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The following genealogy was constructed by Margaret Hunt and Debbie Sontag (sontag@telusplanet.net):

Thomas Mercer was born in 1744 in Hillsborough, County Down, and on May 1, 1772, in Hillsborough Parish Church, married Susanna Jordan, born about 1751 in County Down. Shortly after their marriage Thomas and Susanna emigrated to North America. They first settled in Londonderry Township, Chester County, Pennsylvania, where there are records of him paying taxes from 1774 until 1796. Five children were born there. Then they moved to Canada where they put down roots in York County, Ontario. Susannah died on Jun.3, 1815, in East York and Thomas on Aug.24, 1829, in Young Street, East York. Their children:

  1. Samuel Mercer was born about 1779 in Londonderry Township, Chester County Pennsylvania. On May 30, 1881, in St. James Cathedral, York, Ontario, he married Ann (Nancy) Anderson, born Sep.1792 in New Brunswick. Samuel died on Jun.23, 1830, in York County and Nancy on Oct.28, 1882, in Etobicoke or Toronto, Canada. Their children:
    1. Thomas Mercer was born in 1812 in York County, Ontario. He married Mary Smith in 1837. Thomas died on Dec.6, 1889, and Mary about 1883, both in Dereham Township, Ontario. Their children:
      1. Samuel Smith Mercer was born about 1838 on Etobicoke Farm, Ontario, and died about 1879 in Dereham Township, Ontario.
      2. Margaret Eleanor Mercer was born about 1839 on Etobicoke Farm, Ontario, and died about 1915 in Toronto Junction, Ontario.
      3. Mary Anna Maud Mercer was born about 1841 on Etobicoke Farm, Ontario, and died about 1913.
      4. Susanna Catherine Theresa Mercer was born about 1843 on Etobicoke Farm, Ontario, and married Robert Wade in the 1870s.
      5. Francis Thomas Mercer was born in 1848 in Etobicoke, Ontario, and died before 1928 in Toronto, Ontario.
      6. Isabella Helena Mercer was born in 1850 in Etobicoke, Ontario.
      7. John Smith Mercer was born about 1852 in Etobicoke, Ontario.
      8. Malcolm Smith Mercer was born on Sep.17, 1856, in Etobicoke, Ontario, and died in World War I on Jun.2, 1916, in Armagh Woods, France.
      9. Minna (Minnie) Augusta Strachan Mercer was born in 1859 in Etobicoke, Ontario, and married Herbert Edward Irwin on Sep.12, 1888. Minnie died on Sep.5, 1933, and Herbert in Aug. 1945, both in Toronto.
      10. Frederick Duncan Mercer was born about 1862 on the farm in Dereham Township near Tillsonburg, Ontario. He married Margaret Isabella Ferguson.
    2. Amelia Mercer was born on Mar.28, 1813, in York County, Ontario, and died about a week later.
    3. Samuel Jordan Mercer was born in 1815 on Etobicoke Farm, Ontario. On Apr.26, 1836, in St. Phillip's Anglican Church, Etobicoke, Ontario, he married Martha Harrison, aborn about 1820 in Norfolk, England. Martha died in Aug. 1890 in Washington, D.C. Their children:
      1. Elizabeth Mercer was born about 1837 and, on Mar.12, 1861, in Ingersoll, Ontario, was married to Richard Farmer, a farmer from York, Grand River. Elizabeth is listed as from East Nissouri Township. Richard died and Elizabeth was married to a man named Reid sometime after 1861.
      2. Samuel J. Mercer was born about 1841 in Ontario and married Jane Ann Sims in Ontario. Jane died on Sep.6, 1870, and on Oct.2, 1872, in North Oxford Township, Ontario, Samuel was married for the second time to Hannah Maria Spearman, born 1850.
      3. Matilda Mercer was born about 1842 in Ontario and, on Dec.20, 1870, in Banner Wesleyan Church, Banner, Ontario, was married to John Spearman, born Sep.10, 1842, in Ontario. Matilda died on Sep.6, 1902, and John on Jan.12, 1912.
      4. Melinda Mercer was born about 1848.
      5. Edward (Edgar) Mercer was born in Jun. 1848 in Ontario and about 1874 married Emma ?, born Feb. 1851 in Pennsylvania. Edgar died on Nov.5, 1914, in Bakersfield, California.
      6. Albert Mercer was born about 1851.
      7. Emeline Mercer was born about 1854 in Ontario and married William Shipley Connor on Apr.24, 1871.
      8. Walter S. Mercer was born on Mar.31, 1858, in New London, Ontario, and married Ida Virginia ? in Fairfax County, Virginia. Walter died in Apr. 1934 and Ida in Mar. 1925, both in Annandale, Virginia.
