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Apart from the Earls of Fermanagh, the Tithe Applotment Index for the period 1824-60 and the Griffith Survey of 1850-56 list Earls families living in other parts of Ireland as follows:

  1. Kilconnell, Killallaghton, Killmerdaly and Ballymacward near Aughrim, County Galway.
  2. Moyrus near Clifden, County Galway.
  3. Urne(?) near Belturbet, County Cavan.
  4. Enniskeen near Kingscouet, County Cavan.
  5. Rossinver, County Leitrim.
  6. Kileely and Limerick City, County Limerick.
  7. Lackan near Lackan Bay, County Mayo.
  8. Monaghan, County Monaghan.
  9. Clonfinlough near Strokestown, County Roscommon.
  10. Templeboy near Dromore West and Sligo, County Sligo.
  11. Kilshanny and Kilfarboy near Miltown Malbay, County Clare.
  12. Inagh, Kilnady near Ennis, County Clare.
  13. Finogh near Newmarket-on-Fergus, County Clare.
  14. Clonlea, Killnaghty and Kilfentinan near Sixmilebridge, County Clare.
  15. Kiltonanlea near Limerick, County Clare.
A master list of baptisms recorded in parish registers yielded the following list of Earls families in County Clare:

In the following we reconstruct some of the Earls families from Clare, Galway and Limerick.

In the mid-1970s correspondence with Brian Earls of Dundrum, Dublin outlined his family heritage in County Clare. We summarize it here though it is likely that this Roman Catholic family is, at best, very distantly related.

John Earls (or Mac an Iarla) was an Irish-speaking farmer born in 1811 in the Miltown Malbay area near Ennistown, County Clare. His wife Mary Kinoulty or McNulty was from the same area. During the famine they were evicted from their land and moved to Miltown Malbay. They are both buried in Kilfarboy (another record says he was buried at Murhane, near Inagh). They had two sons:

  1. John B. Earls was born in 1845. An Irish-speaking farmer, he married Bridget O'Halloran from Doolough near Miltown Malbay who brought a house in Doolough. They had six children:
    1. Mary Earls
    2. Patrick Earls who may have lived in west Clare at Claham Mor near Kilkee or at Cahershirkin.
    3. Maurice Earls was a storyteller who lived at Doolough. He married Honora O'Loughlin from Doonogan and they had six children including:
      1. Thomas Earls, the eldest, married Bridget Hanrahan (the daughter of John Hanrahan and Ellen Lenihan) born in 1860 in Drumbaun not far from Miltown Malbray. They had six children including:
        1. James Earls with whom I corresponded by e-mail.
    4. John Earls who may have lived in west Clare at Claham Mor near Kilkee or at Cahershirkin.
    5. Thomas Earls was born at Doolough. He joined the Ordnance Survey in Dublin and later became an inspector with the Land Commission. Thomas believed the family originally came from County Wicklow and went west during one of the 17th century confiscations. Tom died in 1960.
      1. John Earls, the son of Thomas, was the father of Brian Earls of Dundrum, Dublin.
    6. James Earls who may have lived in west Clare at Claham Mor near Kilkee or at Cahershirkin.
  2. Charles B. Earls was born in 1849.

From the LDS records:

Thomas Earls was born about 1845 in Lisduff, Attymon, Galway. He married Bridget Kelly born about 1849 and from the same village. They had a son:

  1. Michael Joseph Earls, born Sep.2, 1871, in Lisduff. Michael died in Newton, Massachussetts on Apr.24, 1933, and is buried in the Calvary Cemetery, Waltham.

