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Datafile 5A. Gibson Records



  1. The records of the Newtown Estate of the Londonderry family include two references to an Alexander Gibson. In November 1789, Alexander owed eighteen shillings, seven and a half pence on his property in Newtown Estate. In November 1790 the amount was fifteen shillings, four and a half pence.
  2. In the list of new leases for Newtownards in 1824, William Gibson is listed as leasing 22 acres, 2 roods and 14 perches (plus two other parcels) in the townland of Ballyskeaugh for an annual rent of 29 pounds and 13 shillings. William is also listed as paying rent in Ballyskeaugh in 1826.
  3. Thomas Gibson of Knox Killaghy is included in a list of 50 pound freeholders on the Londonderry estates on Jun.21, 1836.
  4. In the 1851 valuation of the County Down estates of the Marquis of Londonderry, William Gibson is listed as holding 23 acres and 15 perches of arable and pastureland in the townland of Ballyskeagh for an annual rent of 14 pounds, 8 shillings and 7 pence. James Gibson is listed as holding 8 acres and 21 perches of arable and pastureland in the townland of Lisbarnet for an annual rent of 7 pounds, 10 shillings and 5 pence. Five Gibsons hold land in the townland of Tullynagee as follows:

    Name: Acreage (a/r/p):   Annual Rent:
    John Gibson 26/3/19 21.10.0
    Samuel Gibson 42/2/33 26.14.0
    William Gibson   30/3/16 20.16.6
    Hugh Gibson 17/0/24 13.14.4
    James Gibson 23/1/0 20.18.6


The lists of freeholders in the Barony of Ards, County Down, contain the following Gibsons and Ward:


The 1834 tithe applotment book for the parish of Inishargy includes James Gibson, William McKee, Samuel Gilmore and the widow of Samuel Baillie in the townland of Ballygarvin. Colonel Ward is listed with property in the townlands of Inishargy and Kircubbin and John Ward is listed in Kircubbin. Messrs Johnston and Gibson appear to hold a business in Kircubbin. Widow Moreland holds land in Glastry.

The 1834 tithe applotment book includes John Ward with land in Kircubbin.


Kircubbin Presbyterian Graveyard, County Down:

GIBSON. Here lieth the body of Robert Gibson, late of Kirkcubbin who departed this life 2d August 1814 aged 57 years. The body of Mary Gibson who departed this life 18th November 1810 aged 27 years.

GIBSON. Erected by Andrew Gibson of Inneshargie in memory of his wife Elizabeth alias Harrison who departed this life 30th May 1839 aged 41 years. Also his daughter who died young.

GIBSON. [With modern McKee stone in a low-railed enclosure.] Erected by James Gibson, Ballygarvin, in memory of his beloved wife Jane Gibson who died 26th February 1879 aged 72 years. Also his grandson James McKee who died 14th July 1887(1857?) aged 1 year and 11 months. Also the above named James Gibson who departed this life 28th June 1895 aged 96 years. Also his son William Gibson who died 23rd August 1852 aged 17 years. Also his daughter Margaret A. Gibson who died 6th May 1852 aged 8 years. Also his son Andrew M. Gibson who died 23rd Novr. 1852 aged 2 years. Also his son Alexander Gibson who died 7th November 1931 aged 89 years.

McKEE. [With above gravestone.] Erected by Samuel McKee of Belfast in loving memory of his children. James who died July 4, 1887, aged 2. Sarah Robina who died Apr.5, 1900, aged 11. Also his daughter Mary Jane who died June 10, 1924, aged 43. Also the above Samuel McKee died Dec.29, 1928, aged 77. Also his wife Mary Ann McKee who died 16th June 1944 aged 91. Also his daughter Martha who died Nov.10, 1947, aged 65. Also his daughter Margaret Ferguson who died Aug.1, 1967, aged 73.

GIBSON. [Next to Charles Kerr.] Erected by John Gibson of Ballygarvin in loving memory of his wife Margaret who died July 17, 1915, aged 78. Also the above John Gibson who died Oct.11, 1925, aged 85. Their daughter-in-law Elizabeth loved wife of John Gibson who died Sep.19, 1960. John husband of above Elizabeth died June 19, 1971, aged 95.

MORELAND. Erected by Maggie Moreland, Glastry, in loving memory of her brother John Moreland who died Dec. 1869. Also her brother James Moreland who was lost at sea May 5, 1882. Also her mother Agnes Moreland who died June 13, 1895. Also the above Isaac Moreland died Oct.10, 1902. Also the said Maggie Moreland who died Sep.22, 1908, aged 60.

Lisbane Roman Catholic Graveyard, County Down:

GIBSON. I.H.S. Erected by Patrick Gibson in memory of his son Patrick who died 22 March 1862 age 2 years.

WARD. I.H.S. Erected by Alexander Gibson of Kircubbin in memory of his father in law John Ward who departed this life 6th Aug. 1843 age 78 years.

WARD. I.H.S. In hoc signo vinces. Erected by Daniel Ward of Ballygawigan for his son Hugh who died 17 April 1845 age 37 years.