      9. William H. Mercer was born in 1868.
    4. Susannah Mercer was born on Apr.26, 1816, in York County, Ontario, and married Francis Silverthorn (born Nov.12, 1815, in Etobicoke) on Mar.15, 1837. Susannah died on Jun.14, 1842, and Francis on Dec. 10, 1894. Their children:
      1. Susanna Silverthorn was born on Apr.8, 1842, in York County and on Mar.25, 1862, in Wesleyan Methodist Church, Brampton, was married to Henry Orth, born about 1836 in Toronto. Susanna died on Jan.22, 1921.
    5. Sophia Mercer was born on Dec.25, 1816, in York County and died as an infant.
    6. James Henry Mercer was born about 1819 in York County and married Ann Elizabeth Parke(r) in Caledon on Feb.1, 1842. Their children:
      1. Anna Mercer was born about 1843.
      2. Mary Amelia Mercer was born about 1844.
      3. Samuel Mercer was born about 1848.
      4. Daniel Mercer was born about 1850.
    7. Elizabeth Ann Mercer was born on Apr.28, 1821, in York County and, on Aug.29, 1838, in St. Phillip's Anglican Church, Weston, Ontario, was married to Daniel Schell, born Aug.29, 1815, in Markham, Ontario. Elizabeth died on May 9, 1881. Their children:
      1. Samuel Schell was born on Aug.9, 1839, in Ingersoll, Ontario, and married Emily Lamport on May 15, 1866.
      2. Francis H. Schell was born on Apr.19, 1841, and married Minnie Hoffman on Jul.17, 1877, in Cincinnati, Ohio.
      3. Erastus Schell was born on Dec.2, 1842, and died a few weeks later.
      4. Martha Ann Schell was born on Mar.2, 1844, and married Lambert R. Crawford on Dec.22, 1860. Martha died on Oct.10, 1875.
      5. Charles Henry Schell was born on Dec.4, 1846.
      6. Mary Amelia Schell was born on Oct.16, 1849, and, on Oct.6, 1869, in Ingersoll, Ontario, was married to Joseph Jarvis, born Oct.26, 1842, in England.
      7. Ellen Schell was born on Apr.5, 1852, and died on Oct.14, 1878.
      8. Henriette Schell was born on Jul.31, 1854, and, on Jun.23, 1877, in Ingersoll, Ontario, was married to William B. Chaffey, born Oct.21, 1854. Henriette died on Oct.6, 1889.
      9. Emily Augusta Schell was born on Jan.11, 1856, and, on Jun.26, 1876, in Ingersoll, Ontario, was married to William Johnston Waddingham, born Nov.12, 1854, in Kingston, Ontario. Emily died on Apr.16, 1921.
      10. Eliza Schell was born in New Zealand on Apr.19, 1859, and married Frederick Hugh Oldham, born Aug.27, 1863.
    8. Charlotte Mercer was born about 1823 in York County and, in 1841, married John Francis Newlove, born May 12, 1818, in Yorkshire, England. John died on Mar.17, 1863, in Summerville, a village on the Etobicoke River near Dundas, Ontario. Charlotte died on Jan.8, 1898. Their children:
      1. Herbert W. Newlove was born about 1843, and married a woman named Julia. He died on Aug.3, 1922.
      2. Francis Henry Newlove was born about 1846, and died on Apr.3, 1916.
      3. Charles Frederick Newlove was born about 1847, and on Jan.21, 1867, in St. James's Cathedral Toronto, married Mary Jane Piggott. Charles died in Gravenhurst on Jul.22, 1915.
      4. John Franklin Newlove was born in 1850 in Cooksville, Toronto, and about 1875 married Zillah Wiley, born Nov.29, 1849, in England. John died on May 28, 1905 in Etobicoke and Zillah in 1935 in Welwyn, Saskatchewan.
      5. Adelaide Newlove was born in 1851 and married Charles Shea. She died on Jul.4, 1928.
      6. William Elwood Newlove was born in 1853 and married Hannah Mary Wiley, born in 1859. William died in 1935 in Jefferson, Iowa.
      7. Florence Hortense Pauline Newlove was born in 1856 and married Thomas Gray, born 1836. Florence's second husband was John Gillespie Thompson, born 1858. Florence died in Toronto in Jul. 1938.
      8. Muriel Newlove was born about 1861 and married John Knox Leslie, born in 1846. Muriel died in Toronto on Mar.6, 1944, and John on Jan.23, 1920.
