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Datafile 5B. Gibson Births

The first part of this section is a listing of some of the Gibson entries in the index of registered births or in various church records as indicated. Also shown are the year with the volume and page number of the registration. An asterisk indicates a case in which the full record has been consulted and details included in the second part of this appendix. In the following N'ards stands for Newtownards and D'dee for Donaghadee.

First Name(s) SurnameArea Year Ref. Ch.
John Gibson Kircubbin 1779 [a] X/0033 *
George Gibson Kircubbin 1780 [a] X/0046 *
Thomas Gibson Kircubbin 1781 [a] X/0077 *
Jean Gibson Kircubbin 1781 [a] X/0088 *
Mary Gibson Kircubbin 1783 [a] X/0127 *
Elizabeth Gibson Kircubbin 1784 [a] X/0156 *
Margaret Gibson Kircubbin 1785 [a] X/0187 *
William Gibson Kircubbin 1787 [a] X/0249 *
Jane Gibson Kircubbin 1787 [a] X/0252 *
Ann Gibson Kircubbin 1788 [a] X/0291 *
Robert Gibson Kircubbin 1788 [a] X/0297 *
William Gibson Kircubbin 1790 [a] X/0361 *
Elizabeth Gibson Kircubbin 1791 [a] X/0367 *
Margaret Gibson Kircubbin 1791 [a] X/0374 *
Mary Gibson Kircubbin 1792 [a] X/0416 *
Alexander Gibson Kircubbin 1792 [a] X/0433 *
Charlotte Gibson Kircubbin 1793 [a] X/0448 *
Robert Gibson Kircubbin 1794 [a] X/0488 *
Andrew Gibson Kircubbin 1795 [a] X/0524 *
Mary Gibson Kircubbin 1795LDS 7134227/83*
Margaret Gibson Kircubbin 1796 [a] X/0571 *
James Gibson Kircubbin 1798 [a] X/0662 *
Samuel Gibson Kircubbin 1801 [a] X/0757 *
William Gibson Kircubbin 1803 [a] X/0810 *
Jane Bailie Gibson Kircubbin 1804 [a] X/0845 *
Mary Jane Gibson Kircubbin 1804 [a] X/0853 *
James Gibson Kircubbin 1805 [a] X/0900 *
William Gibson Kircubbin 1805 [a] X/0901 *
William Porter Gibson Kircubbin 1806 [a] X/0921 *
Robert Gibson Kircubbin 1807 [a] X/0952 *
Mary Gibson Kircubbin 1808 [a] X/0987 *
Jane Gibson Kircubbin 1809 [a] X/1039 *
Thomas Gibson Kircubbin 1812 [a] X/1188 *
Ann Gibson Kircubbin 1814 [a] X/1271 *
Matilda Gibson Kircubbin 1817 [a] X/1352 *
John McComb Gibson Kircubbin 1819 [a] X/1405 *
Leagh Ouston Gibson Kircubbin 1819 [a] X/1418 *
John Gibson Kircubbin 1819 [a] X/1423 *
James Gibson Kircubbin 1820 [a] X/1453 *
Elenor Gibson Kircubbin 1821 [a] X/1486 *
Martha Gibson Kircubbin 1821 [a] X/1489 *
Agnes Gibson Kircubbin 1822 [a] X/1517 *
Alexander Gibson Ballywalter1823LDS 7507811/89*
Margaret Gibson Kircubbin 1823 [a] X/1543 *
Margaret Gibson Kircubbin 1823 [a] X/1562 *
Sarah Allen Gibson Kircubbin 1823 [a] X/1578 *
Alexander PentlandGibsonKircubbin 1824 [a] X/1578 *
James Gibson Kircubbin 1824 [a] X/1578 *
Jane Gibson Kircubbin 1824 [a] X/1578 *
William Gibson Kircubbin 1825 [a] X/1578 *
James Gibson Kircubbin 1825 [a] X/1578 *
