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It seems quite likely that Mark Mercer (whose family follows) was another brother of the Hillsborough/Dromore family described in Appendix 9A. Much of what follows was kindly provided to me by Ella Patterson of Dromara. We list here just four generations; more recent family history can be found in Ella's GEDCOM file.

Mark Mercer was born about 1766, probably in the townland of Aughandunvarran, Hillsborough Parish, County Down, and moved to the adjacent townland of Lisnacurran (also known as Listullycurran). By 1803, he had moved to the townland of Skeogh where he farmed and, according to the gravestone inscription in Dromore Cathedral graveyard had the family that follows. Mark married Sarah Johnston born in 1767. Mark died on Aug.1, 1845, aged 79 and Sarah died on Dec.17, 1848, aged 81. They are both buried in Dromore Cathedral graveyard. They had at least 8 children:

  1. Jane Mercer and Catherine Mercer were twins born Oct.23, 1791.
  2. James Mercer was born on Nov.13, 1793, in Listullycurran and became a farmer in Skeogh. James married twice, first to Anne Lilburn by whom he had four children. Anne must have died for James was married for a second time to Elizabeth Martin and they had two children. James died on May 22, 1864, aged 70 and is buried in Dromore Cathedral graveyard.
    1. Mark Mercer was born Jun.23, 1832, in Dromore, the son of James and Anne and became a farmer. He married Ellenor Forsyth on Sep.27, 1870, in Loughinisland Parish Church. They had nine children:
      1. James Alexander Mercer, born Dec.10, 1871, married Margaret Jane McKnight and they had 10 children:
        1. Rachel Sarah Mercer, born Apr.1, 1901.
        2. Samuel James Mercer was born Aug.5, 1902, and married Elizabeth Evelyn Sparks on Nov.16, 1909, in Roberts Bay, Newfoundland. He died in Brookline, Mass. on Sep.13, 1946. Their children:
          1. William James Mercer, born Jul.25, 1937.
          2. Elizabeth Ann Mercer, born Jun.24, 1942.
          3. Robert John Mercer, born Aug.14, 1944, in Brookline was killed in action in Vietnam.
        3. Martha Ellen Mercer, born Dec.27, 1904.
        4. Susan Isabella Mercer, born Dec.17, 1905.
        5. Joseph John Mercer, born Feb.3, 1906, married Frances Graydon.
        6. Mabel Elizabeth Mercer, born Mar.16, 1909, was married to William John Kerr on Apr.24, 1935, in St. Johns Parish Church, Dromara. They had two sons:
          1. James Alexander Mercer Kerr, born Feb.27, 1936, in Dromara married Annie Gwendolyn McCracken and they had four children, Karen Alexandra Kerr, born Jul.7, 1961, Thomas William Neville Kerr, born Aug.29, 1962, Alistair Michael Kerr, born Nov.26, 1965, and Lesley Mabel Kerr, born Jan.4, 1968 (in the Mid-Ulster Hospital).
          2. John Edward Pierce Kerr, born Aug.30, 1937, in Dromara.
        7. William George Mercer, born Aug.6, 1910, married Adeline P. McIlwrath on Jan.1, 1936, and they had:
          1. Robert James Mercer, born Nov.30, 1936.
        8. Edward Pierce Faunce Mercer, born Nov.25, 1913, married Sarah Margretta Poole on Jun.5, 1947, in Dromara and they had 2 children:
          1. John Isaac Samuel Mercer, born Nov.27, 1948.
          2. Lou-Ann Mercer, born Apr.10, 1952.
        9. Margaret Jane Alexandra Mercer, born Oct.29, 1916.
        10. Vivian May Mercer, born Sep.18, 1920.
      2. Mary Jane Mercer, born Aug.5, 1873.
      3. Robert John Mercer, born Jun.21, 1875, married Mary Burke and had two children:
        1. Robert J. Mercer, born 1909, became a civil engineer and died in New Jersey in 1932 as a result of a road accident.
        2. Rona Mercer was born in 1911.
      4. Sarah Mercer, born Apr.19, 1877.
      5. Ellen Anne Mercer, born Mar.12, 1879, in Dromara married William James Patterson on Nov.10, 1905, in Dromara. They had two sons:
        1. William Patterson, born Aug.15, 1906, was a farmer in Dromara.
          1. Mary Ellen Patterson who works in the main library at Queen's University, Belfast.
        2. Robert James Patterson, born May 12, 1908, was a farmer in Dromara and married Agnes McCracken on Jan., 1934, in Banbridge. They had 3 children:
          1. Eric Patterson, born Oct.25, 1935.
          2. William John Patterson, born 1939.
          3. Meta Patterson, born Oct.19, 1945.
      6. William Douglas Mercer, born Mar.3, 1881, married Esther McGregor and had six children:
        1. Robert James Clifford Mercer, born Jun.23, 1916.
        2. William Douglas Ralph Mercer, born Nov. 1917, married Esther McCracken. Their children:
          1. Carolyn Mercer, born 1945.
          2. Robert D. Mercer, born 1947.
        3. Margaret Elizabeth Mercer, born Feb.8, 1920.
        4. Thomas Stanley Mercer, born Jul.7, 1922, in Duxbury, Mass.
        5. John McGregor Mercer, born Aug.23, 1926, in Brookline, Mass., married Priscilla Anita Handy on Sep.30, 1961.
        6. Norma J. Mercer, Born May 15, 1929.
      7. Samuel Mercer, born Jul.21, 1883.
      8. Maggie Mercer, born Nov.26, 1884.
      9. Martha Mercer, born May 28, 1887.
    2. Hugh Mercer, a son of James and Anne, was born on Jun.3, 1834. He married Mary Martin on Jul.25, 1865, in Dromore Presbyterian Church. Hugh is listed in Skeagh in the 1901 Census and died Sep.22, 1916. Their children:
      1. John Alexander Mercer, born Dec.11, 1865.
      2. Sarah Ann Mercer, born Jan.14, 1866, married Robert McGregor on Dec.10, 1895, in Dromore Presbyterian Church. Their children:
        1. Hannah Jane McGregor.
        2. Albert McGregor died unmarried at age 28.
        3. Richard McGregor.
        4. Fred McGregor died in Canada.
      3. Eliza Jane Mercer, born Jul.3, 1867, married Lucius Cincinnatus McGhee in Butler, Pennsylvania.
      4. James Mercer, born Sep.19, 1869.
      5. Mary Matilda Mercer, born Oct.11, 1871.
      6. Hannah Maria Mercer, born Feb.7, 1874, married Robert Bawn Martin whose mother was a Mercer. They had four children listed below. After Robert died, Hannah married Hugh McIntosh.
        1. Margretta Gertrude Lexey Martin, born Mar.18, 1901.
        2. Beatrice Winnifred Catherine Martin, born Jan.7, 1899, and emigrated to Pittsburg in 1933.
        3. Bertie Martin.
        4. Gwendolyn Mary Louise Martin died as an infant.
      7. Margaretta Mercer, born Jun.18, 1876.
      8. John Mercer, born Mar.2, 1879, married Elizabeth Magowan and had children:
        1. Agnes Mercer, born 1917.
        2. Violet Mercer, born 1920.
        3. Dorothy Mercer, born Sep.22, 1933.
      9. Richard Mercer, born Aug.2, 1882, was living in Wilkinsburg, PA, in 1954 and was photographed with Virginia, aged 10, Patty, aged 8, and Peggy, aged 5, in 1955.
      10. Douglas Henry Mercer, born Feb.5, 1890, is listed in the 1901 Census, aged 11. He married Agnes S. and emigrated to Wilkinsburg, Pa., in 1912, where he worked as an automobile machinist. He was married for a second time to Margaret E. Forster.