KELLY. I.H.S. Here lyeth the body of Elenor Kelly alias Ward who died 7 Aug. 1830 age 47 years. Also her husband John Kelly who departed this life 13 March 1842 age 82 years.

Grey Abbey Graveyard, County Down:

GIBSON. [Inscribed more recently ``John Manse, Ballywalter'']. Here lyeth a pattron of modesty, prudince and vertue, Martha Gibson, wife to Andw. Gibson, who departed this life Octr. ye 28th 1772 aged 47 years. Also Martha Gibson, junr., aged 2 years.

GIBSON. Here lieth the remains of Susanna Gibson alias Gilmore, wife to James Gibson of Greyabbey, who departed this life the 24th October 1845 aged 35 years. Also 3 of his children who died young. Also the above named James Gibson who died 16th January 1878 aged 72 years. Also his wife Margaret Gibson who died 9th Feb. 1882 aged 74 years. Also his grandson Francis Gibson who died 24th Decr. 1883 aged 1 years. Also his grand-daughter Eliza Gibson who died 26th May 1901 aged 2 years. Also his great-granddaughter Alice Taylor, died at Myra Castle, Downpatrick, 24th Nov. 1913 aged 7 years. Inscribed by William Gibson in memory of his wife Eliza Gibson who died 4th February 1922 aged 62 years. Also the above named William Gibson who died 1st May 1931 aged 81 years.

GILMORE. Erected by Robert Gilmore to the memory of Hugh Gilmor late of Ballybrain who departed this life 3rd August 1835 aged 53 years. Also the remains of his wife Eliza Gilmor alias Gibson who departed this life 19th October 1846 aged 62 years. Also their grandson Hugh Gilmore who died 9th Feb 1853 aged 15 years. Also their grand-daughter Letticia Gilmor who departed this life 16th Feb. 1861 aged 19 years. Also his son Hugh Gilmore who died 3rd April 1871 aged 19 years. Also his son James Gilmore who died 4th May 1871 aged 22 years. Also the above named Robert Gilmore who died 24th Sept. 1882 aged 71 years. Also his wife Letticia Gilmore who died 29th Oct. 1892 aged 82 years. Also Robert Gilmore, Rubane, son of the last named, who died 29th May 1917 aged 73 years. Also Ann Gilmore, wife of the last-named Robt. Gilmore, who died 17th Dec. 1924 aged 78 years. Also Letitia, daughter of the last-named, died 25th March 1930 aged 60 years.

Whitechurch Graveyard, County Down:

GIBSON. [White marble in surround]. In memory of Rev. John Duff Gibson, late of Ballywalter, born 27 April 1791, died 13 May 1861. Also in memory of Alexander, his fifth son, born May 18, 1842, died July 11, 1861. Also in memory of Jane, wife of above Rev. John Duff Gibson, born 16 August 1809, died 2 April 1886. Also to the memory of Joseph, their eldest son, born 3rd Feb. 1829 died 13 Aug. 1886.

GIBSON. [With Robb stone in a low stone and rail surround]. In memory of Jane, wife of W. Gibson, born 15th Nov. 1838, died 26 Feb. 1874. Also his wife Ellen who died 23 Sept. 1892 aged 51. Also their son Robert who died at Melbourne, Australia, 27 May 1905 aged 38 years. Above William Gibson died 1st April 1906 age 69. Also Elizabeth wife of Ewart Gibson, died 24 Feb. 1931 age 57. Interred in Mount Hope cemetery Chicago. Also their son Ewart died 19th July 1947 age 73 yrs. Also his son Hugh Taylor died 20 Feb. 1970 age 70. Family burying ground of William Gibson, Ballywalter.

GIBSON. [At the base of a tall granite pillar, with the above]. Erected by his mother Mrs Jane Gibson, widow of the Rev. James Duff Gibson, Presbyterian Minister of Ballywalter, in memory of their fourth son James, a commander in Her Majesty's Bengal Marine, who died at Calcutta on the 5th March 1874 in the 35 year of his age.


This standard reference, a survey of all land holdings performed in the early 1860s, yielded the following information on Gibson holdings. (a/r/p stands for acres/roods/perches and values are given in pounds.shillings.pence)

Name: Property (No.): Area: Land House
(a/r/p)value: value:
Parish of Inishargy, Townland of Ballygarvin, from Hugh Montgomery:
James Gibson Hs.,off.+ land (11) 30/1/1030.5.0 3.0.0
Parish of Inishargy, Townland of Inishargy, from Robert E. Ward:
Sarah Gibson Hs.,off.+land (10a)) (3.5.0 0.10.0
John McNamara Hs.,off.+land (10b))13/0/5 (2.5.0 0.10.0
Charles Kerr Hs.,off.+land (10c)) (3.5.0 0.15.0
Parish of Inishargy, Townland of Kircubbin, from Robert E. Ward:
Mary Gibson ( Hs.,off.+land (13)8/3/10 8.10.0 2.0.0
( Land 0/1/20 0.5.0



Over 300 people from the Ards peninsula emigrated to Amherst Island, Quebec, Canada, embarking from Portaferry. One, Jane Filson, carried $500 of silver in her petticoat. Here are some listed by their approximate date of arrival at Amherst Island:



Gibson Young, aged about 35, tells the story of his great-grandfather Joseph Gibson who owned a farm just outside Greyabbey on the Ballywalter road. In a game of cards, he lost the farm to a man named Baillie(?). He managed to get another farm further down the Ballywalter road at Tullykevin. A daughter of Joseph Gibson had a son Samuel Young who married Sally Beggs and they still live in Tullykevin. They are Gibson Young's parents.


