.
          3. Joanne Wharry was born in 1965.
          4. Margaret Wharry was born in 1968.
        6. Annie McVicker Wharry, their youngest daughter, was born in Harphall, Carnlough, on Oct.26, 1933, and married Earnest Alan George in Fort William, Ontario, Canada on Mar.25, 1967. Annie and Ernest had children:
          1. Alison Jean George was born in 1968.
          2. Ian Alan George was born in 1970 and provided information on this branch of the family (ian_george_ab@yahoo.ca).
      5. John McCambridge was born on Jun.10, 1895, and died in Teddington, Middlesex, England on Nov.10, 1976.

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