Agnes Gibson Kircubbin 1825 [a] X/1578 *
Elizabeth Gibson Newtownards  1864 16/793[Bangor]
Ephraim Gibson Newtownards1864 16/796[Conlig]
Henery Gibson Newtownards1864 11/763[N'ards]
Isabella Gibson Newtownards1864 6/920 [Bangor]
Jacob Gibson Newtownards1864 1/703 [Kilmood]
James Gibson Newtownards1864 11/787*
John Gibson Newtownards1864 11/782[Kilmood]
John Gibson Newtownards1864 1/711 [D'dee]
John Duff Gibson Newtownards1864 16/816*
Margaret Jane Gibson Newtownards1864 6/894 [Comber]
Mary Gibson Newtownards1864 1/701 [Comber]
Thomas Gibson Newtownards1864 16/833[N'ards]
William Gibson Newtownards1864 16/816*
William Gibson Newtownards1864 1/703 [Kilmood]
William John Gibson Newtownards1864 11/775[Comber]
William John Gibson Newtownards1864 6/873 *
Agnes Gibson Newtownards1865 11/849[Kilmood]
Alexander Gibson Newtownards1865 6/967 [Kilmood]
Allen Gibson Newtownards1865 11/823[Bangor]
Ann McKee Gibson Newtownards1865 11/848[Kilmood]
Francis Gibson Newtownards1865 6/972 *
Hugh Gibson Ballyward 1865LDS C701267/1717
John Gibson Newtownards1865 11/836[D'dee]
Mary Anna Gibson Newtownards1865 11/848[Kilmood]
Richard Gibson Newtownards1865 1/862 [Bangor]
Samuel Gibson Newtownards1865 1/886 *
Sarah Elizabeth Gibson Newtownards1865 16/793[Comber]
Susan Gibson Newtownards1865 16/811[Ballykeel]
Susan Gibson Newtownards1865 1/877 [D'dee]
Telford Gibson Newtownards1865 6/968 [Kilmood]
William Gibson Newtownards1865 1/873 [D'dee]
(female) Gibson Newtownards1865 16/812[Drumreagh]
David Hugh MorelandGreyabbey 1865LDS C701631/0367
Agnes Gibson Newtownards1866 16/815[not found]
Agnes Gibson Newtownards1866 11/872[Kilmood]
Eliza Gibson Newtownards1866 1/886 [Comber]
Eliza Gibson Newtownards1866 11/866*
Lizzie Gibson Newtownards1866 16/849*
Margaret Jane Gibson Newtownards1866 16/825[Comber]
Martha Elizabeth Gibson Newtownards1866 16/849[Kilmood]
Mary Elizabeth Gibson Newtownards1866 16/846*
Patrick Gibson Newtownards1866 11/866*
Rachel Gibson Newtownards1866 1/903 [Kilmood]
Robert Gibson Newtownards1866 16/862*
Samuel Gibson Newtownards1866 6/982 *
Samuel Gibson Newtownards1866 1/900 *
Thomas Gibson Newtownards1866 16/849[Kilmood]
William Gibson Newtownards1866 6/967 [Kilmood]
William Gibson Newtownards1866 11/849[Bangor]
Hugh M'Cullough Gibson Newtownards1867 1/895 [Comber]
Mary Anna Gibson Newtownards1867 6/1026[Kilmood]
Michael Gibson Newtownards1867 6/1027[Kilmood]
Robert Gibson Newtownards1867 1/909 *
Robert Davidson Gibson Newtownards1867 16/877[Kilmood]
Susana Gibson Newtownards1867 16/880*
William Gibson Newtownards1867 11/866[Comber]
(female) Gibson Newtownards1867 1/921 *
Robert John MorelandGreyabbey 1867LDS C701322/8178
Ann Gibson Newtownards1868 11/892*
Anna Gibson Newtownards1868 6/1027[Kilmood]