    9. Mary Anne Mercer was born about 1824 in York County and, on Dec.24, 1846, was married to Henry Thomas Pearce, born about 1822. Their children:
      1. Mary Pearce was born in 1847 and married ? Tyson.
      2. Henry Seneca Ketchum Mercer was born about 1850 and married Nella ?.
    10. Seneca Ketchum Mercer was born on Dec.1, 1828, in York County and, on Mar.19, 1858, in United Presbyterian Church in Brampton, Ontario, was married to Mary Elizabeth Culham, born Jun.16, 1830, in Carmarthen, Wales. Mary died on Sep.23, 1903, and Seneca on Jan.11, 1910. Their children:
      1. Mary Rose Anne Mercer was born on Nov.17, 1858, in Etobicoke and on Dec.31, 1877, in York County and married Francis Wesley Shaver, born Aug.10, 1858, in Toronto. Francis died on Dec.9, 1938, in Winnipeg and Mary on Aug.27, 1941, in Bengough, Saskatchewan.
      2. George William Mercer (see below) was born on Jan.25, 1860, in Etobicoke and on Nov.30, 1885, in Credit, Ontario, married Catherine Mercer Johnson (see below), born Jan.16, 1857, in York Mills, Ontario. Catherine died on Mar.31, 1927, and George on Jan.20, 1930, both in Sacramento, California.
      3. Albert Edwin Mercer was born on Apr.1, 1861, and, about 1890, married Annie Jane Smith, born about 1868. Albert died on Jun.26, 1950, in Islington, Ontario, and Annie on Jun.23, 1947, in the same place. Both are buried in St. George's-on-the-hill cemetery, Islington.
      4. Melinda Maria Mercer was born on Mar.14, 1862, in Etobicoke and on Mar.3, 1881, in Toronto married Thomas Andrew Robinson, born Mar.1, 1856, in Etibicoke. Melinda died on Nov.22, 1944, and Thomas on Sep.6, 1931, in Bengough, Saskatchewan.
      5. Minnie Catherine Mercer was born in 1864 and married Austin (Harry) Brooks.
      6. Frederick Walter Maria Mercer was born in 1866 and in 1909 married Mary Ida Black, born in 1882. Frederick died on Jul.22, 1942, and Mary on Jul.14, 1972. They are buried in Dixie Union Cemetery in Etobicoke.
      7. Seneca Ketchum Mercer, Jr. was born about 1868 and was married for the first time in Souris, Manitoba sometime before 1893. He was married for the second time sometime before 1901 to Lillian Besse, born about 1874 in Whitevale, Ontario. Seneca died before 1934 and Lillian in 1949.
      8. Elizabeth Jane Mercer was born in Nov. 1870 and married Archibald Faulkner, born about 1863 in Caledon Township. Elizabeth died on Feb.5, 1934, and Archibald on Mar.15, 1937.
      9. Ida Louise Mercer was born on May 8, 1872, in Etobicoke and on Dec.2, 1890, married Charles William Laver, born Feb.26, 1868, in Etobicoke. Ida died on Feb.17, 1945, and Charles on Jul.13, 1949, both in Weston, Ontario; they are buried in Riverside Cemetery.
    11. John Francis Mercer was born about 1829 in York County and about 1855 married Eliza Crewe, born about 1836 in England. Their children:
      1. Eliza A. Mercer was born about 1856.
      2. William H. Mercer was born in 1860.
      3. Frederick Mercer
  2. Susannah (Nancy) Mercer was born in 1780 and on Apr.5, 1803, in St. James's Church, York, was married to Nathaniel Gamble, born about 1764. Susannah died on Sep.8, 1856, and Nathaniel on Dec.18, 1836. Their children:
    1. Ann Gamble was born on Jan.11, 1804, and married Samuel Brown, born Feb.25, 1797, in Cornwall, England. Ann died on Mar.6, 1844, and Samuel on May 19, 1871; he is buried in Aurora Cemetery, Ontario. Their children:
      1. Sarah Susannah Brown was born on Dec.10, 1829, in Ontario and on Oct.8, 1849, married Hugh Richardson, born about 1820 in Ireland. Sarah died on Jan.25, 1914.
      2. Thomas Mercer Brown was born on Nov.3, 1831, and died in Sep. 1842.
      3. Nathaniel Allan Brown was born on Jan.13, 1834, in Ontario and on Mar.15, 1855, married Jane Campbell, born about 1837. Nathaniel died on Feb.11, 1913, in Aurora, Ontario, and Jane in 1889.