Alan R. Earls (alan.earls@comcast.net) of Franklin, Massachussetts, USA, sent me the following family history in 2001:

Martin Earls was born about 1792 and became a farmer in the townland of Cloghoolia, in the parish of Clonlea (or Kilkishen), once also part of the Parish of O'Callaghan's Mills. Cloghoolia is about four miles south of the village of Kilkishen and about three miles northeast of the village of Sixmilebridge in County Clare. Oatfield is a townland adjacent to Cloghoolia and this family remember Oatfield as their origin. He married Margaret Ryan. The Griffith Valuation of 1855, record that Martin and a John Earls (perhaps his brother) leased houses (each worth 10 shillings), shed and 26 acres of land in Cloghoolia from George Studdert. In addition Martin leased a house worth 6 shillings to Catherine Earls. Martin Earls died on Apr.20, 1867, at the age of 75. His son, Martin, registered his death. Margaret died on Feb.11, 1881, at the age of 80. Son Michael registered her death. The parish baptism records do not begin until 1836 and thereafter record the following children of Martin and Margaret Earls:

  1. Bridget Earls was married on Feb.27, 1870, in the Roman Catholic Church in O'Callaghan's Mills to Jeremiah Elligott, a full aged farmer of Ballycar. The witnesses were Michael Neill and Nora Ryan. Jeremiah and Bridget lived in Ballycar, about two miles south of Clogholia. The 1901 Census, lists them as living at Ballycar North. Jeremiah Elligott (who could read and write) is listed as 60 years old, the head of the family, and his wife, also 60, with their children, Margaret, Michael and Mary. According to the baptismal records their children were:
    1. Mary Elligott was baptized in the Parish of O'Callaghan's Mills on Apr.4, 1871, her sponsors being Patrick Earls and Mary Quin.
    2. Michael Elligott was baptized in the Parish of O'Callaghan's Mills on Aug.11, 1872, his sponsors being Patrick Earls and Catherine Earls.
    3. Mary Elligott was baptized in the Parish of O'Callaghan's Mills on Jul.4, 1874, her sponsors being Patrick Earls and Bridget O'Neill.
    4. ? Elligott was baptized in the Parish of O'Callaghan's Mills on Jan.12, 1877, the sponsors being John Donnellan and Catherine O'Neill.
  2. Michael Earls, a full aged farmer of Cloghoolia, was married on Feb.11, 1872, in the Roman Catholic Church in O'Callaghan's Mills to Mary O'Malley, the daughter of farmer Roger O'Malley. Mary was born about 1842. The witnesses were Michael Maloney and Catherine Curtin. After their marriage, Michael and Mary lived on the Earls farm at Cloghoolia. Michael died before the 1901 Census for in that census, Mary Earls, 59, is recorded as a farmer and widow living her four children and grand-daughter Mary Anne O'Brien, aged 3. She could read and write. Her house is described as having a stone walls, a thatched roof, 3 windows to the front and three rooms. The children:
    1. Bridget Earls was baptized in the Parish of O'Callaghan's Mills on Jan.19, 1873, her sponsors being Thomas O'Malley and M. McInerney. On Feb.21, 1897, she was married in the O'Callaghan Mills Roman Catholic Church to James O'Brien, of full age and from Cloghoolia. His father was Martin O'Brien, a farmer, and the witnesses were Martin Earls and Mary McMahon. James and Bridget lived at Cloghoolia and at least three children:
      1. Mary Anne O'Brien was baptized on Dec.18, 1897.
      2. Bridget O'Brien was baptized on Dec.22, 1898.
      3. Martin O'Brien was baptized on Jan.11, 1900.