      11. Caroline Mercer is listed in the 1901 Census, aged 1.
    3. Robert Mercer, a son of James and Anne, was born Mar.26, 1837.
    4. Sarah Jane Mercer, a daughter of James and Anne, was born Sep.7, 1839.
    5. William James Mercer, a son of James and Elizabeth, was born Aug.13, 1844, and married Margaret Henry in Dundalk on Dec.21, 1878. He died Sep.14, 1925. Their children:
      1. Sarah Mercer, born Apr.5, 1880, in Dundalk.
      2. Eliza Mercer, born Apr.22, 1882, in Dundalk, married her cousin Robert Porter and went to New Zealand.
      3. Mary Mercer, born Apr.15, 1884.
      4. Margaret Mercer, born Dec.26, 1885, in Dundalk married Robert Charlton and had two daughters:
        1. Margaret Elizabeth Charlton, born Mar.31, 1920.
        2. Joan Daphne Charlton, born Jun.3, 1925.
      5. Frederick William Mercer, born Dec.16, 1887.
      6. Herbert Henry Mercer, born Aug.14, 1889, in Dromore became a missionary. He married Emma Victoria Kay in 1929 in Cairo, Egypt. He ended up in Australia. Children:
        1. John Mercer, born Jan.9, 1930, in Cairo.
        2. Elaine Mercer, born May 25, 1934, in Cairo.
        3. Winifred Mercer, born Apr.30, 1937, in Lisburn.
      7. Anna Louise Mercer, born May 5, 1891.
      8. Charles Henry Mercer, born Jan.30, 1893, emigrated to Canada and then USA. He married Ruth Wright and had two children:
        1. Patricia Mercer, born Oct.13, 1924, and died in Las Vegas.
        2. Molli Mercer, born Aug.14, 1927, in Portland, Oregon, was a Pan-Am stewardess and a pharmacist. She married Arthur Wagner, a Prof. Theatre, UCSD.
      9. Albert Edward Mercer, born Nov.8, 1894.
      10. Lucy Mercer, born Feb.22, 1896.
      11. Maurice Dillon Mercer, born Sep.27, 1897, married Sally Martin.
      12. Harold Stoddart Mercer, born Sep.26, 1899, married Mary Evelyn Proctor Duthie. Their children:
        1. Kenneth Harold Mercer, born Jul.3, 1934.
        2. George Stoddart Mercer, born Apr., 1939.
    6. Richard Mercer, a son of James and Elizabeth, was born Apr.21, 1849. Richard married Margaret Ann Mills. Richard died on Aug.28, 1927. They had at least 8 children:
      1. Matilda Amelia Mercer, born Dec.14, 1879.
      2. William James Mercer, born Jan.28, 1881.
      3. Hugh George Mercer, born Nov.28, 1882.
      4. Elizabeth Mercer married John Arbuthnot and had a daughter:
        1. Helen Arbuthnot
      5. Mary Mercer, born Aug.7, 1887, married ? Graham.
      6. Robert Henry Mercer worked in the Belfast Bank Buildings and married Mary Larkin.
      7. Margaret Helen Mercer, born Jan.15, 1890.
      8. Sarah Jane Mercer.
  3. Isabella Mercer born Nov.22, 1795.
  4. John Mercer, born Jan.20, 1798, also became a farmer in Skeogh. On Oct.22, 1824, John married Agnes Jamison, born about 1808. John Mercer died on Apr.29, 1883, aged 84 and his wife Agnes died on Aug.18, 1888, aged 80; both are buried in Dromore Cathedral graveyard. Their children:
    1. Mary Mercer married David Fitzsimons in Dromore Cathedral on Apr.16, 1863. Their children:
      1. James Fitzsimons.
      2. Samuel John Fitzsimons, born Apr.25, 1864.
      3. Anna Bella Fitzsimons, born Sep.21, 1865.
      4. Margaret Fitzsimons, born Mar.8, 1867.
      5. David Fitzsimons, born Nov.18, 1868.
      6. Mary Eliza Fitzsimons, born Dec.18, 1870.
    2. Matilda Mercer married William Watson on Dec.9, 1875, in Dromore Cathedral. She died in Gallows Street, Dromore.
    3. James Mercer was born about 1827 and became a merchant in Dromore. The 1880 Ulster Directory lists a James Mercer, woollendraper, among the tradesmen in Dromore. James died on Nov.16, 1903, aged 76 and is buried in Dromore Cathedral graveyard.