      4. James Gamble Brown was born on Aug.24, 1835, in Ontario and on Mar.3, 1859, married Jane Rolling, born about 1841 in Ontario. James died on Jun.20, 1903.
      5. female Brown was born on Aug.30, 1840, and died in 1842.
    2. James Gamble was born on Jul.12, 1807, and on Aug.31, 1837, in Bgamble Park, Whitchurch, married Jane Charlotte Kersopp. James was divorced (Jane died on May 10, 1850) and married for a second time on Jan.6, 1852, in St.Jude's Church, Oakville, to Margaret Moffat. James died on Apr.22, 1854, and Margaret on Oct.22, 1864. The children of James and Jane:
      1. William Kersopp Gamble was born on May 22, 1839, in, in 1862, married Mary Ann McCormick, born about 1838.
      2. Maria Sophia Gamble was born on Feb.3, 1842, and, on Feb.8, 1862, in St.Paul's, Newmarket, was married to Robert D. Ramsey, born about 1841 in England. Mary died on Mar.23, 1917, and Robert on Jan.4, 1886.
      3. Isabella Susanna Gamble was born on Jul.22, 1844, and died in New York on Mar.29, 1857.
    3. Susannah Gamble was born on Feb.3, 1810, and died on Mar.15, 1849.
    4. Mary Gamble was born about 1812 and married William Miller, born about 1811. Mary died on Oct.25, 1877, in Chatham and William on Nov.4, 1897. Their children:
      1. Charlotte Elizabeth Miller was born on Nov.18, 1836, in Markham Township and married Edward Robinson, born about 1828. Charlotte died on May 8, 1919, in St.Joseph's Hospital, Chatham, Ontario, and Edward on Jan.3, 1888.
      2. Albert Augustus Miller was born about 1842 and, about 1875, married Emily F. Pearson, born about 1837 in Brantford, Ontario. Albert died on Jan.17, 1892, and Emily on Mar.30, 1922.
      3. Murray Hamilton Miller was born on Mar.23, 1845.
      4. George Arthur Miller was born on Mar.31, 1853.
    5. Thomas Gamble was born on Mar.14, 1815, and, on Jan.24, 1843, in Church of England, Tecumseh Township, Ontario, married Sarah Monkman, born Aug.28, 1826. Thomas died on Aug.19, 1877, and Sarah on May 27, 1864. Their children:
      1. Nathaniel Gamble was born on Nov.20, 1846, and died on Sep.18, 1870.
      2. Frances Mary Ann Gamble was born on Aug.5, 1850, and died on Mar.23, 1867.
      3. Susannah Gamble was born on Nov.4, 1853, and died on Dec.5, 1920 in 198 North Avenue Road, Toronto.
      4. Thomas Allan Gamble was born on Jan.4, 1856, and died on Feb.7, 1897, in Selkirk, Manitoba.
      5. William George Gamble was born on May 16, 1858, and died on Jun.26, 1868.
      6. James Gamble was born on Apr.27, 1862, and died on Aug.7, 1862.
    6. (Nathaniel) Allan Gamble was born on Aug.4, 1817, and, on Jul.9, 1872, in St.James's Church, York, was married to Matilda Sproule, born Oct.24, 1839, in Toronto. Allan died on Nov.18, 1884, and Matilda on Oct.24, 1934. Their child:
      1. Bertha Gamble was born in 1874 and died on Sep.3, 1954, in Muskoka, Ontario.
    7. George Gamble was born on May 22, 1820, in Homestead, King Township, Ontario, and, on Mar.2, 1853, in Lloydtown, Ontario, was married to Anna Sproule, born about 1835. George died in 1912 in 19 Charles Street East, Toronto, and Anna died on Jan.24, 1911. Their children:
      1. Mary Isabella Gamble was born on Jan.13, 1863, and died on Jun.17, 1948, in Toronto.
      2. Frances Annette Gamble was born on May 25, 1868, and died on Oct.19, 1963, in Toronto.
      3. male Gamble was born on Jan.31, 1878, and died as an infant.
    8. Sarah Gamble was born on Jul.25, 1823, and, on Dec.19, 1842, was married to Wellington Selby, born on Jul.22, 1820, in East Gwillimbury, Ontario. Sarah died on Sep.6, 1883, and Wellington in 1905 in Sharon, Ontario. Their children:
      1. Thomas Britton Mercer Selby was born on Nov.19, 1843, and, on Apr.19, 1867, was married to Eliza Bell, born on Mar.25, 1839, in Tecumseh, Ontario. Thomas died on Oct.6, 1886, and Eliza on Dec.28, 1897, in Essa Township, Ontario.