    2. Martin Earls was baptized in the Parish of O'Callaghan's Mills on Dec.11, 1876, his sponsors being Patrick Earls and Bridget Flannery. He is listed as aged 23 and living with his mother in the 1901 Census. He never married. Martin was an accomplished runner and, in his prime (sometime prior to 1910), was the All Ireland Champion in the mile with a time of 4:21.
    3. Michael Earls was baptized in the Parish of O'Callaghan's Mills on Aug.15, 1878, his sponsors being Michael Flannery and Anne O'Malley. He is listed as aged 21 and living with his mother in the 1901 Census. He never married.
    4. Thomas Earls was baptized in the Parish of O'Callaghan's Mills on Jun.4, 1880, his sponsors being Thomas and Catherine O'Malley. He is listed as aged 19 and living with his mother in the 1901 Census. Thomas left Ireland probably before 1910 and travelled to Boston where he met his uncle, Martin Earls, staying with him in Southbridge until he found a job. Soon he went to work in Hamilton Woolen Mills as a nightwatchman. When the mill closed in the 1960s he continued to work at various factories in Southbridge until well into his 70s. Thomas met Bridget Coughlin (originally Kahalane?) through a mutual friend who lived in South Boston and while Bridget was working as a nanny for the Litchfields, owners of the Litchfield Shuttle Company (situated where the Westville Dam now stands). They were married prior to 1919 and, in 1926, bought a home at 28-30 Collier Street. They had two children:
      1. ? Earls was born in 1919 and married Lottie ?. They had at least one child:
        1. Stephen Earls
      2. Maryann Earls was born in 1921.
    5. Mary Anne Earls was baptized in the Parish of O'Callaghan's Mills on May 7, 1886, her sponsors being John Flannery and Mary McMahon. She is listed as aged 14 and living with her mother in the 1901 Census. On Feb.8, 1921, she was married in the Kilkishen Roman Catholic Church to Matthew Moloney from Cloghoolia whose father was Roddy Moloney, a farmer from Cloghoolia. The witnesses were Roddy Moloney and Mary Anne O'Brien. Roddy and Mary Anne had children.
  3. Mary Earls was baptized in the Parish of O'Callaghan's Mills on Jan.21, 1838, her sponsors being Patrick Fitzgerald and Mary McMahon.
  4. Martin Earls was baptized in the Parish of O'Callaghan's Mills on Sep.21, 1845, his sponsors being Thomas McNamara and Ellen Carroll. He registered his father's death in 1867. Martin married Mary Shaughnessy and they emigrated to the USA, settling in Southbridge, a manufacturing town in south-central Massachussetts. Martin died about 1926 and is buried in Southbridge. Martin and Mary had ten children of whom we presently know only one:
    1. Michael Earls was born in Southbridge in 1875 and became a Jesuit priest as well as a writer, poet and teacher. He attended schools in Southbridge and Memramcook, New Brunswick, before entering Holy Cross College in Worcester, Mass. After graduation and brief stints at Georgetown University and the Grand Seminary in Montreal, he attended the Jesuit novitiate in Frederick, Maryland, and later taught at Boston Collehe High School. He was then a member of the faculty at Holy Cross from 1916 until 1931 and later parish priest in Boston's North End from 1933 until 1935. He died in New York on Jan.31, 1937, and is memorialized by a stained glass window in the Dinard Library of Holy Cross College. He is featured in a Wikipedia article.
    2. ? Earls was the great grandfather of Alan R. Earls.