    4. George William White Mercer, born about 1829, became a farmer near Dromore. George died on Dec.25, 1913, aged 84 and is buried in Dromore Cathedral graveyard.
    5. Henry Jamison Mercer, born Aug.26, 1830.
    6. Rachel Mercer, born May 5, 1832, married Robert McCarthy in Dromore Cathedral on Oct.12, 1854. Their son:
      1. John Jamison McCarthy, born Dec., 1872.
    7. Sarah Mercer, born Jun.8, 1834.
    8. Eliza Ann Mercer, born Aug.14, 1836, never married but built Ballymaganlis House near Dromore. She died on Jan.24, 1934, and is buried in Dromore Cathedral graveyard.
    9. Jane Mercer, born Jul.20, 1839, married Samuel Boyd on Jun.26, 1876, in Dromore Cathedral.
    10. Isabella Mercer, born Oct.21, 1842.
    11. John Alexander Mercer, born Mar.3, 1848, became a draper in Dromore. He died on Oct.10, 1931, and is buried in Dromore Cathedral graveyard.
      1. James Mercer who died Dec.6, 19950.
      2. Campbell Mercer became a vicar.
      3. Jane Mercer married Frank Ardery and lived in Ballywalter.
      4. Agnes Mercer married Sam Ardery, brother of Frank.
      5. Janet Mercer.
  5. Richard Mercer, born Apr.23, 1800, also became a farmer in Skeogh. On Feb.3, 1847, he married Eleanor McCrea. Richard died on Nov.23, 1870, aged 70 and is buried in Dromore Cathedral graveyard. Their children:
    1. Agnes Mercer married ? Davidson.
    2. Robert Mercer, born Jul.5, 1850, married Sarah Stewart on Jun.11, 1874. Their children:
      1. Elizabeth Stewart Mercer, born Apr.5, 1875, married Hugh Scott.
      2. Ellen Mercer, born Jun.26, 1876.
      3. Sarah Jane Mercer, born Feb.23, 1878, married John McCalden.
      4. Richard John Mercer, born Jun.26, 1879, travelled to South Africa, Vancouver and Seattle before setting up a dry goods business in Winnipeg. He married Ann Gordon McConnachie in Winnipeg in Nov.1929 and they had a son:
        1. Richard John Mercer, born Sep.20, 1934.
      5. Robert Mercer, born Jan.19, 1881, married Emily Sheard on Feb.11, 1920. Their children:
        1. Grace Emily Mercer, born Aug.30, 1921.
        2. Mary Stewart Mercer, born Jan.27, 1923.
      6. Mary Mercer, born Dec.13, 1882, joined her brother in Winnipeg about 1915. She was unmarried.
      7. Joseph Mercer, born Jun.5, 1884, set up a draper's shop in Australia. He married Mary ? and they had a daughter:
        1. Mary Ellen Mercer, born about 1930 and died in Sacramento, Calif.
      8. Martha Mercer, born Jun.19, 1886, married Abdu Ibrahim. Their children:
        1. Robert Ibrahim was a journalist. He died in Hawaii.
        2. Eleanor Ibrahim lived in Waco, Texas.
      9. Hugh Stewart Mercer, born Apr.1, 1888, married Margaret Gamble. Their children:
        1. Margaret Elizabeth Mercer lives in Berkshire.
        2. Sally Mercer lives in Annalong, Co. Down.
        3. Mary Mercer, born Jul.26, 1924, lives in Sydney, New South Wales.
        4. Ellen Mercer lives in Co. Down.
      10. Jemima Stewart Mercer, born Apr.9, 1890, joined her brother in Winnipeg in 1920.
      11. William Stewart Mercer, born Nov.17, 1892, went to South Africa.
      12. Maude Louise Stewart Mercer, born Sep.22, 1894, joined her brother in Winnipeg in 1920.
      13. Herbert Mercer, born Jul.25, 1896, married Annie Booth Wilson. Their children:
        1. Robert Mercer, born Sep.3, 1920, lived in Barrie, Ontario.
        2. Shirley Isabel Mercer lived in Winnipeg.
    3. Sarah Mercer, born 1853, married William McIlveen from Glenarm, later Kinallen, County Down. Their children:
      1. Ellen McIlveen, born Sep.8, 1883, married Alec Barr.
      2. Mary McIlveen, born Oct.3, 188, married Frank Willis. Their children:
        1. Frank Willis, born 1915, met his first wife, Yonette Van Praag, in Holland during WWII where he was working for British Intelligence and she was in the Dutch resistance. He became a Professor of French and later Pro Vice-Chancellor of University of Bradford. He was married for a second time to Jennifer Arnold.