      2. (Sarah Susannah) Louisa Selby was born on Mar.14, 1845, and, on May 30, 1865, was married to Alexander Souter, born in 1833. Louisa died on Apr.16, 1927, and Alexander on Feb.20, 1918.
      3. Anna Theresa Selby was born on Apr.21, 1849, and, on Oct.30, 1872, was married to Horace Percival Blackford, born in 1844. Anna died on Nov.2, 1928, and Horace on Feb.13, 1921.
      4. Josephine Victoria Selby was born in 1853 and died on Mar.23, 1927.
      5. Charles James Selby was born on Nov.6, 1854, and died on Dec.26, 1915.
  3. Ann Elizabeth Mercer was born about 1782 in Chester County, Pennsylvania, and about May 25, 1806, in York, Ontario, was married to Seneca Ketchum, born in 1772 in Spencertown, New York. Ann died on Sep.12, 1847, in Mono, Simcoe County as reported in ``The British Canadian'' and Seneca died on Jun.2, 1850, in Toronto.
  4. Sarah Mercer was born about 1785 in Londonderry Township, Chester County, Pennsylvania, and, on Jun.20, 1809, in St. James Church, York, Ontario, was married to John Ashbridge, born in 1761 in Old Goshen, Pennsylvania. Sarah died on Feb.29, 1860, in Norway County, Ontario, and John died in the same place on Oct.25, 1843. Their children:
    1. Ann Mercer Ashbridge was born on May 31, 1810, and, on Jun.24, 1846, in St. James Church, Toronto, was married to Samuel Hill, born in 1815 in Wexford, Ireland. Ann died on Feb.27, 1884, and Samuel about 1889. Their children:
      1. Deborah Ann Hill was born about 1849 and died in 1901.
      2. Samuel John Hill was born about 1851 and died on May 29, 1894.
      3. William Henry Hill was born about 1854.
    2. George Ashbridge was born on Aug.16, 1813, and died on Dec.31, 1879.
    3. John Ashbridge was born about 1814 and died on Apr.8, 1888.
    4. Susannah Ashbridge was born on Apr.11, 1816, and, on Dec.24, 1839, in St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church, King Street, was married to Isaac Colombus, born in France. Susannah died on Apr.25, 1841, and Isaac in 1846. Their child:
      1. Susan Colombus was born in Apr. 1841 and died as an infant.
    5. Samuel Ashbridge was born on Oct.21, 1821, and died on Feb.7, 1886.
    6. Levi Heath Ashbridge was born on Mar.23, 1824, and, on Oct.2, 1851, in St. James Church, Toronto, was married to Mary Ann Mitchell, born about 1829 in Ireland. Levi died on Mar.25, 1895, and Mary in 1915. Their children:
      1. Susannah Ashbridge was born on Jul.20, 1852, and married Christopher Bright.
      2. John Ashbridge was born on Dec.26, 1853, and died on Jul.19, 1878.
      3. Thomas George Ashbridge was born about 1855 and died on Oct.3, 1881.
      4. Sarah Ashbridge was born on Sep.29, 1857, and married Alsey Thomas Fox. Sarah died on Feb.25, 1888.
      5. Elizabeth Ashbridge was born on Jan.14, 1860, and died on Feb.16, 1861.
      6. Mary Jane Ashbridge was born on Aug.20, 1862, and, on Nov.28, 1889, married Nathan Oscar Hagerman, born about 1858 in Markham Township, Ontario.
      7. Levi Heath Ashbridge was born on Jul.20, 1864, and died as an infant.
      8. Albert James Ashbridge was born on Aug.7, 1865, and married Rebecca Jane ?. Albert died on Jun.17, 1935, in Hamilton, Ontario.
      9. Lillian Ashbridge was born on Nov.2, 1870, and, on Nov.15, 1888, married Richard Short, born about 1864. Lillian died on Jul.15, 1952, and Richard in 1938.
  5. Mary (Polly) Mercer was born in 1790 and, on Nov.3, 1807, in St. James's, York, was married to Henry Carpenter, born about 1771. Mary died on Apr.15, 1858, and Henry in Aug. 1843. Their child:
    1. Sarah Ann Carpenter was born in 1808 and, on Feb.8, 1838, in St. Peter's, Erindale, Ontario, was married to Oliver Hammond, born in Feb. 1812. Sarah died onDec.20, 1880, and Oliver on Sep.12, 1874. Their children:
      1. William David Hammond was born about 1839 and married Helen Wells, born in 1834 in USA. William died on Oct.31, 1876.
      2. Thomas Mercer Hammond was born about 1841 and married Isabella Sproule, born Feb.16, 1838. Thomas died on Sep.15, 1892, and Isabella on Jul.21, 1918.