Anna Gibson Newtownards1868 11/888[Kilmood]
Charles Kerr Gibson Newtownards1868 1/928 *
Eliza Gibson Newtownards1868 16/810[Kilmood]
Emily Gibson Newtownards1868 11/888[Kilmood]
Hugh Gibson Newtownards1868 16/810[Kilmood]
James Arthur Gibson Newtownards1868 11/882*
John Gibson Newtownards1868 1/913 [Comber]
Margaret Gibson Newtownards1868 11/862[Bangor]
Robert Gibson Newtownards1868 6/999 [Bangor]
Sarah Gibson Newtownards1868 11/868[Comber]
Sarah Gibson Newtownards1868 11/867[Comber]
Alfred Gibson Newtownards1869 11/887*
Annie Gibson Newtownards1869 16/859[Bangor]
David Gibson Newtownards1869 11/878[D'dee]
David Hugh Gibson Newtownards1869 16/892*
Eliza Jane Gibson Newtownards1869 1/924 [Kilmood]
James Gibson Newtownards1869 1/937 *
Jane Gibson Newtownards1869 6/966 [Comber]
Samuel Gibson Newtownards1869 1/900 [Bangor]
Walter Gibson Newtownards1869 11/887*
Agnes Moreland Greyabbey1869 [b]*
David Gibson Newtownards1870 1/957 [Comber]
Grace Gibson Newtownards1870 6/1001[Kilmood]
Hugh Gibson Newtownards1870 16/864[Kilmood]
John Gibson Newtownards1870 6/984 [Comber]
Lydia Mary Ann Gibson Newtownards1870 6/1003[Kilmood]
Margaret Gibson Gibson Newtownards1870 1/958 [Comber]
Mary Gibson Newtownards1870 1/971 *
Mary Jane Gibson Newtownards1870 11/875[Kilmood]
Samuel McMillan Gibson Newtownards1870 6/1001[Kilmood]
William Henry Gibson Newtownards1870 16/865[Kilmood]
William John Gibson Newtownards1870 1/953 [Bangor]
William McClure Gibson Newtownards1870 1/982 *
Elizabeth Moreland Greyabbey1870 [b]*
Alexander Gibson Newtownards1871 1/953 *
Elizabeth Gibson Newtownards1871 1/967 *
Hugh Gibson Newtownards1871 6/955 [Bangor]
Hugh Gibson Newtownards1871 1/937 [Bangor]
Lydia Gibson Newtownards1871 16/852[Kilmood]
Margaret Gibson Newtownards1871 1/938 [Bangor]
Thomas Gibson Newtownards1871 1/964 [Kilmood]
Thomas Gibson Newtownards1871 1/974 *
William John Gibson Newtownards1871 1/963 [Kilmood]
William John Gibson Newtownards1871 6/985 *
Andrew Moreland Greyabbey1871 [b]*
Anne Gibson Newtownards1872 6/957 *
Catherine Gibson Newtownards1872 11/821[Bangor]
Eliza Ann Gibson Newtownards1872 6/968 *
Frances ElizabethGibson Newtownards1872 1/986 *
Helen Gibson Newtownards1872 6/956 *
James Gibson Newtownards1872 1/948 [Bangor]
John Gibson Newtownards1872 16/851[Kilmood]
Mary Ann Gibson Newtownards1872 6/952 [D'dee]
Robert Gibson Newtownards1872 11/823[Comber]
Sarah Gibson Newtownards1872 1/969 [Kilmood]
Sarah Ann Gibson Newtownards1872 16/837[Comber]
Susanna Gibson Newtownards1872 1/971 [Kilmood]
Thomas George Gibson Newtownards1872 1/948 [Bangor]
William Gibson Newtownards1872 6/957 *
William Conn Gibson Newtownards1872 11/825[Comber]
William John Gibson Newtownards1872 6/969 [dupl.1871]