John Earls with whom Martin Earls shared the farmland at Cloghoolia was born about 1808 and was almost certainly his brother. He died on Feb.10, 1875, at Cloghoolia at the age of 66. Patrick Earls registered his death.

In 1989, Mary Earls of 8 Gueudecourt, Earlwood, New South Wales, Australia provided information on a family which originated in Miltown Malbay, County Clare. The information was obtained from the church in Miltown Malbay where, incidentally, the local innkeeper is an Earls (it is believed that he was a member of the Earls family of Doolough, parish of Kilmurray-Ibrickane, which is partially outlined above). Mary's husband is the grandson of William Earls (c.1852-1909). The family were Roman Catholic and fierce Irish republicans. Some years later in 2006 Joanne Flynn (Joanneflynn64@vodafone.ie) provide extensive additional information on Catherine Earls and that branch of the family.

William Earls was probably born about 1820 and may have been the son of the Thomas Earls who is listed in the 1825 Tithe Applotment Books as holding two sections of land in Glandine townland, parish of Kilfarboy. William was a farmer, married Mary Talty and they lived in Miltown Malbay, County Clare, Ireland, where all of their children were born. The family emigrated to Australia, perhaps about 1890.

  1. Catherine Earls was baptized on May 19, 1842, and married Thomas McGuane (born about 1835), probably about 1868 or 1869. They lived on Chapel Road (now Church Street) in Miltown Malbay and had nine children of whom only 4 survived childhood and 2 died as young adults so that only 2 grew to marry and have children. The 1901 Census lists Thomas and Catherine as living on Chapel Road with their 12-year-old daughter Catherine. Thomas died in Miltown Malbay on Mar.28, 1905, at the age of 70 and Catherine died at the age of 60 on Dec.12, 1909, in the townland of Clonbony. The children of Thomas and Catherine:
    1. Bridget McGuane was baptized on Jul.22, 1869, and died in Miltown Malbay at the age 5 months.
    2. John McGuane was baptized on May 14, 1871, and died on Jul.21, 1898, in the townland of Clonbony at the age of 26.
    3. Catherine McGuane was baptized on Mar.18, 1876, and died on Dec.16, 1876, in the townland of Clonbony at the age of 9 months.
    4. Ellen McGuane was baptized on Nov.14, 1877, and died on Feb.27, 1879, in the townland of Clonbony at the age of 15 months.
    5. Martin McGuane, a twin, was baptized on Nov.28, 1879. On Oct.16, 1909, in Miltown Malbay, Martin was married to Bridget Dundon, the daughter of Michael Dundon of Clonbony. Martin and Bridget had 5 children:
      1. Mary McGuane was born to Bridget Dundon on May 18, 1906 (no father is listed).
      2. John McGuane was born about 1907 and is listed in the 1911 Census.
      3. Patrick Joseph McGuane was born to Bridget Dundon in the Ennistymon Workhouse on Feb.24, 1909 (no father is listed). Patrick emigrated to America where he is known to have married and raised a family.
      4. Ellen McGuane was born on Jun.30, 1912.
      5. Bridget McGuane was born on Feb.11, 1916.
    6. Thomas McGuane, the other twin, was baptized on Nov.28, 1879, and died on Aug.9, 1880, in the townland of Clonbony at the age of 8 months.
    7. Ellen McGuane was baptized in 1882 and died on Mar.10, 1898, in the townland of Clonbony at the age of 6 months.
    8. Michael McGuane was baptized on May 28, 1883, and probably died as a child.
    9. Catherine McGuane was baptized on Nov.9, 1889. On Feb.5, 1910, in Miltown Malbay, Catherine married Michael Comyns, the son of Michael Comyns (Snr.) and Mary Callinan of Ennistymon Road, Miltown Malbay. Catherine and Michael had 13 children all of whom were born in the parish of Kilfarboy:
      1. Stephen Comyns was baptized on Dec.28, 1910.
      2. Mary Comyns was baptized on May 11, 1912.
      3. Catherine Comyns was baptized on Feb.11, 1914.
      4. Bridget Comyns was baptized on Jan.22, 1916.
      5. Ellen Comyns was baptized on Mar.2, 1918.
      6. Margaret Comyns was baptized on May 30, 1919.
      7. Martin Comyns was baptized on Nov.16, 1921.
      8. Thomas Comyns was baptized on Jul.26, 1925.
      9. Gerard Comyns was baptized on Apr.11, 1927.
      10. Philomena Ita Comyns was baptized on Aug.2, 1928.
      11. Frances Clare Comyns was baptized on Sep.1, 1930.
      12. Patrick Comyns was baptized on May 13, 1933.
      13. Cecilia Theresa Comyns was baptized on Nov.27, 1934.