      3. Mary Rebecca Hammond was born about 1842 and, on Feb.17, 1870, in St. Peter's, Erindale, Ontario, was married to Edward Peter King, born in 1843 in Stroud, Gloucestershire, England. Mary died on May 6, 1903, in Erindale and Edward on Aug.10, 1916, in Erindale.
      4. Robert Young Hammond was born on Dec.7, 1844, and died on Jan.25, 1873.
    2. John Murray Carpenter was born about 1809 and, about 1847, married Margaret Matilda ?. Their child:
      1. James Henry Carpenter was born on Jul.14, 1848.
    3. Elizabeth Simmons Carpenter was born about 1813 and, about 1832, married Robert Young, born Apr.15, 1808, in Scotland. Elizabeth died on May 2, 1849, in New Glasgow, Aldborough Township, Ontario, and Robert died on Dec.7, 1878. Their children:
      1. Mary Elizabeth Young was born about 1835 in Streetsville, Ontario, and, on Jun.17, 1858, in St. George's Anglican Church, Georgetown, was married to Solomon Page, born about 1825 in London, Canada West. Mary died on May 29, 1882, in Georgetown and Solomon on Sep.25, 1871.
      2. Anna Proudfoot Young was born about 1837.
    4. Susannah Louisa Mercer Carpenter was born on Jan.30, 1815, and, on Jul.11, 1842, in Toronto, was married to Henry Ross Archer, born Mar.16, 1816, in County Armagh, Ireland. Susannah died on Jan.3, 1866, and Henry on Jul.11, 1897, in Guelph, Ontario. Their children:
      1. Mary Margaret Archer was born on Aug.7, 1844, and, in Dec. 1866 was married to Charles Anthony O'Malley, born Dec.17, 1840, in Ireland. Mary died on May 5, 1922, and Charles on Mar.20, 1921.
      2. Elizabeth Young Archer (see below) was born about 1846 in Bond Head, and about 1868 married William Alfred Mercer (see below), born about 1832 in York Mills, Ontario. Elizabeth died on Aug.27, 1924, in Windsor, Ontario, and William died on Jul.16, 1906, in Toronto.
      3. Henrietta Augusta Susannah Archer was born about 1848 in Wardsville, Ontario, and in Dec. 1866 married Daniel R. Urquhart. Henrietta died about 1889.
      4. Agnes Jane Ross Archer was born about Feb.19, 1850, and died on Jun.26, 1850.
      5. William Henry Archer was born on Jun.18, 1851, and died on Apr.8, 1853.
      6. Frederick William Archer was born on Sep.1, 1853, and died on Mar.16, 1855.
      7. Helena Ross Archer was born about 1857 and married John Stalker, born about 1850 in Scotland.
    5. Edgar Higginson Carpenter was born about 1822 and, about 1852, married Mary Jane Victoria ?, born about 1832 in England. Edgar died on Feb.22, 1875, and Mary in March 1902.
      1. Mary Elizabeth Carpenter was born about 1853 and married Andrew Henderson.
      2. Frederick William Carpenter was born on Dec.25, 1854, and died on May 14, 1911.
      3. Amelia Ann Carpenter was born on Oct.10, 1858, and about 1885 married Thomas Clifton, born Jan.27, 1856. Amelia died in 1909 and Thomas died on May 18, 1940.
      4. Henry Alfred Carpenter was born on Nov.14, 1861, and married Rebecca Ann Biggar, born in 1864. Henry died on Nov.15, 1928, and Rebecca on Jul.18, 1924.
      5. Emma Jane Carpenter was born on May 3, 1865, and died on Dec.9, 1927, in Hamilton, Ontario.
      6. Charles Edgar Carpenter was born on Mar.15, 1869.
      7. Albert Edward Carpenter was born about 1872 and, on Sep.12, 1900, in St. Peter's, Erindale, Ontario, was married to Bertha Marion King, born Apr.3, 1874. Albert died on Sep.8, 1938, and Bertha on Sep.29, 1924.