Andrew Gibson Newtownards1873 6/965 [Kilmood]
Catherine Gibson Newtownards1873 16/767[Bangor]
Elizabeth Ellen Gibson Newtownards1873 16/771[Comber]
Ellenor Gibson Newtownards1873 16/771[Comber]
Mary Gibson Newtownards1873 6/964 [Kilmood]
Mary Gibson Newtownards1873 1/894 [Bangor]
Sarah Ann Gibson Newtownards1873 6/939 [Bangor]
William Gibson Newtownards1873 16/796*
William Joseph Gibson Newtownards1873 6/965 [Kilmood]
Agnes Gibson Newtownards1874 11/966[Kilmood]
Alexander Gibson Newtownards1874 6/934 *
James Gibson Newtownards1874 16/786*
Jane Gibson Newtownards1874 16/804*
John Gibson Newtownards1874 1/865 [Kilmood]
John Gibson Newtownards1874 6/906 [Bangor]
Martha Gibson Newtownards1874 6/928 [Kilmood]
Mary Gibson Newtownards1874 16/792[Kilmood]
Wilhelmina Gibson Newtownards1874 16/773[Comber]
William Ewart Gibson Newtownards1874 1/861 *
(male) Gibson Newtownards1874 6/913 [Comber]
Mary Jane Moreland Greyabbey1874 [b]*
Alexander Gibson Newtownards1875 16/775[Comber]
Hugh John Gibson Newtownards1875 1/886
James Gibson Newtownards1875 6/908 [D'dee]
John Gibson Newtownards1875 6/916 [Kilmood]
Margaret Gibson Newtownards1875 11/816*
Margaret Gibson Newtownards1875 16/790*
Sarah Gibson Newtownards1875 11/813[Kilmood]
Thomas Gibson Newtownards1875 11/790[Bangor]
William Gibson Newtownards1875 1/869
Anna Eliza Gibson Newtownards1876 6/936 [Kilmood]
Christiana Gibson Newtownards1876 11/855[Kilmood]
Eliza Anna Gibson Newtownards1876 11/856[Kilmood]
Ellenor Gibson Newtownards1876 1/903 [Kilmood]
James Gibson Newtownards1876 1/883 [Bangor]
John Gibson Newtownards1876 6/929 *
Margaret Gibson Newtownards1876 11/854[Kilmood]
Martha McKimmon Gibson Newtownards1876 6/911 [Bangor]
Mary Gibson Newtownards1876 1/897 *
Mary Ann Gibson Newtownards1876 16/834*
Mary Ann Gibson Newtownards1876 1/904 [Kilmood]
Mary Elizabeth Gibson Newtownards1876 11/837[Comber]
Robert John Gibson Newtownards1876 1/904 [Kilmood]
William Conn Gibson Newtownards1876 1/887 [Comber]
Alexander Gibson Newtownards1877 16/803[Bangor]
Alfred Hastings Gibson Newtownards1877 11/846*
Ann Gibson Newtownards1877 1/883 [Comber]
Clara Gibson Newtownards1877 1/899 [Kilmood]
James Gibson Newtownards1877 6/915 [Comber]
Jane Gibson Newtownards1877 16/828[Kilmood]
Joseph Gibson Newtownards1877 11/843*
Martha Gibson Newtownards1877 11/850[Kilmood]
Robert Thomas Gibson Newtownards1877 11/832[Comber]
Samuel Gibson Newtownards1877 6/929 *
Silas Gibson Newtownards1877 1/912 *
Thomas Gibson Newtownards1877 1/900 [Kilmood]
Walter Gibson Newtownards1877 11/854*
William Gibson Newtownards1877 11/825[Bangor]
Lydia Gibson Newtownards1878(1)1/856 [Kilmood]
Martha Gibson Newtownards1878(1)1/857 [Kilmood]
Agnes Mary Gibson Newtownards1878(2)1/935 *