        2. Bill Willis, born 1918.
      3. Robert Boyd McIlveen, born Apr.4, 1886.
      4. Samuel Joseph McIlveen, born Mar.21, 1889, was married twice, first to Alice Henderson, who gave birth to the first three children. Then he married Gwen Orange, the mother of Josephine. His children:
        1. William McIlveen, born Mar.28, 1923, became a doctor in Newent, Gloucestershire.
        2. Pearl McIlveen, born Jul.2, 1926, lived in Cardiff.
        3. Samuel McIlveen, born Apr.2, 1931, became a sheep farmer in Herefordshire.
        4. Josephine McIlveen, born Jun., 1938, became a librarian at Glasgow Caledonian University.
      5. Martha Jane McIlveen, born Apr.21, 1891.
      6. William James McIlveen, born Nov.11, 1893, married Mary Conway from Garvagh. Their children:
        1. William McIlveen who lives in Fintona.
        2. Lavinia McIlveen.
        3. Robert McIlveen.
        4. Nathaniel McIlveen.
    4. Ellen Ann Mercer, born 1854, married William John Mercer, born about 1844. Their children:
      1. Margaret Isabella Mercer, born Apr.25, 1877, married John Jamison McCarthy. Their children:
        1. Kathleen McCarthy, born Jan.30, 1911.
        2. Robert McCarthy never married.
        3. Georgina McCarthy.
        4. Ellen McCarthy.
        5. William McCarthy emigrated to Thompsonville, Michigan.
        6. Henry McCarthy died at age 6.
        7. Rachel McCarthy.
        8. Helen McCarthy never married.
      2. Ellen Jane Mercer, born about 1880, died aged 16 and is buried at Hillsborough Parish Church.
      3. Elizabeth Mercer, born about 1882, never married.
      4. Richard John Mercer, born about 1889, married Sophia Elizabeth Stanfield. Their son:
        1. William John Mercer.
      5. Emma Mercer, born Sep.26, 1890, married Herbert Thomas McCullough. Their children:
        1. Pearl Joan Elizabeth McCullough, born Aug.25, 1917, in Stockport, England.
        2. Moira Muriel McCullough, born Sep.1, 1919, in Stockport, England.
        3. Ellen Ann Audrey Jill McCullough, born Dec.29, 1921, in Stockport, England.
        4. Sarah Gwendoline McCullough, born Oct.17, 1923, in Bangor.
      6. Mary Mercer married John Andrew Mercer from Ballykeel/Artifinney. Their children:
        1. Christie Mercer.
        2. Lily Mercer.
        3. Nellie Mercer.
      7. William Mercer married Lucy Macmillan. They lived on a farm near Parkview.
    5. Richard John Mercer, born Oct.7, 1857.
    6. Joseph Mercer, born 1861.
    7. Mary Mercer, born 1863.
    8. Martha Jane Mercer, born Sep.22, 1864, married William Brady Meeke. Their children:
      1. Rachel Eleanor Meeke, born May 3, 1900.
      2. Florence Evelyn Meeke, born 1902, married William Copes in Hillsborough Presbyterian Church. Their children:
        1. William Jordan Copes, born Feb.11, 1933.
        2. Anna Eleanor Copes, born Dec.11, 1929.
        3. Margaret Copes.
        4. Mary Mercer Copes.
        5. Jean Copes, born Jun.13, 1936.
        6. Florence Copes.
    9. Hugh George Mercer, born Aug.27, 1865.
  6. Mary Mercer born Oct.14, 1802.
  7. Sarah Mercer and Anne Jane Mercer were twins born Aug.20, 1804.

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