    6. James Henry Carpenter was born in 1827 and died on Jun.25, 1850.
  6. Thomas Mercer II was born on Jul.28, 1792, in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, and, on May 7, 1817, in St. James's, York, was married to Catherine O'Reilly, born about 1794 in Drummondville, Ontario. Thomas died on Jun.26, 1873, and Catherine on Feb.11, 1868. Their children:
    1. Susannah Mercer was born on Mar.10, 1818, in York Mills, Ontario, and, on Jun.8, 1840, in Holy Trinity Anglican Church, Thornhill, Ontario, was married to Henry James. Susannah died on Jan.13, 1908, in Chicago. Their child:
      1. Eliza James was born in 1845 and married William Taylor.
    2. Levi Heath Mercer was born on Nov.9, 1819, in York Mills, Ontario, and died on Nov.17, 1827.
    3. Eliza Elmira Mercer was born in 1821 in York Mills, Ontario, and died in 1845.
    4. Thomas Hamilton Mercer III was born on Dec.22, 1822, in York Mills, Ontario, and in 1863 married Honora Jane Graham, born Nov.21, 1833, in Nova Scotia. Thomas died on Dec.9, 1904, in York Mills and Honora died on Apr.28, 1917. Their children:
      1. Minnie Almira Helen Mercer was born on Jun.19, 1864, and in 1890 married John Forsythe, born Jan.6, 1864. Minnie died in 1909.
      2. Ada Susanna Mercer was born on Sep.28, 1866, and married George W. Chadwick, born Sep.15, 1869. Ada died on May 6, 1905, and George on Dec.5, 1947.
      3. Andrew Graham Mercer was born on Jul.9, 1868, and died on Jun.17, 1875.
      4. Alfred Elwood Edgar Mercer was born on Aug.11, 1870, and married Isabelle Denna Birrell, born about 1878. Alfred died on Oct.13, 1951, and Isabelle on Jan.10, 1952.
      5. Bertha Elizabeth Maud Mercer was born on Mar.19, 1873.
      6. Wilfred Hamilton Osler Mercer was born on Oct.8, 1874, and in 1905 married Emily Elizabeth Forsyth, born Nov.7, 1866. Wilfred died on Dec.21, 1939, in York Mills and Emily on Aug.23, 1950, in Toronto.
    5. Delia Elizabeth Mercer was born on Dec.7, 1824, in York Mills, Ontario, and, on Sep.24, 1845, in St. John's Church, married Henry Johnson, born in May 1818. Delia died on Mar.26, 1885, and Henry on Jun.25, 1859. Their children:
      1. Emily S. Johnson was born in Mar. 1846 in Ontario and, on Jan.23, 1867, in Presbyterian Church, York Mills, was married to John Sanders, born in Feb. 1836, in Markham, Ontario. Emily died on Aug.29, 1940, in Garfield County, Washington, and John died on Jun.15, 1901, in East Pomeroy Precinct, Garfield County, Washington.
      2. Eliza Jane Johnson was born on Oct.25, 1847, in York Mills, Ontario and, on Dec.21, 1869, was married to William James Devlin, born Aug.20, 1843, in Oshawa, Ontario. Eliza died on Feb.1, 1919, in Staffa, Hibbert Township, Perth County, Ontario, and William died on Oct.10, 1927, Sheridean, Ontario.
      3. William Hamilton Johnson was born on Nov.15, 1850, in York Mills, Ontario and, on Feb.23, 1876, in York Mills was married to Margaret Ann Switzer, born about 1854. William died on Feb.21, 1914, and Margaret on Jul.9, 1924, both in Riverview, Ontario.
      4. James Henry Johnson was born on Nov.30, 1852, in York Mills, Ontario and, on Jun.18, 1878, was married to Sarah Ann Hall, born about 1858. James died on Feb.27, 1922, in Nooksack, Washington and Sarah died on Jan.26, 1908, in Great Falls, Montana.
      5. Anna Elizabeth Johnson was born on Dec.10, 1854, in York Mills, Ontario and died on Jan.13, 1857.
      6. Catherine Mercer Johnson (see above) was born on Jan.16, 1857, in York Mills, Ontario and, on Nov.30, 1885, in Credit, Toronto Township, Erindale, Ontario, was married to George William Mercer (see above), born on Jan.25, 1860, in Etobicoke. Catherine died on Mar.31, 1927, and George on Jan.20, 1930, both in Sacramento, California.
    6. John Edgar Mercer was born on Apr.14, 1830, in York Mills, Ontario, and died on Jul.6, 1880.
    7. William Alfred Mercer (see above) was born about 1832 in York Mills, Ontario, and about 1868 was married to Elizabeth Young Archer (see above), born about 1846 in Bond Head. Elizabeth died on Aug.27, 1924, in Windsor, Ontario, and William died on Jul.16, 1906, in Toronto.
