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The following family may or may not be connected with the Dowds of Chapter 5:

John Dowds was a joiner. He married Mary Reid and they lived at 58 Tates Avenue, Belfast. They had a son:

  1. John Harold Dowds was born at 58 Tates Avenue, Belfast, on Aug, 26, 1902. He married Doreen Cecelia Adair and they had a son, Anthony, listed below. John died in Durban, Natal, South Africa on May 15, 1990.
    1. Anthony Dowds married Glenda Joy Bolton, born on Aug.17, 1943, in Mufulira, Northern Rhodesia (Zambia). Glenda died on Dec.10, 1991. Anthony and Glenda had three children:
      1. Ashley Dowds married Antoinette Ridderhof on Sep.8, 1990, in Durban, South Africa, and they have two children, Connor Ashley Dowds and Garion Benjamin Dowds.
      2. Sean Dowds married Michelle Smith and they have one child, Jordan Grace Dowds.
      3. Michele Bridgit Dowds

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