The 1901 Census contains the following references to Gibson families living in the vicinity of Kircubbin on the Ards peninsula. Abbreviations: Pres = Presbyterian, Meth = Methodist, CofE = Church of Ireland, RW = read and write, RO = read only, NR = neither read nor write, UM = unmarried, MA = married, WI = widow or widower, HD = head or husband, WI = wife, SO = son, DA = daughter, NE = neice or nephew, AU = aunt, UN = uncle, SI = sister, BR = brother, SL = son-in-law, DL = daughter-in-law, GS = grandson, GD = granddaughter, SS = stepson, SE = servant, VI = visitor, BO = boarder, Co.D = County Down.

Main Street, village of Kircubbin, parish of Inishargy:
Rose Gibson HD  RoCa  NR  60  Domestic servant  UM  Co.D
Main Street, village of Kircubbin, parish of Inishargy:
Anne Shaw HDPresRW65Annuitant UMCo.D
Townland of Glastry, parish of Inishargy:
William Moreland HDPresRO58Farmer MACo.D
Matilda Moreland WIPresRO57- MACo.D
Townland of Ballyobegan, parish of Inishargy:
William Gibson HDNoneRW64Magistrate MACo.D
Annie Gibson WIPresRW45Wife MACo.D
Robert Gibson SOPresRW33Farmer UMCo.D
Herbert Gibson SOPresRW20Camb. Univ. UMCo.D
Walter S. Gibson SOPresRO 5Scholar UMBelfast
Ann Thomson MLPresRW86Inmate WICo.D
Jennet Curran SEPresRW57Domestic servantUMCo.D
Townland of Ballygarvin, parish of Inishargy:
Robert Gibson HDPresRW68Farmer MACo.D
Eliza Gibson WIPresRW58- MACo.D
Robert Gibson SOPresRW15Farmer UMCo.D
Townland of Ballygarvin, parish of Inishargy:
John Gibson HDPresRW62Retired farmer MACo.D
Margaret Gibson WIPresRW63Farmeress MACo.D
John Gibson SOPresRW24Farmer UMCo.D
Mary Kerr VIPresRW70Farmeress UMCo.D
William McQuoid(?) BOCofERW61Pensioner RIC WICo.D
Townland of Ballyhemlin, parish of Ballyhalbert:
Margaret Gibson HDPresRO74Seamstress WICo.D
Agnes Gibson DAPresNR48Seamstress NMCo.D
Bella Close GDPresRW13Seamstress NMCo.D
Village of Greyabbey, parish of Greyabbey:
William Gibson HDPresRW48Shoemaker MACo.D
Lizzie Gibson WIPresRW39- MACo.D
Agnes Gibson DAPresRW17Stitcher UMCo.D
Maggie Gibson DAPresRW15Folder UMCo.D
Mary Gibson DAPresRW13Scholar UMCo.D
Francis Gibson SOPresRW11Scholar UMCo.D
Andrew Gibson SOPresRW10Scholar UMCo.D
George Gibson SOPresRW 8Scholar UMCo.D
William Gibson SOPresRW 5Scholar UMCo.D
Lizzie Gibson DAPresRW 3- UMCo.D
Village of Greyabbey, parish of Greyabbey:
Matilda Gibson HDCofERW70Seamstress MACo.D
Townland of Tullykevin, parish of Greyabbey:
Eliza Ann Gibson HDPresNR52Embroiderer UMCo.D
David Patton(?) SOPresRW27Farm lab. MACo.D
Margaret Patton(?) DLPresRW39Embroiderer MACo.D
Alexander Cromie SSPresNR15Farm servant UMCo.D
Townland of Blackabbey, parish of Greyabbey:
James Gibson HDPresRW52Agr. lab. MACo.D
Sarah Gibson WIPresRW50- MACo.D
Anna Bella Gibson DAPresRW20Sower UMCo.D
James Gibson SOPresRW17Agr. lab. UMCo.D
Townland of Ballybryan, parish of Greyabbey:
James Gibson HDPresRW53Labourer UMCo.D
Townland of Mountstewart, parish of Greyabbey:
Nathaniel Barr HDPresRW64Gardener WICo.D
Robert Gibson BOPresRW19Gardener UMCo.D
[Non-subscribing Presbyterian]
[Note: Several Moreland families in Greyabbey parish (see rough notes).]

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