    8. Maria Helen Mercer was born on Aug.3, 1838, in York Mills, Ontario, and in 1857 was married to John Armour, born in 1836. Maria died on Feb.12, 1863, and John died about 1946. Their child:
      1. John Mercer Armour was born on Feb.1, 1863.
  7. Levi Heath Mercer was born in 1797 in Niagara and on Mar.27, 1821, in St. James's Church, York, Ontario, was married to Ann Elizabeth Ross, born Aug.11, 1804, on the Isle of Guernsey. Levi died on Apr.12, 1829, and Ann on Sep.11, 1880, both in Etobicoke. Their children:
    1. Thomas Mercer was born in 1825 and died in 1831 when a log rolled onto him.
    2. Maria Mercer was born on Feb.13, 1826, and in 1853 married Thomas Ramage, born Feb.24, 1826, in Lanarkshire, Scotland. Maria died on Jun.14, 1907, and Thomas on Oct.29, 1900, both in Etobicoke. Their child:
      1. Melvina Ramage was born in 1854 and, on Dec.24, 1873, married John Middlebrook, born Aug.25, 1854. John died on May 10, 1911, in Weston, Ontario. Melvina married again about 1913 to Thomas Thirkle. Melvina died on Jul.4, 1927.
    3. Levi Heath Mercer II was born on Jan.8, 1828, in York, Ontario, and on Feb.12, 1852, in Esquesing, Ontario, was married to Elizabeth Ann Orth, born Mar.30, 1833. Levi died on Dec.17, 1895, and Elizabeth on Dec.12, 1895. Their children:
      1. Elizabeth Ann (Catherine) Mercer was born on Feb.12, 1854, and died about 1861.
      2. Amelia Jane Mercer was born on Apr.17, 1858, in Etobicoke and about 1881 married Robert Dickson Ovens, born about 1856. Amelia died on Oct.30, 1950, and Robert on Jan.3, 1909, both in Toronto.
      3. Mary Elizabeth Mercer was born on Feb.21, 1861, and on Oct.19, 1887, was married to Jesse Gavin Wardlaw, born in 1861. Mary died on Dec.11, 1912, and Jesse on Feb.4, 1901.
      4. Isabella Ann Mercer was born on Mar.22, 1862, in Etobicoke and married Eli Dolson, born in Aug.1860. Isabella died on Jun.14, 1932, and Eli in Jul. 1936.
      5. Caroline Alice Mercer was born on Dec.10, 1865, in Etobicoke and married Aaron Kerney Laidlaw, born Dec.1, 1860. Caroline died on Jul.3, 1957, and Aaron on Jan.5, 1938.
      6. Levi Heath Mercer III was born about 1867 in Etobicoke and, on Mar.1, 1893, in Weston, Ontario, was married to Ellen Mary Wardlaw, born in 1865. Ellen died on May 24, 1901, in Weston. Levi was married for the second time on Apr.29, 1903, in Weston, to Margaret Ellen Griffith, born 1872 in Weston. Levi died on Sep.28, 1938, in Toronto and Margaret died in 1947 in Weston.
      7. William Henry Mercer was born on Sep.4, 1872, in Norval, Ontario, and, on Feb.2, 1897, in London, Ontario, was married to Ann Margaret Ruddy, born on May 8, 1874, in Georgetown, Ontario. William died on Oct.14, 1959, and Ann on Oct.8, 1958, in Biggar, Saskatchewan.
    4. Samuel Alexander Mercer was born on Aug.18, 1829, and on Jun.25, 1856, was married to Margaret Millar Graham, born Jul.30, 1831, in Toronto Township in the Gore, Ontario. Samuel died on Dec.8, 1872, and Margaret on Nov.11, 1891, in West Toronto. Their children:
      1. George Brock Mercer was born on Jun.18, 1857, and married Elizabeth Ann Tyers, born on Oct.30, 1867, in Kansas. George died on Feb.25, 1918, in St. Petersburg, Florida, according to the Toronto Globe and Mail. Elizabeth died on Dec.5, 1960, in Englishtown, New Jersey.
      2. Melinda Ann Mercer was born on Jun.20, 1859, and died on Aug.1, 1862.
      3. Truman Graham Mercer was born in 1863 and died on May 20, 1890, in Atlanta, Georgia.
      4. Arthur James Mercer was born on Jun.16, 1866, and died on Jul.20, 1951. He is buried in Riverside Cemetery in Weston.
      5. Susan Mary Mercer was born on Jun.1, 1868, and died on Jul.8, 1947, in Toronto.
      6. Ann Isabella Mercer was born on Jul.3, 1871, and died on Feb.3, 1878.

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Christopher E. Brennen