James Gibson Newtownards1878(2)1/910 [Comber]
Alfred Gibson Newtownards1878(3)1/819 [Bangor]
David Gibson Newtownards1878(3)1/828 [Comber]
Hugh Gibson Newtownards1878(3)1/821 [Bangor]
Margaret Gibson Newtownards1878(3)1/828 *
William Hall Gibson Newtownards1878(3)1/837 *
(male) Gibson Newtownards1878(3)1/840 *
Christina Gibson Newtownards1878(4)1/783
Elizabeth Gibson Newtownards1878(4)1/773
James Gibson Newtownards1878(4)1/787
(female) Gibson Newtownards1878(4)1/759
Agnes Eliza Gibson Newtownards1879(1)1/861 [Kilmood]
Anabella Gibson Newtownards1879(2)1/940 *
Henry Gowan Gibson Newtownards1879(3)1/840 *
Francis Gibson Newtownards1879(3)1/840 *
Samuel Gibson Newtownards1879(4)1/842 [Kilmood]
Sarah Gibson Newtownards1879(4)1/841 [Kilmood]
Agnes Gibson Newtownards1880(1)1/885 [Kilmood]
David John Gibson Newtownards1880(1)1/862 [Bangor]
William Gibson Newtownards1880(1)1/861 [Bangor]
Jane Gibson Newtownards1880(2)1/898 [Kilmood]
Sarah Jane Gibson Newtownards1880(2)1/879 [Comber]
Sarah Jane Gibson Newtownards1880(3)1/801 *
Thomas Paisly Gibson Newtownards1880(3)1/771 [Bangor]
William John Gibson Newtownards1880(3)1/797 *
Thomas James Gibson Newtownards1880(4)1/697 [Kilmood]
Andrew Gibson Newtownards1883(1)1/803
James Gibson Newtownards1883(4)1/689
John Gaw Greyabbey 1865
Agnes Jane Gaw Greyabbey 1867
Alice Gaw Greyabbey 1870
[a] Records of Kircubbin Presbyterian Church [X = LDS C700361].
[b] Ros Davies genealogy website.

In the following N'ds stands for Newtownards, G'by for Greyabbey, K'md for Kilmood and K'bn for Kircubbin.

Parents: Place: Date: Child's Name:
Robert Gibson Kircubbin (bapt.) Nov.23,1779  John
of Innishargy Kircubbin (bapt.) Aug. 4,1781Thomas
[now of Kircubbin]
Kircubbin (bapt.) Jun. 1,1783Mary
[maybe Mary on first Kircubbin gravestone]
Kircubbin (bapt.) Apr.15,1785Margaret
Kircubbin (bapt.) May.12,1787Jane
Kircubbin (bapt.) Sep. 7,1788Robert
Kircubbin (bapt.) Feb.26,1791Elizabeth
Kircubbin (bapt.) May 11,1793Charlotte
Alexander Gibson Kircubbin (bapt.) May. 6,1780George
of Kircubbin Kircubbin (bapt.) Dec.25,1781Jean
[now Alexander of Nunsquarter]
[maybe Jean who married John Bailie]
[of Nunsquarter] Kircubbin (bapt.) Jun.28,1784Elizabeth
[maybe Eliza on Greyabbey Gilmore gravestone]
[of Nunsquarter] Kircubbin (bapt.) Jul.16,1788Ann
Kircubbin (bapt.) Dec.22,1790William
Kircubbin (bapt.) Dec.25,1792Alexander
Kircubbin (bapt.) Jul.19,1795Andrew
Kircubbin (bapt.) Aug.21,1803William
Kircubbin (bapt.) Oct.16,1805James
[maybe James on second Greyabbey gravestone]
Kircubbin (bapt.) Feb.27,1807Robert
James Gibson Kircubbin (bapt.) May 28,1791Margaret
Kircubbin (bapt.) Jul. 8,1792Mary
Kircubbin (bapt.) Jul.15,1794Robert
Kircubbin (bapt.) Sep. 4,1796Margaret
Kircubbin (bapt.) Nov.23,1798James