  2. Thomas Earls, born in 1844, went from Australia to the USA but returned to Australia about 1890. He never married and is listed as a laborer on his death certificate which also records that he had been in New South Wales for 48 years. He died in the Little Sisters of the Poor Home in Randwick, New South Wales, on Oct.27, 1938, at the age of 95 and is buried in Rookwood Cemetery.
  3. Mary Earls was born in 1845.
  4. Anne Earls was born in 1846.
  5. John Earls was born in 1848. Aged about 25 he emigrated to the USA, perhaps the St. Louis area.
  6. Anthony Earls.
  7. Patrick Earls was buried in Australia. He had two sons, John and William Earls.
  8. William Earls was born in 1852. On Sep.20, 1888, he married Maria Kirby, the daughter of James Gubbins Kirby and Honoria formerly Ryan. William and Maria had six children listed below. William died on Sep.25, 1909, and Maria on Apr.7, 1956. William was buried in Australia.
    1. Mary T. Earls was born Jul.10, 1893, and married John Oscar Cramer in Petersham, NSW, on Jan.14, 1922. They had four children:
      1. John Cramer married Peggy Cox and they had three children, Marianne, Janie and Susan Cramer. John died on Oct.31, 1964.
      2. Erle Cramer married Helen Feneley and they had four children, Jennifer, Deborah, Erle Patrick and Catherine Cramer. Catherine Cramer died on Aug.2, 1981, at the age of 17 as the result of an accident. Jennifer Cramer married Desmond Hughes and they have three children, Thomas, Rachel and Richard Hughes. Deborah Cramer married Stephen Davies and had three children, Christopher, Mark and Matthew Davies. Deborah and Stephen were divorced. Deborah then married Rodger Davies and they had two children Felicity and Catherine Davies.
      3. Bronwyn Cramer married Kevin McCann and had three children, Darya, Keran and Matthew McCann. Darya McCann married John O'Mara and had a daughter Erin O' Mara.
      4. Leonie Cramer married Donald Gratton and had three children, Simon, Nigel and Kirby Gratton.
    2. William Kirby Earls, born about 1892, became a clerk of the petty sessions in Lewisham, Sydney, New South Wales. On Apr.22, 1922, he was married in Paddington Municipality to a 21-year-old schoolteacher from Campsie, Mabel Laura Sarchfield, the daughter of Edward Sarchfield, a deceased timekeeper, and Mary Black. They were both Roman Catholic. They had two children listed below. William died on Jun.15, 1965, and Mabel on May 19, 1971.
      1. James Sarchfield Earls married Clare Benson and they had a daughter, Patricia. Clare died on Jun.20, 1980. Patricia Earls married Timothy Kelly and they had a daughter, Belinda Kelly.
      2. Marie Earls married George Bell and they had two sons, Adam and Quentin Bell.
    3. Thomas Earls was born on Oct.18, 1890, and married Stella Higgins in Sydney, NSW, in 1913. They had three children listed below. Thomas died on Aug.21, 1966, and Stella on Jun.8, 1987.
      1. Stella Earls married George Campbell.
      2. John Francis Earls married Adele Gehrig and they had two children John Henry Earls and David Robert Earls. John Henry Earls married Kathy Hogan and had four children, Rachel, Gabrielle, Robert and Thomas James Earls. David Robert Earls died on Jun.14, 1973.
      3. Doreen Earls married Robert Earnest St. George and they had three children. Jennifer Ann St. George born on Nov.27, 1946, Robert Patrick St. George born on Oct.23, 1948, and Terrence St. George born on Jun.18, 1950. Jennifer Ann St. George married James Urquhart and they had seven children, Lee, Susan, Jo-Anne, Christopher, Kate, David and Maryann Urquhart. Terrence St. George married Yvonne Lamont and they had four children, Daniel, Rebecca, Sarah and Luke St. George.
    4. Catherine Earls died unmarried in 1984.
    5. James Kirby Earls was born on May 1, 1896, and married Veronica Mary Murphy (born Jun.19, 1899) on Jun.14, 1928, in Petersham, NSW. They had four children listed below. James died on May 16, 1976, and Veronica on Jun.17, 1975.
      1. Veronica Mary Earls was born on Oct.17, 1929, and became a nun.
      2. William Kirby Earls was born on Apr.2, 1931.
      3. Thomas Francis Earls was born on Sep.18, 1934, and became a priest.
      4. Maurice Kirby Earls married Mary Schneider and they had four children:
        1. David Kirby Earls (email earlsie@bigpond.net.au) was born on Jun.26, 1963, and became a high school teacher in Kiama on the south coast of New South Wales.
        2. John Maurice Earls was born on Jul.13, 1965.
        3. Peter Justin Kirby Earls
        4. Christina Earls
      5. Joseph Earls died young in 1933.
    6. John Earls was born in 1900 and died on Jan.28, 1910.

