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The Hikers

Doug Hart Simone Francis Troy Sette Susan Sette Clancy Rowley
+ Garrett Reisman
David Wales Mark Duttweiler Markus Deborah Brennen Stu Gibbs
Carl Wassgren Sudipto Sur + Randi Poer Scott Smith John Perry
Tricia Waniewski
Nathan Wozny Ira Lewis Nathan Schara Eric Hale Ken King
Mark Fitzsimmons Jane Fontana Matt Maxon Johanna Turner Bernd Haase
Keith Goodfellow Troy Alaama Gavin O'Brien Sydney Reavely


A large part of my enjoyment of these adventures was derived from the group of young people (and a few oldies) who accompanied me. I am immensely grateful to all of them for their companionship. I especially thank Troy Sette who was born with the instinct for adventure, Clancy Rowley whose grace and kindness shines in all he does, Mark Duttweiler with whom hiking was always a pleasure and Garrett Reisman who taught me to climb and whose friendship I shall treasure for the rest of my days. I should also acknowledge Doug Hart who was a great companion on many early hikes. It was my great good fortune to have hiked with these marvellous young men. And Carl Wassgren, Bob Behnken, Sudipto Sur, Tricia Waniewski, Stuart Gibbs, Al Preston, Robert Uy, Simone Francis, Markus Ehrengruber, Deborah Brennen, Susan Sette, Eric Siering, Randi Poer, John Perry, Scott Smith, Ira Lewis, Nathan Wozny, Nathan Schara, Eric Hale, Ken King, Mark Fitzsimmons, Jane Fontana, Johanna Turner, Bernd Haase, Matt Maxon, Keith Goodfellow, Troy Alaama, Gavin O'Brien, Sydney Reavely and others were marvellous company and quite tolerant of elderly eccentricities. My thanks also Alex Kirkaldy who gave us important guidance in the Big Tujunga region and to my old friends David Wales and Paul Jennings.

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Christopher E. Brennen