[maybe James on third Kircubbin gravestone]
Kircubbin (bapt.) Jun.14,1801Samuel
Kircubbin (bapt.) Apr.19,1804Jane Bailie
Kircubbin (bapt.) Oct.23,1805William
Kircubbin (bapt.) May. 9,1809Jane
[James of Ballygarvin]
Hamilton Gibson Kircubbin (bapt.) Aug. 3,1795Mary
John Gibson Kircubbin (bapt.) Jul.26,1804Mary Jane
Kircubbin (bapt.) Jan.24,1808Mary
[of Kircubbin] Kircubbin (bapt.) Aug.16,1812Thomas
[of Kircubbin] Kircubbin (bapt.) Nov.13,1814Ann
[of Kircubbin] Kircubbin (bapt.) Feb. 9,1817Matilda
[of Kircubbin] Kircubbin (bapt.) May 15,1819John McComb
[of Kircubbin] Kircubbin (bapt.) Aug.17,1821Elenor
[of Innishargy] Kircubbin (bapt.) Nov.30,1823Sarah Allen
[of Kircubbin] Kircubbin (bapt.) Aug.29,1824James
[of Innishargy] Kircubbin (bapt.) Sep.30,1825James
Joseph Gibson Kircubbin (bapt.) May. 9,1806William Porter
of Kircubbin
Robert Gibson Kircubbin (bapt.) Aug.27,1819Leagh Ouston(f)
of Kircubbin Kircubbin (bapt.) Sep. 7,1821Martha
Charles Gibson of Lisbane Kircubbin (bapt.) Sep.24,1819John
(+ Mary Cully?) Kircubbin (bapt.) Dec.17,1820James
Kircubbin (bapt.) May. 2,1822Agnes
[Charles of Ballycran]
Kircubbin (bapt.) Aug.30,1823Margaret
[Charles of Lisbane]
Alexander Gibson of Kircubbin (bapt.) Jan.19,1823Margaret
Innishargy (+ Mary Ward?) Kircubbin (bapt.) Jun.24,1825William
[Alexander of Kircubbin]
Kircubbin (bapt.) Oct.31,1825Agnes
[Alexander of Innishargy]
Andy Gibson + Ballywalter (bapt.)Oct.26,1823Alexander
Eliza (Harrison) [see second Kircubbin gravestone]
James Gibson Kircubbin (bapt.) May 19,1824Alexander P.
of Innishargy
James Gibson of Kircubbin (bapt.) Sep.28,1824Jane
William Gibson J(?)eraho, N'ds Mar.19,1864William John
+ Ellen (Roddy)
John Gibson (farmer) Magherascouse, K'mdJan. 9,1864William
+ Margaret (Kerr) [Reg. by John Kerr, farmer, of Magherascouse]
Ballygarvin May 14,1876John
James Gibson (weaver)Ballyboley, G'by Sep.11,1864James
+ Eliza (Brown)
William Gibson (merchant) Ballywalter Oct. 2,1864John Duff
+ Jane (Gunning)Ballywalter Oct.28,1867Robert
Ballywalter Jul.28,1868James Arthur
Ballywalter Dec. 6,1870Alexander
Ballywalter Mar.10,1872Helen
Ballywalter Dec. 8,1873William Ewart
William Gibson (merchant) Ballywalter Aug.21,1877Alfred Hastings
+ Ellen (Hastings) Ballywalter Sep. 2,1878(male)
Ballywalter Aug.24,1879Henry Gowan
Patrick Gibson (stonemason)Gransha, G'by Oct. 7,1864William
+ Catharine (Smith or Smyth) Gransha Aug. 9,1866Patrick
Andrew Gibson (shoemaker) Tullynagee, K'md Dec.12,1865Samuel
+ Sarah (Kerr) Tullynagee Sep.29,1866Lizzie
David Gibson (labourer) Ballyurey(?), N'ds Mar.15,1865Francis
+ Eliza (Wright) Cunningburn, N'ds Feb.14,1869James
John Gibson + Ballyward Sep.21,1865Hugh
Margarett Ferguson
Jane Gibson Gordonall, G'by Feb.16,1866Samuel
[Jane McCarter present]