In 1972 Irene Calvert also had contact with a Mrs. Joyce in Moyrus, Carna, County Galway who said that the Earls family of that region had now dispersed, the last who lived there being Peter Earls:

The line begins with a man named Earls who, according to tradition came from County Clare. Two of his sons:

  1. A son who had a son named Mark Earls who lived in Letterard and is buried at Moyrus.
  2. Thomas Earls who lived in Letterard and was drowned during a fishing expedition. He had a son:
    1. Peter Earls who was born about 1876 in Letterard, Carna. He married Anne Clogherty, the sister of Mrs. Joyce of Moyrus, Carna, County Galway. Peter and Anne went to Providence, Rhode Island but returned to Ireland with their family. They had four children:
      1. Joseph Earls who is now in New York.
      2. Thomas Earls who is now in New York.
      3. Margaret Earls who is now in New York.
      4. Anna Marion Earls married a man named Wall and now lives at 14/21 35th St., Brooklyn, New York.

From Carol Reeve of Portland, Maine, the following additional branch of the Carna, County Galway, family of Earls:

Patrick Earls, born about 1800, married Mary King. They lived in Dooyeher, County Galway, and had at least two children:

  1. Barbara Earls, born in 1830, married Martin M. Mulkern on Apr.24, 1855, in Saint Mary's Church, Dooyeher, Carna, County Galway. The witnesses were Mark Folan and Barbara's sister Catherine. In 1883, Barbara and Martin emigrated to Portland, Maine, USA, along with their children. This family are all buried in the Calvary Cemetery, South Portland, Maine. The children:
    1. Patrick Mulkern
    2. Marie Mulkern
    3. Coleman Mulkern
    4. Margaret Mulkern
    5. Catherine Mulkern
    6. Michael Mulkern
    7. Barbara Mulkern
    8. Stephen Mulkern
  2. Catherine Earls

Frank Watkins of Washington, DC, and Annapolis, Maryland, supplied the information for the following Earls family from County Galway:

  1. John Earls of Cappinagh, Woodlawn, Ireland. Woodlawn, historically known as Mota and Moote, is a village in County Galway, Ireland, between Athenry and Athlone, 10 miles from Ballinasloe and approximately 30 miles from Galway City. The name Woodlawn applies to a wide area, of which Woodlawn railway station, Post Office and the Church of Ireland parish church are the central points. Woodlawn House, about 12 miles northwest of Ballinasloe, is the former seat of the Trench family, and Baron Ashtown. John Earls married a woman named Mary. Mary came to the USA to live with her daughters Bee and Peg in the New York area. John and Mary Earls had eight children:
    1. Katie Earls was born in 1889. She lived in Belle Island, Norwalk, Conn. Katie married Carrol Watkins who came from Bridgetown, Barbados in 1914. Their children:
      1. Carrol Watkins, known as Sonny. He married Evaline and had children, Peter, Anita and Joan. Peter lives in Washington, DC and Anita and Joan live in North Carolina.
      2. John Earls Watkins married Helen Bauer and had children, John, James, Susan, Stephen, Francis, and Timothy. James lives in New Jersey and everyone else lives in the Washington DC area. Francis Watkins an architect in Annapolis, Maryland, and supplied this family information. Frank remembers visiting “cousins” of his father’s who lived in New Jersey.
    2. Bridget Earls, known as Bee, was born in 1890. Bee never married and lived in the New York area.
    3. John Earls, known as Jack, was born in 1892. Jack married Julia and lived in New York and New Jersey and had no children.
    4. Mollie Earls was born in 1894. Mollie Earls, a 19-year-old single domestic from Woodlawn, Ireland, arrived in New York on Oct.2, 1914, aboard the ``Cedric'' from Queenstown. Her father is John Earls of Cappinagh, Woodlawn, Ireland. She is headed for her sister Kate Earls, Belle Island, Norwalk, Conn.
    5. Patrick Earls was born in 1896.
    6. Thomas Earls was born in 1898.
    7. Maggie Earls, known as Peg, was born in 1900. Peg never married and lived in the New York area.
    8. William Earls was born in 1902. William is listed in the 1911 Census of Ireland as a 2 year old.
  2. William Earls of New Inn, Woodlawn, Ireland, may have been a brother of John. William had a daughter:
    1. Mary A. Earls was born about 1890. Mary A. Earls, a 24-year-old single domestic from Woodlawn, Ireland, arrived in New York on May 2, 1914, aboard the ``Baltic'' from Queenstown. Her father is William Earls of New Inn, Woodlawn, Ireland. She is headed for her aunt Bridget Moran, 165 E. 99th Street, NY.

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