William Gibson Movilla St., N'ds May 13,1866Samuel
(lab.) + Eliza (O'Neill)
Isabella Gibson Greyabbey Aug. 6,1866Eliza
[Eliza Miller present]
James Gibson (shoemaker) Greyabbey Nov.24,1866Mary Elizabeth
+ Annabella Brown
John Gibson Regent St., N'ds Nov.16,1866Robert
(mason + publican)Regent St. Jul.14,1868Anne
+ Sarah Jane (McClure) Regent St. Jan. 7,1870William McClure
Hugh Gibson (weaver) Chroustown, N'ds Sep.29,1867Susana
+ Nancy (Gibson)
Ephream Gibson (lab.) Mill St., N'ds Jan.12,1867(female)
+ Catherine (Welsh)
Robert Gibson (farmer) Kircubbin Jan. 6,1868Charles Kerr
+ Sarah (Kerr)
Robert Gibson (farmer) Kircubbin Feb. 8,1870Mary
+ Letitia (Colvin)
Hugh Gibson (farmer) Church St., N'ds Nov. 6,1869David Hugh
+ Anna (Boyd)
John Gibson (merchant) + Ballywalter Sep. 2,1869Alfred
Margaret Barbara (Eakin?) + Walter
John Gibson (lab.) Greengraves, N'ds Dec.28,1870Elizabeth
+ Sarah (McDowell)
Margaret Gibson East St., N'ds Feb.18,1871Thomas
[Sarah McKee present] McMillen
Richard Gibson (weaver) 2 Wallace's St., Apr. 2,1871William John
+ Eliza Jane (Hamilton) Newtownards Hamilton
Movilla St., N'ds May 3,1874Alexander
James Gibson (grocer) Little Francis St., N'dsMar.26,1872Frances
+ Maryanne (Bingham) Newtownards Elizabeth
Little Francis St. Nov. 4,1873William
[James listed as a labourer]
Little Francis St. Jul.15,1875Margaret
George's St., N'ds Dec.21,1876Mary Ann
Francis Gibson (farmer)(?), Newtownards Mar.26,1872Eliza Ann
+ Sarah (McWhiney Greyabbey Nov.21,1874James
or Mawhinney) [Francis now a shoemaker]
Greyabbey Dec.20,1875Margaret
Greyabbey May. 3,1877Samuel
Greyabbey Jun.17,1878William Hall
[mother now Sarah Maria]
Greyabbey Sep.17,1879Francis
Ann Gibson Greyabbey May 10,1872William
[Eliza Mawhinney present] + Anne
Madeline Gibson N'ds Workhouse Dec.21,1874Jane
James Gibson (farmer) Blackabbey, G'by Dec.22,1876Mary
+ Sarah (White) Blackabbey Jul.12,1877Joseph
Blackabbey Apr. 6,1879Anabella
Agnes Gibson Cunningburn, N'ds Mar.16,1877Silas
[Eliza Gibson present]
Ellen Logan Mary St., N'ds Jul.14,1877Walter
[Margaret Mawhinney present] Gibson
William John Gibson (lab.) Frederick St., N'ds Apr.29,1878Agnes Mary
+ Margaret (Weirs) Mill St., N'ds Jul. 4,1880William John
James Gibson Greengraves, N'ds Aug.23,1880Sarah Jane
(lab.) + Anna (McKeag)
Other related families:
William Moreland +Greyabbey Feb.19,1865David Hugh
Agnes (Gibson) Greyabbey Jul.7, 1869Agnes
William Moreland +Greyabbey Aug.13,1867Robert John
Catherine (Miller)Greyabbey Feb.6, 1870Elizabeth
Greyabbey Jul.1, 1871Andrew
Greyabbey Jan.8, 1874Mary Jane
Thomas Gaw + Greyabbey Apr.10,1865John
Alice (Gibson) Greyabbey Oct.31,1867Agnes Jane
Greyabbey Aug.7, 1870Alice

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